12 JAW DROPPING Magical Items!! (No Tricks Required)

12 JAW DROPPING Magical Items!! (No Tricks Required)

12 JAW DROPPING Magical Items!! (No Tricks Required)

What’s up and welcome back once or twice a year to a company called Art of play, my favorite shop in the entire world. They have everything, they have so many things. They have things that you didn’t know existed, Whimsical, magical Curiosities, Galore once or twice here. They sent me an incredible bundle and a package of new and amazing things to discover. So today, we’re gon na do just that. We’Re going to cover this Trove of treasures, and all I ask in return is you leave a link. By the way I’m leaving links to every single thing below, so, if you want to check it out, go do that, let’s get into it all right!


First up there are so many things, but first things. First, there’s a reason. I want to do this one first nusaku uh. This is a Time Bell: candle all right watch how beautiful this is. Look at this look at the inside of that.


Isn’T that just beautiful check that out, you might be wondering what this is you’re like? Oh, what is this is what you say when you’re wondering when some, what something is well a Time Bell candle has I’m building this up for suspense, take one candle out. What is this thing waiting for? What is this thing? Is that darn it?


I don’t know what that’s for this item is made using traditional casting techniques handed down for over 400 years in takaoka City Toyota prefecture, I’m gon na I’m gon na set this up and then I’m gon na read. Is you take this lovely candle? You penetrate the brass, oh my God, and that is there. We go that look at that. First of all, is that lopsided and then what you do is you take these little pins?


They look like golden teeth and you insert them into the candle kind of like so we’ll get one here and maybe one down here. So what these are are small timers, maybe 10 minute timers we’ll actually see how long they are. I don’t know what this is. Very cool little spatula and we’re gon na set that aside over here. So let’s say there you can see that right, maybe better on this side.


Is that better we’re gon na light this thing and uh we’re gon na, let it burn and every 10 minutes. What’S gon na happen uh This is Gonna produce a wonderful sound which we’ll hear for the first time in like 10 minutes so stick around. You know you won’t want to miss it. It’S uh, it’s a pretty big deal. Uh.


Let me read to you what this says: 1916 nusaka was founded, manufacturing Buddhist ritual objects, Japanese tea sets and flower vases in takaoka, Japan. In addition to such traditional objects, we started developing interior objects, tableware artwork and medical instruments in the late 90s to convey the Enchantment of castings. The solid brass will change color as time passes. Please enjoy the beautiful patina. All products are handmade hand cast and hand finished with care, resulting in unique variations in each piece.

I think that’s beautiful and I love that. It’S not perfect and there’s gon na be imperfections and patinas patinas or just patina anyways. There’S that we’ll check back in with that in a bit. How much time do we spend reviewing a candle? That was amazing all right, let’s go something simple: Whimsical: Mozart, Google duh.


This Exquisite musical box was made in a small family-run manufacturer in the Black Forest. That’S where I’m from. It’s pretty dope, that is where the master inserts mechanical musical movements into solid and genius indigenous all right Woods, which are then trimmed by hand into the perfect shape manual, sanding and polishing natural oils. Premium quality, brush, glazes or multi-layered lacquering provide each musical box with its own unique surface sphere. Oh wow, so they’ve got a whole bunch of different music boxes. Remember the links are below if you guys want to check these out.


This is very cool right there. It’S a banger all right all right! So, oh no! Stop! That is a beautiful little sphere that makes music by Mozart.


Google. The cool little object to have lying around as well just kind of sits there all right, never know what you’re gon na get. That’S the whole point here: we don’t know what it may be. You know what there’s something for everyone, this oh lumio same company that does uh those books that light up those sort of books that you open up and, like you, get this giant light that are magnetic. They also made this look at the packaging on that dude come on.


Look at that look at that. You have got the power to contain this. No, let me out – and that is a cool desk display. I think the batteries just ran out. Oh there, we go.


Why does it make that sound you’ll, never know we’ll, never know they don’t explain it. I don’t know, I actually didn’t look. Hellolumio.Com uh is controlled via touch fully separate to turn on speaker. Oh, it’s a speaker as well as tapping the sensor top surface to activate the dimmer.


Are you seeing that? How cool is that volume slide two fingers up and down uh along the curve at the center of the bowl? It all feels very magical to me right now or end a call wait. You can take calls on this magical little orb, uh and above all like for me. I think you know I’m looking at Lee right now Lee.


What are we going to use this for? Epic b-roll epic b-roll epic photos that are just a nice look at that dude looks like you’re holding molten lava in a rock or something. It looks really sick. So there you go boosh we’ll leave that over here lumio what a box too the unboxing! It was really nice just to have this sort of feeling here, like Heaven’s Bells, you’ve heard of Hell’s Bells. This is Heaven’s Bell.


Another Japanese instrument here is Heaven’s Bell instructions, Evans Bell’s, a unique, shaped Bell that is connected with the mouths of two Oren Bells facing each other. It produces an original sound of an Orin, a sound like the mokugyo drum and a bell sound. Enjoy the sounds as you like. Alright, so we have the Bell the drumstick, which is by the way the quality of this is really nice. This just feels very heavy to place it on here: okay, hit around the curve of Heaven’s Bell to make a knocking sound like the drum. Okay hit the side of Heaven’s Bell to make an original orange ding sound. Three Heaven’s Bell: has a ball inside shake the Bell or hit it with the Bell: stick to make a vibrating tinkerbell song sound!


It’S cool, there’s like those little beads on the inside are vibrating. They vibrate with the sound but uh after about five minutes of that. You’Ve, probably deaf and half the neighbors children and dogs, it’s pretty potent Antoine. Do you hear that over there how it’s made? You feel uneasy, and that was all the packaging here is really cool.


Very simple: Japanese craft packaging – let’s just say I love it so much! Oh, let’s save that one! Let’S do this, so I’ve already opened this one. This is a strumba Kalimba by Umbra Kalimba by Umbra, an umbra strumba Kalimba. If you will, it’s Kalimba, it makes music and it’s dope.


It’S a dopo thing and I’ve been playing with this at home and I’m gon na I’m gon na attempt to play a small song. You might recognize it and this video may get copyright struck. Because of this I mean how cool is this? You can just follow people in the streets to be fair and you can just follow them and just be like and they wouldn’t mind. No one would mind you instant professional at the uh Kalimba strumba by Umbra, pretty cool check it out, link below ha.


This don’t ask me why I ordered this because I was like this thing looks cool and I’m fascinated by the science behind it and it’s also like an old, Relic type item. Look at this packaging again, oh the storm glass. This is the storm glass. The storm glass was so far as we know first used in about 1750 by sailing ships to predict the stormy weather I won’t. I won’t.


I won’t read the rest of it. If you want to read the rest of it, you can check this out yourself. There’S a whole history of this thing and over here on this side, gives you the different um, basically the different weathers, whatever it is, the crystals will tell you like a magical item. Let’S just stand this thing up. First of all, look at this thing: how pretty and beautiful that is.


You see it, look at that and you hang that up and it’s got a really cool thing to hang up as well. It’Ll tell you we’ll set this aside. It’S probably just going to tell us the ambient temperature of the room. The crystals are slightly suspended, but they are falling like and if you look at the number, two fern-like crystals are disappearing which means it’s warmer. I didn’t need the crystals to tell me it was warm, but you know what else can they do?


Star crystals are falling down, meaning, there’s Frost all right, Crystal’s, all over rain, clear, liquid, fine and dry fern-like crystals are building up cold and stormy. So would you see this happen before a storm, so optimal you place it by a window? The storm glass is best at predicting Stormy Weather within the next 24 to 48 hour period. It does not completely replace the barometer, but it’s a good supplement, always remember to listen to the weather forecast. There’S a hurricane coming and you’re just staring at this thing.


They’Re like leaving your house. Like I don’t know the storm glass hasn’t spoken. Yet we wait for the storm. Crystals will tell us what to do. It’S cool Danish craftsmanship, oh so this was used by Darwin as well.


We’Re gon na use that for b-roll once again as well, hey man that’s longer than 10 minutes. How long was that it was like a half an hour right there, so that’s like hours, We’re not gon na wait hours but we’re gon na. Let it burn just so. You have to stick around to wait and hear the Bell. What’S your favorite item so far, there’s a book here we got a book, there’s a book uh the art of optical illusion.


What if you opened it? It was just like a computer screen. It would have really fooled me then you’re like. Ah, you thought it was a book, never judge a computer by the cover of its book, all right, Ramsey one packaging, zero. We did it by Agata and Pierre Romanov.


That is really cool. I think that’s the work by a Jr, uh, French artist. Look at this, we’ve got a forward. We probably got a lot of work on Asher. Oh, my goodness, that’s so cool whoa!


Okay! This is really wild. That is really crazy. That is really crazy. It’S a bit graphic even whoa.


Oh my God. I saw her on Instagram. This is uh okay, so it’s just a bunch. Oh a bunch of cool opticals. Illusion ideas like this one.


Look at how her clothes blend into the beach. What this is very sick, perfect example, if you need any book at all place this one, it’s like putting down a Guinness World Book of Records or like Ripley’s, Believe It or Not, there’s just something in there that people are gon na, find fascinating cool check it Out all right next up, tangle sculpted by Richard X, zawitz, most intriguing sculpture, ever designed. That’S a bold statement is a movable structural form based on the concept of infinity. I like this made out of rotating connected links. It can easily be twisted, turned, bent and shaped.


The adaptable structure will reflect your moods and creativity, see how art happens. You spend hours watching tangle. I mean, I don’t think I’m gon na spend hours watching it uh changing your hands or days admiring it. I mean. I have better things to do, but I like the hype, are you guys ready to be absolutely amazed?


We’Ve been waiting for this day. I told you guys not to open it. What is happening I’ll try and you see this is fun. There’S no shape to it. Can I keep it, yeah?


Okay, thanks! That’S tangle it’ll be there Days Later, literally he’s like I don’t know man I spent days admiring it. It was wild. This is cool. Oddly satisfying super sized super fun little oil spill bearings there you go now.


If I throw them all, I can probably catch them all ready. One two three go oh they’re magnetic hello and you can shape them into almost anything like a circle, a line, a little meditation metal, meditation balls, maybe something like that. Maybe a cool bracelet. If you can get your hand in there, I could go to a rave with this all right. Put that back.


That’S pretty interesting! I mean it’s just there’s nothing special really about it. I thought it was cool just like some desktop toy uh, but I could be wrong. I have so many magnets laying around. Probably why I’m terrified of magnets is that it is just erasing my phone or as a magician.


We walk around with magnets in our pockets a lot, and so your pant leg will just randomly stick to the side of a fridge. These are the fears that I have about Rush Hour rush hour. Traffic jam logic game this uh this. I think everybody’s familiar with this game um. This is a fun one.


If you guys want to see a video of me solving Rush Hour uh. Let me know in the comments below uh: do a hashtag Rush, hour4 and we’ll see if we can get uh them to reboot rush hour. At the same time, the movie Rush Hour 2 is an absolute classic by the way, oh wait. No, there was something before this that watched the pattern change as it spins. So now the downside of doing this one here the downside is actually they’re like.


If you see it and then film, it’ll give you two different uh two different things, but all we can do is film. It’s like you can’t see it, so you have to order. It goes pick this up, they’re small they’re, tiny. They come in different colors and the way that you’re gon na see this spin is not how it’s seen spun in real life, notice how the center is turning one way. Oh, when you guys weren’t looking, I moved the pin up for like 40 minutes, not disappointed.


That was a wonderful sound and you know what time it is. You know what that means. Imagine I had something ready for that, so you spin this and look at it it’s gon na look like the middle party’s going this way and this party’s going the other way. Wild we’ll film some b-roll, maybe in slow-mo, and so you guys can see maybe different things you ever do. Am I the only one who’s ever done that if you do this sound and you’re looking at car tires, I see this as a kitty. So look at the back window and I look at uh tires, but you can’t. All you see is like a disc right, but if you go, it creates vibrations.


Just it creates this weird vibration, where you can, for a second see a different pattern in the tires and you’d see what they actually look like, sometimes really cool. Look at that. Oh, I have everyone at home just going uh, so ridiculous, but very cool whoa when it slows down. Oh my god, dude what Lee came! Look at this look on camera, damn and in person, so different, whoa looking to go, I’m gon na be sick, though it’s sick in a good way.


It’S called Spinner Spinner by Shire post limited by solo, contemporary artwork exclusively curated and crafted by certified Nick ramage. This is the Brick baby inside this package getting started. Congratulations! You just added a new piece to your collection. Well, thank you.


Please take a new account, the following information, a correct use and functioning of your artwork. Please be aware that this art piece works on a voltage of 110 to 120 volts plug included on the artwork is a type c Europlug. Well, that’s no good and here’s a certificate of authenticity. That’S sick! Look at that, it’s very cool!


Oh! It’S! An actual brick, oh, my goodness, this guy makes some cool art by the way should follow him on Instagram, does a lot of like hand self-clapping and like these Whimsical little uh things, that’s an actual brick, and it says London brick on it. So I’ve got a Euro and we need to get it in America. This looks fantastic by the way. I love the gritty nature of it.


This is a legit brick and we’re gon na see him Bop his head for the first time. Hahaha. Do you ever feel like this? Sometimes I feel like this. Sometimes when you lock your keys in the car, when you take a shower and then poop when you go all the way to the store, forget what you came for, buy something else and only realize it.


The second you get home well, if you’re so inclined to do any of those things this might be for you. This is a beautiful piece of art. I love it so much. I love things that are weird dude. This stuff is just so cool to me.


Love how everything is exposed like that back there. It looks like it might shock me if I touch it right now, so I’m not gon na, but everything looks so sick. I wonder if this is like one of those pieces of art that, after like, if you let this run for like a year, he’d have the biggest dent in his head. He’s small. You can already tell he’s got some patina on his forehead. Well, ladies and gentlemen, if you enjoyed this video, you know what to do.


You know what makes me happy right. You already know what makes me happy. You know what I like about the views. Man, give me just kidding um, whatever you want to tell who you tell you please or don’t I don’t care thanks for watching, is what I meant and uh check out links below. If you want to support the art of play all right, let’s have a good forever from everyone here from everyone.


Here we miss. We wish you the most peaceful of days and uh. We hope everyone has an enjoyable rest of the week or has a good weekend. We’Ll see on the next video


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