The WORST Cargo Door Lock Ever? (Equip. Lock Co. Model CDL-C)

[1468] The WORST Cargo Door Lock Ever? (Equip. Lock Co. Model CDL-C)

The WORST Cargo Door Lock Ever? (Equip. Lock Co. Model CDL-C)

This is the lockpicking lawyer, and what i have for you today is a model cdl-c cargo door lock sold by the equipment lock company, it’s a 170 device intended to bind the locking bars found on the double doors of semi-trailers and cargo containers, the locking mechanism embeds A four-digit combination lock, which holds the two sides of the mechanism together. Unfortunately, the designers of this could barely have picked a worse mechanism if they were trying. I can literally open this faster without the combination than with it, and all i need to do. That is the notch decoder. On my covert companion.

I of course sell these over on covert So, let’s just scramble these wheels, you can see that’s currently locked, i’m going to insert the notch decoder between the lock body and a code wheel then push down on the lock down on the decoder and it pops right open. Let’S do that one more time, so you can see it was not a fluke, we’re still locked, but let’s scramble that one more time: okay, folks, it’s pretty common that people seek a little extra security for valuables in transit and that market is flooded with products ranging From quite good to laughably bad, unfortunately, this one seems to fall squarely in that second category. In any case, that’s all i have for you today.

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