[1485] Obsolete Design: WordLock Combination Lock

[1485] Obsolete Design: WordLock Combination Lock

Obsolete Design: WordLock Combination Lock

This is the walk begin lawyer and I was recently in an electronics store which, like many others, keeps its high value items in a cage to prevent shoplifting. That’S become commonplace. What caught my eye, though, was the padlock they were using on the cage door. I of course went and found one online, so I could share it with you. It’S a wardlock brand combination lock and the design should be familiar to most of you.

It’S probably the most common combination lock design in the world. It’S been around for a very long time. The only notable distinguishing feature of this one is the fact that there are letters instead of numbers on the dial. Thus the term wordlock the packaging claims. It is in a word secure, which is a cute marketing phrase, but it also happens to be objectively inaccurate.

This design has been obsolete for decades and can literally be opened faster without the combination than with it. Let me show you how it’s done, I’m going to use one of my covert instruments, padlock shims and slip it between the lock body and the shackle along the left side. Once I’ve used it to push that locking. Lug aside, I can simply pull the shackle and the lock opens up. Let’S do that one more time, so you can see it was not a fluke.

Okay, folks, I think it should be abundantly clear why wordlock’s representation of security is inaccurate. This is a flaw that even Master Lock has taken steps to address in its own product line, and that was probably 10 or 20 years ago. It’S been known for decades to Security Professionals and any company that still sells vulnerable products. After all, this time should really be embarrassed. In any case, that’s all I have for you today.

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