Amazon’s Best Selling Deadbolt – Teeho Smart Lock

[1488] Amazon’s Best Selling Deadbolt - Teeho Smart Lock

Amazon’s Best Selling Deadbolt – Teeho Smart Lock

This is the lock picking lawyer and recently in video 1484 I featured a Tihoe Brand Smart Lock, which happened to be the cheapest Smart Lock. I could find on Amazon well soon. After that I noticed a more expensive variant of the same lock. This one is currently the best selling deadbolt on Amazon. Now, despite a list price of 99, more than double that of the cheaper version, we have the same cheap construction with lots of plastic and thin castings.

The only notable difference is the addition of a fingerprint reader over the keyway. Now those of you with a sharp memory may recall that the cheaper version did have two spooled security pins inside. So I’d expect at least that in this one. So, let’s see what it takes to pick this open, I’m going to use the appropriate SC1 lychee tool. I do of course sell these over on

I should note that today, November 30th is the last day to get the best prices. Covert instruments has ever offered On leashy Tools. Our sale ends today at midnight. Okay, let’s get to picky.

One is binding, nice click there and that feels set nothing on two three is binding. Nice click there three feels set Ting on four five is binding and we just dropped into a false set. Nothing on one. Okay, two is binding, we’re getting some counter rotation. That’S definitely a spooled security pin and we got two set.

Nothing on three 4 is binding, counter rotation, another spool, and we got this open. Okay. Folks, as you saw, we did run into a couple of security pins, which is always nice to see, particularly in lower end locks. So, while the quality does leave something to be desired, at least they’re making some effort at security, in any case, that’s all I have for you today. If you do have any questions or comments about this, please put them below.

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