150 Year Old Optical Illusions!!

150 Year Old Optical Illusions!! 😳 #Shorts

150 Year Old Optical Illusions!!

I love reading old magic books, especially the ones that are like several hundred years old, because they have secrets that you will never find on the internet. This one particularly has a few optical illusions that I want to try out to see if they work this one here is actually made of perfect circles, but your eye sees them as sort of egg-shaped or oval. All of these are perfect circles. This one’s a bit cheeky. Basically, if you bring your face close to your phone, you will start seeing that bird fly into the snake’s mouth.

Try it out, put your face near your phone and let me know if that works, and lastly, this one might be my favorite. I want you to stare at this image for about 30 seconds stare at the X in the skull’s eye, stare at the X and the skull’s eye for about 30 seconds and then look at a blank wall. And I want you to Blink rapidly and let me know in the comments what it is you see like this video And subscribe. If you want to see more cool things hidden inside these secret Magic books,


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