MojoBox SLAPPED Open!!!

[1505] MojoBox SLAPPED Open!!!

MojoBox SLAPPED Open!!!

Lock enthusiasts and security experts are always on the lookout for new lock designs and potential vulnerabilities. Sometimes, a seemingly outlandish attack method can reveal a surprising security flaw. This was the case with the MojoBox electronic key lock box, which shockingly can be slapped open with a bare hand.

The MojoBox is an electronic key lock box designed to secure valuable items. Upon inserting the batteries, the lock undergoes a calibration sequence during which it rapidly cycles between locked and unlocked positions. This is a common feature in smart locks; however, the critical difference is that most smart locks have measures in place to protect against momentary power fluctuations that could compromise their security.

Unfortunately, the MojoBox lacks such protective measures, leaving it vulnerable to a rather amusing attack method. When the side of the box is tapped, the inertia of the AA batteries inside can momentarily overcome the springs holding them in place. This results in a brief power loss, which, in turn, triggers the calibration sequence and unlocks the box.

To demonstrate this vulnerability, the locked MojoBox was tapped on its side, causing the batteries to momentarily lose contact. Listening closely for the calibration sequence, the box was unlocked within seconds. This process was repeated to confirm that the success was not a mere fluke.

While it’s not often that a lock can be defeated with a simple slap, the MojoBox’s susceptibility to such a basic attack places it among the least secure designs. If you have any questions or comments about this security flaw, please leave them below. Don’t forget to subscribe to see more videos exploring unique lock vulnerabilities, and as always, have a nice day.


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