Worse Than I Thought: Brinks Mini U-Bar Lock

[1509] Worse Than I Thought: Brinks Mini U-Bar Lock

Worse Than I Thought: Brinks Mini U-Bar Lock

The Brinks Mini U-Bar Lock (model 175-07007) was featured over seven years ago as a reliable security option. However, upon revisiting the lock and its features, it turns out that it may not be as secure as initially believed. The tubular core inside was previously thought to be resistant to impressioning, but recent testing shows that this is not the case.

Using better tools and a more refined technique, it is now possible to open the Brinks Mini U-Bar Lock quickly. The covert instruments tubular lock pick, along with an improved technique, has proven to be very effective in opening the lock. The technique involves tightening the collar on the lock pick more than usual, making it harder to move the feelers. Once that’s done, insert the lock pick into the keyway, apply tension, and rotate the back in a circular manner. Release the tension, reapply it, and continue the circular motion until the lock opens.

Testing the lock multiple times shows that opening it quickly is not a fluke. It’s essential to correct any inaccurate information and ensure users of this product are aware of its vulnerabilities. Based on these findings, it’s recommended that users of the Brinks Mini U-Bar Lock consider other, more secure options for their locking needs.

If you have any questions or comments about the Brinks Mini U-Bar Lock, feel free to leave them below. Stay informed and make the right choices when it comes to security.


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