Decoded Fast! New Combination Bike U-Lock (NBYT)

[1510] Decoded Fast! New Combination Bike U-Lock (NBYT)

Decoded Fast! New Combination Bike U-Lock (NBYT)

The popularity of combination bike locks has been on the rise, with a new style of lock branded as NBYT emerging as a common choice on Amazon. This lock is also available under various other names, such as Sportneer, U-Shake, Mioni, Lumen Trail, and Juneway, as well as unbranded versions. However, our investigation reveals that this lock has significant security flaws and can be decoded and opened in under 30 seconds.

The NBYT Combination Bike U-Lock, like many others, allows the user to set their combination using a series of digits. To demonstrate the ease with which this lock can be decoded, we first changed the combination to an unknown set of numbers. Next, we used a notch decoder, available from, to quickly and effortlessly determine the correct combination.

By inserting the notch decoder into the lock and pulling up on the internal bar, we were able to feel for loose spots in the wheel travel. Within a matter of seconds, we had successfully decoded the lock and discovered the new combination: 5-7-2-5.

The ease of decoding the NBYT Combination Bike U-Lock is a significant security concern, and potential buyers should be aware of this vulnerability. In addition to this glaring issue, the lock’s body is made of cast zinc and plastic, which raises further doubts about its durability and reliability.

In conclusion, the NBYT Combination Bike U-Lock, despite its popularity, has critical security flaws. The lock can be decoded in a matter of seconds, making it an unsuitable choice for securing your bike. If you’re in the market for a bike lock, it’s essential to consider alternative options with more robust security features to ensure the safety of your property.

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