Sterling “Gas Pump Lock” Picked

[1512] Sterling “Gas Pump Lock” Picked

Sterling “Gas Pump Lock” Picked

The Sterling Lock Company, based in Minnesota, manufactures a unique padlock that many in the lock world refer to as the “gas pump lock.” While it’s not commonly used for gas pumps anymore and the company doesn’t advertise it as such, it does serve a purpose in providing an affordable lock with above-average dependability and weather resistance. It’s an ideal solution for securing outdoor utility boxes or other low-security applications.

The Sterling “gas pump lock” comes in two sizes: senior and junior. The senior version, which we will focus on in this article, houses a straightforward warded mechanism. Inside the lock, there is a flat U-shaped spring, the ends of which sit in a gap within the circular shackle. The shackle can only be turned if the spring is spread apart using the key.

However, it’s not particularly challenging to bypass the lock using a lock pick. By applying force to the shackle and reaching in with a lock pick, one can push one end of the U-shaped spring down and the other up, effectively unlocking the lock. Although it’s a relatively simple process, it’s essential to note that this lock isn’t intended for high-security purposes.

Interestingly, there’s another version of this lock that doesn’t even have a keyhole, designed to be disposable. Despite its low cost, the Sterling “gas pump lock” has proven to be as durable as some high-security locks on the market.

In conclusion, the Sterling “gas pump lock” is a budget-friendly option for those in need of a dependable, weather-resistant lock for low-security applications. While it may not be the most secure lock available, it serves its purpose well in the appropriate situations.


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