Schlage’s “100% Pick-Proof” Smart Lock

[1514] Schlage’s “100% Pick-Proof” Smart Lock (LOL)

Schlage’s “100% Pick-Proof” Smart Lock

Schlage, a renowned lock manufacturer, has been marketing its electronic controlled deadbolt as a “100% pick and bump proof” smart lock. However, a recent discovery has exposed a major design flaw that challenges this claim, potentially compromising the security of numerous multi-tenant facilities, such as apartment buildings and college dormitories.

Schlage’s controlled deadbolt has been on the market for about seven or eight years and is designed to facilitate easy administration of multi-tenant properties. Retailing for around $320 or more, the lock offers a convenient solution for property managers by eliminating the need for rekeying or replacing lost keys. The smart lock relies on electronic credentials like smartphones or RFID key fobs for access, boasting a keyless design.

Despite Schlage’s “100% pick and bump proof” claim, a simple thin piece of wire can easily bypass the lock’s security. By inserting the wire into the small drain hole on the bottom of the lock and maneuvering it into position, the lock can be both locked and unlocked within seconds.

The security flaw arises from the lock’s internal mechanism. When the thumb turn on the front is moved, a piece on top of it remains stationary unless the lock’s electronics are activated. The motor then lifts a plastic piece, allowing a plunger to couple the two parts together. The thin wire exploit works by lifting the plastic piece and connecting the front and back part of the thumb turn, mimicking the presentation of a valid credential.

This significant design flaw poses a substantial security risk for tenants who may not have the authority to change their own locks. Building management might also be hesitant to undertake the costly and time-consuming process of replacing all locks in the building. However, a temporary solution can be achieved by blocking the drain hole to prevent unauthorized access.

In conclusion, the troubling design flaw found in Schlage’s “100% pick-proof” smart lock raises questions about the true security of the product. Users should remain vigilant and consider taking measures to block the drain hole to minimize the risk of unauthorized entry.


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