German Lock, Scotch Whiskey, & American Picks (Burg Wachter 450/40)

[1530] German Lock, Scotch Whiskey, & American Picks (Burg Wachter 450/40)

German Lock, Scotch Whiskey, &
American Picks (Burg Wachter 450/40)

Greetings, fellow lock enthusiasts! Today, we take a look at some German engineering in the form of the Burg Wächter 450/40 padlock, kindly sent to us by Kevin from Remscheid, Germany. Along with the lock, Kevin also sent a bottle of Log of 116, one of my favorite scotches. Although the puzzle securing the bottle was unfortunately damaged in transit, the glass bottle miraculously survived – a true testament to the mercy of a scotch-loving deity.

Upon receiving the scotch, I couldn’t help but compare the American and German bottles. Interestingly, the American Surgeon General’s warning is distilled down to two small icons, while the German bottle uses the extra space to provide a mathematical formula for both the intoxication and weight gain effects. Well done, Germany, and thank you, Kevin!

Now, back to the Burg Wächter 450/40 padlock. This lock features a dimple core with five active and two passive pins. We won’t need to worry about the passive pins while picking, so let’s focus on the active ones. Using a Turner inserted into the side of the keyway and a standard hook from the Genesis set, available on, we’ll attempt to pick this lock open.

After some trial and error, we successfully opened the lock. But what about a low-skill method? Utilizing two Covert Instruments padlock shims, we were able to slip them between the lock body and the shackle. It’s a bit tricky due to the tight tolerances, but once the shims are in place, the lock pops open with ease.

It’s important to note that this lock isn’t intended for high-security applications. When compared to similar products in the US, it actually holds up fairly well. Both types of locks can be combed open quickly or shimmed. So, while the Burg Wächter may not be the most impressive lock, it could certainly be worse.

In conclusion, the Burg Wächter 450/40 padlock offers a fascinating look into German lock engineering. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, and if you enjoyed this exploration, be sure to subscribe for more lock adventures. As always, have a nice day and happy picking!


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