18000 PIECES FINISHED, 6,000 TO GO (24000 Piece Puzzle – Part 4 of 6)

18,000 PIECES FINISHED, 6,000 TO GO (24,000 Piece Puzzle - Part 4 of 6)

18,000 PIECES FINISHED, 6,000 TO GO (24,000 Piece Puzzle – Part 4 of 6)

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Hi everybody welcome back to karen puzzles. Today is finally the day that i am starting section 3 of the 24 000 piece puzzle. It has been a little while, since the last section i finished section 2 on march 10th, and now it is may 5th. So it’s been about two months, but here’s the thing putting together such a huge puzzle and filming it and editing the video it’s a lot of work and so at the end of each section i just feel very burnt out by the whole process. And since this is a puzzle that i’ve been wanting to do for so long, i want to make sure that i am fully enjoying myself and not just rushing through it for the sake of some youtube videos, so i took a little break from it, but i Am back – and i am so excited to get into it, so i’ve been studying the picture quite a bit, making my game plan – and i mentioned in the last video that section three is definitely going to be a little more difficult than section.

Two and i’ll tell you the reason in section two: we have a lot of different elements, but we really only have one of each like we have one tiger. We have one horse, we have one eagle. We have one moon, whereas here in section three we’re starting to get a lot of duplicates, so we have a lot of this bird up in the sky. We have a lot of these dolphins, which are all kind of the same color so that part’s going to be fairly difficult. So i am expecting this one to take a little bit longer, but i don’t know i still don’t think it’ll be that hard section.

24000 Piece Puzzle

Four is where it gets really difficult, but we will get there in the next video. So i think i’m going to wait to tell you the order that i’m planning to do everything until after the sorting, because i find that in doing the sorting. Sometimes i sort out, like i spot, different sections that i wasn’t expecting to sort out, so let me sort everything and then i’ll be back to walk you through how we’re gon na tackle this. Oh i’m so excited this is so fun. I love this puzzle so much [, Music ], all right.

So it’s been about an hour and you can see that i’ve actually made quite a bit of progress on the sorting. But today is actually a very big day, because not only am i getting started on this section of the puzzle, but i’m also getting my second vaccine shot, i’m so excited i’m so ready for two weeks from now when i will be fully vaccinated. So i’m gon na go, do that and then, when i get back, i will power through the rest of the sorting, also check it out. I bought a new phone so now i have this wide-angle lens and i can show you the entire puzzle all at once. I may have only bought a new phone just so that my puzzle footage would look better because that’s what my life is now [, Music ].

Oh my gosh! It is such a relief to be fully vaccinated. Two minus or i mean t, might what t minus two weeks until i am fully vaccinated, which is the perfect amount of time to finish my puzzle. So i’m going to do as much sorting as i can before the side effects kick in and then i’ll check back in once i’m done sorting, [ Music ]. Oh, my gosh, i’m so happy that the sorting is done, which means that it is finally time to start working on the puzzle.

I am so excited. So today is thursday. I had been planning on taking the day off, because i assumed that i would have some side effects from the second dose of the vaccine, but um i feel totally fine. My arm is a little sore. I am feeling no other side effects so another day to work on the puzzle like i might as well just get started on it today.

So i worked on the sorting yesterday and then i finished it this morning and it took me about four and a half hours in total, which is a little bit less than the sorting from section two. So let me show you around. Let me give you the tour, so obviously we have the edge pieces which i’m going to be starting with. Then we have the rings from one of the planets and then this is another one of the planets and then this is another one of the planets. I think it might be a few different planets all mixed together in there that are all kind of the same color.

Looking at the picture, you can see that that’s this planet that i just showed this planet and then probably that one in the middle, then we have the pink galaxy which i’m really excited to get started on, because pink is my favorite color? Look at how beautiful that’s gon na be down here we have the dolphin and the rock which is um right here. That’S this entire section. I just mixed it all together, because it’s not a huge section in there moving up here we have the sailboats, which i mean, obviously that’s the most distinctive part, so i will be putting those together right at the beginning, then, over here we have all of the Underwater pieces, which i’m not going to be even looking at for quite a while, because there’s a lot going on down here that is kind of intimidating and then over here we have all of the sky pieces anything with stars on it. There’S also a bunch of these um like bird feather pieces and more of them back there, so that is everything else that is up here and then all of these birds and then one more box this one, i kind of divided into quadrants um.

We have the tail end of the rainbow which i’ll put together right at the beginning. We have a bunch of blue pieces, we have the water line and then we have all of the water. So that is this right here. There’S the rainbow the water line, which will divide the puzzle in half nicely and then a lot of these blue pieces. I think we’re getting a little mixed up with some of these blue pieces, so i’ll definitely have to sort that out once i get there and then this texture was very, very distinctive.

24000 Piece Puzzle

Look at that because there is so much of just the top of the open water. So that’s going to be a pretty large section to put together and that’s all of the sorting. So, as you can see, i have a few pretty small sections which will go together really quickly and then some larger ones which i’ll have to go through and sort again, as i get started on them. Here’S the game plan, i’m gon na start with a lot of this stuff right in the middle. So like this, as i said, the sailboats and then i think the sky will be relatively easy, because there are a lot of different elements with very sharp edges between them.

Just like last time, i’m going to try to get all of this pretty much finished before i even start looking at the underwater, because there is so much down here, so we just we’re not gon na. Look at that. Let’S, let’s just start up here, it’s a little more manageable. So this time i have learned my lesson, and i know that once i get started on this, i cannot stop so i have fully cleared my schedule. This is the only thing on my to-do list that i’m gon na be working on for the next few days, so i’m gon na get started and we’ll see how long it takes [, Music, ], so [, Music ], you [, Music, ], [, Music ].

So it is a little after 3 30 and i think i’m gon na call it a little bit early today. I am actually feeling a bit tired. I don’t want to overdo it, so let me show you what i got done today so here i did this pink galaxy, which is so beautiful. I had so much fun with that. Over on this side, we have this planet looking pretty good.

We also have the front half of our dolphin as well as these rocks and the rainbow, and then i pulled all of these pieces out of the box. These are all of the sailboats, so bright and early tomorrow morning, i’m going to be piecing all of those together. You can see that since obviously none of this is filled in yet i have all this space to look at all of these pieces out on the board, all at once. I’M so excited to be back in the midst of my giant puzzle and i’ll see you all tomorrow to keep working on it good morning. Everybody.

It is 8 a.m, who’s ready to build some boats. It’S me, i’m ready! Oh, this is gon na, be so fun. [, Music ] all right, so it is just after 12 and so in four hours i managed to do all of the boats.

I think that’s looking really good we’re seeing a lot more filled in in the middle there’s a lot more structure to what we’re going to be putting together and then i also did most of the water line, and so now you can see that we have um The exact outline of where all of these water pieces are going to fit in, but honestly, that’s probably going to be the most boring part of the entire puzzle. So this afternoon i think i might work on the sky instead because i think that’s going to be a lot more fun i’ll get to this. Eventually, i mean i’ll do it, but i think the sky will be more [: Music, ], fun, [, Music ]. Oh man, it is a little after four, which means that i put in eight hours of puzzling today, i’m so tired, but it was a great day. I had so much fun.

Let me show you so after finishing the boats, i decided to get started on the sky, and oh man was this way harder than i was expecting with the birds. It’S just like a very similar color and texture across all of them, and so trying to get all of this sorted out has been a process, and then here you can see that there’s just a lot a lot of sky. We have a few kind of distinctive elements, but in between them it’s just a lot of stars, so i didn’t make a ton of progress there quite yet, but what i was doing – and i just moved these off so that you could see the entire puzzle i’ll Put them back on the board later, but here i have all of the bird pieces and then in the box. I think i have pretty much just the star pieces, and so i know that this side of the puzzle is mostly just stars, and then this side of the puzzle is birds, so tomorrow i think i should be able to finish filling all of this. In i mean, i think, it’ll be another full day, but i think i can do it so that’s where i’m leaving it for today and i’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning, who’s ready for another full day of puzzling.

So i have like an actual problem. After i finished filming last night, i couldn’t stop thinking about the puzzle. I couldn’t stop looking at the puzzle, so i did a little more work on the puzzle. Honestly, this water is the most boring part, so you should be thanking me for not making you sit through me. Putting that all together.

It took me over two hours just to do this section of the water, and something interesting about this part is that, since it’s like the same texture across the entire puzzle, i kept running into the issue of having the cut repeated between the two halves of the Puzzle so i would put in a piece that fit perfectly, but the pattern didn’t quite match up. So i had to be really careful like really look at the texture of every single piece to make sure that everything was on the correct side. But i realized that this side of the water is a little more teal and then this side is a little more blue. So by using the color i could kind of see if something was a little off. So now that i’m almost done this last little bit.

Should go a lot more quickly, so i’m just going to go ahead and finish that up this morning, [ Music ]. Oh my gosh, you have no idea how happy i am that the water is finished. It wasn’t, i mean necessarily difficult. It was just so tedious because it’s so much of the exact same texture. So now that that’s done, i think we might do something a little crazy, i hope you’re sitting down, because it is about to get wild here in the karen puzzles house.

So, instead of powering through the sky, which is so much more difficult than i expected, i think i might get started on the underwater. I know i it’s take a minute. It’S okay! I know i just feel like some of this is gon na, be a little bit easier than the sky, so i’ll feel like i’m, making more progress, and also when i start going through all of the underwater pieces, i’m gon na find a lot of the pieces That i’m missing up at the top, so i can get those filled in so i’m just gon na keep going and see how much progress i can make. It is so nice not having anything else to do today, except work on the puzzle.

I mean i haven’t replied to an email in like four days, but we just won’t think about that. [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music ] do [ Music ], so it is about 4 p.m, and that is a wrap for today. Let me show you everything that i’ve done. Obviously this is what i worked the most on today and you can see that i got quite a lot done here at the bottom, which is definitely the easiest part, because you can see that now up here it gets a lot more dense.

Everything is a much more similar color and then, of course, we have all of this blue up here. That’S gon na be pretty tricky, so i think i’m just gon na hold off on that for a day and go back to the sky. I just finished organizing all of the bird pieces into a piece type, so first thing tomorrow, all of these birds are getting put together and then i still have this box right here with all the rest of the star pieces. So i think that i can pretty much finish the sky tomorrow, we’ll see how it goes, but that’s the plan [ Music ] good morning – everybody. It is actually monday morning because i took yesterday off from the puzzle because my entire body was hurting after four days of like leaning over the puzzle for eight or ten hours a day.

I just needed a day off, so i spent yesterday stretching out laying on the couch walking around my neighborhood and i’m feeling way better today. So our goal for today is to finish the sky, i’m a little nervous. I feel like i’ve pretty much finished. All of the easy parts of the puzzle and everything that’s left is going to be really difficult. So, let’s see what happens, let’s see how long it takes wish me luck: [, Music, ], [, Music, ].

So oh man, that was a puzzling marathon right there. It is about 2 p.m, so i’ve been working on this all day and look i finished the sky. This is so satisfying, as i mentioned before, a lot of these lower sky pieces are um, so it’s like over here. That’S all kind of mixed in with these water pieces, because they’re all about the same color.

So at some point i need to go through all of these, so i think i’m going to do a little bit more work with these pieces. Um, maybe like pulling out everything that i can see with orange or yellow on it and trying to put those together because that should fill in um. You know a lot of these pieces up here, so yeah, it’s a process but i’ll keep at it. [, Music ], so it is about 5 p.m, and here’s where i’m leaving it for the day it literally feels like today has been like an hour long.

I swear i get so lost in my puzzle that it’s as if time just doesn’t even exist anymore. So here it is, as you can see, the top is almost completely finished. All that i have left is this one part of the underwater section a little bit of sky, but not too much. So i actually think i’m going to finish this tomorrow. I think it’s just going to be one more day.

All that i have left are two boxes of pieces um. As you can see, this one is only about two piece layers thick. This one has a bit more, but it’s a smaller box, so yeah one more day i’ll see you tomorrow: [ Music ]. Oh my gosh who’s, ready to finish the puzzle. So already this morning i started going through this box of blue pieces and i pulled out quite a few pieces to work with.

I found this very exciting piece which, if we walk all the way up to the top of the puzzle, i’m pretty sure it goes here. Nope other way, i’m pretty sure it goes here. Okay, so um, it looks like we have one more missing piece over there, but then all of the rest of this is entirely filled in it’s so satisfying. So the plan for today is to basically work down from the water line and try to get in a lot of these blue pieces and then finish up the last little bit of the coral and then i’ll be done that’ll, be it [, Music, ], [, Music, ] [, Music ]. You guys look what i just found.

Are you ready? Are you ready, i’m pretty sure that that one goes right here, and that was the final piece for the top half of the puzzle. So now everything above the water line is completely finished. It is about 12 45. Here is the progress that i made this morning.

You can see that now the bottom section just connected to the main section – i will say this section – was a struggle. It was so hard, i’m really glad that i’m done with it, but um. All of this coral was the most difficult section of the la like section, two from the last video, so i think i just need to power through. I really do think this is gon na take me all afternoon, but yeah, i’m almost done so. I just finished sorting the rest of all of the pieces by a piece shape, and you know it might be a little early to do this.

I do still have quite a lot left, but at least this way, as i’m working my way across you know, if i have a piece like this, i know that it has to be somewhere in here. It’S not going to be anywhere else on the board. So here it is [ Music, ] all right time to just finish this up: [, Music, ], [, Music, ]. Oh my god. I cannot believe this has happened again.

I’M missing a piece. I already checked the floor. I didn’t see it so i’ll. Do a more thorough search and let you know in the outro if i found it, but either way i mean for the most part i finished it. I was really racing the sun with this one, because if the sun had gone down and it had gotten too dark, then i would have had to stop working on it, because the video wouldn’t have looked good, but i finished it just in time.

This was definitely the hardest to section. Yet everything in here was a struggle. My entire body is hurting, so i’m gon na go lie on the couch for the rest of the night and i will be back to tell you what my final time my final thoughts and yeah. I did it again for the third time [ Music ]. So i still haven’t found the missing piece.

I mean i’m not actually too worried. As we saw. There was a piece that was in the first bag that was actually from the second section of the puzzle, so i’m hoping that this missing piece is just in the fourth bag and that when i do the next section it’ll turn up. Luckily, it’s not too detailed of a piece, so if it doesn’t turn up, i can always make a replacement using the method that i showed you guys in a video a while back. But it is a little disappointing to do 6 000 pieces and then have one be missing like i can’t believe it anyway.

Here’S what you’re all here for the final statistics, it ended up taking me a little bit more than 38 hours, which is a little more than section two, but a little bit less than section one, which is exactly what i was expecting. As i’ve been saying section. Two was much easier than this one and then section one. I think the picture was easier, but i was still kind of getting to know. You know the idiosyncrasies of the puzzle and like the scale of the puzzle, so now that i kind of know what i’m getting into.

I can pace myself a little bit better to do these sections more quickly, but i did do this one in the shortest total number of days, and i also worked on it, for you know pretty much all day every day that i was working on it on Screen i’ll pop up a few more of the charts and graphs from my sister’s magical spreadsheet, i cannot wait to have section 4 finished and then we will have so much data to compare. So as i’ve been saying when i worked on this, i completely cleared my schedule so that this was the only thing that i had to work on and i actually think i may have gone a little too far in that direction. I did this one so quickly that, to be honest, the whole thing is kind of a blur and, as you saw, my body was just in a lot of pain from like leaning over the puzzle for hours on end on days right next to each other. So i think that for section four i’m gon na scale it back a little. You know try to slow down a little add in some days in the middle, where i’m not working on it, maybe only work on it for half days instead of eight or ten hour days.

It’S just so hard because once i get started on the puzzle, i just cannot stop. It is all i can think about. I feel like i can’t fully relax until it’s finished. So once again, i already taped it into sections. If you want to see how i do this um, you can watch the last like 10 minutes of the video from section one, which is video number two in the series and i’ve gotten a few questions about exactly what type of tape i’m using.

So the tape that i’m using is the duck brand clean release of painters tape. I go through a little over a full roll of one of these um taping, the in each section of the puzzle, i’ll link this exact tape right down below. If you want to get some for yourself so now that i have three sections done and i only have one section to go, i thought it might be fun to stack up all of the sections that i’ve done so far and just see what they look like See how tall they are so give me a sec and i’m gon na – do that? Oh my god. So i was just in the middle of filming this little shot of getting all of the um puzzle, sections together and then i come down here and behind the box.

Look what i found it was like half wedged underneath the siding here. It’S my missing piece. Oh, my gosh, i’m so glad i spotted that so now, if i can just find this section again where it’s missing from oh there, it is here we go here. We go! Oh my gosh, i’m so happy.

Okay, no longer missing a piece. We have found the piece [ Music ], all right, so, as you just saw, i found my missing piece yay, but um anyway. Just can we just take a look at this. This is wild. This looks so crazy on the end here.

Oh, my gosh, i’m grabbing a ruler, so i can measure it. This is almost three and a half inches of just like jigsaw, puzzle, piece sections layered on top of each other. This is 18 000 pieces right here and it’s crazy if we compare it to the bag like the fourth bag. That’S not put together yet this right here is 6 000 pieces, and this is 18 000 pieces and they take up like the same volume of space. [, Music ] – i actually have what i think could be a fun idea for an animation using these.

So if that works out, i will put it on screen right now: [, Music ]. So before i go, i also just wanted to show you guys. Look. What came in the mail a few weeks ago? It is my 100 000 subscribers plaque.

I actually already had one of the old design for my old channel. So now i have two and this is really the series that pushed me over the edge of that huge milestone. So i just want to say a really big. Thank you to everybody who has subscribed and watched my videos. It means so much to me, and i never thought that i would be earning a living doing jigsaw puzzles on the internet, so i can’t believe that there’s only one section left like what am i gon na do with myself once this is over.

It’S been such a fun project to be doing this year. I’M definitely going to take a little time off again from this puzzle before i start tackling section 4, because i’ve looked ahead and section 4 is definitely going to be the most challenging section. But i’ll show you exactly why once we get there like in a month or two, so your code word for watching all the way to the end of this very long, video will be sailboat, because the sailboats were the most fun part of the entire thing. Thank you for watching, and i will see you all in the next one.

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