3 Brain Melting Objects!

3 Brain Melting Objects!! 🥴 #Shorts

3 Brain Melting Objects!

These three objects will blow your mind this first one’s called spinner. It is basically a small spinning top now the trick with this one is when I spin it on camera. It actually doesn’t look like what it looks like in real life. So I really can’t show you what it really looks like, but on camera looks so much cooler and when it begins to slow down it gets even weirder this next one’s called tangle. This is like a giant fidget toy.

This thing looks like it’s made of metal. It’S actually hard plastic, it is so satisfying because it’ll move in any direction. You want it to this last one is my favorite. This is called storm glass. It was used on ships to predict weather, so they could predict storms.

They could predict rain heat. You would look at the way the crystals are differently dispersed in here, and you have a chart that tells you what that means like this video And subscribe for more cool stuff.


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