3 GENIUS Solutions to THESE Puzzles!

3 GENIUS Solutions to THESE Puzzles!! 😳 #Shorts

3 GENIUS Solutions to THESE Puzzles

These are three puzzles with incredibly creative solutions. This first one is known as the number puzzle, and you have to put the numbers in order from one two three four now currently it’s one, two, four three you try to slide it around, like this.

You’ll never be able to put it in the one two three four order: the only solution to this puzzle is, you actually have to take number three place it in take number one and two attach them put them in at the same time, and then, when you Move them around, you get one two three and four.

This is the skyline puzzle, uh there’s a shadow here, and there are a bunch of buildings right here and the only solution to this one is lining up the buildings. Exactly with the shadows, you’re able to then press the button and open the drawer speaking of drawers, this is the drawer puzzle, push one in and to open the other one out. This one will not open unless this one is pushed in, the mechanics are pretty cool.

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