3 Jaw Dropping Objects!! 😦 #Shorts

3 Jaw Dropping Objects!! 😦 #Shorts

3 Jaw Dropping Objects!

Here are three objects that would look cool in anyone’s home. This is actually an led lamp. It’S called wick, you can charge it up and it acts as a candle. It’S got a vintage feel it’s made of brass, but it still looks super modern. Maybe something you’d find in a home in star wars.

This is the cmy cube with filters on the side of three colors: there’s blue, yellow and purple. When combined, they start making uh all sorts of different colors like green and orange, really pretty to look at super trippy. Definitely a cool object if you’re into photography or if you just want to give your desk a little bit more punch, and this is a card star. It is made entirely of playing cards that are folded and cut, which looks cool. Definitely always a conversation.

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