3 of The Most MAGICAL Items!! 😳 #Shorts

3 of The Most MAGICAL Items!! 😳 #Shorts

3 of The Most MAGICAL Items!

These are three of the most magical items that i’ve received recently. This is a cup and saucer by famous french artist, jr, actually a little bit of an illusion. So you have this picture here and you see this rounded sort of shape now watch what happens when the cup goes down, it turns into a triangle and you can see the whole building. This is what’s known as an illusion ring. It comes in this beautiful packaging.

By the way you can check all these out at art of play. I left the link below gives off a cool illusion when you roll it check this out. It looks like it’s sliding from side to side. It doesn’t even look real. This is a japanese puzzle box that emulates a sort of camera.

It’S called the shutter box check this out. You can open the first compartment, but there’s another secret compartment. If you turn it all the way, there’s another compartment and inside this compartment is a secret message.

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