A 5 Piece Puzzle so hard my sister had to help me solve it (Wave Puzzle 5 by Yuu Asaka)

A 5 Piece Puzzle so hard my sister had to help me solve it (Wave Puzzle 5 by Yuu Asaka)

Wave Puzzle 5 by Yuu Asaka

Why is this so hard? This puzzle was diabolical, so this puzzle is so hard that I had to bring in my sister Katie to help me solve it. Hi Katie hi. So this is another Yuu Asaka puzzle where we have to get all of these pieces into the tray, and I tried it myself and I could not solve it, but originally I didn’t think it was gonna be that hard. So here was my original goal.


Do you remember when Katie solved that one brain teaser in like six minutes? Oh my god, wait! You did it so I went into this and I was like I’m gonna solve this puzzle in under six minutes so that I can beat Katie’s record and um. Well, let’s cut to that footage and you will see what actually happened all right so today, I’m going to attempt to do the wave puzzle 5 in my fastest time yet so this is a pretty standard, packing puzzle. We have these five wave shapes that we have to try to fit into this tray.


It is a level eight, so pretty much in the middle of the difficulty scale, but I feel like I’ve done enough of these puzzles by now, that I should be able to figure this out really fast. That’s the hope. Anyway, it will fit you. Oh man, I’m nervous, okay, okay, I got this. I got this and start okay, so the first thing that you notice is that all of these fit perfectly vertically, but there’s not enough space for the fourth one.


So I think that’s the obvious solution. So this time I’m gonna go right to the not obvious solution which is to put them in horizontally. Question mark question mark or maybe um, maybe like this, where they’re like nested into each other. No, I wonder if one of them still goes vertically. That would be interesting.


Oh wait am I close. Did I get it? Am I close? No, I’m not. Quite I don’t think wait.


Oh wait! Wait. What, if I used a little one in there and then the big one? What if I use the really little one in there, so what did I have before I feel like I was so close and then I ruined it? Oh no!


Okay! So what if I had that there the little guy at the bottom, then those two nest together really well, then, that one nests in really well that one just doesn’t quite fit. If it’s like at an angle, it almost fits. It’s really close. I don’t think they can all be on diagonals, because then you have a lot of wasted space over here, oh boy, oh no.


I was so confident going into this one. Is this what you’re meant to figure out? I just I don’t know if this is the obvious answer or not like being I wasting my time on? What’s actually the obvious answer? Oh no, I’m at five, I’m basically at six minutes.


I don’t think I’m going to beat Katie’s time. I guess the pressure’s off now I can take as long as I need like. I think this is what the product photo looked like with all of them being vertical, so I feel like that cannot be where we’re gonna find the final answer. If this one could kind of slot in here diagonally that’s the kind of thing that Yuu Asaka loves, oh that’s kind of, is that literally anything? Oh, that’s kind of elegant do any of the rest of them fit.


Oh, okay, wait! This could be something um. I really thought I was so smart where I was like you want me to go vertical. I’M gonna go horizontal, but maybe that’s what they want you to do. Oh, my god.


This is so beautiful. It’s just not quite the right answer, but I’m at 40 minutes. I had other stuff. I was going to do this morning because I thought this was only going to take me like 10 minutes. At what point do I just give up all right?


Um 45 minutes in here’s. What I’m thinking, maybe I will um hand this off to Katie like what else could I’ve tried? I feel, like I tried every single combination. I don’t know what else to do. I’M done with this puzzle, I’m over it.


I can admit defeat, I’m over it. So what do you think? Are you a little intimidated yeah? Very this really shouldn’t be that hard. I don’t know what I’m missing.


I’M sure you’re gonna solve it in like two seconds. Well, I’m worried. So here’s what we’re gonna do I’m going to step out so that Katie can try it on her own. So this is going to be Katie’s first time doing a solo video. So everyone be nice.


Please hey you ready! No, I’m out! Good luck! All right Karen is gone. It is all me and we’re gonna start the timer and go okay, so I’m gonna see how these pieces look just outside of the frame.


I wonder if some of these maybe go another direction, trying to use what I learned last time of things not all going in the same direction that you think they would not helping. Yet. Oh, oh so close! Oh, maybe something like this. That seems promising!


No we’re! Not there’s my time from last time, so I did not beat the last one. Don’t think, there’s enough room for anything to be on a diagonal in this one, Karen, you called all right come here. Oh that’s, interesting! It doesn’t work.


Okay, I’m back! So what did you try? I tried a lot of things I tried together. That’s that was my first thought. That’s why I thought I was gonna.


Do it so fast because the product photo is all of them just vertical yeah, so I thought the trick was just that you had to turn them horizontal and then they would all nest together. Yeah. I tried that too. Oh, I didn’t even start the time. Oh, my dad adds an extra like three minute or two minutes to whatever we say not enough space to do it that way.


Yeah I tried using diagonals same that didn’t go anywhere. I think you did in 10 minutes like every single thing, that I did in 45 minutes and like if this one could fit diagonal like. I don’t think we’re allowed to do that. This isn’t a 3d puzzle. Almost though I feel like I tried this like 12 times when I was doing it on my own, we’re gonna figure this out, we don’t get lunch until we figure it out.


Oh no, so these two also nest together. Yeah perfectly so we have two groups what if that one was yeah, there are a lot of combinations that almost fit. I feel like. We’ve tried every combination. How many more could there be?


Okay, we’re not we’re officially like well over an hour total yeah. What, if we don’t solve it? Well, that’s not an option we have to for the video for YouTube and there’s no way to do like multiple have them all on a diagonal right. That’s! Oh!


That’s! Okay! Now what hang on oh wait? What if we could get? One in like that, where did the other two go?


Why is this so hard? You get? Your new scroll saw like a little couple. Little cups. I don’t think that’s in the spirit of the game.


I wish that that would be pretty yeah. Not quite though wait. Wait did you do it wait, were we even recording? Oh, we were still recording. Okay, good wait.


Did we do it? We did it. Oh wait, that’s pretty! How did we not try that before I don’t know? How did it take us that long, oh good, you stopped the time, so that was like 45 minutes of me, plus another 40 minutes, plus like a minute and a half, maybe where we weren’t, where we didn’t have the time not a great showing, but we did It so basically just under 90 minutes.


It took him 15, like 15 minutes oops. Now we can go, have lunch great, I’m really hungry. This video was just a mess. All the way through this puzzle was diabolical, and I had the two groups of them that we should have realized when in there we should have picked up on like this spacing being the same on those and then in this group. Being the same, because that’s that nice little pattern there, it’s like a stair step, yeah!


Well, let us know in the comments um. What is a challenge that you have taken on, that you just had to try and try and try again and then finally, you succeeded. We need a code word. Oh, you can come up with the code word for the comments. Oh no um!


How about diabolical, because that’s what this puzzle was all right, we’re gonna go we’re done with this one! We’re just never gonna speak of this one again.



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