A Surprise in Cheapest Smart Lock on Amazon

[1484] A Surprise in Cheapest Smart Lock on Amazon

A Surprise in Cheapest Smart Lock on Amazon

This is the lock picking lawyer and what I have for you today is the cheapest Smart, Lock that I could find on Amazon. It’S the tihoe model te001, and it currently goes for 32 dollars. Now I was expecting something with some pretty terrible build quality, and I was not disappointed that, of course is not because this one is uniquely bad. It’S actually very similar in quality to Locks that cost double the money. It’S just that all the lower end locks are pretty bad.

We find a lot of cheap Plastics and thin castings. In fact, even the core appears to be a zinc alloy. There are no bells or whistles in the electronics, as one might expect. The only Smart Lock feature is the keypad which does lock and unlock it. Just fine.

As for that zinc core I mentioned earlier: let’s see what it takes to pick it open, I’m going to use the appropriate SC1 lychee tool. I, of course sell them over on covertinstruments.com, going to extend the tensioning lever and we’ll start on, pin number one that one is binding, got a nice click out of one. Nothing on two three is binding: nice click there. Nothing on four five is binding click there and we just dropped into a false set.

That means we definitely have a security pin, but it’s not in slot one, not in two three there we go. Four is binding. I’M going to allow a little counter rotation to set that spool and we got this open now. One other thing you can do with a lychee tool is decode the lock. Let me zoom in on this just a little bit, so you can see what we’re doing, and it looks like three, nine four, five four and let’s take a look at the k 39454.

So with that information I could just cut a new key as well. Okay, folks, obviously that did not take very long, though I will note the presence of security pins in here we encountered one while picking, though I have had this apart and can confirm, there are two spools inside so remember this in the future. Every time I complain about an expensive lock without security pins, if the cheapest Smart, Lock on Amazon has them, then none of the other locks have an excuse. In any case, that’s all I have for you today. If you do have any questions or comments about this, please put them below.

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