An Impossible Perpetual Motion Device?

An Impossible Perpetual Motion Device?! 😳 #Shorts

Impossible Perpetual Motion Device

This is apparently a perpetual motion device. Now perpetual motion device is actually impossible according to the first and second laws of thermodynamics, and it basically states that it is something that can make continuous energy without losing any energy forever until the end of time. Although that would be a great concept, doesn’t actually exist, but if it did exist it would sort of look something like this. I purchased this thing on Etsy. It took me a few months to arrive.

I know a lot of people. Who’ve ordered some of these online and just basically got ripped out of their money uh. You can actually add multiple beads as long as the beads don’t fall at the same time. But how bizarre is that to look at it feels it definitely feels unnatural, like this. Video and subscribe for more cool things.

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