Attempting to solve a vintage murder mystery jigsaw puzzle (with my sister!)

Attempting to solve a vintage murder mystery jigsaw puzzle (with my sister!)

Attempting to solve a vintage murder mystery jigsaw puzzle

Hi everybody welcome back to karen puzzles with my special guest katie puzzles. My sister katie is here visiting me and, of course, we had to film another puzzle, video together, so the puzzle we’re doing today is called a puzzle most murderous. This is a mystery puzzle from springbok from the 80s so to get into character. I thought it might help if we cosplayed some of the characters on the front of this box. So, as you can see, i am this man right here, looking very rooting and suspicious – and i am this lady over here – who looks kind of confident about what’s going on – she’s – probably the murderer.

So there is a story to this puzzle and it is right here. It is three pages long, so i’m not going to read you the whole thing. What i’ve done instead is. I have already summarized the story and took notes like the detective that i am so so i’m gon na tell katie the story because she has not read it yet. So essentially, this is the scene of what’s happening, so everybody is in the den um.

This man in front is dead, but nobody’s crying, which is very suspicious okay, so this man’s name is david marlow. He is a best-selling author also, he had had his den sound proofed because he could not have any distractions while he was writing which is very convenient for a murder okay. So there are a bunch of things on the desk: i’m not going to go through the whole list, but there is a typewriter and there’s blood on the roller suspicious and near his hand, is the very last thing he had written, which is 3 s, o n 3, sun. Alright, are you ready to hear all of our suspects ready this lady right? Here?

You are sarah marlow. You are david’s. Sixth, wife. Oh all right! You also had gone downstairs at 2 30 in the morning and had heard people moving around thought.

It was a burglar, even though the house was locked up tight, just a little suspicious, she’s being placed near the murder at the time when it probably happened. I just needed a snack, well we’ll get to that. Somebody else needed a snack, oh well! You can’t get a snack, somebody else was getting a snack oops. So here’s your motive.

She had been seeing a lawyer about a divorce. They had only been married for three years. She had three sons, which are these three men. They were only her sons, not his sons. Okay, they were all adults who had recently lost their jobs and moved into his house.

So second motive, if he’s dead, you get the house and your three sons can just continue living there for free, so pretty good motive. Right seems solid, okay, next suspect, vern draper. His motive is that um david, the author, was always making fun of his weight and they had had a fight the day before about his weight. Although he says fighting with david was not unusual, but it is suspicious all right. Son number two, that’s this man!

So that’s! That’S me. I am frank draper his only motive. The only thing we know about him is that david would make fun of his ears. So is that a reason to kill someone a little bit?

I wonder what the casting looked like, where they were like. We need a man with very prominent ears, all right, son number, three howard draper, so his um alibi is that at 2 30 a.m. He went down to the kitchen for a snack um, which is the same time that vern and roy, who will get too soon were in the bathrooms. His motive is that david called him bigfoot because he wore size 13 shoes.

This guy doesn’t seem very nice. No but doesn’t mean that he was deserved to be murdered in his own den okay. The next suspect mrs nessen smith. She is the housekeeper. She doesn’t suspect the sons, although she says that roy who, we’ll get to in a second, was always picking fights with david and okay final suspect, roy triphali trifili truffley.

He was a longtime friend of david’s, also a writer. They were kind of rivals. David was more successful than him and also okay. So remember how david had written the three son, you would think that’s referring to the three sons, but treffilly is the translation of three sun into latin sure, so very suspicious wait. So this guy’s just a friend.

Why is he there in the middle of the night he was staying over okay sure, so that’s everything you ready to solve the murder. So here’s how this works. This is a 500 piece puzzle. Um. You can see that it is the springbok quality.

We have the green cardboard on the back the really thick pieces, the sort of random cut puzzle. It looks just like every other springbok puzzle that i’ve done on this channel. So we do not know what the image looks like. The image is entirely different from. What’S on the front of the box, i will admit that i have a vague idea of what it looks like just because when i was buying this on ebay, they did have a picture of the finished puzzle.

But i tried not to look too carefully so that i wouldn’t cheat and i have no idea what we’re making so, let’s go ahead and dump out all of the pieces and then we’ll start doing the jigsaw puzzle: [, Music, ] katie. When is the last time that we worked on a jigsaw puzzle together, um a very very long time ago for sure the last time i specifically remember was when we were single digit age when on new year’s eve, it was still very exciting to stay up until Midnight we had these little kitten and puppy puzzles. We did, i remember doing those together to be honest. Um these days i go to bed at like 10 p.m, so it is still very exciting for me to stay up until midnight, not starting with the edge.

Well, since it’s a springbok puzzle, they have a lot of false edges and little tiny edges. So since we have a pretty distinct picture, i think in this case it might actually be easier to just start with the most distinct textures. Can you hand me all the yellow pieces i can’t reach over there, trade [, Music, ] yay. My first two pieces are correct. That means we’ll have good luck for the rest of the puzzle, excellent.

Hopefully that means we solve the mystery [ Music ], all right. We have a yellow legal pad with some writing on it. We’Ll take a closer look at that. Once we start solving the mystery [ Music ], making great progress. Well, you took the easy parts so katie.

Do you think that we’re going to solve this mystery? I really hope so growing up murder. She wrote was one of my favorite tv shows because that’s a perfectly normal show for a child to enjoy okay, nobody doesn’t love a good angela, lance lansbury. I used to watch an episode reruns every day when i came home from middle school in high school. Meanwhile, i was watching crafters coast to coast on hgtv a little different.

It still informed my future profession, [, Music ]. Oh, i just put together three sun. What could it mean? I definitely don’t think it means that the three sons did it, because that would be way too easy: [, Music, ], [, Music ], all right, so we’re almost done katie. What have you thought of your first spring, like vintage, springbok puzzle?

I am not used to this puzzle cut. There are some very strange pieces that i just don’t have the instincts for how they should fit in yeah. You definitely get a better sense for it after you’ve done a couple of these. Oh, my god, we’re almost done ready. Do you want to do the last piece yeah?

I do the last piece, literally all the time we did it that wasn’t so hard that wasn’t too bad. That was actually very easy: [, Music ] all right. So this is your official spoiler warning, so here’s what i’m gon na do down in the description i’m going to have a scan of the puzzle book as well as a high quality photo of the puzzle itself. So if you want to play along, you can pause here, read the story, try to solve the mystery and we will be back to see if we can solve the mystery, [, Music, ], all right. So before we solve the murder.

I have been telling katie for like the last week that i had a surprise related to this video, which i’m very nervous about, so i thought that it would be fun and it would help us get into character if we both wore detective hats and detective costumes. We’Re detectives now all right governor who do, we think, murdered this old man. I don’t think this is british. If it’s cheerio are those all the british things you know, okay for real this time. Let’S look closely.

What do we see? Okay, so this is the book he’s been working on. Okay, we know what date it is. It is either saturday the 13th or sunday, the 14th it’s valentine’s day. Wait.

Let’S see, i made a list of everything, that’s on the desk and there’s a watch stopped at 7 35, which is interesting because we are led to believe that he died at 2 30 in the morning. This is the paper that he grabbed to write three sun. Then they have the typewriter and that little red spot is blood pressure. There’S a pencil and a pen, two pens and a compass wait. No, that’s part of the touch part of the typewriter.

No compass do we know if he’s right or left-handed, that’s what i was just thinking, because at the end of the story they give us a hint hint point of view is literally everything whose point of view should you take we’re looking at it as if we’re Him, but if we turn it around, i think i know who did it really already yeah already. Yes, wait hang on, i might know too wait. I went wait, oh wait. I think i might know, should we say it on three one, two wait. Actually, i have a better idea: what if we each wrote it down and then we can compare okay, ready, let’s put them down and then look at each other’s at the same time.

Okay, okay, go! Oh wait! It’S different, so you wrote frank because david would make fun of his nose as well as his ears. I wrote mrs nesensmith turned three son upside down to get nose and if you look at the box she has a very distinct nose, but maybe you’re supposed to go more from the story than the picture. I mean they, oh, like you could say he has a weird nose.

He’S got a weird nose wait. Where does it say that he made fun of his nose? It doesn’t. That’S me extrapolating. Oh, oh, i thought you meant.

You got it from the story. Okay, i’ve changed my mind. I think karen is actually right, because we know that he called vern had the nickname, lard frank had the nickname ears howard had the nickname, bigfoot and then mrs nesensmith cuts off the detective. When he’s asking about nicknames – and she says that the nicknames are not important, so you think he called her like big nose or something something like that, because the woman they cast to play her has a very distinct nose. Oh and then next he says neither do.

I i’m just nosy: could that be a hint so perspective is everything let’s physically turn it around and see if we notice anything else, nose, tiss, anything else? No here you can use your magnifying glass like the detectives that we are. That doesn’t really help. I wonder if you need to know things about typewriters to solve this. I hope not remember when i did that murder.

She wrote puzzle and i didn’t know that it was like how to use a food processor. I mean that’s all that i’m seeing, i think we’re both right. That you’re meant to turn three sun into nose. Is that it is that our guess all right? Let’S read the answer.

Oh wow, it’s two pages of an answer. Oh, he has a writing callus on the middle finger of his left hand. Is that that who would ever see that it just looks, like his hand, is like angled a little funny, which would mean, of course, that he’s left-handed. So we did not know that before ooh ooh, okay, it means that we’ve all been assuming david marlow was sitting right where he is in that chair when he wrote that note, but he wasn’t, he was shot while standing in front of the desk after he fell. The murderer left the room in a hurry thinking.

He was dead, but marlowe managed to pull himself up and write down a clue. Then he worked his way around the side of the desk stopped here long enough to bleed on his prized possession typewriter. Okay. So that’s how we know he must have moved because there’s no way for the blood to get from him to the typewriter unless he was physically like leaning over it. I mean blood.

Splatter is a thing, but if he was shot in the chest yeah it would go backwards that way he wouldn’t go ahead in front of him from here. He went to his chair. Perhaps having been shot in the chest, he could breathe better sitting up, or perhaps he thought he could roll himself to the door. This chair, how are we supposed to know? The chair has rolls on it.

In any case, he named his murderer before he died not from that side of the desk, but from here right about where i’m standing in front of the desk and do you know how he named his murderer? Vern? No, how about you howard frank? How would we know howard asked defensively why? Because of marlow’s penchant for nicknames?

What’S three sun, a nickname for frank, asked three sun isn’t a nickname at all, but nose is we got it? He didn’t write three sun, he wrote knows. Isn’T that right, mrs nessensmith, you have the right to remain. Oh, what’s the use it’ll all come out anyway, he deserved. It called me nose until i thought i’d go out of my mind.

Clean up nose, don’t go poking into my desk nose. Air is free nose. What this guy sounds really mean see. I always wanted to write been working on a novel of my own for 10 years. Finally, one day, i got up enough courage to ask him to look at it.

He laughed at me but said: he’d read it and did he oh yeah laughed even harder said he’d done better with a crayon when he was in kindergarten, stick to scrubbing floor’s nose. He said: stick to writing your name in the dust on the furniture nose. He kept taunting me and taunting me and taunting me. There were flames flames on the side of my face that part’s not in here, but i think that’s about where she was going. So.

Finally, you my temper isn’t that bad. It was that book of his there on the desk. I was cleaning in here yesterday afternoon and i thought i’d have a little peek at it. Well, it wasn’t his book. He was gon na, take mine rewritten.

He stole the plot and most of the characters and he was going to take all the credit. This guy is the worst. What is wrong with him? I came down here last night, while everyone was asleep and i confronted him with it. He just laughed at me, of course, i said.

No one would believe me if i ran around saying the great david marlow was stealing his material from a housekeeper, oh well, in the 80s i mean there, although, if she has her own handwritten, first draft you’d think she could use that to prove that she came Up with it, i was only going to scare him with that gun. I didn’t even think it was loaded, but things got out of hand. He went for me said my nose was bigger than that little peashooter, oh, my god. I got mad and scared and the next thing i knew he was stretched out on the floor in front of the desk. I got out fast and that’s all i said nothing.

There was really nothing more to say. I couldn’t help thinking, though, that in this business it pays to have a nose for clues wow. Okay, we did it, we solved it, so maybe he’s using the thesaurus to change some words from her original story. Maybe he plagiarized all his books and maybe now that he’s dead, that’s finally gon na come out and all of the women that he stole from will just get to split up his entire fortune. Great that’s my head cannon, [, Music, ]!

Well, that was fun. This one is interesting because there’s really only i guess there are a couple clues, there’s like one main clue. The blood thing is like a little bit of a clue, but in the murder she wrote one. There were like six different clues that all kind of got you to the same end solution, whereas in this one it’s much more straightforward, i feel like nose is the only really direct clue, because you have to come up with a lot of things to get that He was on the other side of the desk and that itty-bitty bump is a callous, and so he wrote with that hand and then he moved around the desk and he bled on the typewriter. That’S a lot to fill in and that, since he was like gasping for breath, he thought sitting on a rolling chair.

He could get to the door faster. There’S, no way that you could figure that out from what we were given yeah. Also, the fact that you really do use the image i mean they had to cast all of these people based on the characteristics they gave them in the story, and they really did like position her. So her nose was very prominent. Well, i think that was very fun getting to do a jigsaw puzzle together for the first time in a very long time, so springbok actually made five of these murder mystery puzzles.

So let us know if you want to see us attempt some of the others or some of the other murders she wrote. Murder mystery puzzles. So let us know in the comments, if you pause the video and if you manage to solve it yourself, i’m actually thinking. I think the hand was too much of a hint. I think it would have been better if they didn’t give us that hint if you had to rotate it yourself without being told to think about the point of view.

That was a little too much made it too easy anyway, if you want to see more videos with katie um, the last video that we did together was the puzz 3d, where we made those puzz 3d lamps, and this puzzle was definitely easier than those fuzz 3ds. We kind of struggled on that. So do you want to give everyone the code word for if they watched all the way to the end of the video, let’s go with detective. We are detectives, we’ll solve any crime by dinner time. Remember what that’s from no!

It’S from the mary kaden ashley detective series, the adventures of mary, kate and ashley. I used to watch that on tv at 6, 00 a.m before school, because that’s when it aired well that’ll, be it from us. Thank you for watching, happy puzzling and we will see you all in the next one bye. Everyone

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