Attempting to Solve The MIGHTIEST Puzzle Box!! Excalibur – LEVEL 10

Attempting to Solve The MIGHTIEST Puzzle Box!! Excalibur - LEVEL 10

Attempting to Solve The MIGHTIEST Puzzle Box!! Excalibur – LEVEL 10

Foreign yo, what’s up guys and welcome back today, a very, very unique puzzle has come my way. This puzzle is known as Excalibur now, not the old Excalibur that we once solved, not the one after that, but a brand new one made by uh, Philip black. I found this on Etsy. It ran pretty much over a grand which is a lot, especially for a 3D printed puzzle. Now.


The last time, I think we paid a thousand dollars for a 3D printed puzzle was the train puzzle and a lot of you thought that was overpriced. Uh, so we’ll see about this, Philip is known for making really ingenious puzzle boxes, but the bar is very high. Hopefully we can exceed that with this puzzle today. Also quick, note October 16th, 18th, I will be hosting a cardcon convention for playing card lovers. Like myself, you guys want to check it out, it’s in Irvine california CardCon.


om for details without any further Ado. Ladies and gentlemen, like this video subscribe and let’s start solving Excalibur all right here, we go I’m gon. Na be frank: this isn’t the prettiest puzzle. I’Ve ever seen one before. This is by far perhaps one of one of the ugliest but um.


It looks like a lot of fun, so don’t judge a puzzle by what it looks like it looks like it was painstakingly made. I’m just not sure about the gr like this green could have been gray, and I would have not said a word, so the goal here is to find the Knight to find Excalibur and get him out of here. This is supposed to be water. This texture is actually pretty cool. You can kind of see through it says Excalibur, it does actually look like water.


So the first thing I noticed when I held this for the first time is. I went like this and I was like what look at this. You got multiple different uh different ways to go around the puzzle, which is cool. I mean it’s got so many things going on here. Let’S take a look at the back side here, um.


Basically, I lost the instructions for this, but the instructions were pretty clear. There’S no banging, no spinning or hitting and every tool that you find here’s a tool right here, um every tool I mean works for something everything fits everywhere. No Force required this button here. Oh looks like another small tool with some Arrow Arrow arrow and we’ve got this as well. Oh we’ve got more words all right.


Let’S see, let’s have a look around to see what else just kind of pops out here. A lot of things to look at and a lot of things to play with snobs don’t turn out. Of course. Doesn’T open ah got another one here all right, so we’ve got some type of Cipher. What looks to be maybe a puzzle, an individual puzzle. I like that, that’s cool.


I like the idea of incorporating a jigsaw puzzle into this. Let’S see if we can find any more of these little hidden compartments here, there’s this at the top. It doesn’t seem to want to move anywhere, lots of tiny Secrets – another one here – oh my God, this one’s a long one we just keep finding these. I don’t see any more all right, so, let’s try to figure out what we got here before we move on. We’ve got all of this and what the heck is that number one.

You turn this way many times. Four number two, this way times three. So this is almost like. Maybe a combination lock in here or is it this one? Okay, I’m guessing.


This has to be some type of puzzle piece we put together that looks like it might fit here. One two three just like that. Maybe this looks good right, so one two three four five and then I’m guessing either this or this probably this all right, we’re missing a few uh new letters. Perhaps those will come later, but for now we have this. What is this you might ask?


Well, I have no idea, I’m just gonna move things around. Okay, there’s this button here. This button seems to push on the door and I think that’s what’s going to open the door eventually, so we’ll stop pressing on that button for now. There’s this giant Gap here that just doesn’t know what the letters and numbers mean right now. Oh, this thing does turn, but how do I know? What’S the top? Oh wait.


It unscrews. We have our first tool uh, and I think this looks like. Oh, maybe here, oh that’s stuck now. Okay, that is now the start of hope that goes there we’ll try turning it. Four times this way almost opens foreign have to go there.


It’S not meant for this okay, so the arrows are just hard to see where I’m turning. Oh, this arrow goes in here boom like that. Okay, now we’re at the top. So this is the top. It’s hard to see where the arrow is. Okay, we’ve given a little Mark here, a little marking, so now we know it says five times this way, four times this way three times this way two times this way then open.


Oh okay, so we know that that has to go in there. Maybe there’s something else I have to do while turning this, you think there’s so many moving Parts in here in here is the piece that we need guaranteed. Oh felt a small resistance here, there’s like a clicking on the inside, so I know that something’s happening here, hmm, okay. How is this supposed to be red? Am I supposed to ignore this one?


Even if I did that, I tried both, because I don’t know where the starting zero point is so, let’s say we’re at zero. Okay, we’re gonna go all right now we’re at zero. We’Re gonna go one to three four one, two three one two and then open found this on the other side, so this here being one two three and four, this goes there. This goes there. This goes here and from what I can tell this would end up going here now that doesn’t really help us right now.


It gives us some type of Cipher. I mean we can put this underneath if we kind of like this now that Cipher doesn’t really help us right now, it’s good to know right now. I think this is the only thing that can help us. I think I guess to reset. Is this five and I put a little dot here, so I know where the arrow is two and it should open this way and yet nothing.


It’S puzzles like these. That is a little bit frustrating because I’m never sure whether it is a mistake in the manufacturing or if it’s my mistake and there’s no real way of knowing uh and then I’m just kind of stuck here. I have to keep trying the same thing over and over and over, because nothing else is really available to move nothing, nothing moves. There is a small grade button on the inside of this, however, but it doesn’t seem to do anything so I’m just kind of at the mercy of doing this for the rest of time. I guess that’s really frustrating really don’t like that at all one.


Two five one, four three all right. Well, after an hour playing around with us, we’re going to have a look, and it’s not something I enjoy doing, definitely not something I enjoy doing, but I do feel like this. Isn’T my fault? Okay, we’ve got it open. We found the culprit a broken elastic.


Now. How does this have a look in there? Oh, I see this is really a really clever mechanism, though, if you take a look, there are multiple Rings. There are what looks like three rings and they’re arranged in a sort of way where you have to line them up perfectly using I’m guessing this diagram here once that’s lined up. I guess the elastic was bound from here to here and it would cause pressure for this to go this way.


So when that’s there, let’s see what happens with the lineup in there um, because all the holes would have been lined up properly and then that would have happened. So I mean that’s a real bummer on the bright side. We don’t have to do that. Part of the puzzle anymore, so what we’re going to do is I’m going to put everything back minus the elastic, so that then opens this. Releasing is he out?


He is out. Oh there, he goes okay, that is pretty cool. That is pretty cool, so this guy’s got a little journey to make here. I’m guessing: where does he go? There’S he’s kind of a dead end here these pieces could shift.


Maybe is that a legal move? Can I do that this uh part of the maze has to shift this way? I’m guessing. I need some type of key. Is this my key?


Okay? Well, we’re not going to force that part, but he does look at him. He’S got an angry little Grimace on his face uh, so that has to move okay. I think we need a part that goes here. It allows us, maybe a small key of some sort.


I don’t think this is the key. He specifically said every piece: uh should fit properly where it’s supposed to go, It’s gotta, be it’s got to be this here. Okay, you wait in there for now and we’re gonna try and figure this out and there’s this, and this is this should slide. What key are we given? These are all too small and I don’t want to break them.


There’S looks like another key here of some sort, so it’s not going to be not going to be this, I’m guessing um. Is it on our night? Is it on Lance a lot here? Oh there we go. Maybe this is my key.


Ah, maybe flies are back on here. Yes, precisely a key that we were missing, which we now have to enter here. This is actually really a really cool part. Okay, maybe this way even the key has a uh springed compartment in there. It doesn’t seem like it wants to turn uh okay.


Well, we know that that goes in there. I mean it has to fit all the way, nice and snug this key fits elsewhere. Maybe here oh, why would that not turn right now? Is it being blocked by something else? Is it being blocked by whatever’s in here? The key goes in here, but it doesn’t and there’s a spring here, but it doesn’t turn. Oh there’s a magnet in here that I put on my watch.


We have a magnet. What does that mean? Aha, we have at last, that’s really clever, actually freed the night off for a joyride. Okay, we are at a Crossroads. Now either we go right which brings us into The Nether or we go left all right.


I’Ve just been sent the instructions uh find and free. The night enables him to draw Excalibur from the pool, helping him to escape the kingdom. Well, it’s murky deep over here, so I’m gonna avoid that for now and see. If I can go well, there’s no way he can go here. Okay right not yet anyways, okay, so he has to go this way into nope.


Sorry, that’s where it came from this way here into the murky deep. Here we go we’ll see on the other side, buddy arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times and he’s gone. Oh, he came out the other side. That’S like an actual magic trick. That’S pretty cool all right!


This way. Now we can either go here, which brings us to here um that is blocked. There’S this uh there’s a small lip there that prevents him from going that way and there are arrows pointing this way, so we’re going to try to take another route on your horse. Here and we’ll go this okay, that’s where we came from, I mean unless I go this way, see it’s stuck there as well. This sweet nope stuck there as well.


There was a small gray button on the inside. What does that mean? It’s got to have something to do with one of these arrows, okay, okay, that is where he came from can’t go. They can’t go there. How bizarre?


I thought for sure, by pressing this little gray button on the inside, which you can’t see that it would drop down one of these arrows. It is not the case and we’re still left with this Cipher here, which I don’t know uh what that is for okay. What if he just goes back in here and this, I could eventually push back if I needed to foreign there we go abroad so that I could go back there because eventually, I’m pretty sure we’d have to overcome that route. So for now we’re back. On the other side, if we go here, uh there’s only one way we can go that is in the beginning, and it is here, however, over here there’s nothing.


I think he does have a little magnet right there, and maybe that is something to do with something, but there’s just no getting him to the next point, so that is an absolute dead end. That is an absolute dead end. We have to go down here and he lost his helmet. I’m just gonna keep the helmet off because it seems to be a nuisance more than anything unless it’s a tool unless his whole helmet is a tool. I’D be very surprised if that was the case.


Pleasantly so, but it’s still surprising nonetheless, the only thing is I could probably use one of these to push this down, and I can if that is allowed. Is that what he means, because in the instructions it clearly says no tools to be used, only those which the Box provides? You can cheat by using the tools to poke things, but honestly everything operates using something clearly designed for that, so dot dot dot. If it doesn’t look like it’s supposed to go in a particular hole, it isn’t all right. What do you guys think I mean I clearly there is an easy way to get in there, but we’re not going to do that.


Are we not we’re? Now we’ve already opened this bad boy up once and we’re not going to do that again. Also, these things leaving here leads me to believe that this comes off somehow how that comes off. I do not yet know, but there is a seam here and there is a seam here, so you can’t go anywhere. Oh duh, I’m gonna go here and then haha he’s made it to the other side.


Okay, so from here there’s this whatever this little square here is. Ah what is this? Oh, my God! Oh my goodness, it’s got a ring. We’ve got a ring and we’ve got all these tools.


Okay, we’ll get to that in a second. So many things to discover right now, including this ring, which I guess goes here. It doesn’t really do anything yet uh and then we got this, which I don’t think we need right now if we go here, brings us here. What’S this? Oh, my God, there’s a button.


Oh what the hell – oh cool! Oh my goodness! Oh my God is this. This is this Excalibur here. What is happening?


This is crazy. Okay, wait. We’ve got another place here to go to. Maybe we gotta press down here. Okay, hold on now foreign s, I’m sure it has to do with this.


This looks like it fits in there, it’s a small square that goes in there. Aha, it’s a crank. What is that doing? What is that doing? Looks like it’s affecting this somehow this little house here – oh watch, the house, it rises.


Are you kidding me? This is crazy. This is actually a really insane puzzle. Okay, oh and then his boat comes. He has to get into the boat.


No way seems to be stuck right there. Well, let’s see where he ends up now cause now I can go here and bring him around here onto the boat. You go okay, we’re gonna put him on the boat. Come on, come on buddy on the boat. You go okay.


So now, where do we find ourselves? The boat? Let’S go this way. This is crazy. Stay on the boat.


You uh back on the boat. All right, oh, I gotta go the other side, I’m gonna go this way, and now, if I go here, no that brings us there. We don’t want to go there. What about here? Where does that bring us?


Ah looks like it brings us into another button and goes here and now it looks like we’re missing some type of key that goes in here. Okay, I don’t want to go around there, because then I have to go all the way back. Okay! Well, that doesn’t work, and if I were to bring him here that as well needs to turn so I’m guessing, he has to be here and I need whatever tool is required for this. This is my next move here, man.


This is crazy. The amount of work that went into this is pretty insane Philip black. You are a Madman. Okay, putting this back together is going to be a nightmare. Won’T worry about that right now.


I need a key for this and he has to make his way here. Eventually, that’s where the boat goes. How do I get there here and here? Ah, okay, so hold on, maybe get back on the boat? Oh, no, I’m stuck!


Oh God enough to go all the way around. I gotta go all the way around all right back in the cave you go he’s out. I gotta go back here, uh, oh man, that is a journey and a half once he gets on Shore. It’S quite a task. Okay, um back here.


I need the key again back on the other side back here, um, okay, I have to take this road now I have to take this one: go here: drop myself off on this side turn it once again drop here now come on this side, and now I Need my boat get over here: boat. Okay, slide! Your butt on the boat goes down here, foreign. All the way here oops fell over the edge all the way here. Wait, that’s just the same place like oh no!


I can go here. Okay, so get back on the boat. Sorry go this way turn here up here, oh around here and now the boat lands here – and I guess I press down. Oh that almost took my eye out. Ladies and gentlemen, Excalibur we’ve freed Excalibur, okay.


Now that that’s done, I’m guessing we have to go to Place Excalibur in that Keyhole, which is here, which means we have to go here on the second entrance, so we’re gonna go to the beginning. I have to turn around. I wish there was a little magnet here that would just stick his butt in there. Okay, there uh and it’s this one I want to get out at I want to get out here. Go here: okay, Excalibur!


There are two things I have to press here. There’S this guy and there’s this guy, but neither of these things do anything other than like they’re, both spring-loaded huh. There we go it turns, and what did that do? Did that turn? Yes, it turned the other side: okay, okay, we’re getting somewhere all right.


We’Ve made our way around again because we have to start over and we are back here now he gets off here. Oh, ladies and gentlemen, our treasure for solving Excalibur, my oh, my okay! First of all, I take back what I said. This is not the ugliest puzzle; this is grass. This is water.


It makes complete sense to me now. Secondly, I am still a bit bitter that this happened. That being said, if this can be fixed, this puzzle is insane. I mean what a journey this guy is on. I mean, for all intents and purposes, Philip, you are a genius.


This is completely ludicrous. How you’ve managed to put all of these puzzles into one small, coherent box. The one thing we didn’t figure out is this: what is this eight of 99 8 of 99? But what are the letters and numbers for? What was all this for?


Ah, are we looking for the word Arthur, a r which is nine t, h was, which is three nine three you are, which is seven. Nine three seven spells Arthur 937. I don’t know where that 937 has to go and I’ve given it. My all uh. Let me know if you guys have any ideas about what to do with this Cipher 937 Arthur, not sure what to make of it.


Um yeah thanks for watching my final thoughts coming up. Well, hot dang. There you go there, you have it look at this. This is Excalibur. Look at that.


I still don’t know what the uh code is for that eluded me. Maybe you guys can help me out with that and maybe I’ll reach out to Philip myself and ask him about it. I thought that it was very intriguing that it never came up, so it did leave me a little confused. Final thoughts are yeah. When that first part broke, I felt terrible uh. I felt terrible having to pry this puzzle open, especially with the price tag that you’re.


Given it’s not it’s not a good time, however, once that part was uncovered and we started moving forward, this puzzle quickly became one of my favorites. I mean everything from the crank mechanism lifting up that boat house to the key being used to the ring uh to things flying out, such as the sword or the coin. At the end, so many amazing surprises and what an incredible tiny little journey this man had to I mean I can’t even imagine the work that goes into this. So for those of you thinking, it’s still not worth the price I paid for it. I beg to differ, I think a lot more work goes into this than you or I could ever do to fit all that into a nice neatly packed puzzle, that’s this size and having so many things going on is a true, true feat of Brilliance.


So I commend you on that, Philip black, only 99 of these ever made. If you want to check it out on Etsy, I left the link below but yeah. Those are my final thoughts. Hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did would appreciate, if you left a like And subscribe, consider subscribing if you want to see more of this content, we’ll see on the next video peace, foreign


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