Bamboo Soccer Ball

Bamboo Soccer Ball #shorts

Bamboo Soccer Ball

You’Ve probably seen this before, it’s actually a puzzle, and today I show you how to disassemble and reassemble it, because if you take this puzzle in your hands and you try to pull it apart, it’s actually doing pretty much nothing. The trick is, you need to look out for three pieces being joined together, and this is the case.

Basically, here these three pieces, you need to grab on the exact opposite, there’s the same pattern of these three pieces and in this condition you can tear this puzzle apart and it falls apart into its six pieces to reassemble it. I need to bring those pieces in a very specific pattern and then join the pieces back together. Why is this puzzle actually called a coordinated motion puzzle?

The pattern looks like this and with the other three pieces, I will build the exact opposite and basically this is what we need, because if you have two opposite pieces, we can join them back together and get them in the initial stable position.


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