Can I finally conquer the Krypt Puzzle?

Can I finally conquer the Krypt Puzzle?

Can I finally conquer the Krypt Puzzle?

Big news for puzzle enthusiasts, especially those who collect solid-colored puzzles! Ravensburger has launched a new tool allowing you to create a custom Krypt puzzle in any color you desire. The Krypt series from Ravensburger is known for its solid-colored puzzles with unique cuts designed specifically for the line. Previously, these puzzles were only available in black, silver, gold, and a few other colors. Now, you can get a Krypt puzzle in your favorite color, one that matches your apartment, or even one in the colors of your favorite sports team.

A huge thank you to Ravensburger for sponsoring this video and giving me a reason to revisit the Krypt puzzles. Four years ago, I solved my first Krypt puzzle, a solid-colored puzzle, and let’s just say the experience wasn’t particularly enjoyable. Fast forward to today, I’ve completed many solid-colored puzzles since then, and I’m curious to see if my opinion has changed.

Before diving into the custom Krypt puzzle, I decided to warm up with an entirely different puzzle: the Gradient Krypt puzzle. With its unique piece cut and distinct color differences, I quickly made my way through the puzzle, completing it in one hour, 25 minutes, and 25 seconds. However, I knew that the solid-colored version wouldn’t be as fast.

Two months ago, I solved the orange Krypt puzzle, which took me eight hours and 40 minutes. To make things harder, I didn’t use a guide this time, relying solely on piece shapes. Comparatively, my first silver Krypt puzzle took me five hours, but that included using the guide halfway through. Oh, how my standards have changed!

Now, I’m taking on the pink Krypt puzzle, hoping to beat my eight-hour time. I’ve developed some strategies and managed to complete the easiest part of the puzzle quickly. As I progress, I’m finding myself entering a trance-like state, engrossed in the puzzle-solving process. It’s a stark contrast to my first Krypt puzzle experience.

Throughout the puzzle-solving process, I’ve been working on the larger pieces around the edges and corners. A little secret: I have the gradient puzzle nearby, so I can glance back and forth if I get stuck. However, I haven’t had to rely on it much, as I’ve been solving the puzzle almost entirely based on shape.

As I continue my journey with the pink Krypt puzzle, I’m discovering that my experience and strategies have improved since my first attempt. Whether or not I can beat my previous time remains to be seen. Regardless, the world of Krypt puzzles offers a unique and challenging experience for puzzle enthusiasts who are up for the test.


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