Can You FREE Houdini?!

Can You FREE Houdini?! 😱 #Shorts

Can You FREE Houdini?!

This is the Houdini water torture cell puzzle, one of my favorite puzzles, as you can see little Houdini’s trapped there upside down in this water chamber. We have to free him step one. You can remove the base and step two unscrew. This tiny little screw here now. You’Ll notice that the base is actually magnetic.

The next step is to remove the screw from this black tube, and once that’s done, you want to take this and screw it in right about there using the magnet you’re going to be able to position the ball. Bearing onto the head of Houdini there’s a small little gap on his head, it should sit atop his head just like that, and once it’s sat there, all you have to do screw and lo and behold the bottom can be extracted. Freeing Mr Houdini, like this video And subscribe for more cool stuff


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