Card Through Glass!! #Shorts

Card Through Glass!! #Shorts

Card Through Glass!

I’m gonna riffle through the cards, and I want you to remember one card, but not this one ready got it. I want you to remember that card. Follow me see this frame on the wall, this old frame on the count of three watch that frame one. Two three look at this: that is in there that is in there. If you guys enjoyed that and want to see more I’ll, be emceeing.

The very first card con hosted by United States playing card company from October 16th to 18th, I’m extremely honored to be the MC, and I can’t wait to see you guys there. Special guests will include Richard Turner, Akaterina Chris Brown, not the singer. The card guy Rick Smith Jr, will also be attempting to break two Guinness World Records. So if you’re into Cardistry magic, gambling demonstrations or even just collecting playing cards, you do not want to miss this card con. The very first one we’ll see you there.



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