Corrosion Board Game Playthrough Express and Review

Corrosion Board Game

Hey welcome to how it plays I’m your host, Anthony and I’m Francis, and today we are playing corrosion before we jump in, though, take us to the primer, all right corrosion players are rivaling factory owners competing to build the most resilient widget machines. Players. Will score points and gain resources by building short-term machines, but these cheap metal machines and resources quickly corrode away due to the factory’s reliance on steam. Players ideally want to build chrome machines which provide passive benefits that last much longer, but they come at a much higher price. Central to the game is the player’s factory, this tableau of sorts dictates, which section is active and therefore, which machines will run, which resources will corrode away and which engineers will return.


To the player’s hand, each turn the player can either play a card or turn their corrosion wheel, activating section x. If a player plays an engineer, the engineer is placed into the section corresponding with their value and the benefit is taken. The engineers are crafted in a way that higher powered engineer actions effectively make you wait longer to retrieve them, as you must complete several turns of the corrosion wheel to return them to your hand. After the player takes the engineer action. All other players have the chance to copy that action by discarding an engineer of the same suit in a higher level, the main resources in the game are steam and gears can be small, medium or chrome.


Small and medium gears are placed in section 3 for storage and, if you haven’t used them by the time the corrosion wheels’ x arrives, they corrode away and are lost forever. Chrome gears last forever, but are much harder to obtain. Most machines will require a combination of gears, but some machines require steam and engineers as well. Steam is housed in your boiler and is not easy to obtain. When you spend steam, you don’t lose it, but the water token does fall to the cold bottom of your boiler.


Until you generate steam again, players will earn points primarily by building chrome machines and also by meeting the requirements of endgame award. Tokens. Point markers can also be earned throughout the game as a benefit of some machines and engineering and special point. Tokens are available to earn as players, build chrome machines and rotate their corrosion wheel, a full cycle. These special point tokens are limited and also serve as the game’s timer, whose factory will stand the test of time find out now, as we show you how it plays all right now that you understand corrosion and how this, how this beast of a game plays yeah.


We’re going to jump right into it so corrosion, we are factory owners, as you know, building machines. Yes, in a time where metal just rots away, yeah we’re using steam right so steam and metal don’t get along yeah. So it’s like steam punky right, so we’re steampunk, factory worker uh owners, and we have a bunch of engineers that we’ve got starting engineers we’re going to be able to hire some qualified engineers, because I guess these are unqualified: they’re, disqualified engineers, yeah so uh and Then we’ll be able to you know, build all sorts of crazy machines, so take a look at the table, we’ll go over setup, uh, really quick for two players and then we’re going to jump right in and get to it. So each of us has a player board you’re going to notice they’re a little bit different orientation. They typically go like this, but as you can see, this could get unwieldy with what we have to show on camera, so we’re going to keep them like this.


It doesn’t really matter as long as you can get to these corners uh, because that’s where all of our machines are going to be built, as well as on our little factory board. Here we have a dial in the center. Uh starts with the three to the right, so this is uh, it’s more of a timer. If you will um very much so that will turn um and we’ll explain that as we do it uh right now, we each start with one small one, medium gear, as well as one chrome gear. Three green victory points, one steam in the hot tank, two water.


Just waiting to be heated up um, we have our supply of white victory points or special victory point tokens. Those are the timer for end game right when we get down to three of those remaining. That signifies end game and then we’ll go through how that that basically shakes out, we have special uh advanced achievement. Yeah award token sorry award tokens uh that we’re gonna be able to claim during the game at some point. Basically, the only way to really get them is through uh through one of these machines, these one time machines which we’ll go through in a bit but uh.


If we get that pile down to three, that also indicates end game. We have our supply of standard and advanced chrome machines. We have our qualified workers, we have our one time, shot, one shot machines and we have our turning machines. So yes, there’s a lot of a lot of stuff going on here. As I said earlier, we have our starting deck of these starter engineers they’re.


Basically, they are not the same. Yes, there’s four decks so there’s ABCD decks, um and they’re equitable, but not exactly equal, exactly they’re all they’re different, because it really feeds into how you um can play off each other right. So and not every game plays the same way, because if you all have the same things, it’s really going to be stale. So we each have two of each suit and the suits are basically you call them the green, the blue and the orange. And if, if you have trouble with the colors, they do have different shapes at the top of them, so you can identify which ones are which, but they have different values, we’ll go over.


How that works as well. We’re just going to take turns back and forth on our turn. We’re going to have some secondary actions. We can do at different phases, but for the most part, we’re gonna have to do uh an action like the main action phase, which is to play a card and take the action on the card or turn your wheel turn the wheel turn the wheel crank. The dial we’ll show you what that means when we get to it as well, so being that you’re always player one, you can be player one today too, okay, good.


We might as well right yep. Why mess with a good thing? Yes, it seems to work all right, so I will start off by uh playing an engineer. So the way this works is again like Anthony said all of these engineers have numbers on them that correlates with the section where they’re going to be assigned. So she is a sector two worker, so she’s gonna go up here in sector two uh.


Her icon tells me that I can take one of these one-shot machines, which I am going to do. I don’t have to build it right now, but I’m gonna take it and put in my workshop. So I’m gonna go ahead and take this one which will award me two uh chrome, wheels or chrome gears right. These are always gonna go in sector. Three pretty much everything you obtain in this game: resource wise um, with the exception of the chrome gears and your victory points is going to go in sector three and that allows you to kind of like you have to use it before the x gets to sector.


What will become sector three and that’ll make more sense. What happens? Yeah uh. Second thing: that’s going to happen now. I have some other actions that I could take.


I can spend steam to do some other things, but I’m not going to do that. Yet you can actually copy this action, which is taking one of these one-shot machines. So what you take you do refill yeah if you have um and want to play an uh, a higher level, uh higher level card of the same suit. Yes, yes! So if I had say a blue three in my hand, which I don’t I could play a blue three here and copy that action and take another one shot machine for myself – is it worth it?


Maybe not, but usually the threes are the more powerful better cards in my opinion, so I wouldn’t I don’t always like to do that so her turn’s over. Basically, it’s my turn. I have the same choices now I can. I can play a card in my hand, it could be any card, it doesn’t really matter um. So I think what I’m going to start by doing is um yeah.


This is an interesting play. I’M gonna try this. I don’t normally do this, but so I’m playing a three and a three is going to go here and that three is allowing me to recruit an um, a special qualified engineer right now, the trick with the qualified engineers. I can take any one of these three. If I choose to take the four though, or the four plus they’re different cards of the four and four plus variety they’re, the most powerful cards, they have an ex a more um, expensive price tag right normally, I just take the card and I’m good.


It’s right in my hand yeah, so I do have to pay a premium. So what it does cost me is one water, one steam. So I have to do. I have to exhaust one of my steam. I also have to pay a green victory point yes, and that tells you right up here.


Right victory point gets torn in half it’s a cost, but these guys are powerful sign on bonus or something yeah. So that’s! That’s the uh, the price you got to pay sometimes for good help. Okay and I’m not gonna, do anything special. So it’s your turn, excellent, excellent um.


I think I will uh. I think if I want to get a turning machine yet – and I don’t know what I do uh – let’s do this I’ll, just uh play this two and that’s just gonna get me uh. It’s gonna. Allow me to make two steams I’m gonna. Take these two water at the bottom of my boiler and generate two steams, and that was an um.


It was an orange too orange too all right, so I’m going to uh see I have a choice. I can copy that and I think I will so I’m gonna play my four and they go into sector four and you gotta play them upside down. Yes, there’s a reason for that, because the thing has to because sector four typically exhausts everybody, but in this case, because they start in four, it has to go all the way around and get back to them before I get them back and that’s just it’s so You keep trying, you only have to do the fours of the four pluses, so this one is going to let me copy, because it’s a higher number um that action and make two steam, so that was my copy cool. You used your brand new engineer to do that. Why not okay gotta put them to use.


Somehow I guess so. Oh, let’s see these people. Let me take more people these engineers out here. That’s not bad. Maybe I’ll do that so I’ll spend my three.


It’s a blue three in sector three, and I will take um like one of these extra take a person card so I’ll take this one here all right, and that comes right into my hand too. All right, you good all right! So I’m gonna play this three, and this is a take a chrome machine. So I can take any one of these wonderful chrome machines and I’m going to go ahead and take this one on the end and grab the victory point with it. Okay right, so I can, I can choose to place it on the corresponding shape and cover that up.


But I don’t want to do that. I’M going to place it here and that’s what you’re allowed to place them off to the side, because once you build them here, you can’t move them again. Do you want to refresh that yep? So this moves over this moves over this comes down and a point will go here. That’ll happen every time.


Every time we grab a chrome machine, a point goes on to the into the uh offer again. That’s the timer yeah, I’m looking to see what else is out there um. Oh, I like that one, that’s kind of nice. So did you want to copy my three? No, I don’t want to copy that.


Okay should probably just do here’s the catch. I know she doesn’t have any fours, because you don’t start with any fours and she didn’t grab any so I know she can’t even copy my threes. So that’s just something to keep in mind: yeah, yeah, you’re, so smart, all right! I’M gonna play my three as well and take a chrome machine. Two I’m gonna.


Take this one all right. So with chrome machines, that’s the advanced one. These are definitely more powerful but they’re more expensive, more expensive to build and every time you take a chrome machine, you bring a point down exactly and let me think wait. I might go ahead and spend I know, but if you like to do stuff, I’m gonna do this and actually build. I don’t want to do that yet nah.


I guess I’ll just wait. I’M gonna build my one-shot machine. I didn’t think you were gonna do that so, okay, okay, I kind of knew what was coming um all right. That’s I don’t really like any of those. Oh these turning machines, no the even the one-timers!


I know so you get one per! You can pay a steam to ditch to ditch you. Yes, that’s not really so expensive worth it for me, um ooh, I kind of do want a machine, though all right, you know what I’ll take one I’ll. Take it a turning machine. Okay I’ll play two up here and I will take this turning machine and it always goes like we said sector three, there’s a there’s a place for a turning machine, there’s a place for a one-time machine and you can you can build as many as you want.


As far out as you go up and the turning machines once you build them like there’s, no building it, it’s done it’s activated with the one times you have to put it out, and then you actually have to build it. You activate it or whatever and there’s a cost. Yes, great. It’s great. I would like that.


Hmm, okay, I will uh I’ll also play a two turning machine get a turning machine card and I’ll get. I don’t know if I want to grab one of these like make water, I mean it’s good, it’s not bad yeah, because that way it gives you more free actions, yeah and free actions by meaning. You can basically move these things around your board. You kind of like speed them up in time and that’ll make sense later when we start doing that um all right. Are you good um now I’ll just go ahead and do this now?


Just so, I’m not doing it later. I’M going to spend these two and also spend a steam to build my one shot machine, so that will activate once the x reaches its once. The x reaches the sector when the x reaches the sector. This thing goes clockwise. It will activate everything in that particular sector and because you’re building everything in three it’s going to take some time and that’s just all this represents time.


Maybe I’ll spend another one and I’ll move this over. So this is the other thing that you can do with your extractions. You can spend one steam to move either an engineer, uh a turning machine or a one-shot machine to the left so closer to closer to the x, the sector that’s closer to activation right because those things don’t activate until it hits so now, like we said You can you can do that stuff, but you can also do um do other things right. So, for example like I could turn my wheel now if I wanted to, but I’m not going to I’m just going to take one of these I’ll. Take this one here and bring that into sector three um and I’ll spend a water, because that’s all it costs to build this boom and immediately build that okay, you done um!


Oh! I like that. I’M gonna spend a three and grab this. That’s nice! All right what I’ll do is so I can I’m going to turn the dial okay boom boom boom right.


So I spun the wheel yep. This is sector 4. All my workers would come back my machines, yeah sector x rather or four, my turning machines, all activate because I turned it. I do have one turning machine, so I can spend a smaller medium gear and a water, a steam to get a chrome, cog and I’ll. Do that I’ll dump my small one and I will take a chrome gear – chrome gears.


Don’t ever go away! Yeah! Here’s a catch every time you gain resources on your turn. It goes into sector three yeah and if it ever gets to x – and that’s where you store them in that warehouse, so if x ever gets to a sector where there is, there are gears that are not chrome. Obviously, you don’t even keep chrome here, because it’s not timed, they will actually go away.


You lose them, so you have to spend them before the wheel gets around so um. So that was it. So I don’t really activate anything other than my turning machine because yeah, I don’t have anything in this sector, but now sector. Three is here right, so that changes everything it changes everything it does. It really does change everything all right.


I’M gonna play this here and that just gives me a chrome, a chrome, oh one, chrome gear. Oh it just gives you a chrome gear. Okay, that’s quite an action, that’s pretty good um and I’m thinking whether I want to move that again and um. No I’ll leave it. You good yeah, I’m good, all right, so I’ll go ahead and play this so now this is sector one mind you and I’m gonna grab I’ll grab a small gear.


Maybe I’ll grab medium gear, and now three is actually here. So you just have to keep in mind where your things go, so you can copy that you know what was that: that’s pretty usual yeah, okay! I am gonna play a one right here and just grab a small gear. Please small gear yep and there you go and I’m going to spend it’s going to go in three. I’M going to spend a stream to move this here.


So moving my engineer over there. Okay, it that’s it all right. I have no cards left, so I guess I’m turning um. No, you just finished your turn. What it’s my turn actually remember.


You just finished. Oh yeah, you want to just go again, um, okay, so I guess I will. I will play this and I will generate two steam okay and I think that’s all I want to do. I think it’s all. I can do that’s a can-do attitude.


Okay, if I ever heard one yep now you can do your crank. The wheel might crank my wheel. I really wanted to okay crank my wheel uh, so my turning machines are going to activate, so I get to generate a steam and then um, okay, cool. I’M going to take these guys back. I was thinking if I was going to do any extra stuff.


So in the beginning of this game and there’s a lot of things that you can do in this game, I really just started trying to acquire resources. The best that I could um, I know that I had a lot of chrome pieces going on in the beginning and I knew that I would need them and I did end up using them, but I really I was just I was trying to figure out. You know how am I going to maximize my points and also get as many resources as I can, knowing that some of those like turning machines and stuff were being taken, so they were not on offer. I had a lot of steam generation going and that’s also useful um not entirely what I needed at all points during the game, but uh, but definitely having those chrome pieces, helped out a lot in the beginning. So what I was thinking early on in in this play was really just how can I take advantage of what’s coming out because you’re basically limited to what’s in the offer of your turning machines, as well as your one-shot machines, because that’s really how you generate Resources in this game – and I think I had a good run in the early game with hitting as many turning machines as I could to generate a lot of gears.


Moving on to a kind of mid-game, I ran out of my steam uh acquisition. So I wasn’t able to build my steam as quickly, but I tried to make sure that I was collecting as many of those turning uh tokens as I could the turning machines, so that I was, I was constantly at least having something generating. I think. That’s probably the biggest mistake that you can make in this game is not having turning machines available to you. They don’t cost anything to build at the very least they’re giving you something that you could hopefully use later on so having those out is, is absolutely incredibly important, [ Music ], but I was able to build a lot of the chrome machines early on um, but At some point, mid game that dried out and I stopped getting gears all of a sudden and I wasn’t able to start building my machines, so you make this shift at a certain point where you find yourself advancing your timer, your wheel, more than playing cards.


I also was looking at the at the end game tiles, so we were looking at the uh the achievement, tiles at the end, and I saw that there was the one about uh collecting sets of workers and some of the engineers that I had acquired in The beginning allowed me to acquire more engineers. I think you were even saying like. Why are you taking so many people like well, that’s what my people are letting me do is take more people, so I tried to capitalize on that, and I think that that worked out to my advantage as well. Really my goal was to progress the game. If you don’t progress the game in a game where you are required to progress the game, the game will take forever.


So I knew getting every little point in this game matters. So I just tried to take the chrome machines that had points on them. Whether I really needed them or not – and if I needed them, then that was even better, but I think that was pretty much it. I noticed that you shifted your wheel, a lot more revolutions than I did I did. I definitely did, and I was doing it to trigger a lot of my turning machines right when I didn’t have to.


I could have used steam to do that, but I was using steam for other things. You really have to decide how you want to leverage the generation of resources in this game, because you really want to start targeting the chrome machines and I was pulling chrome machines as fast as I could because, like you said, the generation or the acquisition of Those white victory points in this game is what drives the end game and you want to keep pushing that timer, because you’ll really just keep taking turns until you’re out of cards, and if you play this game until you run out of cards before you turn The wheel and get or take those you know, because you can only buy one of those basically once per you know round of cards, because you don’t have that many cards or engineers that are allowing you to grab those chrome machines right. So if you think about it, you’ve got 20 plus of those type of those tokens for a two-player game, which means you’re going to have to pull 20 plus of those things or do four revolutions of your wheel to take one of those things. Okay, all right! So your turn my turn all right, I’m going to.


I wish I could build that first. Okay, well, that kind of sucks the way this is timed out, but that’s actually not so bad. Okay, I’m going to turn the wheel all right, cranking the wheel! Well, lots of things are going to happen um. This is going to trigger I’m going to get three green points, plus one hot water, token mm-hmm there you go.


Thank you um. Thank you um. I can then I turn the wheel. So I can crank this. I’M taking back lots of twos, so I can do that and get three points um this turning machine.


Activates I get one medium, but then it goes away – and I also get a medium for this, so I should get two mediums make sure we’re good here um. I get one special point, most importantly, because that’s gonna trigger the end of the game yep. So we are now in the last phase. We’ll explain that in a second yeah – and I want to see, if there’s I don’t think, there’s anything else. I want to or can do right now, so that’s a can do attitude, music can’t do that’s a can’t.


Do it all right, so you’re, good um! I am good. All right so now explain how this works from this point forward. Um, each of us is going to be able to take a turn, but every turn we take is going to cost us. One victory point then two victory points.


Then three victory points. So your first second third point uh turn consecutively after the third turn that you paid three victory points for you have to pass. That’s it your game’s over so or I could just pass right now and my game’s over and then you could take three consecutive turns and pay six points altogether right, but I’m going to pay one point because I definitely want to take at least one turn yeah. So here’s my there’s my point um. So I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to.


I don’t have cards so I have to crank my dial um. So I’m going to grab these back. We did a turn. So the turn is going to at least give me some steam so um. I do get to activate my machines, my law machine um, but unfortunately I don’t have any gears like I’ve got no resources which is brutal, um that hurts.


So what I can do is pay esteem to get a card which was to play a card rather, and I’m gonna play this two, which will allow me to generate two more steam, okay, um, and that ends my turn. So you can take your turn for a point all right, so I can pay a point: and I can well you don’t want to pay that one. Oh yeah. I always try to pay the white points yeah. You can’t do that nope.


I am going to pay a point, a couple things that I want to do here, so I will do this first. Let me go up here and get a chrome piece, but you can actually take this one because I’m going to use those two chromes to build this uh chrome machine here. So that’s built and um and I’m not gonna use any stamina, so you’re good, yeah, good. I’M gonna play a card for two points for two points: yeah, I’m gonna do all three of my turns just so you know, and I’m gonna get two medium cogs, um yeah I’ll go with two mediums. It doesn’t really matter.


Okay and I’ll pay. Two points, so you just give me one back to play fur into three um, which lets me push up three of my waters: good, that’s it yeah all right. Last turn for three whopping points: I’m gonna crank the dial one more time um, but it’s gonna activate some stuff. It’s not enough! I’M not going to be able to do what I want to do.


No, no is it worth giving up the points then yeah, because I’m going to get three points back for doing this plus another two for taking the steam right. How are you gonna get two for taking this? Oh because these are four yeah, so that’s actually worth it. Okay, um and I get a three pointer. So that’s that um.


What I wanted to do, unfortunately, was build this, but I don’t have enough cogs and that’s the problem because I turned it, but I didn’t generate any cogs when you turned by turning it. I just don’t have any other. I can generate steam, yeah um, but hmm. I can I can do this actually, so is what I’m going to do. I’M going to spend two steams.


I get to activate these both okay and pay, two cogs okay and get two silver okay, right and all you need is two silver cogs and one medium to build that. Okay. So we’re getting your medium because I’m gonna spend a steam to play a card. Oh, I see I’m gonna play this to get one medium, cog, okay, which in turn I could spend two plus one because of your discount because of my discount to build that. Okay, that’s my big there you go.


It probably is all for naught, but it was well, let’s find out it was a big beginning. Will you get a turn? Oh I’m done. Oh you’re not taking any returns. Okay, excellent, so we um.


We need to do some final scores, yeah all right. So let’s get the score passed and we’ll get to work,  All right here we are final, scoring very easy scoring: okay yeah, it really is actually. So what is the first thing? So the first thing we’re going to score is our points. So your little white special points and your green – I don’t have very many.


Oh okay, all your special green points. Uh, let’s see how many do you have 15 Okay, uh now you’re going to score your chrome machines, which I know you have a lot of those that you’ve built that are only the ones that are green yeah. You got a lot of this 26., okay, um and then finally, our achievements. So whatever your achievements were, you scored those two, oh okay, which you got uh, which ones did you have the audience uh.


So I have two points per water, okay for hot water, hot water, and I didn’t have them all. So I only got two points. I didn’t have them all in my head. I didn’t you didn’t. I thought you punched them all up.


I had to use them to push my stuff around. Oh that sounds so two points. That’s all right, no big deal okay and then your other one was. I get two points per uh: one suit right, yeah, so advanced worker right, so these qualified engineers of the same suit. So whenever I have the law, I have to just name a suit, so I’m going to name the suit of green.


I think, which I don’t have very many of um, so I’ve got one two remember these are only the ones with the top hats. Yes, all right there you go so I’m going to get two points per. I get 2. 4. 6.


8. 10. 10 yeah. Plus your two choose one suit and gain two points for each qualified engineer you have of that suit yeah, including engineers of the wild two. So I get two four six, eight ten points: okay, that’s it so that’s 12, all together, yeah for all right.


I also have the two points per boiler, so two four six, eight ten for that, and then this one is gain four points for each set of engineers that consist of three qualified engineers of different suits, only one wild per set allowed. So I have one set here. Oh, who are these people? These are my standard people, one two three and one two three says eight points. Two sets yep eighteen points: okay, um, so math time, math time; okay, so all of our phones are being used.


Do the math um six, eight! Thirteen! Would you like me to do the math so why? Well? It would be better if you wouldn’t talk.


Yeah just go ahead and do the math. Then, whenever you yell numbers out uh, I can’t think so. 53 He’s like looks like I won 66 yeah so 66 to 53. That’s close yeah, not bad. Actually it wasn’t bad at all.


I thought I did far worse yeah, but all right, let’s go talk about it all right all right! Well, there you have it corrosion. What did you think? What did I think well? This is like we’ve kind of had hands on this game a couple times yeah, so look.


I’ve had a journey with this one yeah and it’s really an interesting game, and, and it’s just it’s one of those games that really when you, when you start to play it, and this is what gets me about these types of games is that You have this sort of end game, which is like okay. We just need to work to whittle these. These white victory points down to three yeah and that pile of victory points is big. This looks so big, so I’m like is this unnecessarily long. Like is this game actually ever going to end right like, and so I think my first impression is that it’s a little long in the tooth in in that aspect right because you’re really and I mean while I do appreciate the strategy and I think there’s a Lot of neat mechanics there.


I think there are a lot of very same mechanics in a lot of the machines right. This is my opinion because, like you’ve got like three different types of turning machines, that’s pretty much it you’re going to get either you’re going to get gears well, actually, you’re, basically just going to get gears and steam and steam. Those are the two yeah, because I got a lot of those. You took a lot of the years. There’s a yeah there’s, there’s not many steam, we’ll put it that way.


There’s like three of them in this stack right, mostly it’s gears. It’s either the small gears. The medium gears, or let me trade, a smaller medium gear plus steam for a chrome gear right, that’s it! So that’s your get your gear engine. I guess right!


So that’s one bit and then the other piece is like a lot of weird sort of bonuses and this and that for the one time the one shot machines. So, while that’s pretty cool too and the you got to use them to sort of get your bonus thing, so there’s this sort of interesting mechanic of timing them and but to me it’s just it’s kind of it’s kind of disjointed. That’s my personal thing. I would say, especially at the beginning of the game where, like I, I don’t know how to put this basically like. If you, if you take this out, you learn it, you bring it to the table.


It’s game night right, everybody learn the rules and everybody’s starting to play. It’s going to take more than just one play to appreciate the strategy of this game, not that it’s necessarily complex. I don’t actually think that this is particularly heavy to play. It’s just complex in your you’re doing a lot of tiny little things to try and result at something sort of kind of big at the end like not even really big, but big payoffs aren’t really that big. I think we’d mention that during the like during our play, it’s like you do these little things but they’re not like um, like you said, they’re, not big, payoffs right.


So it’s not that rewarding. Like look at my machine, it’s running, and now I’ve got this big engine that I built, and it’s doing this cool thing: um, it’s more okay! I’M gonna push this this chit down to get something else, so that I can do this other thing next turn and it’s just a bunch of small baby steps. It’s a lot a little all the way to the end, yep the whole world, and that’s why this is kind of what I mean by disjointed, because you’re doing so many unrelated things right to get to build something, that’s unrelated to anything else. That’s in your factory!


Right, none of its related and you can kind of feed them off of each other, but not really yeah, I mean I don’t know going back to my point about like the experience with this game. I think that, if you’re going to, if you’re going to get it and play it and you’re going to dedicate to playing it over and over and over until, you really understand how all of this works then, maybe that’s the kind of maybe that’s the kind of Game that you get into if you’re looking to bring this out for like game night, I personally feel like you might get halfway through it and everybody’s kind of like. Is there anything else that we can play yeah, you know just because it doesn’t. It takes a while to like really get into it and even when it gets rolling, it’s kind of just kind of humming along like you, don’t get that sense of escalation and escalation because there’s a lot of games, I think we play that do they’re very slow in the beginning, and then they ramp up and you can feel that ramp up and it’s exciting and you’re like something big and I’m gonna and you’re gonna pull off that big move yeah. I think that the move you pulled off at the end was probably like the biggest that’s about it.


Everything you’ll ever get yeah, but, and even that wasn’t like what did it get me got me five points like at the end of the like. You pull off a big move like that to get five points where I could have probably just skipped my entire last turn and got my five points yeah and kept it right like, but I wanted it to be exciting. It’s just the payoff. Wasn’t that big, but, like you said it’s a bunch of baby steps, so it’s like it’s like running a marathon right yeah and that goal line issues like the finish line is just out there and you’re just taking one step at a time, one step at a Time drinking the water and you’re going and the finish line is just it’s there and you’re, like man you’re just chipping away one step at a time to get there. I just think that the goal the timer on this is just.


I think it’s a little too long, especially for two players like this game, I think, would have been more enjoyable for me if it were about half the length yeah, I would say so too, and I think that that would um I may be interesting to like. I guess experiment with like to see, if maybe but because again you’re, not you don’t, I don’t feel any different at the end of the game than I did halfway through the game. Exactly like once I built a couple of these chrome machines. I was like okay cool I’m good, yeah I’ll, build like after I build three of them. I think I’m kind of good, but they didn’t really like build off of each other.


Maybe that’s my fault, the strategy, because I could join anything yes and I because I even just looking at all the different types it’s like yeah. Could you build sort of engine out of this? Maybe, but they come out randomly. So it’s not like you’re going to be burning them, because if you start burning them, then you’re, accelerating the game anyway. At that point and you’re not really going to get to what you need to so I don’t know, I mean, look, it’s not.


Not that I didn’t enjoy the game, I do. I think that there’s a solid game here, I think, there’s some pretty interesting strategies, because it’s different yeah, the whole time mechanism and the land managing your resources before they go away. The strange way of gathering resources and the different types of machines, I think, they’re all cool um, but it’s not like you’re building, just keep in mind you’re, not. I went into this thing and I’m going to build one big question. That’s what I wanted to talk about too, because I think expectations yeah important and I think that’s fine exactly and I think that’s where that’s where for me, it didn’t click because it’s not!


I wanted to build one big cool machine yeah, and this was building a bunch of little baby machines like I said that don’t really do anything with each other. They just kind of help. You generate a little baby piece to build another machine that builds another baby piece right to build another piece to build another machine that builds another baby piece. You don’t need me like. That’s the payoff and for me that’s not what I that’s not what I look for.


I need more than that. Um, maybe you don’t. I don’t know but yeah. This is our opinion yeah. I think that um, I will say a couple things that again to reiterate a couple.


Things were really neat and I think unique, because we don’t see a lot of unique stuff in a lot of games. Um the like the whole corrosion mechanic is cool. You have to like it takes a while to get to understand it. I think, because thematically again going back to your disjointed thing, I’m just like I don’t like I get what it symbolizes, but I also don’t understand like. Are the sectors moving or like the workers are going, and I get that the workers are going into the sectors but like?


Are they showing up on that floor or like what thematically is going on? That’s causing uh? Maybe it’s like shifts it’s their time like they represent days or weeks like here’s one week, and now I’m actually I’m going to transfer this guy over to another department to work or this lady to another department to work so that she can come home earlier. Yeah and do more work in a different department like right, so maybe like there’s, there’s a certain theme there with the time that’s cool. I liked the aging thing.


I liked that the resources actually go away. If you don’t use them, because that really pushes you to do it um I like that you can, you know, make your machines move to different sectors again, didn’t understand thematically what that meant exactly, but again you’re getting them closer to destruction. I guess maybe you’re running them. Uh. One thing you I don’t think you saw us do – was move the turning machines from one sector to another yeah and when you do that you can actually activate them so they’re getting the same number of activations.


It’s just a matter of: are you turning the wheel and activating them, or are you removing them yeah prematurely, there’s a lot of different strategy? It’s a lot of strategy baked in, but I think that it would probably be more fun if it was shorter play length. Yeah so that you’re just churning through I’d, rather the machines, have been the chrome machines, have been harder to build and have a bigger point payoff and then cut the victory point timer in half and that way at least if I can build. So if I build maybe four machines, three to four machines and then my game’s over that’s cool because then it’s just like there’s and there and they do some really cool stuff right yeah. But they really didn’t do a lot of cool stuff.


They just do some little extra power, stuff and kind of bonus. You know bonus, moves and stuff like that, but I mean I feel, like mine worked together, okay, but some of them didn’t like it was like. I don’t really care if I can use an engineer of any suit to copy whatever, and I just covered it up just cover it up right, but I wanted them for the points. Really, that’s really what it is it comes down to just am I going to build something, so I can get more points at the end of the game, so I don’t know, but anyway, I think uh that pretty much does it yeah. The intent here was really just to give you a feel of what this games about you, you know and like look, not every game is for us.


Not every game is for you right, um, we’re not here to tell you whether or not you’ll like the game. We’re just going to tell you whether or not we like the game and that kind of explain the experience we had with it. Um. You know. Every game we play is enjoyable.


Yeah uh, for the most part, there’s been a few there’s been a few duds out there, but um. This definitely is not the dud category. I think it’s a good quality game. I think the components are nice. The art’s nice, the iconography, is a little bit rough in certain aspects.


The rule books a little bit rough in certain aspects a little bit, but I think it’s not an overly complex game. It just has some mechanics that are really not typical yeah. I think that’s which is refreshing, which is refreshing and I think that’s a nice. It was a nice challenge to learn this one and to play through it only to find out that you know, but did we love the game? I was lukewarm on it and that’s.


That’s really just what it boils down to. I don’t love every game I play. You know, that’s just how it is, but otherwise I think that was pretty much all I wanted to talk about. You do all right, so we hope you enjoyed the play through uh. We hope you enjoyed the new format of the play through, because I think um.


This really speaks to the direction we’re heading because um, I think the full drawn-out two-hour plus play-through for us um, at least for you guys, like maybe some of you love it. Most of you don’t watch it yeah, so I think to give you guys the most important bits and pieces of the play through so that you can take away the best experience of it without having to sit through a two-hour. Play through is to me is the most value for what you have and I think if you want to watch full playthroughs, there are dime a dozen out there yeah. You have a whole cornucopia, a whole plethora of options. Yes, but let us know what you think again: if this was helpful for you and making a decision whether or not you uh want this in your collection whoops, I just kick steam all over the place.


Let us know in the comments, if you have questions about our experience with it, let us know in the comments as well and um, and then let us know what you think of the new format too. All right, thanks for watching, we hope you enjoyed we’ll see you next time, we’ll see you


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