Dead of Winter: Ashley Johnson, Grant Imahara, and Dodger Leigh Join Wil Wheaton on TableTop S03E08

Dead of Winter: Ashley Johnson, Grant Imahara, and Dodger Leigh Join Wil Wheaton on TableTop S03E08

Dead of Winter: Ashley Johnson, Grant Imahara, and Dodger Leigh Join Wil Wheaton on TableTop

I think I was a freshman or sophomore in high school the first time I saw “Dawn of the Dead”. For many years I was a zombie fiend. I wrote stories about zombies, I read stories about zombies and if there something with a zombie in it, it was on my wish list. But sometime in the last few years, I feel like we kind of hit peak zombie. And the truth is, I’m kinda over it.

The living dead are rarely a metaphor for consumerism, conformity, militarization and compliancy. And much of popular culture, zombies are little more than cannon fodder and background noise in corporate entertainment that has rushed to cash in on the public’s insatiable, you may say zombie-like, hunger for stories that pit a scrappy band of human survivors against a relentless, endless, faceless mob of interchangeable, shambling bad guys. But, every now and then something breaks through this hardened wall of fortified hipster cynicism I’ve built around my personal survival compound. And it reminds me that we keep returning to stories where zombies are threatening our very existence, because even if the undead aren’t explicitly standing in for some profound and specific commentary on our modern world, they can in fact stand-in for time, age, hunger despair and every existential threat we worry about when the night is darkest and we can’t find the light.

So today on “TableTop” Dodger Leigh, Grant Imahara and Ashley Johnson are here to explore a game that puts us right in the middle of the depths of our fears, during the worst of the zombie apocalypse.

As if staying alive and pushing back the undead wasn’t hard enough, one of us may very well be working against the rest of us to ensure that none of us make it through the “Dead of Winter.” (action music) “Dead of Winter” is a cooperative play game with a defector designed by Issac Vega and Jon Gilmour. It has one of the coolest first-player markers I have ever seen and it is set in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies have overrun humanity and the shattered light of the world bunkers in terror trying to survive the dead of winter.

This board here is our one refuge from the horror of this nightmare landscape where the undead seek to destroy us. It’s the bunker home to the last surviving humans and it is called “The Colony.

” Like other super thematic co-op games, we build teams of heroes and work together against the game, which is trying to kill us. We share resources and strategize as a team. However to win, each player must also complete their own individual objectives in addition to accomplishing the group victory goal.

On each turn the players will try stand against this terrible deck of crisis cards, that just keep coming up. I mean come on, it’s not bad enough that we’re dying out here with freaking zombies trying to eat our faces.

But we also have to heal deadly infections, help repair our failing defenses and then search the frozen wasteland for missing survivors in this endless nightmare parade of misery. To get these valuable resources needed to accomplish this endless series of crisis, we will gather helpful items from the shattered remains of our former civilization. We’ll search gas stations for weapons, schools and libraries for medicine and we’ll dig under rocks for something to eat other than more frakking Spam.

We’ll move around the board gathering resources trying to escape these zombies and hopefully find the least horrific crash landing spot for humanities death spiral into the abyss of extinction. It’s a happy game guys.

Who will survive long enough to see the cold light of morning? And who will be culled from the herd? Let’s find out in “Dead of Winter.” (spooky music) – My name is Dodger.

I am a Youtuber, I mostly focus on gamingy stuff but I also do kind of nerdy adjacent stuff like DIY’s and things like that.

And I have been on the show before, I was here for season one and it was super fun. – My name is Grant Imahara and I’m a former host of “Mythbusters” on Discovery Channel. And I was on the first season of “TableTop” playing “Small World.” – My name is Ashley Johnson. I am an actress.

I have been on “TableTop” before, I played “Alhambra” and I lost. – So the scenario that we’re playing is called “Two Many Mouths.” Basically we just have too many people inside the colony and it’s very hard for us to feed them and we’re going to have keep doing that.

We have to survive five days. Our morale starts out at seven, great.

And I am shuffling the secret, secrets. – The secret secrets. – The secret objectives, I forgot what it was called. There are five cards here. One of them is a betrayer.

So there’s a real good chance that we end up with a traitor in this game. Dodger. – [Wil] Choose wisely. – [Dodger] Okay. Ashley, choose wisely.

Grant, choose wisely. Will, choose Wesley. – (laughs) – So the highest, what it is, like charisma I guess. The most popular person in the game goes first and for some reason it’s the soldier. Maybe it has something to do with his gun.

So Grant tell us who you’re playing. – I have Thomas Heart the soldier, who is awesome. He’s got high charisma and the other guy I have is Andrew Evans, the farmer who is not exceptionally good at anything really, except – – [Wil] He’s pretty good at getting food. – [Grant] for finding food. Because that’s what this is all about is getting food.

– But nobody likes him. – [Wil] Yup, you’ve got your first player marker. – Oh sorry. – Oh come on (laughs). – [Wil] Dude, come on.

– I was going to do a Rambo thing. – [Wil] It’s community property, man. – Sorry, okay. – Alright, so go ahead and roll. Generally when you play this game everyone rolls at the same time, but for our camera and the purposes of this show we will roll as our turn comes around.

So Grant. Roll em. – Come on. – [Wil] Yeah, that’s a pretty good roll. – [Grant] That’s a good roll.

– Oh and I forgot to of course draw the crisis. The first crisis is “Legions of Death.” (laughter) – [Grant] Sounds awesome. – [Dodger] Sounds positive.

– What?

We’ve got to put four gas cans or we add 12 zombies to the colony. – Okay, okay, okay. – And we need to come up with eight food resources. – So we need eight food, four gas cans. – [Wil] Right.

– [Grant] Alright. – [Grant] This is good news. – Okay, that’s not nearly as bad as I thought you were facing just – – I have very good news for all of us. – [Wil] Alright. – First of all I’m going to play one food.

– [Wil] Alright go ahead. – [Grant] Cause food is what we need. – So you’re food is right there. – I have two gas cans. I think that, how many zombies 12?

– [Wil] 12. – Yeah. – I’m going to be straight up with you, I have no gas. [Grant] Two gas cans going in right here. – [Wil] Okay.

– [Grant] Okay. – [Wil] Okay. – [Grant] Farmer. – [Wil] Yeah. – Andrew is going to go to the grocery store.

So that he can look for food. – [Wil] Go ahead.

– [Grant] Okay. – [Wil] And you hurt yourself. – [Grant] Well you know.

– [Ashley] You have a wound. – [Dodger] But he didn’t die. – [Wil] Alright. – What he’s going to do, he’s going to use- – [Wil] He’s going to the grocery store, very good. And he has a special ability there, correct.

– I’m going to use my four, special ability is one additional card. – [Wil] Okay, great.

– So I’m going to search. And one additional card (laughs). – What’d you draw two freaking survivors?

– It’s our lucky day, my friend. – [Wil] Oh, alright. – One of these is a food three. – [Dodger] Oh! – [Wil] Sweet.

– [Grant] Thank you. – [Grant] Thank you very much. – [Wil] Oh that’s great. – [Grant] You’re welcome. – [Dodger] Thanks goodness.

– [Grant] You’re welcome. – [Wil] That’s great. – You’re really contributing to the colony. – You see I am. – The traitor is never going to do anything suspicious in the first day, so maybe not even in the first two days.

Grant could easily have played that food face-up as a distraction, look everybody, look at how much I’m helping you. I’m doing really great. While not really helping us get through the crisis. – Number one, I will shot zombies with my six. Activating his special, which is kill two zombies.

– [Grant] No die needed. – [Wil] No exposure. – [Wil] Which is great. – [Grant] No exposure. – [Wil] Which ones, number one?

– [Grant] One and two. – [Wil] Pow, pow.

– Yeah. – I’m going to search, search. So now, good news here friends.

Found another food. – [Dodger] Yeah. – You’re really filling up the trash is all I’m saying. You have to keep an eye on the trash supply because as the trash pile’s up it begins to make the colony even more unpleasant to live in. And the more trash you get, the worse your morale gets.

– In this one turn, let me just point out. – Gabriel Diaz is paranoid. – Five food, two zombies dead. – [Wil] Yeah, nice. – [Ashley] That was a really good turn.

– If you’re going to look for a traitor, it is not here my friends. – Alright, you did not – – Unless it’s a traitory move. – Yeah, that’s the sort of thing a traitor would say. – To make yourself look like a hero in the beginning. – I’ve played a few of these co-op with defector games, like “Mafia” for example.

I’ve played “Mafia” or “Werewolf” and to be brutally honest I really suck at it. – Are you done traitor? – I think I’ve done quite enough. – [Wil] Okay, Ashley go ahead and roll. – [Ashley] Okay.

– What a traitory dice roll. (laughter) – [Wil] Keep in mind that you can spend junk to reroll a thing if you need to, which is really helpful when you’re the traitor. – [Ashley] Oh I didn’t know you could do that, okay. Well let’s see here. – I feel like only a traitor would suggest that.

– I feel like only a traitor would accuse someone of being a traitor when they accuse someone else of being a traitor. – I’m just aware of my surroundings. – [Ashley] Whoever smelt it, dealt it. – Are you aware of being a traitor? – Who ever divided it, supplied it.

(laughter) – Yes, sorry what (laughs). Oh my gosh, I’m so excited that Ashley’s here. Because we were bros on “Alhambra.” It’s wonderful seeing her again.

– Here’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to add two more food. – [Wil] Oh wicked. Do you have any gas? Cause Dodger already said she has no gas. – [Ashley] Oh that’s right.

– [Dodger] No gas. You know what, I’m going to contribute some gas. And then, Annaleigh Chan here. – [Wil] She’s going to go to the school. – [Ashley] I’m going to go to the school, cause there could be some food there.

– [Wil] Roll for exposure. – [Wil] Okay nice, way to go. She’s going to search at the school. – I’m going to search. – Make sure you don’t show anybody what you have.

– Okay, so now I’m going to use two barricades. – Good call, alright great. – And I’m going to cover up these – – [Wil] Here and here. – [Ashley] Yup. – [Wil] Okay, super.

– [Ashley] And I’m done. – [Wi] And that’s all. – [Ashley] Yes. – [Wil] Okay, great. – Here we come to me, draw a crossroads card for me please.

Okay, I’m going to roll my dice. For those of you who were wondering what this card does, this crossroads is a really cool part of the entire system of this game.

On each one of these cards is a conditional and if that conditional is fulfilled, then something happens. And when it does it makes the story of this game more random, a little richer and more unpredictable. Which is kind of appropriate given the nature of our circumstances.

Okay here go. – They’re pretty much all sad. There all just really sad conditionals. – [Wil] Oh fantastic. – (laughs) Oh wow.

– Great, I have one fuel. – [Grant] Okay. – And I’m putting it in that, okay. I don’t think that I need to go searching for anything.

I think I’m just going to build barricades.

Cause my roll is garbage. – I like that plan. – What if somebody’s put fake gas in there? – If someone’s put fake gas in there, then we’re going to get 12 zombies. – But I’m just saying, if you have somebody who’s a good searcher maybe they should go to the gas station.

So that I’m not the last stand. – [Wil] Marie is a great searcher. – Okay. – [Grant] Sending her in. – [Wil] I’m going to exposure her.

– [Dodger] You’re Buffy. You just gotta wound it’s fine, it’s fine, it’s fine. – [Dodger] We’re good. – [Wil] Alright. – This is good, she found a shotgun.

– [Ashley] Whoa, dang. – Shotgun let’s you attack two zombies at once, which is great and you don’t have to roll for exposure, which is double great.

Okay, so through the magic of the weird apocalypse, I’m giving this to Gabriel. He hits two zombies instead of one, doesn’t roll for exposure, so these guys are dead. – [Grant] (laughs).

– [Ashley] Awesome. – [Dodger] Sick. – Okay and I’m going to use this last one to build a barricade, because barricades are our friends. So Dodger I think it’s your action. – It’s my turn.

– [Wil] Yeah. – [Dodger] Okay. – [Wil] Hang on, I have to read this. – [Dodger] Okay. – [Wil] (whiny voice) They don’t care that we’re starving!

I can feel my ribs, yet that pantry door is locked up tight. Why? We need food. Well I don’t care what those scumbags say, there’s way more of us then them. I say we break that door down and if any of them get in our way, well it’s their choice if things get ugly.

(regular voice) Option one, remove all the food. Option two, each non-helpless survivor at the colony receives one wound, (bleep) that. Option three, you make an example of one of the writers. Kill a helpless survivor. – Yes.

– Do we take a morale hit? – So we lose a morale but – – Yes. – It’s one less mouth to feed. – Yeah. – Which is awesome And maybe it stops the riot.

I think it’s easier to regain one morale then it is for – – Totally agree. – Five of us to take wounds. Like I’m way more on board with that. – Yeah. – But I mean I think we should put it to a vote.

Okay, thumbs up if you want to kill a survivor.

Thumbs down if you want one of the other two options. One, two, three vote. (scream sound) – Yeah. – Cause we can’t lose all the food now, cause it’s the end of the turn.

– Yeah, that’s right. – Alright, we shot one. We gave a big speech about how we all need to work together. – Anybody else? Anybody else feeling hungry?

I am a fireman with a shotgun. And I am not having this. Okay, alright. – [Ashley] No this is great. – I felt good about that when it happened but now I don’t feel good.

– [Dodger] (laughs) – [Grant] Morale goes down. – [Dodger] Morale down. – So I have the principal. And then I also have Gray Beard the lady pirate. Not suppose to be a lady pirate but – – [Ashley] Kinda looks like a lady pirate.

– It’s a lady with a moustache and she’s deeply in love with the principal and that’s my story.

My strategy right now is to keep one person in the colony and one person outside of the colony. Keep the principal outside because he can go to the school and he’s really good at searching. And my lady pirate is really good at killing zombies. Anything above a one and she’ll kill things.

Because I’m not sure whether or not we can all trust each about the gas situation. I’m going to go out. – [Grant] You’re going. – [Dodger] Goodbye. – I have to go, no I love you, bye.

Okay so I’m at the gas station.

– [Wil] Okay. – [Grant] Roll. – Whoa, whoa, whoa roll for exposure. – Roll for exposure.

– [Wil] Did you roll you’re regular dice too? – [Dodger] I have frostbite. – [Dodger] I did roll my- – [Grant] Oh, frostbite’s bad. – I found food (laughs). – Well, we can have some leftover in there, you know, – [Ashley] for the evening.

– [Grant] Yeah, sure. – If these 12 zombies show up. – [Ashley] Right. – Is it more beneficial for me to put up two barricades or to try and kill a zombie? – I would say it’s barricades.

– [Dodger] Yeah, okay. So I put up two barricades, end of my turn. – [Wil] Alright, now we do the colony phase. First thing we do is we pay food. – [Wil] One, two – – [Grant] (laughs) – [Wil] Three, four, five.

– [Dodger] Excellent. – I think we did excellent with food. – [Ashley] We did really good. – Now we check the waste. – One, two, three, four, five, six.

Somebody should probably clean out the trash next time. – [Ashley] Yeah. – Okay, now we resolve the crisis. – The moment of truth (mumbling) – [Wil] So now we find out – – Oh my God, I’m so nervous. – If we can like, this is where we find out if we can trust each other or not.

– (laughs) I’m like. – [Ashley] Alright. – [Grant] (laughs). – That was my card by the way. – [Ashley] Okay.

– [Wil] Two. – I put in two, I put in two. – That’s what you told us. – [Grant] It’s what I told you. – Okay, alright good, good, good, good.

(suspenseful music) – The anticipation is really making me crazy. (screams and applause) – Alright, okay. – Alright, alright. – Random applause everybody. – Clearly it was in our best interest not to have 12 zombies arrive.

– Okay, okay. Now we add the zombies. I feel legitimately like nauseous. – I know. That was intense.

– [Ashley] That was really intense. – I feel like for real’s nauseous. Okay. – New crisis.

– The new crisis is food spoilage.

– [Dodger] No, no! – We have to put a number of cans food here, equivalent to the number of non-exiled players. But we already have three food here, so that’s not that bad. We still need to put one, two, three, four, five. So we need to put two food.

– But we’re both coming back. – So at the moment we need six food, but we’re both coming back, which is going to be seven. We need a lot of food is what i’m saying, okay.

The grocery store is probably the most valuable location in this particular scenario, because we just need to keep making food. And that’s where the most food is.

We’re lucky that Grant is the farmer, because the farmer gets two chances to get something useful from the grocery store. We’re also like not lucky, because the farmer’s really weak and dies easy.

(spooky music) – I’m going to have her search again here, before I leave. And I’m just going to use that. (bleep) I think it makes sense to send her to the grocery store where there’s more food and oh hey, guess what?

If it overruns you die instead of me and I’m really okay with that. – Oh really. – [Wil] I’m going to keep this. – Oh, really you are. Wil, what is your problem man?

– I’ve decided that Grant’s the traitor and I’m really okay if he has one less body opportunity to mess with us and make things bad for everybody, And look, we need food and there’s food at the grocery store.

– Now Wil think about this, think about this. You could for free have another card there and the police station has guns and gas. – [Dodger] Go to the grocery store dawg. – Yeah, no.

– [Dodger] We need food. You’re our last hope for food. – There’s more food than anything at the grocery store. And it’s making me feel really weird that you’re like, oh no don’t go there and do the grocery store. Watch her die.

Oh good. – [Dodger] You got hurt that’s fine. – [Wil] That is two wounds. – [Grant] That’s not good. – [Dodger] Oh, that’s not good never mind (laughs).

– So how many wounds can you get? – Three and then you’re dead. – [Dodger] Three. – [Ashley] Three – and then you’re dead. – [Grant] And then she’s dead, done forever.

Well, whenever you go back. – Believe me she’s coming back. – The doctor can – I am in a D&D campaign right now and I’m playing as a cleric. So maybe that’s why I choose the doctor.

– (silently) Yes.

– [Dodger] Oh good (laughs). I was like what sort of face is that, I can’t tell (laughs.) – Okay, okay, alright, alright. – [Grant] So that theoretically completes – – [Dodger] Theoretically. – Theoretically we’re feed, okay awesome.

We’re feed there, awesome. This guy’s killing two zombies for free, pow pow. – [Dodger] Whoo! – [Wil] Awesome. – Okay.

– I just want to point out, did you three contribute to this? – [Ashley] Yes. – And I did not. So if there’s a card in there that is not – – [Ashley] Then that means you are not traitor.

– That means I’m not the traitor.

– [Ashley] Or well – – That’s means one of you is the traitor. – [Wil] That’s right. – I’m starting to feel like really none of us are the traitor and we’re starting to kind of cannibalize each other emotionally. So it might be Grant but I don’t think it is. – If there’s not traitor cards in there, I feel like we’re all on the same team.

– This is exactly the thing, I am so super thinking Grant’s the traitor. (laughter) – [Wil] I am so super thinking Grant’s the traitor. – Oh because maybe that was your strategy. – Putting the two foods, I’m going to put the food here and I’m going to make you guys go around and expose yourself to where all the bad (bleep) is. And then I’m going to make a big show of how I didn’t put anything bad in there.

(laughter) – Okay, alright. We checked the waste, the waste is fine.

We resolved the crisis. Okay here we go. (suspenseful music) Grocery store, that’s mine.

– [Ashley] Okay. – Starter item, that’s one of us. – [Ashley] One of ours. – [Dodger] One of us. – [Grant] The rest of these have to be from places.

– Starter item. – [Grant] Right? – [Wil] No, they’d be starter items. – [Dodger] I think they’re all going to be starter items. – [Ashley] We’re good to go, alright.

– [Wil] Okay, fantastic, alright we survived. – Very well. – Great, in spite of your efforts we survived. Alright, one, two, three, four, five- – What if there was no traitor in our group? – Seven, eight, nine.

– I feel like there might not be. – I think it would be super awesome – – [Ashley] Oh, you do. – [Wil] If there’s no – traitor in this group, cause this scenario – [Wil] is so hard. – [Dodger] Cause it’s you.

– it’s you (laughs).

– I feel like Grant is the traitor, but I’m also kind of on the fence of, you know, maybe none of us are. I’m not (laughs). – So first, crisis right? – I’m going to go first. First is the crisis.

Raiders. Cans of food equivalent to the number of non-exiled players. – [Ashley] Come on. – [Wil] If able, each non-exiled player must randomly remove one card in their hand from the game and lose one morale. – And lose one morale.

– [Dodger] What? It’s been awful having two food crises in a row. Because it’s already hard enough to get enough food for all of us, and we have all these yahoos who can’t do anything for the group, right? They have no special abilities, they’re not useful at all. They’re just survivors that we’re trying to protect.

And that makes you really resent the fact that they’re there at all.

– I’m going to send the fireman to the school, because we’re safe here. He can blast those zombies and search and I think that’s – – [Ashley] It’s a good plan. – [Wil] I think that’s a good plan. So the fireman comes here and on his first things he’s like, oh by the way zombies.

– [Grant] See ya. – Oh no, unfortunately not all three of them. – [Dodger] Not all three. – But two of them, they’re gone yeah. – How come you didn’t go to the grocery store?

That’s a little strange isn’t it? – That’s totally strange and me (bleep) up and swear to god, I swear to God. – (laughs) Only cause I’m the guy at the grocery store who has the most to lose. (laughter) – I know that, look. – Are we working together here?

– What the hell man? What are you doing? – That’s just me (bleep) up, because it is the ninth day of production – [Wil] and I lost focus – – [Dodger] Oh no. – for a minute, I promise that’s not me being a traitor.

Also Gabriel and Annaleigh have had this thing going on.

– Yeah, he wants to touch her butt real bad. – Yeah, they have, they have. – [Dodger] The school is the most romantic place to do it. – [Ashley] Yeah. – Okay, let’s presume that I have food because I do.

Where do we feel the food would best be spent? – How many? – [Wil] Two.

– I think feeding ourselves needs to be the number one priority. – [Wil] Okay, alright.

– [Grant] So yes. – [Grant] Feed the colony. – [Wil] I’m feeding the colony, okay great. I’m going to feel so goddamn stupid if there’s no traitor in this game (laughs). (laughter) (suspenseful music) – Crossroads.

– (whispers) Take it. – [Wil] The zombie crashing through the window cuts off your final escape route. There’s no way out. The inevitability of your death begins to sink in, and you’re surprised at how peace you feel.

The gnashing dead press in on you and you close your eyes and whisper a final prayer.

You hear a high-pitched battle cry and open your eyes again to see a man dressed – [Wil] entirely in black – [Grant] (laughs) – slicing through the zombie with a sword. – What? My farmer who by the way has the lowest charisma. He’s going to be the first one to go, surrounded by zombies and then out of no where Mike Cho, the ninja, comes in, kills all the zombies and joins my crew. This is awesome, this is amazing.

In that one move, we’ve secured the food supply for the rest of the game. Let me see Mike Cho’s card. – [Wil] Anywhere when performing an attack, do not roll for exposure. – What, that’s pretty great. – He’s pretty great.

– Okay, he’s staying with us. – [Wil] I think you keep him. – He is going to be at the market and he’s going to protect us. And we get – – [Wil] Add him there- – [Grant] Mike Cho.

– [Wil] And put him here, okay.

Get rid of those zombies. – Awesome. Mike Cho, he’s there for justice. So he showed up when we needed him most, but he’s also a lone wolf, you know. And I think he realized in that moment that perhaps he could help us but we could also help him.

So we all grew a little today. (piano music) – Farmer is going to food search. And he get’s an extra. No. – It’s really weird that he didn’t find any food when he was at the grocery store.

– (laughs) I will rummage. – [Dodger] Would you like a stake? – Yes, please give me a stake. – [Dodger] A shaking stake. – Hey I have a question just for those of us who are still at the colony?

Let’s just say that maybe we were thinking about exiling somebody. It’s just a thing that I’m thinking about. – I don’t think that would be in the colony’s best interest. – As the sweet adorable principal that is still at the colony, I’m feeling like, you know, maybe we need to put a bit more trust in the people who have sacrificed so much to go out and try to find us food and supplies.

– Okay.

– Consistently, I might add. – I think I’m feeling kind of a grand vizier role. You know, fly a little bit under the radar but still get my opinion out there. – We’re covered in food right? – [Dodger] We’re covered in food for the people.

– We’re covered in food and we’re covered in trash. – [Dodger] Not the crisis. – Look we can’t fail the crisis and fail the trash, because then we’ll lose two morale. – Alright taking out the trash. It’s a little insulting to have the soldier take out the trash, but you know what?

Somebody has to and if you’re talking about the good of the colony, the trash has to go. – Annaleigh is at the school and since I have this I can grab two cards. So I’m going to go ahead and do that. – [Grant] Sick. – Mother fuuuuu.

(laughter) – Okay so. – So good stuff? – That didn’t go as planned. – Yeah it’s all food, three foods each right, cool. – [Ashley] Yeah, three foods, I kinda want to rummage though.

I’m going to rummage, I’m going to rummage. And then that means I get to keep- – [Dodger] One. – [Ashley] One. – [Grant] You get to keep two out of three. – I get to keep two out of three.

Boom! – [Grant] Yes. – [Dodger] Whoo! – Let’s actually wait, did you put in to crisis? – [Dodger] It goes into crisis.

– It goes into crisis. – [Dodger] We have enough food for ourselves. – It’s suppose to go face down though. – Oh. – [Wil] Just game ways – [Ashley] That’s right.

– it’s suppose to go face down. – Sorry guys. – I’m pretty sure that flashing that card was just a mistake but if you are the traitor, accidentally flashing a card like that is a super great psychological move. It’s also technically cheating, so maybe don’t do it. (suspenseful music) – Killing two zombies with my soldier.

Insta-kill these two. – Oh my God. One, two, three, four, five, six. We need six food, we might have to starve this round.

– And I will barricade.

– [Dodger] Why over there? – [Wil] Why are you barricading there? – [Dodger] What are you doing? – [Wil] Why are you not barricading here? What are you doing?

– [Dodger] Grant! Look at me (laughs). – [Ashley] Wait where did you just barricade? – It’s a thing I have to do. – Where did you just barricade, you barricaded this?

– (bleep) you, it’s thing you have to do.

– [Dodger] (laughs) – [Wil] What you have to do is let (bleep) zombies into the compound? – I just killed two zombies. – Right and then you, okay Grant it’s cool, it’s cool. – Trust me on this it’s going to fine.

– [Wil] No, no, do not trust you. – Grant, what are you doing? You’re ruining everything. – [Wil] Okay. – [Ashley] Oh guys.

– Now we check the waste.

One, two, three, four, five, six. – [Wil] Alright. – [Dodger] Good job team. – Won’t do anything because of that.

Now we resolve the crisis. I believe you. – [Ashley] Okay. (laughter) – Add zombies to the places. – [Wil] Add zombies, okay let’s see.

Oh look’s like somebody’s finally going to die. Why don’t you roll a die to see if another zombie comes out and overruns us and kills the farmer. – [Ashley] Sorry guys (bleep) my life. – Look at that. – [Ashley] I’m really sorry Farmer.

– [Wil] Alright so, you lose that guy. – I forgot there was a rummaging tile there and he died. And it sucked, cause he was what we were relying on to get the food. And in the end, if we don’t have food, that’s it game over man. – We lose a morale because you died.

– Oh my God. – I do think this is fishy. This is maybe start questioning you. – [Wil] This is super fishy. – I have been on your side.

– [Wil] It’s a little fishy. And now, I’m starting to – – Believe me, it’s a thing I have to do.

– Yeah no totally is, yeah. One of us – – We all have things to do. – One of us has known this since there.

– We all have things to do but it might not be for the better of the colony. – Alright two. – That was swell. – Wow, that was a super great turn. That was a super, super great turn.

– So I’m really positive about everything that happened in that round. – I am feeling really good about you being the first player now, I think that’s terrific, that’s great. – If I wanted to sink this game, I could do it right here right now.

– [Wil] Yeah. – And I’m not going to.

– Sure. The first player marker moves around the board anti-clockwise and the player actions move around the board clockwise. So every time you get the first player marker, you’re going to take two actions. And this is really important, if you are the traitor you get to set up a betrayal move without anybody interfering with you. – Alright.

Wait a minute.

I have to give you back one of these, cause I got knifed. – [Wil] Oh yeah can only have three. – [Ashley] Oh, cause Farmer died. – [Wil] Yeah, okay.

– [Ashley] Sucks for you. – [Wil] Oh that’s actually not that bad. – [Dodger] It’s not to bad of a roll yeah. – I have a question you have three dudes, why are you rolling four dice? Oh, one for you.

– Yeah, one for the player. – I might be paranoid, I don’t know. – [Dodger] (laughs) – Here’s the situation. – [Wil] I don’t know anything anymore. – Here’s the situation.

– [Dodger] Yes, Grant. – This is going to get overrun next turn. He’s going to search for food and then he’s going to fight. – Can I ask a question? – Yes.

– Would it not be in our best interest to have our people leave the colony? – [Wil] Yeah. – So that we have less food to get.

– [Wil] Yeah. – [Grant] Okay, hang on.

Once per round you may look at the top card of a single location’s item deck. After you have looked at the card, place it back on the top of that item deck. – [Dodger] You still have a guy at the grocery store. – Yeah dude, you can use Sofie to look at the grocery store. – [Grant] And then Mike can – – [Ashley] Yes.

– [Wil] And then Mike can either leave or stay there. – Not good. – Okay. – [Grant] Okay, she’s going to go to the hospital. – [Wil] The hospital.

– [Grant] She’s going to use her one to search. – Food two. – [Ashley] Awesome. – [Wil] That’s good. – [Ashley] That’s a good thing.

– Definitely going to use the soldier to kill two zombies.

Okay now, Mike Cho has a four plus for search. If nobody else comes here, I kill one guy next round just one more guy shows up we’re not overrun. Mike Cho kills one of these guys. No roll for exposure.

And he uses this to search for food. – But you already know what that card is. – [Grant] (bleep) You’re right. – What was that? Are you legitimately spacing out?

Or are you trying to throw the whole thing off, right? Like this is crunch time, this is like not okay anymore (laughs). – Alright fine, you can have the medicine. – I don’t want your filthy, can you give it to me? Do we have a guy at the same – – [Ashley] Yeah.

– Oh alright, thanks I’ll take it. – [Ashley] I don’t want to your, oh wait a minute. – (laughs) Oh, oh right. – I need medicine for my victory condition and that Grant was so concerned with throwing suspension off of himself that he just gave it to me, is fantastic.

– Alright, here we go.

Cool. (laughter) – [Grant] Got a lot of people, got a lot to do. – Alright, okay. So let’s just get it together here. Since I’m here with Annaleigh over here.

I’m going to pick these two. Awesome. (laughter) – [Ashley] This is nothing we needed. – This is a little universe that we have made up and we’ve got little cardboard tiles and this and that and rolling dice. And yet it’s stressful.

– I’m feeling like I should get her out of there but you’re probably going to, are you going kill. Well I can’t trust you, cause if you’re traitor and you kill me.

– What the fu-? – I don’t know, I can’t trust anybody right now. I can’t trust anybody.

This is highly stressful. – Why the (bleep) would you think I’m the traitor? – No, no. I’m just throwing it out there. You are getting so defensive right now.

– [Dodger] (laughs) – Because it’s so obviously Grant. – You’ve been on me the entire game. – [Ashley] He’s been doing a lot of appealing. Guys, trust me, you can trust me. I’m loyal.

The entire game. – Okay, this places more food. – Oh God are you going to? What if you get bit? Oh my God.

– [Grant] (laughs) – Oh my God. – I feel like my heart just went (gasp). – It sort of teetered on the little bite mark for kind of a long time. I mean when you’re stressing the game, that feels like a freaking eternity. And so finally it landed onto nothing and then it was a sigh of relief by everyone.

– Oh Jesus. – I feel like I want to rip this card in half. – [Grant] Oh no. – Okay so. – Oh no!

– [Ashley] Why did I do that? Do I do grocery store? – What’s his initiative? – It takes four or more – – No, no, no. His score, 36.

And what’s Mike Cho’s 58, or no, no. – [Grant] 30. – [Wil] 30. – So he’s going to survive and Mike Cho’s going to die if that overruns. – I think I’m willing to take that chance.

– Alright.

– [Grant] What?! – [Ashley] Come on. – Wait a minute.

If Mike, wait, wait, if Mike Cho dies we lose a morale, traitor. – Oh (bleep) I didn’t think of that. Don’t go there (laughs). – Wait, dude. – Wait, wait you just moved there, right?

No hold on, hold on, hold on. You just moved there and you found a thing you like huh? – I did. Okay. – [Dodger] Oh my God, you guys.

Oh my God. – Or should I just, should we nix this? – Well it’s because you looked at the card, I don’t think we can wreck on it cause you looked at the card. – Wait you can prevent overrunning if you attack one of the zombies. – Yeah, that’s right.

– [Ashley] Okay, okay. – [Wil] Good point. – [Wil] Have them attack the zombies. – [Ashley] So here we go. – [Wil] And then you just roll – exposure, yeah.

– So we got a three food. – [Grant] Oh, oh okay (laughs).

– [Wil] That’s great. – So do we use this here or? – [Grant] Yeah.

– [Ashley] Okay. – [Grant] Yeah, yeah. If we starve again, we lose two morale. Cause we’ve already starved once. – One, two, three, four, five.

– Oh, you’re right we would lose two. So we need to get food. – We need to get two more food there. – Okay, so I attack one of them? – You attack him, he’s dead.

You just need, now you have to roll the red die and just not role a tooth. – [Grant] (laughs) – Oh, way to go, like a boss. – [Ashley] Okay, done. – [Wil] Okay, done. – [Ashley] Your turn go.

– [Wil] Alright my turn. – That was so stressful. – Here we go. – Okay. – Okay.

– [Dodger] Oh dawg. – Come on! – Des rolls yo, des rolls. – [Grant] Any of the guys that you control- – (bleep) this, I’m re-rolling one of these ones.

This is bull (bleep), I’m going to be helpful.

Okay there at least that’s something that can do something. – [Dodger] It’s all right. Okay, my fireman’s coming here to search, because he’s got the blueprints and he can look at two things while he’s here. Okay, one, two. – Come on.

– Okay, this is good. This is terrific. I can place two barricades at a location that a survivor I control is at. We good with that. – Alright if we don’t starve, if we satisfy this and we don’t starve, we can lose one morale.

Oh my God. We’ve got to much trash. – There’s oh my. – God dammit. I’m rummaging.

– We have 14 trash. – [Dodger] Oh God! – We need to get rid of four. I mean how do you come back from this. – (laughs) I’m so screwed.

– And we’ve only got you two. – Okay, I’m going to rummage again. She’s probably going to die but I gotta try this. Come on. – (laughs) Oh no.

That was it, I knew we couldn’t get out of it. And it affected me a lot. – Guys. – [Grant] It’s game over. – We can’t win.

– I don’t think it’s possible to. I think just try, if you can try to fulfill your victory condition I guess. I mean and take like a half victory (laughs). – [Dodger] Okay. – [Wil] or something.

– I go back to the colony and I build three barricades. One, two, three. – [Wil] Is that the end of the, that’s the end. – That’s it. – [Wil] That’s the end.

– [Grant] That’s the end. – Okay, so let’s go ahead and do these things. So our morale is definitely at zero now. I mean is there, I guess we should keep going just in case somebody’s got a victory thing or whatever. Alright, the morale is at negative four.

(laughter) – Even zero morale, I would have been like man, we really dropped the ball there.

But negative four morale, a lot of people died to get us that really disappointing score (laughs). – Ashley, let’s start with you. – With me? – [Wil] Yeah.

– [Ashley] Okay. – Because you think Grant’s the traitor you don’t want him to go first. – (laughs) – That’s what you’re hoping for deep in your heart (laughs). – Ashley, I know you weren’t the traitor. – I was not and my objective was only to get two books or two, you know, of these symbol.

– Yeah, two books and also to stay alive. – Two books to a single survivor and stay alive, – [Ashley] which I didn’t. – [Wil] Which you didn’t.

– You didn’t stay alive but you equipped your books. – [Ashley] I equipped my books.

– Grant, go ahead. – Alright. Well as a matter of fact, my objective was to build four barricades. Not the traitor. – Safety is the name of his secret.

It’s like literally the opposite of being the traitor. – Just trying to protect the colony. – Yeah, okay. – Dodger. – My secret was very similar to yours.

It’s called burn it all down and I needed to put up four barricades and then have one gas can. I assume that means that I wanted to burn down the colony eventually. So I’m kind of an evil person as well, I don’t know. – You guys, I’m so sorry.

(screams) – I knew it, I knew it.

– I knew he was the traitor and I completely forgot that you can vote someone off of the group. And is I would have remembered that I’d of been like no you’re out of the game! But I completely forgot. – Even if we’d called a vote then, we didn’t have enough resources to make it through another round. Either way, we were screwed.

– I hate it when I’m the traitor. And I’ve won almost every time. What does that say about me? – (laughs) How much food did you have in your hand? Show us your hand.

– Show us your food. – [Dodger] Show us your hand! – [Ashley] Oh you didn’t have any food. – If I had food I would have won. All I needed was one food and I would have won.

– [Ashley] Oh you. – You trolled us. (laughter) – We’ve been completely emotionally spent. We’ve given everything we have and in the end it wasn’t enough.

You know, that’s a such a hard thing to come to terms with.

– I’m drained! Not only that I feel kind of mad. I’m kind of pissed at Wil for being the traitor. So you know in that sense, it’s an awesome experience. It’s great to be able to step into this world just for a little bit.

– There are times when being the traitor is really fun. And there’s times where being the traitor sucks. And there is this moment in this game on like two turns left, three turns left.

And I looked to Dodger and I locked eyes with her and I saw, she completely trusts me. She thinks it’s not me.

She thinks maybe there’s not a traitor in the game and I know. And I feel sick about that. It is not awesome being the traitor and I already hate being the traitor. Guys, let’s go to the losers couch together. – [Dodger] Oh my God.

– Get out of here. – How could you! – That was depressing. – I know, I know. – I feel like emotionally just so vacant right now.

– [Ashley] I’m emotionally drained. – I know but in my heart and my soul, I’m sorry that I betrayed you. The game made me do it. I’m going to go give it a stupid trophy but I’m not going to be happy about it. (laughter) And you’re right I don’t deserve to be in here, you know what this is the loyalty lounge tonight.

And I don’t deserve to be here.

– Yeah. – Yeah get out of here. – So long traitor. – Get out of here.

– See ya. – Well I hope you’re proud of yourself. I’m going to go try to convince my friends to keep talking to me.

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