Doing a DOUBLE-SIDED 3D Christmas Puzzle

Doing a DOUBLE-SIDED 3D Christmas Puzzle

Doing a DOUBLE-SIDED 3D Christmas Puzzle

Oh, no, no, it came apart. This is a struggle wait. Where does this piece go? Oh, no, my stairs fell down hello, everybody and merry christmas. Can you believe we have finally made it to the end of 2020.

Today i am dressed in my christmas best um. The best part is actually the skirt, so there it is. Obviously you won’t be able to see that for most of the video, but that’s because we are going to be building a 3d santa’s workshop jigsaw puzzle. This is something that i just found when i went to ebay and searched for like interesting christmas puzzles. Doesn’T it look like it’s from the 70s, but it was actually made by siko in 1994.

These are not rare if you like it, and you want to try one for yourself, they’re all over ebay and i paid about 30 for mine and it is still completely sealed. So i will be opening this for the very first time. So i think this is actually the first 3d puzzle that i’ll be doing on this channel. I mean i did the the rainbow sphere, but that’s like a different type of 3d puzzle. This is like the first 3d structure that i’ll be building.

I actually haven’t done a 3d puzzle in a very long time. My sister is the one who was actually very into puzz, 3ds and next time that it is safe for me to travel home i’ll. Try to give you guys a tour of her entire collection, but i’ll pop a few photos up on the screen. If you want to see just how many there are so, i feel like i have to do a really good job with this one. In order to live up to her like 3d skills, so let’s open it up and take a look, [ Music ] all right, it’s time to open it up now, as i said, this is still sealed and it is actually sealed with the label that basically wraps Around onto the back that you have to cut open, which is not my favorite way to get into a jigsaw puzzle, i feel like it’s very easy to cut through the box and just make it look really messy.

But i had a lot of puzzles in the 90s that were sealed this way, so i think that’s just what they were doing in the 90s, so i’ve got a craft knife, so i’m going to try to open it as cleanly and carefully as i can. Oh my gosh, that was stressful, but i think i did it so, let’s see what’s inside oh wow, it’s so much more colorful than it looks on the box. Oh wait! But before i even get to the pieces, i need to show you the box all right. So here’s what it looks like you can see that we have this almost like a doll house.

It’S like open on one side. It is 548 pieces and they’re made of cork board, which again is something that i have some puzzles from the 90s made of cork, and i haven’t really seen that recently. It looks like some of the rooftops and like the chimney and that roof are actually made of like cardstock and not of puzzle pieces, and here they show you what it looks like from all the different views, which will be very helpful when putting it together. And there is the finished size: it’s not that big 12 by 12 by 13

So on the sides again, it’s just a lot of the same information, nothing too crazy, all right, but now, let’s see what we have in the box, so just as i suspected it looks like these are the rooftops which you’ll punch out of this card stock. So i’m gon na pull all of those and just set them to the side.

For now, and it looks like we have instructions at the bottom. Oh wow, these instructions are a lot more intense than i expected um wow. That’S a lot of things. Look at how many things that is, this is more complicated than ikea furniture. I feel like maybe i’ll try to do it without the instructions.

Just by looking at the pictures on the box, it doesn’t look that complicated. Why are these instructions so complicated? Cue me having a breakdown two hours from now and replaying that clip all right and then it looks like everything else. That’S in here are the puzzle pieces so i’ll go ahead and dump those out look at how fun these are i’ll. Be honest from the picture on the box?

I didn’t – i don’t know. I guess i just didn’t – expect there to be this, many like colors and textures, and for it to be so saturated, but i’m very impressed. This is very cool. There are a handful of pieces that are still attached so, as i sort i’m just gon na carefully, if i can try to well, these pieces fit together really tightly, but i’m gon na take those apart so that i can start from scratch and actually, when i Did the um the race against the try guys i had to consciously, as i was doing, the sorting make myself not take apart the pieces that were already together because usually i want to start from scratch. But when it’s a competition, you know you’re trying to go as fast as possible, so i’d be like no don’t take them.

Apart use all the help you can get. Although looking at some of these pieces that are already together, it looks like they literally didn’t even cut through the the paper on one side, so i mean, am i gon na have to use a craft knife to cut them apart, or should i just leave them Together, maybe i’ll just leave them together, but anyway just grabbing one of the pieces at random. You can see that it is this thick cork board material and it is double-sided which we probably could have expected, since it is an inside and an outside dollhouse. So, of course, you would need the image on both sides. The picture is fairly glossy there.

You can see the light hitting it. It’S pretty glossy on both sides and it looks like we have a good mix of like normal puzzle pieces and then these funny shaped ones for all the different shapes that we’ll be making to build the house. So what is my strategy here? Because, clearly, you can’t just pull all of the edge pieces like a normal puzzle, i’m seeing a lot of this red polka dot design with the green polka dots on the back, which i think are the walls of the house. So i think i can pull all of those and start piecing those together.

I also see quite a lot of this checkered pattern, which i think is the floor, so i can also do that and then once i have all of those out of there, i think all that’s left will be the specialty like inside pieces, so yeah then i Should be able to finish it up, it’s only 550 pieces. So i don’t think this is gon na. Take me very long all right, let’s get started [ Music ], so i just finished the sorting which took a little longer than usual since i had to flip over every single piece to check the front and the back, because every single piece on this puzzle is Double-Sided, but i have a ton of these checkered pieces, which are actually a little like trippy to look at so maybe i should flip them over and try to work on the back. Instead, that looks like it might be a little bit nicer to stare at for half an hour with, however long it takes to put this together. So on the box it looks like that is the base and i think that’s where i want to start, because if you don’t have the base, you can’t build anything up after that.

I’Ll move on to the walls and i separated out all of these red polka dot pieces which are green on the back. So if i get stuck on one side, i can always flip them over, and i also had to pull out all of these tiny pieces which i’m pretty sure i can just throw away. I think these are where the different sections are gon na connect together here. Something like that, so you can see how these are gon na stick into those holes all right. I think i’m starting with the hardest parts, since these are the biggest sections and then hopefully, when i move on to the rest, it’ll all the rest will go together fairly quickly.

So let’s try it out. So i started with the base, but the checkered pattern was kind of trippy, so i decided to flip all of the pieces over and the pattern on the back was actually way easier to put together since there was a lot more variation in the pieces, and you Can see how much i’m pushing these pieces together? They are thick and they fit together really tightly, which is necessary since we’ll be building an actual structure out of them. Eventually, i flipped it back over to do the border of the base and you can see just how trippy this pattern would have been. If i tried to do it this way up, it would have been so confusing: [, Music, ], so [, Music ].

So once i got the base together, i found the rest of those pieces later and here is the front and the back. Moving on to the walls, i started with the red side and i got some big sections put together this section. I realized that the stripe is actually the alphabet in order, so that was a big hint to get those pieces together. However, eventually there just wasn’t enough detail on the red polka dot pieces that i had left. So i decided to turn this section over as well, and then it went together pretty easily and that’s what i love about this puzzle.

Since the entire thing is double-sided, you could either do whatever side is easier like how i did it or you could challenge yourself to do all one side and then take it apart and do all the other side. So you get two puzzles for the price of one, so this is about the time that i realized that the frame i was building wasn’t actually part of the puzzle which i’ll talk about in a sec, and it was an hour and 40 minutes to get to This point in the puzzle, all right: it’s been a few hours. I’Ve definitely made progress. This is a little more difficult than maybe i expected going into it, but i think it’ll get easier and now that i have the bulk of like the big sections done. So i finished the entire base, so you can see that here and then these are the size of the house and um.

I realized that all of these, like side pieces, are not going to be used when building the house they’re just going to be trashed, but my sister actually does this. When building puzz 3ds, she will um, you know, put back together the entire sheet, the way that it was printed as if it was a flat jigsaw puzzle and then take it apart and actually build the structure. So i decided to do the exact same things. You can see i have like half of the sheet done here and then all of the rest of this should fit together and then i’ll be able to build the house. So at this point i embraced putting it together as one big sheet.

So i just worked my way out across the puzzle, rather than putting together each section separately and then trying to attach them, and this was really fun since it was like doing a jigsaw puzzle totally blind without knowing what colors were gon na go. Where and with a lot of them, having straight edges and weird piece shapes plus, i had to keep flipping pieces over since, if you looked closely, you could tell which side was the front and the back, but it wasn’t as obvious as in other double-sided puzzles that I’Ve done so, i didn’t flip them all over to the front side until probably a little bit later in the puzzling process than i should have. The other challenge was that the full sheet ended up bigger than my table, so part of it was hanging off the end, and i had to lean all the way over the table to get to the parts that i was working on. But i will say doing the frame as well as the building pieces actually made it easier. And that’s because i had context about what would go on each edge and i knew what shape i was working towards.

Rather than going in not knowing what i was trying to put together, so that’s another way to do this puzzle multiple times. You could try it once with the frame and then again without the frame just doing each section separately and just look at how satisfying that is putting all of these pieces in where they fit so tightly these pieces are super high quality. I am really impressed so finishing up. The rest of the puzzle only took one more hour: [ Music ] do [ Music ] all right. So it’s been a few hours and i have finished putting all of the pieces together.

Look at how cool that is. It’S so big it like doesn’t even fit on my table, but you can see the full square of how this thing was printed, which i just think is so interesting. So the next step will be to pull all of the actual pieces that i’ll need to build out of this sheet and then actually start building. Also, i just realized that all of these blue pieces are actually the in between pieces and that’s why it seemed so much more colorful than it does on the box, because none of those blue pieces actually go into the finished product. So actually before pulling out.

All of the pieces, i decided to flip the whole thing over so that i could see what it looks like on the back and since it all holds together so tightly. I was able to flip almost the whole thing all in one piece, and here is what the back looks like. So that’s like the underside of the base and that’s the inside of the house. You can see santa’s backside, that’s really funny, so i think i’m gon na flip it back over and then now i’ll pull out all of the pieces to actually start building. [ Music, ], [, Music, ], all right.

So there’s what it looks like with all of the pieces taken out, so i can just move that off of the table now and here are all of the pieces that we have to work with also because of the way that they cut it like. This is how they illustrated santa, but then, when you pop him out, look at how tiny his head is. Why is that so funny? You know normal looking santa teeny tiny head santa. This is the best thing i’ve seen today.

All right. This is the most fun part, i’m so excited it’s time to build santa’s workshop, so i brought back all of the cardstock from earlier, so i’ll go ahead and punch all of those out see what we have all right. So i have the box here and, as i said earlier, i’m gon na try not to look at the instructions, although i do have them in case i get stuck, but just looking at the box. It looks fairly straightforward. So i think i’ll start by grabbing the base, and it looks like the these rocks are on that side if i’m facing it like i’m looking at the box and then we’ll grab our walls so which one is gon na be on this side.

Here we go. It’S the one with the door. You can see that this is like the walkway up to the house, so this one is gon na go there and then our first wall goes in right there so easy. What do you need instructions for? So it looks like after that is the short wait.

No okay! After that, it’s another long one, and then we’ve got this one which goes right there. Potentially, i can’t really see that on the box. I think that’s right. I can’t really tell it’s all kind of in shadow, but we’re just gon na go with it.

So i have these six walls, but something has to go in here. Is that the chimney? So here are the chimney pieces and i tried to keep them in order of how they go together. So i’m just gon na attempt to make them into like a square shape: [, Music, ]. Okay.

I think i have that right. Oh, no, okay, we’re fine! We’Re fine i’m putting it back we’re fine. Maybe i wait wait. Am i doing this right new plan, i’m attaching these little sides to the side and then i’ll try to attach it to the rest of the thing.

Okay, i think we have ourselves a chimney with a little bit of wall attached all right, we’ve got ourselves a chimney and we only had one little earthquake of the walls coming down. So, let’s see what is the next thing? I think i need to get this floor in here, which is this guy, but i don’t know what this cutout is uh, oh, that might be for the staircase. So maybe i’ll do the stairs and the floor next all right! Well, i’ve got something resembling a staircase.

I don’t know how these two pieces attach, though, and i also don’t know if i did this part right well i’ll – try to get the floor in place and then and then maybe i’ll go back and check things okay, so it looks like this kind of inserts In here, and it just fits right around the chimney there, we go all right that part that was not difficult at all good we’re making progress. So, let’s see what are all of the things that need to be on the bottom floor before i get too much going on up top, maybe i shouldn’t have put that there, because now it’s all in shadow – and you like, can’t see anything okay, i’m gon na – Take that out just so that you guys at home can see what i’m doing – and this was not hard to put in so i can just put that back in later. So it looks like the tree goes here: we’ve got this guy with his arms out. Wait: what is what goes here? What goes in front of the fireplace okay?

Wait? I’M not quite looking at this at the right angle because i tried to angle it towards the camera, so this guy is definitely here, and this one is here and then it looks like the tree is actually this one right here right in front of the fireplace That doesn’t seem safe, [, Music ]. So we’ve got our table here made from these red pieces and it doesn’t seem like it’s attached to anything. It’S just kind of hanging out right there and then it looks like we have a gift made of cardboard. This is my first cardboard edition, so i’ll go ahead and bend that together.

I have no clue if you’re supposed to be gluing this okay, i think i got it to stay so there is our little christmas present, so that goes under the table. Exactly where i keep all of my christmas presents – and it looks like this one goes on top of the table. All right. We’Ve got present number two, so she just sits right here on top of the table and then the next thing is going to be the staircase. But i don’t know if i’ve done it right.

So maybe i’ll take a break from the staircase and build this little little side house over on the side. Here that seems a little easier. Easy that wait come on. Stay stay stay all right, easy and then it looks like this is the roof so that just kind of slot in in there behind these pieces all right. I think i got it to stay pretty well, so that little side house was easy enough.

All right, i think i need to just look at the instructions and figure out how the stairs go together. Oh my god, you guys, i finally just realized. These are instructions for four different puzzles. This one is a carousel. This is a victorian coach.

This is a gingerbread house, and this is the only page of the santa’s workshop puzzle. Okay, that makes this so much easier. The problem with this puzzle is that they give you three views of the outside, which is like the easiest part, and not a single view of what’s going on with these stairs, which is the most complicated part. Alright, so i think i figured out the stair guards. I think they go here and now i’m wondering if i should put oops if i should put these pieces into place now before i insert it into the house, and now we can put the second floor back into place and hope that it’s as easy this time As it was last time and then the stairs, i think they just this is like impossible to see on camera.

I’M so sorry. This is such a tight fit all right, they’re, not the most structurally sound stairs in the world, but it looks like a staircase. So we’re just gon na go with it, so i still have two more people and i think they are actually outside of the workshop. Well, at least one of them is okay, so this guy is at the door, so he goes there and then, where is this little elf? I can’t spot him anywhere on here.

Oh i see him. I just barely see him he’s like in shadow right on the edge of the second floor. Oh here we go yep! Oh no! I should have put this on before i attached the second floor.

All right here is a little close-up, because i know that it’s been like really hard to see what i’m doing, but i think that’s looking pretty good. I think i have pretty much everything um in place inside the house. Actually, no, that’s not true. There’S one more present that i have to fold and put in place inside the house, and then i think everything else is just the roof. All right we’ve got one last present made so that just kind of sits right here all right.

I’Ve got the chimney together. That was a little bit of a struggle, but i got there in the end, so it looks like that. Just does it just sit on top? Does it slide down? No, it came apart.

Oh no! Oh! No! It’S popping apart! This is a struggle.

Oh there we go, i got it, i got it so, okay, now we have this big main roof part and it looks like there are some cutouts in here. So it looks like this is gon na end up sitting here like oh, that that was easy. That went on very easily okay, so that sits there beautiful. Looking great. Oh, i see how these attach.

Oh, that’s gon na be tricky. This is so fiddly all right, new plan taking the roof off, and now i’m going to put these on first and then i’ll put the entire roof back on, because i just like can’t get underneath it when it’s already attached all right. Those are looking great. So then the only thing left, i think, is just this one piece or two pieces. Okay, that’s that’s!

Looking pretty good! Look at that and then this just wait. Where does this wait? Where does this piece go? Oh, okay.

I figured out okay. I figured out. Ah, okay, i figured out what this piece is used for it’s gon na slot over on this side, there’s actually an eave above the door that i completely missed. I see how this is gon na go: okay; okay, we’re back on track; we’re doing fine! All right!

We’Ve got our little eve above the doorway and i think all that’s left to do is to attach the roof. Oh, no, my stairs fell down the stairs are. I swear the most fiddly part of this entire thing, and i think this is the very last piece. [, Music ], i did it and i did it with barely looking at the instructions. I used every single piece.

It actually looks just like the picture. This is so cute all right. Let me get all of the close-up shots and then i’ll give you all of my final thoughts, [ Music ]. Well, if i have learned anything from this puzzle, it is that next time i do a 3d puzzle, i will definitely need to get a friend to help with the filming, because i’m pretty sure you couldn’t see like half of what i was just doing, but i Will say, i am very pleasantly surprised by this puzzle. I really didn’t know what i was getting into, and this was so fun.

I’Ve really only done puzz 3d branded 3d puzzles and honestly seagu gives them a run for their money. The pieces are really good quality. It you know it needs to be structurally sound to be able to make a building like this, and it all holds together. I managed to get the whole thing together without using any glue or any tape. This is all just standing up on its own, which is very impressive.

If i could give the seco team from 1994 any feedback, it would be to include more images from the inside view of this house, because they literally just use like the same couple of photos. All the way around yeah the front view is the same across the entire box, and you can’t see like the this third of the puzzle, so everything over there i just kind of made up, but i think it looks okay, the little sliver that i can see On the front of the box seems to match, and now that i know that they have a carousel and a victorian coach and a gingerbread house, i think i’ll have to work on tracking those down to do next year. So i’d love to know in a comment: have you ever done a 3d puzzle? Did you like it? Do you prefer to stick to 2d puzzles if you’re looking for something different?

I think this is really fun. It would be fun to do like as a family to all work together on it. The assembly can be a little fiddly, but i bet if you follow the instructions, it would go together more easily than the way that i did it, and since these are so cheap on ebay, for something that is really high quality, um yeah. I think this would be a great thing to get for your family this christmas. I also just want to shout out that there was a lot of attention to detail paid in this puzzle like every single piece is double-sided, and even the inside of the chimney like the inside of these eaves that attach to the building.

Even though you don’t see them once the whole thing is assembled, they still have fun, textures and patterns on them. You know the underside of the base is literally christmas, themed too, so somebody, whoever designed this put a lot of time and effort into it and i’m just really impressed [ Music ]. So i just want to give a really heartfelt. Thank you to everybody who has watched my channel and subscribed this year. I’Ve been running this channel for like three years now and up until a few months ago.

It was just like a little side project that i did, but now, because there are so many of you, i can actually spend like real time on it and get compensated for the time that i’m putting in if it wasn’t for you guys, like really building up This channel with me, i would never have you know done so many cool and interesting puzzles, and i just feel so lucky to be able to do this and to have such a nice and supportive community. So this will be my final video of 2020 i’ll be taking some time off over the holidays. I don’t think i’ve taken a full day off since, before halloween and honestly, i don’t know if i’ve taken a full two day weekend completely off literally all year. So i think that i deserve a two-week vacation or, should i say, staycation since i’m, unfortunately not traveling home this year, but i will be doing tons of jigsaw puzzles with my time off. Like literally this happens.

Every year i work non-stop from halloween to christmas, completely burn myself out and then spend two weeks doing nothing, but jigsaw puzzles it’s the best two weeks of the year. So i will be continuing to document all of the puzzles that i’m doing on instagram. I’M just gon na take a little time off from making videos, but don’t worry because i will be back in january. I have so many ideas for next year so get ready, it’s gon na be another year of puzzling. What am i saying i i need.

I need a vacation, i’m so tired. Oh your code word. You still need a code word um. I think it will be um elf, because there are a lot of cute little elves in this puzzle. Merry christmas happy holidays, and i will see you all in the new year little fun fact for everyone still watching.

My birthday is new year’s eve. So the next time you see me i’ll, be 30

How crazy is that

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