Doing the Jigsaw Puzzle from The Circle – How long does it actually take??

Doing the Jigsaw Puzzle from The Circle - How long does it actually take??

Doing the Jigsaw Puzzle from The Circle

Hi everyone welcome back to karen puzzles, so the puzzle that i’m gon na talk about today has a little bit of a backstory to it. So there is this show on netflix called the circle. It’S a like competition. Reality show where you have a bunch of people who are all locked into their own separate apartments, and they can only talk to each other through text chats and then they all have to vote on like who they like the best who’s. The most popular somebody gets eliminated and then eventually somebody wins a hundred thousand dollars, but the best part about it is that if you want to you don’t have to play as yourself you can play as a catfish.

You can be anybody that you want it’s not typically the type of show that i watch, but there’s something about it that is like so compelling and so fun so anyway, when season. One of this show aired last year since the contestants have to stay in their own separate apartments. They like need things to do and they’re not allowed to have any kind of screens like phones or laptops. So one of the contestants miranda brought a jigsaw puzzle and i posted photos of this to my instagram, because i was like hey, look: there’s a puzzle on tv and then gibson’s the company that makes the exact puzzle that she was doing got in touch with me And they sent me the exact same puzzle. I had been planning to do this one, but i just got busy with other things, but now now that season two of the circle is currently airing.

I thought that it was time to bring back this puzzle and see how long it takes me to finish it, because, on the show i mean you can see miranda making a little bit of progress, but she really didn’t get that far before she got eliminated. So today i want to find out if i was a contestant on the circle, would i be able to finish the puzzle that miranda from the circle was attempting. I mean really. This is just an excuse to review gibson’s puzzles, which is a brand that i’ve never tried before. So i’m excited to try it out and i just want to say like an extra thank you to them, because when they sent this to me in february of 2020, i had like way fewer followers way fewer subscribers.

You know they really didn’t have to send me anything, but they did. It was so nice of them. So thank you to them and now, let’s look at the puzzle: [, Music, ]. All right! I’Ve got my puzzle.

Let’S take a look, so this puzzle is called wonderful world. It is a british brand gibsons and you can see a close-up of the illustration right here and then on the back. We have the full illustration – and you know taking a look at this. I actually don’t want to judge miranda too hard, because this is actually a fairly complicated image for a jigsaw puzzle. You know there’s a lot going on.

This is definitely going to be a fairly high difficulty puzzle. I think my strategy is going to be to pull out the sky and then also all of the blue pieces, as you know all of the oceans and then all of these flags that have the country names on them. I feel like once i get those basically in place i’ll have more of a framework to fill in everything else. So here is a little bit of a blurb about the puzzle and the company and now i’ll go ahead and cut it open, and you can see that it’s sealed by stickers on all four sides. Alright, so inside we have our pieces, we have a catalog of their other puzzles and we have a small poster showing the entire image all right.

First impressions, these puzzle pieces are super thick. They look like they are super super high quality. Here you can see that the finish is a little bit shiny, not like super super glossy. Look at how thick that cardboard is. This piece feels so solid in my hands.

I already love these pieces. They feel really high quality, really really nice, i’m actually going to flip these over, because the pattern is so busy that, in order to see the puzzle, piece shapes, let’s look at it from the back. We have the standard puzzle piece shapes, although i’m not seeing any four ins or four outs they might be in here, but just with a quick glance through, i couldn’t find any. But looking at these, it looks like there’s a fair amount of variation in the piece shapes you know. The tabs are different sizes, so um yeah it shouldn’t be too too difficult to put together just in terms of the peace shape.

So it is 9 40. In the morning right now, i’m going to start sorting and i’m going to keep track of my time, because for this one i really want to know exactly how long it takes me to do when i saw miranda pull out a puzzle. I was like, oh my god, that’s an option i could totally be on this show i mean i don’t want to play the game, but i would totally sit in an apartment and do a puzzle and talk to cameras, and then i realized that that’s literally what I do here so maybe i don’t want to be on the show, but maybe i just want to do this [ Music ]. So it is about 11 30 and, as you can see, i just finished putting all of these little flags together and putting them all over the approximate position that they are in the world and i i will admit geography is not my strong suit. So i used the um.

You know the picture quite a lot to make sure i got all of the countries in the correct spots. This has definitely been a fairly challenging puzzle. So far i mean just like what i said before since the pieces are so detailed. Like there’s so much happening everywhere and you don’t really have huge blocks of textures or colors, but i’m going to keep working on it this afternoon and i feel like i can probably finish it today, yeah, i think so: [, Music, ], [, Music, ], okay, circle, Right loving this jigsaw puzzle i’m halfway done, but i wish i was better at geography and then the laughing crying face, emoji airplane, emoji jigsaw puzzles for life, but make the four the number four and send all right. So i am about halfway through i’m loving this.

It actually hasn’t been as difficult as i thought, because at least at the beginning there were definitely some landmarks that i could pull out recognize where on the board they would go right away and even though the picture is fairly dense, it’s only a thousand pieces. You know it’s only about what, like 18 by 24 ish, so things are pretty close to each other. I have a lot of sections getting connected. In fact, i just spotted that this one can go in right there, so now that it’s moving a little bit faster. I thought that i might just work on the puzzle while i chat and talk to you guys so when i’m filming this um, the first four episodes of the circle season, two have aired uh and that’s it last year, when season one was airing.

My friends and i were so obsessed – we were reading like all of these interviews with the contestants and like learning about how they film it. What goes on behind the scenes – and it is fascinating – the building is actually in manchester england and they took over the entire building because they didn’t want to have residents walking around while they were filming the show. So every single uh season you know, they’ve done it. They did a brazilian one. I think they did a french one and a british one um they all filmed them in the same apartment building.

Oh i’m just about to put in a really big section check it out. Oh, i love it when that happens. So anyway, um when they’re filming the show they have a bit of separation between the apartments and they’re soundproofed, so that the contestants can’t hear each other, especially because of the whole catfishing aspect. You know if they could hear that the next person over is a woman and not a man like the catfish will be blown, and let me tell you what is happening on season two i am. This is like my favorite thing.

I’Ve ever seen on tv, so mine are spoilers by the way, but this happens in like episode two, so you know so. The first person goes home and then the next person that they bring in is none other than lance bass. In sync, except it’s not lance bass, it is lance bass’s personal assistant catfishing, as lance bass, because she knows everything about lance fass. I was like screaming at my tv when that happened also the fact that all of these literal children, and by that i mean like 20 year olds, didn’t know who lance pass was because you know each person has a profile picture and that’s the only way that You know what they look like, and so they see his picture and they’re like he’s a he’s, a celeb, is he a celebrity like? Who is this and the one girl didn’t even know what in sync was?

I have never felt so old in my entire life. So, as i watch, i always like think to myself like if i was on this show, would i be myself? Would i be a catfish i feel like i have an innocent enough face and look and vibe that you know i think people would like me. Maybe i wouldn’t get voted off right away, but i’m also not the most uh strategic person, so i could definitely see myself being like middle of the pack and then, as they really start, narrowing it down towards the end. Just like getting kicked off.

I think delisa in this season has a really solid strategy. She is catfishing as her husband, but is pretending to be him as a single father to their two-year-old daughter, because, like who’s gon na send home the single father and like be the person that keeps him from winning a hundred thousand dollars, and are you ready? Are you ready for a karen puzzles exclusive, so come in come in closer? Let me give you the t. I sent a cheeky little message to delisa on instagram because in episode 4, in the background, you can see that she is also working on a puzzle, but it’s kind of far away.

You like you, can’t really see the box um. She hasn’t done that much of it, so you can’t see the image, so i sent her a message on instagram and i didn’t want to ask if she finishes the puzzle, because that would be a spoiler for how long she stays so instead, i just asked what Puzzle are you doing and she replied like literally, i think within the hour – and she told me you’re, not gon na hear this anywhere else. She told me that it is a custom puzzle of her entire family, which is so sweet. I can’t even take it. I’M rooting for her even more now, although, if i can give her some advice, um you know months after they filmed don’t do puzzles like this, like on a hardwood floor.

Literally, you can see she has the exact same table that miranda was doing this puzzle on like they have the exact same coffee table. Why is she not working on the coffee table? Save your knees, save your back. You’Re gon na hurt yourself anyway. It is actually very difficult to talk and puzzle at the exact same time, so i think i’m going to get back to my puzzle, so it is about 105 i’ve put in about what would that be like four hours so far about, i would say, probably another Hour and a half, maybe two hours and then i’ll be done [, Music ].

So it is just about 3 30 and, as you can see, i’m almost finished, but i wanted to show you something really fun so take a look. All that i have left are these standard piece shapes. I filled in all of the pieces of all of the other shapes and that’s kind of i don’t know like a self-fulfilling prophecy, because once i had fewer of these types of shapes left any time i saw one of those i would try to fill them in. First because there were fewer to go through, and so i would put them in before i put in you know the standard shapes and then, by the end i just kind of made it a challenge to try to put them in before all of the standard shapes And here’s a little trick if you want to do something similar, um anytime, that you see like two outs next to each other. Like pretend this piece is in here: oh my god, i’m taking apart this whole thing.

Okay, so anytime, you see like two outs or two ends next to each other. You know that one of them has to be a non-standard shape, because if you will be filling it in with standard shapes, it goes out, i mean in out in out, etc. So if you only have a few left of this type of piece, just look out for that type of pattern and then you can find where they’re gon na go [ Music ] all right. So it is about 3 45 and i kept track of the times that i wasn’t working on the puzzle. So if i subtract those, i end up with almost exactly five and a half hours of puzzling, which is about what i expected for a relatively difficult thousand piece puzzle.

But i think that what we can learn from this experience is that if i were to go on the circle, not only would i need to bring a puzzle, i would need to bring like an entire stack of puzzles. I read in some article that there’s no limit on the amount of luggage that you can bring, so i would like fill up a suitcase just with puzzles, and then they would kick me off the show, because i would be the most boring one, because i wouldn’t Talk to anyone – and i would just sit there doing my puzzles, but i really enjoyed this one. I want to say a huge thank you to gibson’s one year later for sending this to me, so i would love to know from you um instead of a code. Word this time, why don’t you just tell me what country are you from? I mean i guess you don’t really have to if you’re from the us, because most of my audience is but if you’re not from the united states.

Let me know what country you’re in so i am so excited to tune back into the circle, not really to find out who gets sent home, but just to find out if dalisa hangs around long enough to finish her puzzle, i, like don’t even care about the Twists and turns i’m just like show me to lisa show me her puzzle all right stay tuned, because i’m working on a bunch of other puzzle, videos which will be coming out very soon happy puzzling, and i will see you all in the next one.

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