Double Horse Shoe Puzzle!

Double Horse Shoe Puzzle! #shorts

Double Horse Shoe Puzzle!

This little puzzle here is like an enhanced version of the classic horse show puzzle, and the task is the same as on the original. To free this ring here from the puzzle on this one we got four horse shows instead of two, and this makes it slightly more tricky because I cannot really fit the ring over here, and even if I do so, I can’t get it here over this little horse on the end to solve this puzzle. 


I will just take the ring here and move it over those two spikes, one with the chain one without I move it all the way down until I get stuck here as the horse’s head, as I showed you before, but this Time I take the spikey of the second piece, move it through the ring, which gives me additional space to move and now the puzzle’s already solved. I can pass the head of the horse and take out the ring. 



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