Epic Spell Wars: Emily V. Gordon, Jonah Ray, and Veronica Belmont Join Wil on TableTop S03E09

Epic Spell Wars: Emily V. Gordon, Jonah Ray, and Veronica Belmont Join Wil on TableTop S03E09

Epic Spell Wars

I have a confession to make. I originally did not want to play today’s game on tabletop because I felt like it was too random and that there wasn’t enough strategy. Producer Boyan pointed out to me that tabletop doesn’t have to be and shouldn’t be just about heavy strategy games, and maybe I should give this game a second chance. Let it be what it is and see if I could have fun playing it on its own terms. I thank him for his advice and insight reconsidered my initial impression and decided to let this game be what it is: a hilarious, fast, relatively light game with amazing artwork that encourages its players to fully embrace how outrageous the entire concept is.

When I did that a wonderful thing happened, I cranked up some 80s heavy metal got myself into the spirit of the game and I had a fantastic time playing it. I don’t even remember who won and I totally don’t care the game, as they say, was the thing today on tabletop you’ll get to see for yourself exactly what I’m talking about as Jonah ray Emily, Gordon Veronica Belmont and I put on our robes and wizard hats To reenact the epic spell wars of the battle wizard’s duel at Mount skulls, fire Epic’s spell Wars, is an asterick’ l. Take that style card game designed by Rob, Hines ooh. Above all the funny jokes, incredible art and fast-paced gameplay. It tells you everything you need to know about the game simply by reading its title.

Epic spell wars of the battle Wizards duel at Mount skulls fire. We are all battle, wizards fighting it out to prove who among us, is the most powerful. Today, I will be assuming the role of craz Tarr, the blood – oh man, sir, because obviously on each turn, players will try to create spells from these spell component cards that are in their hands. They come in three different flavors, a starting card called the source, a middle card called the quality and a finishing move called the delivery. So, for example, craft are the blood.

Oh man, sir, casts beardo blast ease, explode, affiant act with the devil. Now, if I were playing efficiently, I would be matching these little glyph symbols that are in the corner of each card to increase the damage on my dice rolls, but to increase the fun factor of my play. I have decided to instead strictly make the best-sounding spells possible. Both are equally valid strategies in this game, because it is extraordinarily high. Luck cards will tell us which opponents to target and how many dice we will roll for damage.

We all normally start with 20 health and we will play until all, but one player is standing atop. The steaming heap of battle lizards each battle to the death is usually only a couple of turns so we’ll play a few rounds, kill each other and respawn and hopefully tell a lot of jokes who will crush their enemies and see them driven before then, let’s find Out an epic spell you I’m Veronica Belmont. I am a TV host and podcaster. My name is Jonah ray, I’m a comedian, I’m also a co-host on the Nerdist podcast. My name is Emily V Gordon, I host a podcast, but video games called the Android kids and I produce a stand-up show called the meltdown with Jonah and Kumail everybody, its epic spell battle.

Now here’s the thing. Usually, we make an effort to sort of keep things kind of clean out of respect for a lot of the the families who watch this kind of show with their kids. However, this particular game – I think really, if, if the things that we wrote on the inside of our Peachy folders, when we were 12 years old came to life, I think that really describes how we would sort of behave in this game. So I’m just saying that parents may want to watch this alone before they let their kids watch it, because there’s a really good chance. You’Re gon na hear a few pistol’, the urine wigglebottom crest first pencil yeah.

When I play games, I play video games. I tend to pick characters that are very explosive and barbarian kind of like because it’s not generally how I am as a person. So I like to pick different kinds of people, and so I picked pissed are today because he seemed like the most badass and the biggest and the Brawn iasts. So let’s go ahead and begin players. Please lay out your first spell.

I don’t know if I got this, I don’t think down it into my cards now my ability to play this game good. I got ta, be honest. I’M not very comfortable playing this game, I’m distracted by the great artwork. I just would rather just watch a cartoon based off of these characters, rather than provide my own commentary. Um there are no two-component spells being cast, so we’ll all reveal what our delivery number is.

I have an eight-six, I’m a 10. I am Alive, Hey all right Veronica! You are going to go first, all right. You know I felt pretty comfortable playing epic spell war. I consider myself to be quite the spell master in my day-to-day life and it felt really good to just flex those muscles a little bit cast some spells.

You know, as one does, I am casting scorches desi nucular, yes, meltdown right right on all right. What happens with your source? First of all, I deal three damage to my strongest. Oh, so what are we doing this instant? Thank you everyone’s tied, so you choose.

You ha! You got my oh! It’S a compliment. My strategy is always to attack. Will um mostly because he’s a really sore loser and I think it’s fun to watch him, be sad, uh and and what happens with your spell’s quality, all right, so um, let’s see here, I roll two dice, yes and then each of your foes rolls one die.

Yeah those who match one or more of your die rolls each suffered that we miss a lot of words proposed to match one or more of your dive rolls each set: that’s not real English. That is bullcrapping that you roll two dice. Each of your foes rolls one die. Those who match one or more of your die rolls each suffer damage. Okay.

Well, there needed to be a goddamn common error. Maybe you should spend more time reading in less time, laser versing yeah you roll two dice. We all roll one die and if we match your roll ready take damage equal to whatever you rolled. This could be. This could be super bad news.

Yeah, I’m going ronica, okay, four, okay! No it’s one or a three! Oh Emmett! Oh, it takes three damage. Jonah!

That’S terrible Jonah takes three damage. Well, take zero damage, [, __, ], jerks, hey, hey, not bad! Alright! Now go on twenty-two! Oh yeah, all right, you’re stronger!

So you get to choose again, as you don’t mean to just choose you or do you want to right? Let’S draw a chance: what is this Pokemon? I don’t know, let’s roll all right, let’s roll! Let’S do it simultaneous okay! I think we should house rule it and it targets them.

One see you to country yeah. Alright, I get that I don’t know Jonah what happens. I don’t remember you roll again power roll, so I Grohl three tiny dice ten. What happens um as above, but five damage instead of three damage, add one damage to each player adjacent to that is that do I count for that? I’M not adjacent on the table.

If anything, I know the whole viewer would be the adjacent player. Everyone at home take one damage. Everyone watch yourself of them, don’t hurt yourself really, but if you want to punch it up in the door, the genitals in general, I’m not gon na yeah go for it. Okay, I have an eight. Does anyone have higher than an eight?

No alright, then it is my turn with old, scratches expire fiying Death Wish roll a die. If you roll one, two three, you suffer that much damage. If you’re, all four to six. You heal that many hit points. Oh yes, tricky.

Five hit points I heal taking me above my starting value. 222. Ah harassed. I feel strong, doesn’t sound strong yeah explode if eying target of my choice, Veronica huh, so I roll a one, you take a damage, damage, take a damage up and the death wish target. The foe on your right – Oh oh yeah, I roll two dice, you take, you take three damage and I take and I take one we just kill him, so he never has to make.

I know but hang up on him just so he can get that boy got it done the only winning move in the most obnoxious voice game when I’m involved is not to play. You look at this guy and tell me that is not what he sounds like. Okay, you’re, probably right and regardless you did pick that guy and you still deserve it. Yes, I’m crass time there is no other voice for that. Man really.

Is it please all right? I mean to have a six and you have a 5. So it’s pissed are this time test wizard yeah! Today we will be going with a dr

Rooty box festering dragon hoard, Oh piss, oh man, all right, uh. I heal three HP, one, two, three four dollars there you go dr.

McKee, buh buh rolls a die and then I’m not even gon na tell you you’re gon na roll and then I’ll tell you all right: Jonah roll dice. Okay, all right Veronica roll die. Okay, Wheaton roll die. I think that’s bad! None of this matters because each foe, who rolls 1/6 heals h3h, oh yeah, okay, this is my strongest foe.

It’S probably me, since I have more imported this round, which I have acted. So hey Joanie it’ll be Jonah right now, it’s time in my life, if faith took a powder mister, you must discard the quality of your spell if you have any, but that would be the middle card so ul, oh yeah, bummer. How dare you can’t? I bring joy and rainbows all right dragon horn, each foe, who has no treasures, which is all of us. Yes, roll, my real powers, just one, so I’m gon na roll, yep and you’re gon na take some damage.

You’Re gon na take one damage. Oh yeah. I am NOT a stronger than grass star has been reduced to restarting you, that’s great, hey c’mon. I only have two cards, but it’s on that. The only thing I have two of Oh, what are you talking about?

Boone’S Jonah is a man of many voices and most of them sound a bit like that very foppish, very favorable uh and it’s kind of fun to watch them come out of his very, very large, very large mouth. Is it true that your buns create rainbows only when I do really like the way this is going yeah, MOG, magog’s mercy, killing I’ll, kill you what I’m so sorry, I’m not that comfortable hurting anybody. If they know it’s me, if I can just randomly do it, you know like that thing where it’s like a you push this button and someone gets hurt in another room and do they know I do it? No, they don’t know. I just dis this.

This choose one: did you three damage to the phone your left or deal one damage to eat, though what are you going to do? Why are you home? I hate you all so much party favor go bottom is to have his way. He’S gon na have to give three damage to that mother. Wil Wheaton closet army awaits on my left varies on your Jonah has revealed who he hates you fallen for my nefarious.

Pry of making you hate rain, I’m so sorry, hahahaha go bottom jokes! I love you. Will we? There are so many sounds around me. Jodan will are pretty loud, especially sitting in between the two of them.

Although Jonah’s voice, it was kind of soothing. In a way. I mean I just kind of wanted to be his friend and take care of him and I never wanted to attack him cuz. He seemed really weak. Faye tickle bottom he’s a equal opportunity: no Cass, turd, okay, so one point away from each other.

Everybody huh so target your weakest foe. Oh my serving no elizabe me let the lasers do all your hard work. That’S not my given name to live in my guild. They call me lady V in World of Warcraft, and I was a cool, a TV lady, laser via you only to what happens to damage alright, let’s reload our hands, reload Jonah, you get two cards Emily. You get three cards, yes, well, you get three cards.

Jonah get three cards: mister, this mellow symbol. Okay, I have twelve ten eighteen wild magic, so when Wild Magic is drawn, we roll cards off the top of the deck until that particular spell component is revealed Veronica. That is not a delivery. That is not a delivery. That is a delivery.

It is the testicle the testicle, but I believe it is a seven which is not higher than twelve, which means crash ha ha ha casts sors, ritualistic Fountain of Youth ooh. First, I gain a treasure BAM. Oh it’s! The pink cannon at the start of your turn deal one damage to the wizard on your way warrior. I don’t think that happens this term, because it’s not the start of my turn starter.

My turn already happened. Each foe rolls our guys. No, no, no. Each girl rolls a die, roll, a die, choose and perish another time from it all right and you and you and nothing happens. If you would roll the six you would have gained a tray.

The target is the foe of my choice. I didn’t think this through very well. I can only roll one die on a one to four. I suffer 3d. Let’S beat the odds.

Oh yes, you one two three damage to crash star: Oh chin, overuse. I roll for this and depending what I roll, I heal something beautiful three, no effect so that basically, the effect its had the effect of that spell was to UM acquire a plink cannon and then shoot myself in the face everything’s coming up Christ. Oh, I’m very good at being a wizard of grass shot is a barrel man, sir. Ah, was it you’re, motivated by a lot of different things. Uh craz star is motivated by a desire to make as much blood happen as possible on account of he’s a blood.

Oh man, sir uh, who has the next highest number I have 1810. Did you save up 18 yeah, you should go, you should have gone first, oh really. What happened twelve – and I was like – is anybody higher than yeah and then I said eighteen and then you went first. I didn’t really say: eighteen go to raise tabletop. Well, ah, professor Presto’s, oh man, magic yeah, all right here we go not a quality mighty grow.

Just made me mighty grow ah, but he kept. What are you casting out? Booth, professor Presto’s mighty grow pact with the devil, so professor press knows deal three damage to a random foe if you played a wild magic card as part of your spell gain a treasure. Oh yeah, it’s a treasure. I get a treasure and I get to give back to the mother who embarrassed me by not even paying attention to what number I said in the first place.

Who is that his name? I can’t recall ultimate insult alright, so take three damage. Ah, moving on to my tea grow, heal 2 HP, no longer my new and my pact with the devil, your strongest foe. That would be me, Oh star regulus, so you get 1 damage. Oh, how dare you that’s actually totally fine with you?

Ah all right, um, you have a 7 in pest or as a 10 go ahead. The power of urine compels me, Rose bottoms, ballsy, nucular meltdown meltdown. Should we tell her that it’s beer and not piss? I promise you now: pissed R is not drinking alcohol. That is not a mug.

That is a beer that is his head. Pissed are is just very into urine and pees a lot and has a huge bladder and uses it against other people, so urine ah rose bottoms, heel, 1 HP for each different glyph in your spell and I’ve one two and three Wow one, two: three, alright ballsy, The foes to your left and to your right, Oh, must each choose one of his treasures, come on guys his treasure and give it to you or suffer three damage. Oh all, right. Do you want to anyone every day I can’t afford that you’re gon na do damage to mother Jonah ray Hey. Did this be alright?

Your strongest foe, who is that anymore, is that anyone, thirteen thirteen – I was thirteen as well. Oh, you guys get to roll for it all right. We’Re rolling and high as bad Louis gets. Look bad, Louis all right I’ll go first! Okay!

Well, you got this coaches one in six, hahaha, remembering why this is the only time I play board games is Armand. Alright, rubber bottom: what is your name? Hey, tickle bottom, the enchanter please before you’re old. Please just think in your mind. For me, all of our names, some like DJ, name’s, DJ pissed, are mainly spends.

Limp Biskit covers Rammstein and then sometimes the Spice Girls. When he’s feeling real crazy welcome, Wikipedia Wow, you got ta start out Emily good yeah good. Then I shall be casting windows exploded, vine just to kill wow. This is my favorite one spells alright. What do you tell Wars?

Yours one damage to each fo for each different glyph in your spell o6u she’s only 2, alright explode a flying time. Ah foe of my choice. Hmm, oh please strategic! I’M sorry tickle bottom, but why so? Because I have roll power I 2 elementals.

So I guess a roll two dice, Oh nein, so I get a three damage and I suffer one damage. Oh, like I said you, sir all right test to kill time. My Rica’s foe, that Oh missed our mister kill, was the name of my favorite dominatrix, no power. She had the highest of heels. I think I have an advantage in this game just because it’s made for twelve-year-old boys – and I am still pretty much a twelve-year-old boy here – we go four, so you get one damage or like a tester scratch which Mouse gentlemen do on a daily basis, Pynchon role.

I prefer the forefinger Drake myself. What is that? What perfect a Drake? Oh wait, you’re going this way, nothing this way, yeah! I don’t have balls.

I got that okay, three, four, Emily, like heaven Jonah it is it’s exactly like heaven, as I garden now that I’ve learned about all the different things you can do to balls, I’m feeling a little bit jealous here’s a fun story about my balls. One time I was walking my dog and she began to like pull away on the leash, and I was like damn it Riley and I like, but to pull the leash to get her back on track. At the same time, she went like that and ran across me, and I punched myself square in the nuts. I felt bad for him, even though I don’t have genitals, like his crash starters, casting a component spell because he has no source cards in his hand. Crash fire goes first, because you can’t get dude, though he’s gassing the impatient.

Oh, oh, you would have better. No, no, I didn’t mean I didn’t mean to balls my patient power more decks, I’m so impatient. I would come on twice. I deal damage to each foe, damaged, damaged, damaged, Oh playing impatient in a to card spell when everyone else is playing three-card spells. Not maybe my most brilliant strategic move of all time, because I was gon na go first anyhow, but they all do take one damage because of it.

So I’m feeling good about that power. Vortex I rolled a three that um I wrote to every the second. I roll the second worst I could roll and I discard a card Wow, not cabbage yeah. I think I’m discarding that my turn is done. Wow, that was a bad turn turn brutal Christ.

Todd will now return to his cup of water, which he is the boss. What’S the number of your spell 12, what’s over your spell 19, what’s the number of yourself or all right, it’s common hecuba’s disco, Meerut bedazzle meet such a fate, tickle bottom, the enchanter healing healing that a bell billing me. What’S my mingling, are you biting? What is it so? Yes, gibbehhhhh’s, which are my friends, your delivery targets, each foe instead?

Okay, great, so you hit everybody instead of what the card says. Okay, disco mirror this card copies the text of a source or delivery. In your spell, listen this! What you got to do is just have your delivery happen twice. Okay, four bow of your choice, which is now everybody.

Is it because of panic me yeah yeah, please, as you must. I got oh wait a minute right. You can throw three nice, oh what fun? Oh so you’re gon na do whatever the maximum thing is. What does it say as above you, but you may choose the card weight, one damage and you may add a random card from your hand to your spell.

Okay, so grab just randomly grab a card out of your hand, just read up randomly so you’re doing one damage already and then you’re gon na. Do this also okay, so 10 plus 5 damage, and I take one damage: roll the dice for that one. Oh but yeah, oh then, how many dice? Oh it’s dark matter. It’S our cilantro one yeah we’re eating this, but you’re gon na.

Do this again! Alright, let’s do it come on enchantment three. Does it’s too damaged and I take one damage then watch them? Okay, alright! So we do.

Everybody takes three damage. One two, three there you take one damage now: roll your bedazzle mint again, because you duplicate the dazzle min extravaganza, hey tickle. Bottom, that’s going to be a seven! So what happens on a seven? Seven is one damage and you may add a random card.

Are you kidding me uh your hand or is your stuff? Okay right should grab a card out of your hand and add it to your spell all right. Well, blast, jeez. What is that this card copies? The text of the delivery of your spell oh you’re, gon na do this again trapped in a magical vortex like a rainbow and colored like your mom.

Oh, I don’t want to see, do ya one damage and you make it right. Okay, when Alberto blasts, these duplicates that so roll three dice again, okay, everybody takes one damage. Did you take a damage? I don’t know? No, it’s not cheating.

If you legitimately, don’t remember where your token was all right, I did one I def Christmas chain spell okay, so that’s three six. What is the six say? It’S for bedazzled Minh? Yes, it is one damaged. Okay, add a random card from your hairy wrestler annum partnership.

If I’m playing like a serious gamer, I’m pretty upset that this move is clearly broken. That Jonah is chaining spell after spell, after spell after spell, but in the spirit of this game, it’s freaking hilarious and it just makes more ridiculous things happen. It is just as satisfying to me that I keep getting just pummeled by Jonah’s ridiculous stacking spells as it would be for me to put together some really great spell combination box. Brainiacs reveal to talk to cards of the main deck each one with the glyph that matches a glyph in your spell is added to your spell discard the rest ridiculous. I wake you up literally every glyph in the game.

Now, while magic doesn’t match a glyph but um, I really want in this. We can agree on this. I kind of wanted the spirit of this insane bullet that’s happening. I want. I want to roll until we get a card that matches what you, what you pulled out.

Okay, so all right there you go so primal. Do you have a primal spell in your situation? I do not all right. Here’S the second one. Do you have a primal spell in your situation?

None! Oh, my god! Is this finally gon na be over. Thank you so much for the time. I’Ve wasted everybody.

Yes, yes, go, go groans, yes, delicious! Hmm, it’s my favorite kind of bacon of you all right! First, I heal to hit points huzzah all right and then target full of your choice. Where we add dogs, please, you picked on me before all right, we’ll go with well dad for all right to damage. Ah, ah, ah, shot is about to die.

Kresser only gets louder when he’s about to die and then ooh target myself power roll two days here and then I can’t get some points. Six hit points. Oh no dragon, um, Jew head point: good, try, good, try, Boyan West histar thinks you guys are nerds. Mister got passed through on scholarship because there was he in the Wizarding school there was a football team and he was like the star quarterback on it. So he’s alright at magic but like he just did just enough to get through like he didn’t.

He did not Excel will say first off blink cannon, one damage to you the way I got short on her left, dr

Rudi box, mind altering code of ashes all right, I did. I healed three one, two, three, exactly as the prophecy foretold now I understand why the crashed our card was unavailable to his character for months yeah. What happened? I haven’t even told you credit stars, amazing backstory. The crash star is fighting in the duel today because he’s tired of people just constantly saying crest are you’re.

Just a blood home answer he’s not just a blood home answer. He is also a three-time silver medalist in the filking competition at DragonCon mind-altering deal three damage for random foe and you and that foe each gain a treasure. I don’t know tickle bottom I need for surely killing me random, random, Oh random, yeah random doesn’t mean I get to pick. No, it means Rando. How do we know one?

Two? Three, four, five, six: okay, all right, you’re, four, now you’re safe! No, it’s above! Please save me for my: do I take three damage and then wanders, but I do get a treasure burn yawn for an hour. I have plus 10 10 initiative.

All my spells have plus 10 initiative watch. I don’t even know what that means. That means that you’re always gon na you’re almost certainly always going to go first. Unless someone is impatient, this is it. I don’t know who I’m gon na kill.

I know I’m gon na kill someone. I am hoping that it’s crashed our because his voice is driving me insane. So we’ll see what happens: uh, Kotov acid foes on your left and right and I think I’m going to die. Oh, my god, I only have one that I roll right that 102 damage [ __ ] yeah. It was cuz, it was a 3-1 oh yeah, I’m holding on damn it ray.

Okay, I get a dead wizard card and I lose my treasure all right. We still treasure you, let’s say a few words about Christ, our cuz he’s gone Kim home. I can’t say that i missin much at all. You see all the bad things I do by myself. Faye tickle bottom wants to win mainly because he wants to use all the joy that he’s brought through his winnings to have fun with everybody else, and if that turns out to be watching people while they sleep, then it’s fate.

Tickle bottoms way, alright, alright, with Ram who has the highest really can’t talk like crashed all right now because he’s dead. Alright, I’m not! Okay! No! That’S fine!

That’S cool! That’S cool! Guys! Okay! Girls!

I suppose you go Glee max brainiacs invasion, chicken, really, which is what I don’t review, the top two cars of the main dish again, each one with a clip that matches a glyph in your spell is a territorial spell. Do you have any illusion? In your spell? I do not do you have any primal magic in your spell. I do not wow man bluemax Brainiac.

It is not on the you train. Second, what’s your quad? What is the quality of your spell so impatient at the start of the initiative review this card? Your spell resolves first, this round and you do one damage deal one damage to each foe: what happens with your chicken your strongest phone? A super duper emily with only two hit beating this ha go ahead: roll mother, three damaged ooh, so scared.

Sorry Veera reveal your uh. I get the plus ten seventeen I’m also seventeen, ah okay um. So I think that we may not that I have to say no, I mean if we’re building this game out the way twelve-year-old boy thinks I am really liking it right. Suitor, Lord, would it be totally funny I mean not for real, but, like you know, if it comes to career change down the line, I feel secure, knowing that there’s potentially an audience out there for bang on bang, action doesn’t have to be weird. It doesn’t have to be weird, it can be us just having tea together.

It’S not a big deal. Let’S go to see and I guess you’re all hired yeah hi it bad. No, you add it to your role. So you’ll go first. What nothing makes sense, but that’s: okay, okay, all right all right now: okay, yeah ladle is a view of the space Kingdom you’re, not even a real wizard you’re, just some kind of alien.

That’S true! You know! That’S your talk to me. Like the hurtful. Don’T you call me not a wizard, you don’t know me, you don’t know my background, you don’t know my family.

I know you’re, not a blood home answer cuz. I haven’t seen you at any of the blood. Oh man, through meetings. I do other things on Tuesday night, okay, Renee, lien, whoa little racist. Take it easy all right.

What happens now thanks jion’s shrink shines. Wait! I’M your now fiction fiction! Shinee’S, yes, Vicky, says wedding turn watch, I’m sure exactly your fiction. Now I’m fiction uh sessions, dicey of fun, tomorrow’s test, god, I can’t read you guys.

Even phase shirts are even like what is happening right now, all right. What’S your spell doing all right, so choose and steal treasure belonging to any foe. I mean I have all the drugs looking good over here I mean they’re, all terrible. Ah I like that. We like these fancy pumps that fancy pumps and then next up I’ve got dicey, so they’re all to dice up each of your foes rolls one died.

Foes who match one or more of your die rolls suffer it’s the same card again. Let that many damage. Okay, do you think, or do you like me, love me again, fate took a bottom, has an extensive sword, arrest, collection and many of them are just different shades of Argyle and to us they would all look the same, but to him it’s very much. A very detailed specificity that we of the untrained Argyle. I cannot be able to see all right, so I will to go all right if either van two or a five Emily haha Jonah hey, come with me I’ll, carry you across the Rainbow Bridge to the last of dead wizards who take the metro.

You get a dead wizard cards and I’m done yet. You still got more stuff going on. No now that she’s, the only one alive she the photo to my right, that is correct. Okay food. Am i right roll power so uh-huh, I ain’t, afraid, I’m a little afraid 7, so 3 damage?

Oh, did little right, almost nothing! I mean no good 3. You got one of my treasures. Does shoes are fierce? I mean they’ve got knives instead of heels.

You probably should have taken this card because now this card does one damaged. Okay, you know what I couldn’t see the card, so I was trusting you. It would be nice and give me your best cards. So really, this is on you not the first time I’ve seen a couple, broads agri argue over Schuster can’t even be sexist. That’S how much of a good guy!

I am just a man. If I try even do it, did you take a damage, but I did. I did uh piss char, it’s actually Pistor. I keep turning him into pissed. Are that’s alright hi this toss, midnight Bolan, thundering, Tusker cool Wow, alright deal one damage to your strongest, though BAM for each living, wizard, which you only get one, and then I draw a dead wizard card.

Sure I got the wild of Fura corn meadow display, but you’re too damaged to a random foe. Oh do this once for each to live in your spell just one two three ask you can ride with me on my horse of death. Congratulations! Emily! You are the last wizard standing in round one Veronica.

You had a dead wizard card all right there you go that star window check out what piss targets he gets always coveted. Last wizard standing token. What does this mean? So I’m about to shuffle up and deal these cards, so we can play another round. Cuz usually be playing multiple rounds of this game, but producers have told me that we’ve been playing for an hour on account of something I’m not quite sure what it was and we actually the show, was gon na be too long if we go and play another Round so this has become a single round of epic spell battle your complaint multiple rounds at home, but as it turns out Emily, your are standing and you are victorious in this game.

Congratulations. I won as I and and the three of us will go be in the dead Wizards lounge and I maggots next and yeah. We certainly we really do. Can I come to yo cuz you’re not dead, but I bring our yeah. I got cold urine.

I can bring that you guys drink and have fun with Wow. Okay, we should so. This is a new experience for you guys, since you are both previous tabletop winners. This is very familiar territory to me, but today it’s not the losers lounge! It’S the dead Wizards lounge and I have you’re pretty good about that.

Cuz. You know the thing is: Wizards only become more powerful when they’re dead, that’s correct, we’re on our way to being Lich’s or I’m gon na be Veronica. Both white, that’s, okay, yeah good yeah! Not a regional thing, really really. Okay, even though I was the first one to fall, I probably would have killed him if you hadn’t died was literally like we’ll, really actually killed ya.

You cannot kill what’s already dead already dead and dead people commit suicide. Is that possible? Emily? Congratulations! Thank you.

You were the best wizard. Today I picked the jock wizard yeah. You really did I love how he decided he didn’t like the other. Would she say we’re nerds. I was very funny to me yeah.

I am anxious to get back to the dance party we’re having in the dead Wizards lounge. Oh no, you cannot, but you can’t have the tabletop trophy of Oz. Oh yeah! This has been handcrafted, especially for you. I am going to engrave your name on it.

Now. Oh yeah, okay, there you go. This is for you. Congratulations please make a victory speech if you so desire. I want to thank my parents who raised a really weird bad, bad kid, basically a bad kid, and I want to thank you for having me father.

You don’t get this back. No, I don’t know, that’s quite all right. You absolutely earned it. Thank you very much for watching. Thank you for subscribing guys until crash Don writes again gains

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