Forbidden Desert: Felicia Day, Alan Tudyk, and Jon Heder join Wil Wheaton on TableTop S03E02

Forbidden Desert: Felicia Day, Alan Tudyk, and Jon Heder join Wil Wheaton on TableTop S03E02

Forbidden Desert: Felicia Day, Alan Tudyk, and Jon Heder join Wil Wheaton on TableTop

When I started playing games in the before times back in the long long ago, tabletop games fell into a couple of broad categories, War, games and everything else. The idea of playing a game where my friends and I were on the same team was incomprehensible to us, especially after one weekend of diplomacy, which nearly destroyed our ability to trust in or believe each other. Ever again, In the last few years, though, things have changed and cooperative games have become as common on our shelves as anything else and for a good reason, Sometimes working together to defeat a particularly tricksy designer is a lot more fun than discovering that Cal wasn’t going To keep that one unit in France and now I’ve lost control of the English Channel and Julie is going to push me out of Portugal next term, because Sara isn’t supporting me like she said she would, and nobody in the world respects the treaties I made with Them

I’M sorry Diplomacy, wounds run deep and take forever to heal. We’Ve featured some great cooperative games on TableTop and we’ve even won some of them, but Matt Leacock, the designer of Pandemic and Forbidden Island is currently two and O against us. So today, Alan Tudyk, John Heder and Felicia Day are here to see if we can finally put a win in our column, To do it we’ll have to survive and escape the Forbidden Desert.

(, mysterious music, ), ( action, music, ) Forbidden Desert is a cooperative play game designed by Matt Leacock, where we play the crew of a steam-punk airship that has crashed in the desert to repair it and get the heck out before we all die.

Like other coop games, team building and team work are key to success. The navigator will help us move around the board safely, while the archeologist is great at digging out important things from this God-forsaken desert Like how about the primary buffle panel that fell off McGoram’s ship. After the players haven taken their turn trying to salvage this disaster, it is the game’s turn to try and ruin all of our plans and kill us
So the first thing that we have to deal with is the desert sands shifting around. So, even if we think we know where the power catalyzer is, the tile will move around every time the storm hits it So we’ll have to track four broken pieces, while they’re moving around under buried sand without knowing their original starting positions.

For example, this tells me that the storm space on the board is going to move two squares to my right.

What else could go wrong?
How about running out of water and dying in the middle of this hell hole Anytime? We draw one of these “ sun beats down” cards every character without shelter loses one water and starts dying. So you can see here.

The climber has three life, but there’s four beat down cards in the deck and we shuffle it multiple times, Not awesome, And if that weren’t bad enough already, if we take too long on this impossible task before the storm marker hits the international symbol for game over. We lose because our pilot has died.
There may be a million ways to die out here, but there’s only one way to win Work together as a team repair our crashed ship and get back into the sky where we can be a leaf on the wind and now I’m sick.

Will our team of heroes be able to do the impossible task and prevent a complete sweep, or will we find our bodies buried and burned in the sand? Let’S find out in Forbidden Desert?

My name is Jon Heder and I am an actor
I am known for such dramas as Napoleon Dynamite and Blades of Glory, Benchwarmers and other Academy Award nominees. We didn’t win anything yet, but we were nominated. I think I’m Felicia Day and I am a writer and an actor and a producer and a craft service specialist. Sometimes Not really Hello. My name is Alan Tudyk.

And I was on uh …. I’Ve been in some movies that one and the other one that one that was good

And then some TV shows America’s Most Wanted To Catch a Predator and uh

Firefly, Hey everybody, it’s Forbidden Desert and the rules for Forbidden Desert state that the player who is thirstiest will go first. We discussed this before we rolled the cameras and I’ve been drinking water all day and Jon is drinking water right now.
Felicia is mostly water and, as it turns out, Alan is loaded up with coffee.

That’S right, So coffee is dehydrating Before you move just tell the kids at home who you are and what your power is In the game.
Yes, yes, so go Good!

I’M an archeologist And my name is Dr.. Mclickertitty He’s hopped up on the pills.
He can write his own scripts, So that was one thing that he brought with. Him was a lot of pain, meds, All right, I’m a climber.

That means I climb over grains of sand, which is very difficult.

My name is Brenda, no last name because I’m a mystery.
Okay, [ Felicia ], I’m the water carrier, so I take two water from excavated water tiles for one action. So basically my function is to water. You guys It’s kind of like Moist from Dr.

Horrible, except she has goiters on her back that are filled with water.
She’S, like a werewolf but a camel [, Wil ], So you’re, a healer which is awesome, I’m the navigator And my name is Captain Seamus Marlow. Captain Seamus Marlow has been serving on this airship for about 25 minutes.
So you have four actions available to you doctor. What would you like to do with them?

Well, I think I should …
Since we’re all playing together, what do I do? I think I should clear some sand.

[ Wil ]. I think that’s a great idea.

What direction would you like to clear, [, Alan ], I’m going to let you
.. [ Wil ] Here here or here This direction, [ Wil ] This direction.

That sand is gone, [, Felicia, ], (, gasps, ), [, Wil ]. That’S one action! Now. What would you like to do? I’D flip it [ Wil, ], Flip.

Search that tile [ Jon ], That’s two [ Wil ]. That’S a second action. You’Ve discovered a tunnel which is great for “. The Sun Beats Down. .

‘ You’ve got this useful gear card.
You get a time throttle which lets you take two extra actions on a turn: [ Felicia ]. Oh my gosh, That is super fantastic. You have two actions remaining, sir. How would you like to spend them?

I’D like to remove some sand.

[ Wil ] Yep, from which, tile From this tile [ Alan ], That one [ Jon ]. You only have two more choices: one more choice: now,
[ Wil ] That sand is gone. Do you want to clear a tile, or do you want to search a tile? So let me flip it.

[ Wil ], All right. Let’S search this and see [ Jon ] Yeah we’ve got to start flipping.
[ Felicia ] We’ve got to flip it [ Wil ]. What’S there More gear, Congratulations! Thank you.

That’S more gear for you, A terrascope which is super useful [, Alan ], The terrascope and it looks cool. I can look through sand.

Yeah, which is good, I’m sensing, a theme emerging in you,
[ Felicia ] That he’s a hoarder You’re like a time-traveling sand, looker [, Alan ] Yep. I don’t think he’s a real doctor, [ Felicia ]. I don’t think so.

[ Alan ], I am a doctor, I’m just a doctor. Who’S good with shovels, He’s great he’s a doctor in almost all the states There’s a few of them that have revoked his license.

Let’S find out what bad stuff happens, doctor
What is this deck called? You know, I think it’s called like the Storm Deck or something like that. [ Felicia ], It’s the worst.

, But we call it the deck of terrible murder death. Let’S call it happiness, let’s try to turn it around.
[ Wil ], Let’s see where the storm’s going to move right away. Okay, the storm’s going to this way. So that’s not awesome, but it’s not terrible.

It’S going to get terrible! Oh good!
The storm is picking up: [ Jon ], That’s okay! We’Ve got a spare, it’s great [ Wil ] ( laughing ). Of course we draw a storm card on the very first turn, So we could’ve just started on legendary.

If we beat this game, I think we’re even a little more awesome than we would normally be. Oh hubris,
The storm has picked up: okay, That wasn’t in the forecast, [ Alan ] And now for the third thing. The sun beats down: [ Jon ], That’s the worst
[ Felicia ]: This is the worst

That’S even better. Okay, I’d just like to point out that all this happened on your turn, doctor [ Alan ], The desert’s trying to kill us, which just makes anyone a little uncomfortable, I’m down to two
[ Wil ] Yeah, Because I started out with no water [ Alan ], I’m down to two too Yeah we’re in the same boat Yeah, I’m at three
I don’t know what you guys are crying about: I’m flush with water. I am plump Okay-, I am plump and fertile You’ve got humps
[ Felicia ], I do have humps You’ve got like camel, humps, Hey squeeze me [, Wil ].

This is a tough one for me. We’Re down two games to nothing against Matt, and while I really love to play games with my friends and winning, is not the thing in games today, we’re playing for TableTop

All those names on the wall we’re playing for every one of them. One of the things that you might want to do, because you guys are both really hurting in the water department, is pick up Alan and carry him to this oasis. [ Jon ], We’ll work together, We’ll suffer together, [, Wil, ] And hope there’s water there. So what would you like to do?

You have four actions. How do you wish to spend them? I want to start flipping some tiles, Let’s clear that one [ Wil ] Yeah go
[ Jon ] I’ll, give that one to you [, Wil ], That’s one [ Jon, ] You’re, the sand master, Yes, [, Jon, ] And then I’ll flip. This
[ Wil ] And two [ Felicia ], Oh [, Wil ] Outstanding. We know that the compassy thingy is somewhere in this row.

[ Felicia ] Is that the offical name for it.
[ Wil ] Compassy thingy. Yes, It is A steam-punk term. [ Jon ], It’s a timedial. It’S a sundial, [ Wil, It’s a sundial!

I mean the steam-punk …

What does that do for our ship? It lets us know what time it is.

[ Jon ] Yeah, It’s the wheel of fun, it goes here. It also helps you navigate through times of sorrow and trouble. [ Wil ]. Yes, Oh that’s nice and it’s a roulette wheel.
[ Wil ] Yeah yeah [, Jon ], Let’s clear that one [ Wil ] Clearing this is three Yeah and then let’s flip that [ Felicia ] Flip
[ Wil, ] And we’ll search here for four.

Oh, you found another tunnel which is good And you get to get a gear card. What do you have there? I got a jetpack
[ Wil ]: Oh a jetpack! That’S fancy!

Probably powered by steam because it’s a steam-punk invention.

Why are we wasting our water on steam, [ Jon ]? I know That’s a good question.
Clearly we’re not very smart [ Jon ], I can stray from you guys and then, if we all have to get to a water oasis, I can jetpack back to you [ Wil ] Yeah, When I could have just drank the water in the jetpack, which seems Ridiculous, It’s nonpotable water,
It’S peepee water, Not great, but it could have been worse Next turn: it’s going to be more limited in its movement. [ Wil, ] You’d think that [ Jon ], Because it’s on the edge

Right, Ideally, Ideally Just like McLickertitty He’s right on that edge.
[ Jon ] He’s on the edge of tomorrow Too much coffee Okay, so I have two dry guys.

You guys are dry like the Sahara, So I’m going to give you a water
You get water and you get water, [, Wil ]. I don’t need water [ Alan ], Woo, [, Jon ]. You give it by going down one So you’re now down to two
You’Re actually less than us, But that’s all right. She can reload water really easily. It’S part of her abilities, I’m plump, lady
Brenda is .

., So that’s a free action for you, Nothing mysterious about that.
You still have other things to do: [, Felicia ]. I, like this area, cleared [ Wil, ], All right, [, Felicia ]. So I’m going to go.

[ Wil ] Action, one [, Felicia, ], Flip [, Wil ] Keep these down in that corner there [ Felicia ]. Oh sorry,
[ Wil ], So that’s cool. You get a gear card which is a duneblaster

[ Felicia ], Oh this is nice, Remove all sand from your tile or from an adjacent tile.

That’S great
All sand complete of of the … It makes like a dubstep sound when you turn it on ( Jon, mimicking dubstep ) Using the sandblaster is like a dubstep song.
Which I’m not good at special effects?

( dubstep sound effects? ). You know that …

( dubstep sound effects. ), You don’t know because it’s incomprehensible
[ Jon ], It’s a one-man device and since it’s steam you have to like crank it up and it’s a little old timey

It’S like … ( blowing air ), It’s kind of like a muffled airy, fart
[ Wil ], I think that’s ( mumbling ) move I’ll clear this corner.

I’M blue Brenda is blue, [, Wil, ], Yeah, okay. I can’t
My little tiny arms … [ Wil ] You’ll go here.

Oh look at that.
That’S super, So we know that at least at the moment the jackpot indicator is presumably ….

It began in this row, but as we can see, things have moved around a little bit.

So maybe it’s gone off somewhere else, which is less awesome. What do you think we’re doing here? Why are we here? We just crashed here We were flying over the Forbidden Desert.

To To the Forbidden Island, We were on our way to the Forbidden Island. Why can’t we just stay where we’re bidden, We’re always going to these Forbidden places?
This is a terrible vacation package Because as the navigator, I have something to prove to my father, who doesn’t approve of me. Captain Marlow has a lot of things to prove to his dad. For example, number one yes wearing a captain’s hat does make you a captain.

Dad I’m going to clear underneath me, then
All right, [, Jon, ] Yeah, that’s a great idea: [ Felicia ], Because …
[ Wil ] Brenda Brenda gets more gear. Oh you got the secret water reserve.

That’S fantastic, [, Jon ]! I haven’t seen that one. Yet
I’M so full of water, I’m so hydrated. That’S actually really super good. What’S the secret about that water reserve, She can’t tell you

[ Alan ] Brenda has a secret water reserve.

I am guessing the secret is that it’s full of tadpoles Or fish poop, just straight up the little long ones that look like those Asian croutons that you get on some salads. This isn’t water, it’s bourbon, [, Wil ]. Ah that sounds terrific. I’M coming to see you In the middle of the desert:
This is good. I have a problem [ Felicia ].

I don’t need to give anyone water, [, Jon, ]. No, no, Not right! Now.
Ready, Let’s find out what the storm does [ Alan ]. Oh we’ve got to do the miracle card.

Everything that happens on this is your fault. Oh good. The storm picks up
It’S almost like you know, what’s going on with the cards, Because I’ve matched up the deck

[ Alan ] You’ve mapped it out. [ Jon ], There’s three of those [ Wil ], There’s just under 20 cards in the deck
Four of them are sun beats down cards, which means we have a 25 % chance of drawing one of those cards every turn. One is definitely coming up on my turn or on Alan’s turn.

We have got to get in a tunnel or under a sunshield or we’re in big big trouble. I would like to move myself here for one clear for two and then move you three, I’m okay.
And then move one other person, four [ Jon ] We’re trying to get into the tunnel. I see [ Wil ] To get everybody into the tunnel so that you guys don’t lose because I’ve lost this game. A lot by somebody running out of water and dying [, Jon ], That’s how it always happens.

And then …, That’s why I wore a hat. That’S true!

You don’t want to get a melanoma, not when you’re in the Forbidden Desert.

[ Jon ], That’s true Is everybody. Okay, with that We all feeling ..
[ Jon ].

I like that idea. I like it Let’s say as hydrated as possible: [ Wil ]. Are you playing poker
No he’s ready to …

I’m ready for the sun. You keep talking about it.
So watch this Here I go all right: I’m not going to be one of those table captains, one brain kind of guys.

Everybody gets to make their decisions here, and I want everybody to have a really good time by making choices so that we all win together or we all lose together. That’S four
[ Alan ], I’m already so red [, Jon ].

You know what You can always leave me behind. I got that jetpack ready and waiting. Oh that’s right! That’S right!
Ready and waiting, I think I should clear the sand off this thing: [ Wil, ] Yeah.

That was a good idea. Wasn’T it One Then we’ll flip it
[ Wil, ] And flip. It two Have some gear Bam. Oh a solar shield.

Oh solar shield,
You and the other pawns on your tile may ignore the effects of the “ Sun Beats Down” until the start of your next turn, [ Jon ].

Oh so we’re just pawns. That’S really demeaning Yeah we’re just pawns to them. Wait a second wait. A second
Brenda is an independent woman Prawns [ Jon ], Oh [, Felicia ], Oh well, then ( mumbling, ) [, Alan ]. That’S nice!

That’S actually …. It requires a lot of explanation, but at least it sounds better.

The thing is where we came from. Prawns are everywhere, but where we’re going, nobody has them.
So we’re basically like prawn pirates, Much like the ship being thrown apart. There were a lot of little shrimps that were tossed about

We’Re picking them up one by one, but it’s a peel and eat thing too. So when you think about it, it’s not the little bitty ones.

It’S the peel and eat ones that are good langostinos. I’M going to clear some sand of there.
[ Wil ], Clear and search for four [ Alan ], Four, yes search that spot [, Wil ]. That means that our propellor is potentially in this aisle The storm’s, basically blowing back and forth right there. That’S not the worst
That was actually .

. That didn’t suck I’m Jeremiah by the way.
[ Wil ], Yes, okay, I was wondering [ Jon ], I’m the intern. He just wants to get to the position of paid intern, He’s sick of being unpaid.
He’S been cleaning up the doctor’s mess for way too long He’s just an intern David get me some liquids.

His name is Jeremiah. It’S Jeremiah
Jeremy Jer Jer Bear [ Wil ], Jerry Jeremiah. That is a ridiculous name.

( laughs ). I think David works better.

Take it from Dr
Mclickertitty, I know a stupid name when I hear it David David, more coffee, [, Jon, ]. Actually, that makes sense.
He’S always getting my name wrong. It’S Jeremiah I’m going to slip some strychnine in his cofee one of these days. I don’t hate the doc.

I just …
I love him, That’s actually the struggle

I love him and I want that mutual love and respect coming from him. Sometimes it’s my fault because I’m not giving him his meds at the right time.

It’S a mess, needless to say, All right, Jeremiah. As your captain. I order you to play your turn Start flipping. Man I need to travel is what you’re saying [ Wil ] Yeah
You can climb over this [ Jon ]. Oh that’s right And you should clear this area because we can’t get there as fast [, Wil ].

You can go one two [ Jon ], So say one two [ Wil ] Yep, three, four [ Jon ] And then three
[ Alan ] Flip it [ Wil ]. The propeller is right here: [ Felicia ], Oh awesome, Okay, great See,
[ Wil ] See how they intersect, like that Good work. Now we’re going to go claim that [ Felicia ], Oh no, you can’t but –, No, no, no! Not yet! Maybe next time,
Should I go ahead and flip, I think you should flip that [ Jon ].

Oh, we know that’s, not ….
I think you should flip that [ Jon ], Oh the spiral of death

[ Felicia ]: That’s not [ Wil ]!

That’S actually not death. ..
[ Alan ]: What’s that one do Okay, duneblaster, It’s kind of like remove all sand from your tile or from an adjacent ..

[ Felicia ], Oh I have one too. We can play like …
We can dubstep together (, making dubstep sound effects, ) [ Alan }.

You can move all that [ Wil ] You could, but we don’t really need ….
You might move it if you’re like .

., We could go back to back with our duneblasters, like ..
[ Wil ]. We still have to find the lantern yet ( blowing air ) He’s not paying attention.

Let’S find out what bad stuff happens on your turn.

[ Felicia ], Okay,
[ Wil ], Not as terrible as we thought it was going to be, but it’s coming, [ Felicia ], Let’s just use some cards: Okay, let’s use some cards: [, Jon, ]. Okay, I’m going to use my jetpack okay, [, Felicia, ]. Okay, come over
Do I just put this on my back ( blowing air ) Wow, So give me your jetpack and ..

Discard it OK! So, where … That’s captain
[ Jon ] Captain jetpack me back to the group [ Wil ].

Here you go Jeremiah [, Jon ]. Thank you. [ Wil, ] You’re back here with us. Welcome back
I’M going to use my secret water reserve since we are low You’re, the only one who’s not really in desperate need of this, but you’re cool, I’m flush with water As they say So. Everyone gets two waters right now.

Brenda’S, like squeeze squeeze squeezing her humps she’s, squeezing her humps into your mouth, like …,

[ Wil ]. That brings us up .

[ Jon ], So you give this back [ Wil ]! So I’m back up to maximum Here’s. What I think I’m going to do, I’m going to move myself one I’m going to clear for two
[ Felicia ], Clear, [, Wil ], I’m going to search for three Hello, [ Felicia ]. We got a gear, [ Wil ]. We got an engine thing,
It’S not particularly useful because the strom’s been blowing everything around [, Jon ].

I thought you can’t move on top of sand. You can move on top of it if it’s two, it’s blocked.

In fact, we should turn these over to indicate that they presently blocked See that’s bad news over there.
For my final action, I can move any other character up to three spaces and that character can use their ability. So, since your turn is next, I can move the two of you because you can carry the doctor, Get your hands off of me Right.

So I can move you- Come on doctor. I promise your-. I can move you..
Wife that I would carry you through this You dirty Swede.

I can move you ( laughs, ). I can move you one. I can move you guys, one [ Jon ] Doctor. I told you, I’m French, Two three
[ Jon ] And I have no accent And that sets you up to clear that search it get that thing which would be great and be super double great. If that was there,

But that’s all right!

That means that there’s no more sun beats down in here. So that’s ….

So if we finish the game before that … OK, so I lose one..

[ Alan ], I lost one Felicia you’re in-. No, you don’t …
The tunnel so you’re safe, [ Alan ] ( wild, laugh ) [, Felicia ].

Brenda is still plump. Sorry, if I had left you guys in the tunnel, then you’d be safe, but I still think that this was the right move. I’M getting a facial in the tunnel, [ Felicia voice ], It’s really funny because I’m in this tunnel – and I see there’s a spa down here –
And you know Brenda brings moisture wherever she goes so she’s like damn I’m going to get a facial. It’S now your turn, sir. So I put that one down: [ Wil, ], OK, so you’re going to get six actions.

This turn [ Felicia, ], Wow,
[ Wil ], Which is great, That’s super great.- [ Alan ], Really, I’m the most underpaid free intern ever

You’Re not getting college credit for this either.
It’S just a voluntary internship, illegal …

I go to the university, not the college, by the way, Oh
It’S the university.- [ Alan ]. Yes, of course it is OK.. I went to the technical school, But because your father took your inheritance right.

Rage rage, Brenda [, Jon ], But you’re going to show him. Oh Brenda joined this exposition because she met Seamus Marlow Captain Seamus Marlow in technical school. We don’t talk about why Brenda and I were at technical, captain’s academy, together..
It’S one of those things were like you, basically pay and you get to go .

. Really. She was just looking for love and Seamus. Marlow was the one, so she hitched a ride on the steampunk machine and zoomed off into the sunset
And then crashed into the desert, Don’t tell anybody, but I actually crashed this airship, because I wanted to Seamus Marlow to fall in love with me. I thought if we were stranded together in the desert.

He’D have to appreciate my lumps. We got to get that before sand covers this

But we need to know what’s under here.
Something is under here. I feel it What if, when you flip it it’s the roulette wheel, Then somebody ..

Then you can’t get it, Then he get it because he’s right there, Not if the storm blows that way. Well, then he’s close enough to get it, But then we’ll know what’s under here, so we can discard this area.
[ Wil ] All right. Well, I said I wasn’t going to run the table so if the majority would like to do that, then I’m going to shut my big mouth and I’m going to do it by drinking water, [, Jon ]. I think his judgement is clouded by his rage for his father.

Oh I know I know You’re the smartest intern I’ve ever had on this desert. [ Felicia, ], OK, you’re, probably right
Not paid Whatever [ Felicia ], But I have a solution for all of us.

Just flip this first before you move That’s what I was going to say then we’ll see
Oh, that’s a good idea. The intern had the best idea, [ Alan ], Flip it Ho ho. So now I grab

Put the roulette wheel there, [ Felicia ]. Ok, you were right, So I grab those two items:
.., that’s one [ Jon ]! You can get them both at the same time.

[ Alan ], Two that’s number two, because I’ve

[ Wil ] Three [ Jon ], Then you’ll pick them up. [ Wil ], Four, five
Felicia, would you please put these on the spaceship Yay? Is that so that’s our .

Our sundial, I think it’s our clock, Does it ever just blink 12 [ Wil ] That goes in there, ( laughter, ), [, Wil, ], No matter where the sun is in the sky. It only casts a shadow over 12. It’S the worse sundial in history.
( laughs ), I don’t know, there’s a short or something [ Jon ].

So I still have one thing: [, Wil ]. You have one action left. I want to do the flip. It [ Wil ] Have some free gear.
[ Felicia ], Wow [ Alan ], Free gear.

I get more looky things: [, Jon ], You guys Brenda’s got something to say: I’m just like…
She’S bitter because she’s going for the captain and the intern is the one who Maybe you should use the jet pack over here, [ Alan ] And then he’s a million miles away from everybody. That’S why you’re not the captain.

[ Wil ] Didn’t he use the jet pack once Didn’t. You use the jet pack
[ Wil ] Yeah. He used it to get over …

You have a jet pack. So now there is no more jet packs.
You have it, No, there might be more. I have one [ Wil ], Don’t you have a jet pack? Oh yeah,
[ Felicia ] Doctor doctor McLicker [ Alan ] Titty [, Jon ].

I told you doctor. You need to take your pills, …
I’M taking too many pills, That’s the problem.

( laughter, ), [, Jon, ] He’s taking it the wrong time. The sundial is broken. We don’t know exactly when he’s supposed to be taking …

Right of course, … (, laughs ), But let’s just take an inventory because we’ve got nothing here. We don’t know what’s under here here here or here, And we need two more pieces and a landing pad.

Yep and now we’re going to find out where the storm goes. We need action All right, I’m going to try to get some action here. ( innuendo, note, ), (, laughter ), So maybe there’s some sand. Ladies..

( laughter ), Maybe you’ll, just make one out of sand and will be like … I’ll use. My water stupidly just to pack that sand together.

He’S like “, Oh Cindy, Oh Sandy, …”, (, laughter, ) Cindy or my sand. Friends.

Sandy is her sister and they’re. Pretty great I mean there’s no like kind of foul play, it’s really not as kind of creepy as you think I don’t you know doing anything with them, except for just talk and we sometimes I’m still learning how to converse with members of the opposite. Sex

Clear this one and then flip this
Sure [ Jon ] And discover that the beast is actually in the eye of the storm. [ Felicia ] (, gasps ). It is oh, my gosh [ Wil ], All right, that’s terrific!

All right! So we know that this is now in the eye of the storm which sucks, but when the storm moves we’ll be able to go get it, we know where it is.

I will take it for the team.

Ah David, I love you. It’S Jeremiah! You butthole
.. ( laughter ), So now we just have to find the top.

So that was one two of the slot machine. I’M going to use..
Oh dune blaster Yeah; yes, Yes great! So now I’ve done one two
Uh, let’s uncover it first

Three [ Felicia ] ( gasps ) [ Alan ].

You found the landing pad [ Jon ], Yay [ Alan ]. Oh that’s great!
I’Ll just stand here: you guys I’ll just keep the fort down [ Alan ], That’s terrific! We found the launch pad it’s not too far. I mean we got there and now we see the end is in sight.

We can see the near future. We just got to get the rest of the gear, put the ship back together and we’re right. There boom
Here’S what I’m going to pitch as my turn OK. And navigator, tell me if this is ..

I’M going to sandblast that I’m going to go one two three flip this over, so we know it’s in that corner And Brenda would save the day and then you Seamus Marlow would fall in love with me. …

And then … Seamus Marlow’s already in love with her Oh wait.
Yeah, You guys didn’t discuss .

No, no, no you’re, not supposed to say these things. Well, I was ( mumbles ) …

Captain Seamus Marlow has been in love with
.. Seamus go after her man. You need to go to therapy to communicate better, because Brenda was just convinced she needed to crash that air thing to to..

You made it crash [ Jon, ] You’re, going to take us all down just for the love of a man, [ Wil ] You’d. Do that for me.
That’S so romantic Aw …

You harlot
You crashed us on this damn desert, Ah squeezing squeezing my lady lumps ( laughter, ) And I’m over here. Just cutting myself, “ she’s, never going to notice …
“ Yeah do it, we love your pitch, go for it.

Ok boom Bam, [ Felicia, ], The dubstep ( dubstep noises ). Can you do it?
( dubstep noises ), That’s much better than me.

That’S also better than real dubstep One. Two three .

Find it Yes Yeah, So we uncovered the tile and it’s like wow there. It is
It’S …

awkwardly far away: Yay
Captain captain Marlow … Can I pitch something. Can he use the jet pack move himself over there?

.., no, He could. I could
[ Wil ]. I don’t know why he would do that.

This is a math problem. Now, Oh forget it [ Jon ], The crystal meth is at the cop corner. He can go grab it [ Wil ]. So I can move

No Mathematically, we are likely to draw a sun card on every player’s turn.

Uh, don’t worry, I got sunglasses, we’re going to be OK.
( laughter ), Those are great out of the game, …

little less in the game. Every ten minutes we swap it’s like an oxygen tank.
[ Alan ] Hold on buddy. I got two pair ( laughter ), I’m prepared It’s a little bit creepy that he’s that prepared. I got sunscreen
[ Felicia ]: Where did you get that?

I knew what was going to happen in this game? ( laughter, ), I’m all good, (, sighs )! This is what I’m talking about: [ Wil ] There that’s good
[ Felicia ]. I am so disturbed that he has so ..

that many accessories [ Jon ]. He is the Unibomber’s cousin
( laughter, ), Don’t look under the sand While he does math We’re all making jokes and he’s doing all the …
He’S actually doing the heavy work How’s that math coming over there champ Captain [ Wil ].

It’S not good because I don’t know how..
[ Jon ] We’re going to all survive. ..

Well, here’s what I say:
( drops glasses, ), (, laughter, ), [, Jon ], As he folds them up and puts them in his pocket Hold on a second. I can’t fly you there, but if I do that, …
It smells like the beach here, though it’s delightful, (, laughter ).

What I think the first thing I got to do is move you here so that you can give both of them water, Because they’re both in trouble [, Jon ] For free Yeah,
Ok., No, no listen! I have humps, I have …

So my lady hump primarily has water distilled water. It’S alkaline! It’S very good for you!
And then I have another hump with mojitos All right here we go Storm picks up [ Alan ] He’s got the jet pack, which is super great because he can fly..

I can fly Come with me. Watch me fly Three
Picking up picking this up, [ Felicia ] Yay Insert somewhere [ Wil ], Put that in the crystal power..
[ Felicia ]. Oh, it is a crystal power, Weird [, Jon ].

I think we can leave on that [ Wil ]. We are missing a key part of the spaceship
I think you move back there and you deploy a solar shield. [ Jon ] One two, three, four [ Felicia ], OK, hello, Wait! I’M going to go one two and now I should move to the pad.
Go to the launch pad I’m going to go to the launch pad [ Alan ], But you’re not protected.

It doesn’t matter guys. I have two. Oh it matters. No, it matters.
No, it matters [, Felicia, ], OK, wow,

[ Jon ].

Well, let’s just think about this Careful Stay there because
..- [ Jon ], Whose turn is it right now? Oh, it’s your turn. Wait.

Wait. Do you have enough moves to move all of us?
He can move me [ Jon ]. Wait whose turn is it Wait? I forgot.

Is it his turn? Oh my god.
You need to get here, he could carry both of you.

[ Jon ]: Well, we got to keep Felicia..

You guys have to stay together. Brenda has to stay here.
I don’t think so Why? Because you’re protected from the sun Wait no you’re not protected. Ok, you could maybe go there.

Then you’re protected [ Alan ], Oh wait! There’S a tunnel there, [ Felicia ], All right, I’m going to move here then [, Wil, ] And then bad stuff’s going to happen. [ Jon ]. Let’S just see what happens.
Let’S just go: The storm moves, .

. [, Alan ]. I want all. Oh that’s bad.
The sun ( mumbles ) Boink boink [ Felicia ].

It’S close. It’S coming close to us Guys. It’S not bad it’s…

[ Felicia ], It’s not good Ugh. I am so glad you’re there You guys are safe. I lose one, but I’m still at three
Ok, that’s two [ Felicia ]. What That’s? Ok, we’re still safe!

Pass it around guys, let’s just … everybody get with it.

Oh, that’s: velvet.

[ Jon ] He’s going to ruin the ( mumbles ) ( siren ), [ Felicia ] OK.. What do we do? Ok, all right, [, Felicia ] And then this goes here: [ Jon ] And that gets sand there.
[ Wil ].

Ok, now it is my turn. Ok, we’re both at the same level. At this point [ Alan ]. Oh, we have to think we have to think. Well, we can’t know everything.

No, we can’t that’s why I mean it’s like
.. So true to life [, Felicia ]. It was very good that I got out of the sun, though, because I would have maybe..

We saw two of those cards …. This is a key moment.

We have a huge decision to make
We can stay under the solar shield, which is going to protect us or move into the tunnel where we’ll be protected and then hope that the storm doesn’t blow over where the solar shield was Either way, we’re taking a really big risk. We can’t move you

Is there any possible way that we could solve this on this turn Or Alan’s turn
I don’t think so: Who’s Alan [, Wil ] Put that back there. That’S you doc! Hmm
Ok, move ..

or leave it because the doc can pick it up. I can pick it up.
I move one two three, I move you four. Then we have to hope that we don’t die. Ok, Then, on the doc’s turn [ Jon ].

That way, we’re still taking a risk, but at least you guys are already there.- [ Wil ], Then on the doc’s turn, the doc goes here. Moves one picks up. Two moves three lands here: four

Then, on his turn, he moves here..

[ Jon ], You know what we’re doing the same risk, but we only have to end with me. I think it’s safer.- And not on you. I mean we can’t wait. 16 cards
I don’t think that’s very good [ Alan ].

Let’S take the risk, We have to survive. …
Let’S do it, We have to survive eight cards.

In my day we took risks all the time.

Ok, so is that what..
.-, That’s what we’re doing [ Felicia ]!

Ok! So we’re here! That is the end of your turn. That’S right! You could buy licorice for a dime.

That’S really! That’S a lot of money for licorice
It was, it was [ Wil, ] Licorice that was made of opium [ Jon ]. You could buy penny-whistles and moonpies

No matter what happens, Captain Seamus Marlow is coming out on top Either he gets onto the airship with his beloved Brenda and they fly away to live happily ever after until they crash on Forbidden Island or they die together on the launchpad. How romantic is that
I would never ever contemplate leaving my colleagues in the desert Unless it was just me and the captain taking off and then I’d be like “. Bye, guys, see ya.

Laters “ Have fun, building sand, castles, “ And dying !” [ Alan ]. Ok,

There we go the storm just …

Two Two, that’s amazing!
[ Wil ] Three [ Felicia ], Oh [, Wil, ] Shit. You guys are safe But we’re still safe.
You’Re still safe man, Well I’m in a boat ..

, because I’m still under my fanny ship
[ Wil ], Four, OK, OK. [ Alan ]. There we go. I move there pick up the engine without any help from you. I got the final piece.

I was a little upset in the moment that, as an older person, I was asked to lug back the engine.
I mean that’s like the heaviest piece in the desert, but I did it.

I threw out a couple of disks lot of unusual pain. I mean there’s a lot of pain usually, but this was unusual pain In this region. Is it OK if I pretend that Kaylee is putting the engine on for us in the ship?

Is that all right, [ Felicia ] (, gasps )? Yes, you go right ahead. You go for it.

Thank you [ Alan ], And she gets hot and sweaty half way through One button. Two buttons where’s this going.

I like it, this is my fan. ….

It’S like you’ve read my fan fiction. Oh yes, then I go back. Then I go back there.
[ Felicia ] All right, no more shield, [ Wil ] Guys these cards- [ Felicia ] Will determine Decide. .

. [ Alan ], Who created this game.
Matt Leacock, So Matt Leacock, whether Matt Leacock keeps going and has a victory over every time he plays …

There is nothing more. We can do we’re together forever and they’re together forever.

Boom sun beat down one [ Felicia ], But that’s OK, We’re at zero You’re at zero.
We’Re at zero yeah, But we’re not dead, we’re not dead, we’re not dead, We’re not dead, yet Storm moves that way. [ Felicia, ], OK,
[ Wil ] Sand it just because This is exactly what we said.

The storm is hanging out up here, But if this is a sun card, …
[ Felicia ], (, gasps, ), [, Wil, ] Storm goes that way: [ Felicia ]. No, it’s coming toward us.

I am in complete disbelief at the moment. We have to survive one more card.
( excited yelling, ), (, laughs, ), It moved three, but that way: [ Jon ]. I think it’s ..

we’re in the clear
Jeremiah Jeremiah take it home, [ Wil ], Our favorite intern, Come on Jamieson just get to the landing pad Ha dit dit dit dit dit ow, my ankle
Oh, no goodbye, [, Alan ] Leave him behind You guys. You can’t ditch me. I can still do good I..
I’Ve got a lot to offer.

Still, That’s. Ok, you guys, I’m a climber. I’Ve got my steam punk leg that I’ve crafted, while you guys were taking forever …

( steam punk noises ). Oh, this looks a little bit like trivial pursuit: ( spaceship noises, ) (, triumphant music, ) ( arabesque music ). So it turns out that when we built the winner’s wall this year, we didn’t make it big enough for four people. So, oh, it’s making me really uncomfortable So here we are really close to each other, but guys you get your own trophies of awesome. (!

Cheering ) Felicia! Take yours!
Alan here’s, yours I like it Jon here is your trophy.- America, Yay
And, of course, Wil gets a trophy too Yay. Do we get to keep these Yeah?

Of course we get to keep these Dude. This season is the best one
People backed us, so we have money to spend on trophies and stuff. This is real gold right Yeah. Of course it is. What do you think we spend our money on the other stuff, I’m going to melt this down and make some teeth.

Why would you do that? It’S beautiful Anyway, Matt Leacock, you are now two and one against TableTop, so make a new game so that we can try to draw even with you next season.

Thanks a lot for coming to play with us, you guys this was an amazing experience loved it. We were a really super good team, Fantastic Thanks for watching until next time play more games and we’ll see you right back here on TableTop
Now, let’s go dune blast them Dune blast, (, dubstep noises ). Why are you so good at that?

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