Geek Out!: Clare Kramer, Anne Wheaton, and Bonnie Burton join Wil Wheaton on TableTop S03E06

Geek Out!: Clare Kramer, Anne Wheaton, and Bonnie Burton join Wil Wheaton on TableTop S03E06

Geek Out!: Clare Kramer, Anne Wheaton, and Bonnie Burton join Wil Wheaton on TableTop

Tabletop games, let us explore galaxies, conquer planets, rewrite history and go pretty much anywhere. Our imagination wants to lead us, But today we’re staying right here on Earth in order to test our knowledge of different galaxies, planets, real and imagined and a lot of other stuff. We nerds like to talk about Get ready because Bonnie Burton Clare Kramer and my wife, Anne Wheaton, are here to play a party game that encourages us to test our wit, as well as our grace, under pressure in a trivia contest. That’S as much fun for nerds as it is for muggles Put your thinking fez on, because we are going to seriously Geek out ( “ Tabletop Theme” ) Geek Out is a pop culture. Trivia bidding game designed by my friend Elisa Teague, where we compete to out-geek eachother, with out completely practical and totally useful knowledge of sci-fi gaming and fantasy minutia
On your turn, you draw a trivia card and then roll this colored die to select a category.

I rolled green, which generally means fantasy questions. So I read the question: can you name two elves from the Lord of the Rings franchise? Now, when using the franchise rule, we mean all works associated with the property

Obviously, the books, but also the movies video games, comics action figures, et cetera,
This will be important for this question, because we’ve got Glorfindel who was in the books, but not the movies and Tauriel who was in the movies, but not the books. My team says “. Yes, of course, we can name two “.

I just named two in my setup .”, and this is where the fun bidding part happens. Their team says “. Well, we can name four
“ and it will bounce back and forth “ We can do five ,” “. We can do six .

‘ “. We can do seven ,” “. We can do eight .” If they can name eight, they get a point, but if they were just bluffing and trying to goad me into upping my bid, they fail and they earn. This shame token worth negative.

Two points.

Normally the game ends when one of the players or teams gets to five points.
It is super easy and it’s a ton of fun and today we’re playing with a special variant combining both Geek Out, which has gaming, comics sci-fi and fantasy categories and Geek Out Pop Culture, which focuses more on movies, music, TV and other pop culture things. So to win, we have got to be masters of all the things, Something something something Geek Out Hi, my name is Clare Kramer and I know ya’ll know me from Bring It On and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I hope you saw Big Ass Spider.

Just came out last year:
Hi, I’m Bonnie Burton and I’m a writer, Mostly kids, books, believe it or not like the Star Wars, craft book and You Can Draw Star Wars. My name is Anne Wheaton and I do VandalEyes stuff with Bonnie Burton We have, which is a website, and I also have my own blog at AnneWheaton.
Com, This is Geek Out, we can play indivdually or as teams, We have decided that we will play as teams today. So on this team Clare and myself,

On that team, Anne and Bonnie, Now you guys are clearly gon na be called Team.

Yes, Okay, Our team name is VandalEyes, which is something that we do together where we put googly eyes on things I don’t know. What’S the name of our team gon na be Uh, you know I’m open. What do you think
Um, I don’t know The Awesomes Yeah, The Awesome Team.

The Awesome ..

Yeah Great, we are Awesome Team, Awesomeness, Awesome, Team, Awesome, Awesome Team Awesomeness, We are Team, Most Awesome, Awesomeness
Or some iteration of Awesomeness Awesome Happening Awesome. It’S our team Players get to decide who goes first in Geek Out. I propose that you and I uh rock paper scissors
I knew it Ready Aw yeah Balls. Alright, that’s alright! That’S alright!

Alright go ahead: [ Anne ]! Do this [ Wil ]! Alright go Okay! So we are going to..

We are taking one from each correct: [, Wil ], We’re taking one from each deck rolling the die and then deciding which either Geek Out Prime or Geek Out Pop Culture. We’Ll be asking the question from and go Here. We go: [ Wil, ] Um,
.. [ Anne }, And that is black Two films directed by Ivan Reitman ooh or two celebrities who have adopted children

Let’S do the adopted children
[ Bonnie ], Yeah, (, laughs, ), [, Anne ].

Okay, How many do you think you can name? I love doing stuff with Bonnie all the time she probably doesn’t watch as many movies. That probably is not much of a strength, but then she knows so much. Nerd stuff, so then it balances out. Should we start with two
Hmm, Do we go way up?

You have the honor, so you can do whatever you wish.

You can start wherever you want We’re gon na observe your tactics here.
Yes, Let’s start with eh six Yep, Okay uh six, I would say, go for it.
Okay, so we have Woody Allen, Mmhmm Mia Farrow, so these are individual. No a unit adopts a .

Because you can’t split the child in half [ Bonnie ], Let’s do Mia Farrow. We have Mia Farrow. Yes, We have Angelina Jolie
Uh huh Rosie O’Donnell, Mmhm, [, Bonnie ], Oh so Calista Flockhart, The girl from Grey’s Anatomy, with the blonde hair
Um Heigl, what’s her ..

, Oh yeah, uh, Christine no Cynthia, Christina
No, I actually know I know her name Me too. I know her name, I’m not gon na, say it. [ Bonnie ], Christine Candy, [, Wil, ], No uh, uh
Cathy Lucy, Katherine Katherine Heigl, Damn it Okay, that’s five and who’s. Your sixth, Oh Sandra Bulock,
There you go

Okay, you could’ve made all of that up and I wouldn’t know because I pay as much attention to celebrity news as I do a thing that I don’t pay any attention to. Well, I’m pretty sure there’s a store in La Brea, where you could just pick up a kid: [ Wil, ] Yeah, So um, legally
So you know most of Hollywood has that?

Oh also, the miscellaneous category, Two films in which Albert Einstein appears or two characters, slash toys from the Toy Story series. So let’s do Toy Story; Okay, That will be good.
So funny I was afraid of doing pop culture cause. I know nothing about pop culture, but ..

Look what you did [ Wil ]. Apparently I took the pop culture thing:
Uh, I can name eight characters from Toy Story: ( whispers ). I don’t think I can. Okay go ahead. Okay, you ready [ Anne ], Go for it.

Woody Buzz Lightyear Mr Potato Head, Mrs Potato, Head Lotso Fun, the creepy terrible bear T-Rex, the Sarge from the plastic army, men, [ Clare, ], Jessie And yes and Jessie.

Who’S Jessie
Jessie, you know, Jessie Jessie Bam, Nailed it And that’s a that’s. The toy
There’S a toy named Jessie: It’s the girl, the cowgirl, It’s the girl, It’s the cowgirl. Is it bad to say? I never saw the movies
You never saw Toy Story movies, [, Bonnie, ].

Don’T shame me? No, I’m not! You would love them. I have seen Toy Story a total of um point. Five.

That’S good right!
Will and I were dating – we had just moved in together. I got him a Buzz Lightyear and will loved it so much that he would put it on his pillow and he would joke that. Buzz Lightyear was sleeping with us because he loved him. So much Look at that two turns and we’re tied And we’re one one: [ Wil ] Yeah
I think when you look for a trivia partner, you want someone who’s gon na compliment your area of knowledge and I think Wil and I are very symbiotic partners, and we can you know we can like a yin yang.

We can pick up where the other one maybe doesn’t know as much

Rolling, oh geez, Wow Wild. You can choose anything. So white is wild.
Yes, Yeah for everybody watching at home or wherever you’re watching. This is not the general way that you play.

You usually choose one deck, but because such a wide range of types of geeks are represented at the table today we decided to separate it out this way. I pretty much know a lot about geeky stuff that I think Wil might not so bring on the Murder. She Wrote. That’S geeky right We’re going to name two Twa Taylor, Swift, songs,
Two Tway-lor swift, Booyah, Alright um. I can name zero [ Clare ].

I can name zero Yeah, alright,
No, this is good, but I’m gon na say. Are you gon na personal challenge yourself to go more than two? I’M gon na show you all how to memorize things. You don’t care about [, Anne ], Okay, [, Wil, ], Uh, huh,
And what you do is you make it into a long sentence?

Yeah So I’m gon na say the sentence and you guys can pick out the song titles, (, laughs, ), Okay, Oh um, uh,
[, Anne ], I know this It’s Beautiful Eyes, Breathless and Haunted [ Bonnie ] Ding ding, Wow Yeah.

So that’s how I remember things when I put
.. Oh good, and I just forgot how to do quadratic equations Yeah. Oh I got one for that too, But you know all these Taylor Swift, songs,
Alright, take your awful card. Take your horrible disgusting Taylor, Swift card!

Thank you! [, Anne ], It’s not disgusting, And now I am shuffling these decks together.
So, knowing that I am terrible at pop culture questions and knowing that Anne is not as good at the geek questions, we’re kind of at a stalemate here, I am putting these decks together to force us out of our comfort zones. Hey Wil, I don’t know why. You wanted to shuffle all those cards.

I mean Taylor, Swift and adopted babies. That should totally be your jam.

[, Anne ], Okay, [ Wil, ], Okay,
And now we will be taking whatever happens to come up, So we have to. Would you like to roll the die this time? [?

Clare ]? I will Oh
Random, Okay, random! You get to choose whichever one you want. When does this game go to the death Soon,
( laughs, ) Excellent. I would like it to go to the death.

Please [ Clare ], I’m open! Alright! We’Ll do this one go. We are going to name two sci-fi characters that have beards Franchise rule.
What’S the franchise rule, You can only name a single bearded character from a sci-fi franchise, for example .

.. So I can’t just list every Game of Thrones character.
Right and that’s also not sci-fi, I’m gon na say five

So you’re naming the character, not the actor. That’S correct, You said five, I say six
Wow, okay: I want to answer this question so much that I am just going to keep one upping the other team until they.

Let me guess. Even if I take shame points I don’t care, I just want to be able to say “ Me, I’m an answer in this game .”. So I have to say eight [, Anne ], Okay, game on
Okay, we’re gon na start with Dr. Isaac, Parrish from Eureka played by me, Riker from Star Trek, Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars; the original Star Wars from 1977.

There are no other Obi-Wan Kenobis in Star Wars: universe, (, Bonnie, laughs, ), Battlestar, Galactica, Chief Tyrol, when they are on New Caprica
Snake Plissken from Escape from New York, I can’t remember Charlton Heston’s character’s name in Planet of the Apes, So it doesn’t count. But I could say Dr. Zaius clearly has a beard.

[ Clare ]. Yes, yes, I don’t think fur counts cause.

Then you could have … Right, but it’s clearly a beard.
It’S longer than the rest of the fur on him: [ Clare, ], Yeah, it’s extra long, [, Bonnie, ], Eh, .

Let’S go to the judges, the judges say yes, Okay, good, Dr. Zaius is six. If you say Chewbacca, I’m punching you. So this is the part of the show where people at home are like screaming at their Tvs.

They’Re, like yelling like “, But I know how could you not know that thing ?”, “, There’s so many bearded characters out there !” “? How could you be forgetting about them ?”, Who has a beard in Blade Runner,
Oh Dallas in Alien has a beard.

That’S seven.

Oh oh MacReady in The Thing. Yes, Two Kurt Russell beards cause. It’S characters, not actors.
Mmhmm Bam Nailed it [ Anne ], It doesn’t matter.

I was your cheerleader on that one
You pulled that one off I was actually in a movie called Bring It On, which is probably the most successful cheerleading movie. So I kind of channeled my inner Courtney from those days to cheer him on, Go ahead and draw and roll your dice Roll okay, [ Bonnie ]. You ready
Yes, [ Wil, ], Green [, Anne ], Green, So six songs with a US state in the title: Okay,
I think we should make them name that tune Yeah. I definitely do Yeah name that tune. Let’S just name states What that’s not how that works.

How about just the name of the … Start with the Beach Boys, songs, Alabama, Sweet Home, Alabama

Do I have to sing it? No [ Bonnie ] Cause it just turned into Kermit the Frog Hi ho sweet home Alabama, Deep in the Heart of Texas,
Hotel, California, California, Dreamin’ New York, .

. New York State of Mind,
Is it a B-52 song Idaho is in it? Oh, My Private, Idaho. Yes, That’s actually not the title of the song [ Anne ]. What is it
No I’m not gon na .

.. Oh please! Let me give you the one. That’S gon na help you win!

Is there another one for
.., Private, Idaho, not My Private, Idaho. Yes, it’s just Private Idaho. Were you just trying to get me to sing weren’t?

Yep, Did you guys know other ones that we didn’t do Texas, didn’t really name any Texas, [ Anne ]? Well, Deep in the Heart of Texas, I mean you coulda made it like
.. True story, I’m on tour with Paul and Storm in Texas and in the middle of a show I said “. I just want to see if this works .

‘ and I said, and I go “ The stars at night. “ are big and bright…

‘, The entire audience does it: They stood up Just like in Pee-wee’s Big Adventure. I’D never seen it before.
I could not believe it and they were like it’s like a Pavlovian response, kind of thing Like Bam. It just happens. They literally stop whatever they’re doing and do that Um.

Congratulations! You get that We could’ve made that really difficult by franchise ruling. It and saying you only get to choose one state:

California, songs were easier to think of than Welcome to North Dakota. There’S no songs. I don’t know why.

There’S a lot for California, I guess Oklahoma. We could use Oklahoma Blue Two superheroes that wear yellow as their primary costume. Color
Are you feeling four I’m feeling four? Let’S do it Yeah we’re feeling four, Alright. Do four
Wolverine right Definitely, yes, The Comedian.

Are you making stuff up now? The Comedian in Watchmen,

[ Bonnie ], Oh yeah, Watchmen, Watchmen, okay, ( laughs, ), Um, … Wow.

That was a Comedian worth glare right. There
[ Wil ] Totally seriously it was. I figured you’d put your cigar out on my forehead ( laughs, ), Uh, …

In this moment, I completely forget every comic book character who wears, yellow and there’s not a lot of them, but they should be memorable. Banana Man Don’t give him stuff. Oh Sorry, But Banana Man was a real guy.
[ Bonnie ], What Banana Man was a real guy Banana Man was a real. He was like a cartoon he’s Ba-nah-nah Man.

It was like back at like early days of Nickelodeon, But is he a superhero
[ Wil ]. Yes, he is that’s his whole thing. Thanks a lot Anne thanks, a lot

And, of course, who could forget Banana Man? Everybody loves Banana Man, [ Bonnie ], No
He’S a-peel-ing [ Group ] Oh Way to slip. Anne [ Group ] Aw Uh, quit monkeying around you, two
Uh is there another person from X-Men who’s, primarily in yellow or Avengers It’s awful, because I shoulda gone to the comic book shop yesterday and I didn’t And just looked Um I can’t remember.

Are you really doing that to me right now?
I’M tsk-ing you Wow, I just tsk-ed you That was terrible. Excuse me, I don’t think you actually know all of your superheroes
Ah yeah, I’m embarrassed, I feel, like I’m …

Well, it’s obviously a hard question. That’S why they only want you to name two
[ Wil ] Yeah. That’S why the starting bid is two Here’s what I would say about: yellow, Not necessarily the best for spandex or lycra. Maybe this is why we don’t see a lot of yellow superheroes
Maybe this is why I can’t think of a lot of you know: primary color, superhero costumes in yellow. I can think of a lot of accents like the Flash.

Even Supergirl has a little yellow trim on her cape, but primary colors – I don’t know, maybe stay away from. I have confirmed that Banana Man is actually mostly
.. ( Wil laughs, ) He’s mostly blue, with a little bit of yellow [ Bonnie ], Only hints of yellow

And he has a cape
Because of course he does, He looks so un-banana-like in that instance. Banana Man’s special powers are that he wears blue, not yellow, and he can see far away because he has giant googly eyes on.

So you don’t get points for that And I get shame points and we’re at zero.
[ Clare ]. Alright, let’s do it! Shame! Shame!

Shame! Ah I know I’m sorry, I’m cool with it, but let’s up our game.

[ Wil ] Yeah, alright,
Everyone say goodbye to Banana Man: [ Group ], Bye Banana Man Thanks for keeping lunch safe, (, soft music ), Two sci-fi film prequels, Oh, are you kidding me sci-fi film, prequels,
[ Clare ], We can name two Really so you’re, saying two [ Wil ] Yeah. We can name two Five. You have to keep in mind that the three most infamous prequels of the last twenty years don’t exist as far as I’m concerned.

So I can’t I can I wouldn’t. I would feel awful if I had to take one of them.
If you had to go to one Yeah

So really, we need to be able to name, seven Hey. We went to zero before and we came back. [ Clare, ], Yeah,
Yeah, Alright, Six Alright go for it Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, You’re.

.. ( Bonnie, hums, ), Excellent, (, laughs ) Is that gon na be it for us Uh
.., This weird thing happens in this game.

A lot when you don’t have to answer a question. The answers are just falling all around you and the instant you pick up that card and have to say something. It’S like your brain just goes. Homer Simpson,

Right all that’s left. There is a donkey asleep with some flies buzzing around its head.

( flies buzzing, ), [, Clare ], Well, throw out the one that you don’t like.
Ugh [ Clare ], Just do it The Phantom Menace. Okay, um..
Okay, um .

., Six why’d, we say six
Okay, because we … [ Wil ], Why did I let you talk me into this Clare?

I I I don’t …, No, I’m done I’m done with this question. Can you really name five
No, of course not, I told you We should’ve, Ah damn it What’s up bull, (, beeps, ), buddy,
It’S called strategy, Wil Wheaton, So we’re at negative one We’re at negative one [ Clare ].

Oh my God. It’S gon na be real hard for us to come back and win this. But if we do not only will we have been the first to reach five points, we’ll be the first to have reached five points from negative points.

I never count myself out, I don’t count Wil and I out of anything, I absolutely think we can make a comeback: Six commercial jingles, Pretty easy!
Yeah, we can do it, [ Wil ], How many [ Bonnie ] So six commercial jingles.

Well, it says you have to do at least six. The thing that I know about this is that Anne’s super power is that she knows everything about music and never forgets anything. She hears
My musical superpower is that anytime, I hear a song. I may not always know the title of the song, but I can start singing the words like within three notes of any song. There is no point in even trying to go against her in the commercial jingles because they can just keep bidding us up, and I have every belief that she’s gon na get, however many they are Sing’em, go When you’re planning a party with good things to eat.

You can use your Holly Hobby oven to bake lots of treats

That’S one
Okay, ( Anne laughs ). I feel like Chicken Tonight, Chicken Tonight, ( clucks ). What the hell is that for It’s the chicken. Oh, please, that’s even a Simpsons episode, That’s when they like they used to have this thing where you can make

All you have to do is say the name of the product. It’S like a chicken in a can For farming, chicken
Just tuna Chicken of the Sea

Okay, that’s two: Okay: we have Dr. Pepper, No, the Coca-Cola jingle from
.., I’m a pepper he’s, a pepper, she’s, a pepper, we’re a pepper, [, Wil ]!

That’S three: would you like to be a pepper too [, Wil ]? That’S three!
Three I like to give everyone a Coke: Oh the Coke, Perfect harmony Yeah, but you’re not doing it right.
[ Bonnie and Anne ] I’d like to buy the world a Coke (, sighs ), See And keep them company Coca-Cola (, laughs ). So yes, I think i do know that song

I should point out that TableTop is not sponsored by corporations but is in fact funded by backers on Indiegogo
But hey Coca-Cola: if you like the jingle, send me: Coke, Plop, plop, fizz fizz, oh, what a relief!

It is: Ugh, five Alka Seltzer, Okay,
A is for apple J is for jacks, Okay, Cinnamon toasted, Apple Jacks. Alright, okay, You need a good breakfast. That’S a fact.
Start it out with Apple Jacks, Apple, Jacks, Apple, Jacks, Okay, we’re done! We got it.

We need this at least get us in the positives. Two open world non-MMO video games,
Yeah, I can do that. I don’t even know what that sentence means.

Sandbox games, where you can kinda go wherever you want. That’S a ringer card, [ Clare ].

You have to do three.
Oh I’m sorry, I drew a card that I have an advantage on and I don’t care because I have negative one points right now: You’re the only one that knows at this table. It’S a bummer huh. Alright, take your little cheap point. Cheap points are my favorite
Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft, Auto [ Clare ] Done ^-, [, Bonnie ].

Don’T care, Don’t care, you don’t even have to say’em [ Clare ], We’re equaled out we’re equaled out.
Yeah we’re back to zero Woohoo Back to zero Uh. Here’S our card Alright! Well, this is it
And white Come on really Two James Bond movie. Titles four shows on which a character has been played by more than one actor four titles in which a character can fly.

I think the strategy in winning this game is to pick questions that I don’t think our opponents will know the answers to

But at the same time, Wil, Wheaton and Clare are actually pretty surprising.
I either say we go with the four titles in which a character can fly ….

I think so. [ Bonnie ]. Okay, let’s do that.
It has to be at least four we’re, starting with four Five Eight. The character’s name is in the title of the book Four titles in which a character can fly.

So it’s just any book or comic where characters can fly? Okay. 12. 15. Oh, Do we include some type of franchise rule
So everybody knows Superman: Does that mean that you cannot do Justice League because Superman’s in Justice League?

No, because just a lot of those comic book characters go to other titles and then you have Marvel DC swaps, I don’t nah. I don’t think you need that Four titles in which a character can fly.
25 Now, if we’re just doing books that limits it, But if you’re doing comics and books so 25, Hmm, okay, Sure Wil go for it.
Let’S see you hang yourself, It’ll be awesome.

Let’S start off with Harry Potter because they fly when they get on their brooms to play.

Quiddich, The magicians Superman Wonder Woman can fly in her invisible jet in Justice League Martian Manhunter, The Green Lantern Shazam, The Greatest American Hero, The Human Torch, The Silver Surfer, Storm Aladdin,
Dracula Sinestro Supergirl flies. Captain Marvel in 52, Black Adam flies. What’S the rocket The Rocketeer Zane can fly when he gets in his flying car.
Thor And Loki Yes and Loki can fly in Journey into Mystery, which is a different title than Thor. The Wizard of Oz In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy flies
Everyone flies the flying monkey

Well, you could say one of the witches, but I wouldn’t say flying monkeys as well.

Look you made us desperate. I may have gone a little overboard on 25 Twilight series.
( laughs ). Is it the vampire guy Yeah? His name is Edward Cullen.

I know that because ow I hit my funny bone really bad. You guys Are you? Okay,
Yeah, I’m fine. I don’t really care just keep thinking Two more two more! Is it because you said Edward’s name Yeah, I think so his name’s a killing word
In a Song of Ice and Fire, Jojen flies when he becomes a Warg In Fellowship of the Ring.

Gandalf flies because he turns himself into a bug to fly away from the tower where Saruman has ….

Done 25
Twenty f’ n five Give us a point We’re on our way.

Back Of all the characters that Wil listed, he didn’t list Banana Man He can fly he’s got that cape right there,
That’S: okay, Two fictional radio or television stations; Okay, Yep! I can do two You’re, not even conferring with her
No, I can tell by looking … Yeah, I’m like I’m racking the brain.

I’M going. Okay, go
Wkrp WKRP in Cincinnati In Cincinnati. Yes, The Joint is the fake reggae radio station in Grand Theft, Auto V. Nice, nice
Ugh Woo We’re on our way back. Yes, Your move,
[ Clare ] Roll it.

Ladies Go Team VandalEyes Feeling good Awesomeness is feeling…
Awesome Team Awesomeness is feeling not as bad as we were a minute ago: [ Anne ], Uh, huh, [, Wil ], Alright,

Four films in which Anne Hathaway appears
Oh, we could do five yeah. Can we do five?

We can do five. I don’t think I can do five. Fine. Do five
Alright, Okay, Le Miserables, Okay, Brokeback Mountain
Uh huh Princess Diaries, Yep, okay, Tim Burton’s, Alice in Wonderland and The Devil Wears Prada. Yes,
[ Bonnie ], That’s the one I was thinking of too.

I know It’s because we thought it Ooh Clare. Look. We thought at the same time. I hope we roll red
Okay, roll red roll red, Green, Green, that’s just as good Two films in which a character dies and comes back to life Like for reals or like

It doesn’t matter As a zombie. Well then, you’re not really alive. You’Re undead

Alright, fine Do vampires and zombies and undead count as coming back to life, Because if they don’t it’s gon na, be a lot harder than you think, Because everything you’re about to say we’re gon na say, is a zombie vampire. No, I still have two that aren’t
I know one of them. I can tell in your eyes what you’re gon na say, and I count that as undead Can we, I think I know what you’re talking about also, but I think .

. Should we just say it on the count of three
But I think yeah one two, three Jesus Well Christ. He was down three days before he was resurrected and you know what None of us really know in the true form in which he came back and he didn’t hang out for that long before he left again.

So if you’re not taking this too seriously, I think it’s open to interpretation. It could be argued either way.

I would consider that coming back to life, even though you know we sort of like call it a zombie sort of thing.
Alright, so we’re gon na do two. You think you can do five. I think we probably could. Let’S do five?

Okay, I don’t have six in me.
I don’t have six yeah Alright, go Passion of the Christ Frankenweenie, Okay, [ Anne ], Frankenstein
[ Bonnie ] Frankenstein Flatliners, Okay, What’s some more Jesus movies Where he dies and comes..

You can’t go over the same character over and over and over again. Why not?

It doesn’t say: I think that we just sort of invoked franchise rule on Jesus
Can you think we still need one more Wait? Did we do five? No four, Oh Lois Lane dies and Superman brings her back to life because he goes around and around and around the planet, and he brings her back to life and she lives. I love you. Superman
Thank you, Lois Good job, Alright Clare, we’re gon na go over to the Loser’s Lounge and you guys are gon na go to the wall of victory.

Oh boy, I’ve never been, Let’s bring Banana Man.
I think I crushed his face, but we’ll bring him Yeah, (, triumphant fanfare, ). Well, we sort of redesigned the lounge this season and put me in this chair because it like makes it easier to shoot and everything, but I really feel like I should be sitting next to you. So that’s what I’m gon na do. Do you wan na come sit on the couch Yeah and I’m gon na sit in the worst part of the Loser’s Couch
You’Re gon na sit in the crack Yep I’m gon na just sit here.

Um, but you know honestly, I don’t think we have all that much to feel bad about. We did score seven total points You know in retrospect. I think we played aggressively
Maybe at times a little too aggressively Yeah, I definitely should have. I definitely should’ve noticed when you could see that Bonnie was bluffing and I did not think she was bluffing, and so I bluffed us up one more thinking. She would go up to seven

Excuse me, I have another loser for your couch.

Oh hello,
Thanks Banana Man Here you go And what makes him a loser: Anne ( laughs ) I mean he’s just a you know: innocent guy, [, Wil, ] Well, he’s here now and that’s what matters
It he is, he is, but even he’s turning his back to us, Of course, he’s ashamed to be seen with us Yeah Now, I’m gon na go to the Wall of Victory and award Anne and Bonnie their trophies I’ll look on longingly
Yeah, so you can hang out here with Banana Man if you like, Okay, we’ll chill Alright Bye. Well, ladies, you out-geeked me and Clare: congratulations!
Yay Um and a …

I do have to tell you the best part about being on opposite teams. The Wheaton curse is somehow broken by one of us winning
Not really I’m glad it was me Yeah high five, I’m not sure how that translates to me, maybe sort of but okay Yeah
Good, So look you guys you get these amazing hand-crafted super expensive, we’re not messing around TableTop trophies, Oh (, gasps ), So I’m going to just engrave your name on it: [ Bonnie ], Oh a 10 K and volleyball
Wow, oh my God And Bonnie

( makes buzzing sounds ). I didn’t have to kill anyone on a ice skating rink for it There you go and that’s a. I guess. That’S a volleyball trophy Congratulations.

If you would like to make a victory speech now is the time to do that.
Go ahead: Uh we have skill and knowledge and totally knew what we were doing and kicked ass. Ugh And honestly, we couldn’t have done it without Banana Man. Yes,
So, thank you, Banana Man Thanks Banana Man, We believe in you Banana Man, Alright. Well, three cheers for Banana Man Thanks a lot for watching thanks a lot for subscribing and until we see you next time play more games.


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