Halfway through the 9000 Piece Minions Puzzle (My biggest puzzle yet!)

Halfway through the 9000 Piece Minions Puzzle (My biggest puzzle yet!)

Halfway through the 9000 Piece Minions Puzzle

Hi everybody welcome back to karen puzzles. This is part two of the 9 000 piece minions puzzle, so it is sunday morning right now part one just went up like literally an hour ago and i’m already getting back to work on the puzzle, i’m so excited to spend all day working on it again. So, just to remind you, after 21 hours of puzzling here is where we left off at the end of part one – and this is the final picture that we’re putting together. So, as i said at the end of part, one, the next thing that i’m working on is the minions themselves. I had already sorted out all of the pieces into the eyes: the yellow pieces, the denim pieces, the yellow and denim pieces and then the photos of the little minions.

So, as you might have guessed from what is in front of me, i actually already started working on the minions i put in a few hours into it yesterday, but my friends and i had spent the morning doing the hike up to the hollywood sign and by The time i got home, i was so tired that i just wanted to work on the puzzle. I didn’t want to talk about the puzzle. I just wanted to work on it. So, okay, here’s what i did yesterday. I started by arranging all of the eye pieces into a grid because, when the pieces are all scattered around, it’s really hard to see sort of what you’re looking at when everything looks so similar to each other, but once they’re in a grid.

It is way easier to be like. Oh, i need a piece with a tiny little bit of brown right here on the corner and then just scan through all of the pieces that you have available until you find it so. Okay, here are a few more clips of what i worked on yesterday, so that brings us to today. As you can see, i have a lot of the minion eyes filled in for these two guys. I even started working on their mouths and their like bodies.

There’S those two over there and then on this side. You can see that he has his eye. He has his eye, he has his eye and he has his eyes so over here you can see. I have more eyes in progress, it’s so creepy. Why did i start with that over here?

These are the next pieces, i’m gon na work on all of these yellow pieces, and i actually think i’m going to arrange these by piece shape, because a lot of them are so similar to each other that i think that’ll make it a little easier than just Arranging them into a grid like i did with the eyes, so it is only 10 a.m. Right now, i’m planning on working on this all day. So i think i can finish all of the minions today. Let’S get started, i swear after like two days off from the puzzle after finishing filming part one, i was just itching to get back to it.

I love this puzzle so much all right, so it is about 1 45. I just stopped to have a quick lunch and i just want to show you what it’s looking like so far. Look at how fun that’s looking now that it’s not just eyeballs um, it’s definitely less creepy to look at, and i just finished sorting out all of these pieces with yellow and denim into the different piece shapes. So i should be able to just keep working on the overalls that all of them are wearing. I keep comparing them to what’s on the picture, and eventually i do need to get them on the board like in the spot where they are in the puzzle.

But this puzzle is so huge and i’m so little that once i get stuff in the middle, i’m gon na have to lean all the way over the board to reach them to put in more pieces. So for now i’m trying to keep as much as i can towards the edge of the board and then probably tomorrow. I have to do a big, like reorganization, get all of these, where they need to be get these other sections that i’ve been working on where they need to be on the board. But i have a few more hours of sunlight this afternoon, so i’m gon na try to get as many of these pieces in place as i can to try to get the minions as complete as i can all right. It is time for my third day straight of just working on these minions.

I was so right. Remember at the beginning, when i was like the minions are gon na be one of the hardest parts of this puzzle. I was right so after many hours yesterday you can see. I got quite a lot done, and so i off camera, organized all of the denim pieces into the different piece shapes. So i think that in just a few hours this afternoon, hopefully i can get most of these pieces in place and then i can finally get all of the minions off the board and onto the puzzle, because i was taking a look at the footage and i Realized that with so much happening on the board, like it just looks crazy from far away for me, i’m like sitting here.

So this is all that i’m seeing, but when the camera’s back here – and you see everything, that’s on the board – it like it’s just so much, and this is also why i can only do puzzles alone, because i know in my head that, like all the skin Pieces are here these sections that i’m working on are over there. The extra like gray pieces are underneath, but if somebody else was coming over here and like moving all my pieces around, i wouldn’t know where anything was so. It definitely helps that. I’M the only one touching this puzzle, all right. It’S about noon!

I have all afternoon to hopefully finish this up, wish me luck and then i’ll finally be done with the minions. Oh my god. Finally, all right so that took just under about three hours and the minions are finally done. Let me show you it’s looking so good, so you can see that there is a lot more going on in the middle here. It’S not just like a barren wasteland anymore and everything that’s on the board is generally in the spot.

Where it’s going to go, i don’t have any more like piles of random pieces. I did realize that in connecting this minion’s feet to the bottom, i definitely did have parts of the bottom put together incorrectly, so i haven’t quite sorted all of that out, yet i probably won’t until i fill in all of these inside pieces, but before i do That the next thing i’m going to be working on are all of those little minions in the photos. So i had showed how i um sorted them out before i already separated them out by peace shape, and i have a lot of the larger minions in the photos already partially put together. I did just put in a lot of hours into all of those minion sections, so i think i’m gon na take a day or two off also. I have jury duty this week, so i have to keep checking every night to see if i have to go downtown to the courthouse or if i can stay home and work on my puzzle, but i’m making so much progress and i can’t wait to come back And keep working on it so remember yesterday, when i was like i’m gon na take a day or two off well, i didn’t do that.

I just can’t not work on this puzzle. It just draws me in so i worked on it for a few hours this afternoon and i got this entire photograph finished up. There are all of the minions that are in jail that one’s looking really good, and then there is the other jail photo. That one also is pretty much finished well, at least the part that has stuff going on there’s a lot of black just around it that i have to fill in and out of those three boards of yellow pieces. This is all that is left just one.

So tomorrow i’m going to sort through the miscellaneous box properly and because you know i used to have all of the black pieces separated out, but they all got mixed up and most of them are flipped over. So i’m just gon na sort through these sort of put them in place as i find them and then i should be. I should fill in quite a lot more of the puzzle tomorrow. Well, that is assuming i don’t get called in for jury duty, so we will see all right. So i’m like halfway through all of the miscellaneous pieces – and i am remembering something from when i did the 9 000 piece puzzle like 10 years ago, and that is just how physical a giant puzzle like this gets once you get like halfway through.

You know with most puzzles everything that you need is kind of within arm’s reach. With this one i can basically reach into the middle and like the same from the other side. So let’s say i’m like working on a section over here and then i find a piece that i realize goes all the way over there. I have to physically get up walk all the way around put it in place and it’s not like that’s a huge distance to walk. You know it’s like six feet or so, but still it’s the fact that you have to literally get up out of your chair and walk all the way around just to get all of these different pieces in place.

So it’s about noon now, i’m planning to spend all afternoon again working on the puzzle and my goal is to get all of these pieces in place, because once all of the miscellaneous pieces are in place like most of these photos will be completely done. There are a handful that have blue pieces within them, so those like the sky here – those – i probably won’t finish today, but like the background of this one, that one this background. All of that is all mixed in here, so i’m just gon na get right back to it, and actually this is my favorite part of a giant puzzle like this. I got a comment actually that summed it up pretty well, i just love like keeping track of all the different textures, like keeping that straight in my mind, recognizing the textures in the pieces, remembering where they go all over the board. This is the point where i like recognize most of the textures all around the puzzle, and so just looking at this and recognizing the pieces and then being able to put them in really quickly.

Oh my god, it’s so fun! I love this so much you guys. I just finished my first complete photograph, so look at this entire corner is now completely done. That’S looking so good! It is a new day.

Here are all of the miscellaneous pieces that are left. Let’S get to it all right. So i think that is a good place to stop now that i have finished pretty much all of the photos and the miscellaneous pieces. So just as a reminder here is where we started at the beginning of the video, and here is where we are now. I’Ve definitely put in quite a few pieces, so all that is left for the next video is the blue box.

Well, that’s not entirely true. There are a handful of miscellaneous pieces left, but i think it’s important to know when to move on it’s easy to waste. A lot of time and sort of drive yourself crazy, trying to get every single piece in place, but a lot of the pieces that i’m looking for and that i’m missing are probably sorted into this box. So you can see that pretty much all of the photos are done, except for the ones with blue sections. I’M not gon na lie.

All of those dark backgrounds were definitely a struggle towards the end. Luckily, i get really good natural light in here, so i was able to see you know all of the details really well to get all of those dark pieces finished. All of the minions are done, except for some of their feet, which i’ll work on at the same time that i do the backgrounds looking through this box, we have a lot of different colors and textures. There’S a lot of pieces with, like the edges of the frames on them or other little bits of things that now i recognize where they go in the puzzle. So i will definitely be starting out the next video with a big sort of this box.

But for now let’s take a look at some statistics. I know that that’s what you’re all here for so in just this video i put in 24 hours and 50 minutes of puzzling time and in total on the whole puzzle, i’m up to 48 hours and six minutes that is so many hours. That is two full days of my life just working on this one puzzle, but you can see in this chart that, whereas in the 24 000 piece puzzle, i would spend like eight hours a day working on it in this one, i’m keeping it more to like Three to six hours a day, that’s really helping me and not burn out on it and also helping my back not get quite as sore, and then here is an update on the times of day that i’ve been working on it uh. Let’S see, oh just an update on jury duty, i never got called to go in, which means that i am officially off the hook for at least another year. A quick patreon update, i’m filming a video over there, where i’m doing a deep dive into everything that i’m listening to while working on this puzzle.

So a ton of podcast recommendations, the audiobook that i listened to, what types of music i listen to that video is up right now on patreon, so you can go sign up over there for three dollars a month and of course, when you sign up you get Access to all of the previous bonus videos that i’ve also put up over there so before i go, i just want to address something that i’ve been getting a handful of comments about, and that is what am i going to do with the puzzle once i’m finished. So this is a debate that i’ve been having with myself like the entire time that i’ve been running this channel, i’m leaning towards dividing it up into sections taping them together keeping them in the box. Just like. I did for the 24 000 piece puzzle and also the 5000 piece gradient puzzles, and the reason that i like doing that is because then it is easy to quickly put them back together in order to compare them to each other or to show them. On top of each other, you know that’s the only way to realistically get cool photos like these someday.

As i do more giant puzzles like this, i would love to rent out a gymnasium or studio or like some huge room where i can lay them all out. Next to each other, like a giant carpet of puzzles, i think that would look amazing, but the problem with that is that if i tape it together, i’m essentially taking this copy of the puzzle out of circulation. The puzzle really doesn’t hold together at all, so the only way to be able to move large sections would be to tape it together on the back so by taping it. I am preventing this copy of the puzzle from ever being able to be done by anyone else. You know the beauty of jigsaw puzzles is that they’re non-consumable.

So, theoretically, a puzzle can be taken apart and put back together an infinite number of times by an infinite number of people, and since this puzzle is out of print and fairly rare, especially here in this country, you know nobody else would ever be able to do. This specific puzzle ever again, so what do you think should i tape it together, or should i take it apart and give it away or sell it? Do you think photos like these are worth permanently taking a one copy of each of these puzzles out of circulation? I would genuinely love to hear your thoughts on that, so please, let me know down in the comments anyway. I am definitely planning on finishing the puzzle in the next video and i think the time lapses will be even more satisfying because i’m finally gon na be filling in large sections.

Instead of building new sections all over the puzzle here in this corner, where it is completely finished, it is just so satisfying to look at it and just see this huge expanse of finished pieces all right. Your code word for the comments will be vacation because look at all these fun little minions on vacation, i still haven’t seen the minions movies. So i’ll be honest. I have no context for anything that is happening on this puzzle, so happy puzzling, and i will see you all in the next one to finish up the 9 000 piece puzzle.

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