He Wasn’t Expecting This!!

He Wasn't Expecting This!! #Shorts

He Wasn’t Expecting This!

I bought my editor a gaming PC

So my video editor lee has been dreaming of a gaming pc for the longest time, but what he doesn’t know Zydax teamed up with AMD and we’re gonna surprise him with his very own monster gaming rig! Okay lee, this is lee by the way: hey how’s. It going we’ve been friends with Chris for for quite a while. He let us know that that you needed a pc, so we partnered with AMD to build you a badass, ZX custom gaming pc.

Are you serious right now so serious? As a matter of fact, I’ve got it right here, oh my god seriously: dude Radeon, 6950 XT and a Ryzen 5950x. This is a beast. I don’t know what to say. Dude, I’m like here now say thank you. Thank you. Well, thank you.


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