How Can This Puzzle Be THIS HARD?!

How Can This Puzzle Be THIS HARD?!

How Can This Puzzle Be THIS HARD?

What’S up and welcome back uh, i hope you enjoyed that intro shout out to uh my brother and lee, who both worked hard on that intro super dope before we get into this puzzle, first dot shop, if you’re looking to pick up some merch like this sweet Hoodie check this out, you can get a first dot shop link below top link uh today we’re talking about this puzzle here. This is a it’s called a pocket puzzle. The mouse puzzle is actually distributed by hanayama or created by hanayama. Get this at art of play. I left the link below or you can check this out a simple puzzle.

No, this is not the solution by the way. Neither is this. These are just to elude you to fool you it’s a five. I guess six piece puzzle with that. Little mouse and basically looks easy enough.

I mean you got ta fit the piece into square. How hard could it possibly be? Famous last words potentially possibly, i think so without any further ado like this video subscribe. If you do enjoy these type of videos and let’s get into it – [ Music ] – here we are a little mouse puzzle. These uh love these little packing puzzles, get the timer going here, see how long this will take me boop.

I think the strategy here might be to fit all the pieces in before the circle. You got this little circle. You got to fit in as well, but i think we get the other pieces in first after that we can focus on that piece. Let’S see pieces are all a little irregular, but i think as soon as i find one that fits like this here is kind of nice. It’S kind of nice, oh um.

How Can This Puzzle Be THIS HARD?

No, it’s gon na be one of those puzzles where you just got ta once you find that right like like see it’s not a right angle here, so i know that that piece probably doesn’t go there. In fact, i don’t think there’s a right angle anywhere. Yeah. None of these are right. Angle, said: that’s probably the tricky part.

What about this? Does this guy fit here? Ah see that makes a nice right angle. I like that, a lot this. I don’t like so much that it’s protruding but hey.

That’S actually right angle: oh, like that, that’s a winner! Oh, i thought i had it: [, Music, ]. Okay, i do like these two. However, this is gon na stay there for a while we’ll play out all the possible options with that combination. Oh that’s!

Good! Look at that, what a wonderful fit! No wait! Oh, oh! No!

So close! So close, it’s one of those things where like just because it feels right doesn’t mean it is all right. So maybe maybe these two are not right. That’S definitely 100 a corner piece and i feel like this. One definitely 100 goes with this, like that.

I feel is like legit, probably the best solution there. Oh that’s nice. I mean that goes there. Oh wait! No wait!

I can just put this elsewhere right. Oh, it doesn’t fit there. No, it’s tricked me: it doesn’t fit there gon na go this way. No come on. Okay, okay, understood it’s one of those where there’s just like a tricky solution to it like this, and this fits a little too perfectly like.

When you add this one in – and it goes this side here like this – like that – just fits too well together to be the solution. I feel like i’m being led astray a little bit here on this one, because that’s not a right angle. That’S that’ll never fit there. So it’s got to be something like that right. It’S the same thing.

I just did. Isn’T it yeah again with these puzzles? Okay, there’s probably like 100 percent, like some type of like weird configuration where they don’t, they don’t fit like you think, they’re going to fit and uh and secondly, i think that yeah wait did i do that before that’s a good fit. Is this the same thing? We just did before i feel like it’s the same thing.

Let’S see wait this way. This is the same thing. We did. Isn’T it yeah? I keep coming up to the same.

The same combination here, that’s also a good fit actually, but now we have no place for the uh for the mouse to go. Is the mouse fit in any of these? No, so it also has to form a hole where the mouse can go to. That’S also something we got to do so there has to be a hole and that wouldn’t actually work. Oh, that would work something like that.

Okay, i feel like that’s just exactly what i did earlier, maybe not so close again. I like these two pieces. Those might be wrong, but i’m going to explore all the options before i move on this i’ve done before i’ve done this option. Yeah pretty sure. I have tried that one that one this one i’ve tried it’s just not gon na work.

It’S the same same combination. We had earlier it’s a tricky slice of cheese. This one okay, like we’ve, exhausted our options there, let’s uh, so instead of these two going together like this, maybe there’s another way that they can go together. What, if they’re upside down? That’S just the same thing: um.

The other option was maybe something like that yeah this, and this is pretty much like. I feel like it’s leading me towards this, but it’s also not great like that. Is such a perfect fit right there, and yet nothing. Uh is gon na come from this. I’Ve tried this as well.

Yeah come on. No. What if it’s in the corner, like that, you know what i mean some weird configuration, i feel, might be the answer here. Let’S just try: let’s try to get a piece in here where it falls like flush on the corner. Maybe you know what i mean.

Maybe something like that. You know something weird or like it doesn’t matter it’s counter-intuitive, but i feel, like that’s part of the uh. Clever little solution that they’ve hidden, you know what i mean like it could be all right, 15 and a half minutes have passed by. I don’t think it’s gon na be something like that. Maybe it is, i don’t know two halves.

You know what i mean could work out. It’S just this huge empty space. There wait. No, this empty space is too much. So maybe it’s like half of that and then like a quarter of another one, wait this fits here.

It’S got ta, be something weird like this like it’s something like that something super off off the wall. Type of type of deal. Definitely like two halves here would be, i think, acceptable. Even one half when i say halves, i mean these things instead of quarters. You know: okay, the heck with this thing for now, let’s try to make these pieces fit so that oh, i’m getting a facetime from wes solving a for puzzle.

What’S going on all right i’ll hit you back later, yep yep wesley barker! Ladies and gentlemen, these angles are so irregular, like everything is just a little irregular that makes it so you can’t er, you can’t solve it. How is this so hard? There’S five pieces here, six with a little little mouse. How is that this hard?

This isn’t supposed to be this hard puzzle with five or six pieces. It’S not supposed to be this difficult! You know what i mean like come on. It’S gon na be something weird like this like something with a weird angle for sure it’s never gon na. Be this it’s never gon na, be that that is never gon na go there like.

Neither is that like if it’s a right angle, it’s just not gon na go there. I have the stinking feeling that it’s just that’s just the way it’s gon na. Be that’s not gon na go there because that doesn’t fit. That’S just nope! Okay, that’s maybe right!

Maybe am i just like doing the same thing i did earlier see come on, can like sneak in there can’t like sneak in there. Somehow this is the same solution. I got earlier it’s the same thing that didn’t work: the fact that there’s another solution that isn’t this kind of blows my mind right now. I feel, like i feel like it’s got to be in the corner. That’S just my gut instinct right now is that we got ta find one combination to where it can just be like you know something awkward come on guys come on guys, like you know what i mean, it’s got ta, be something like that.

There’S no there’s! No other way about it. It’S something like this! I’M gon na i’m gon na go with this. Okay, that’s gon na come to a quick halt because there’s nothing that fits there, something like that.

Okay, that sort of fits if i can just get uh. Oh that’s! Okay, [, Music ], that’s not bad, oh, so close, i’m forcing it in at this point that doesn’t actually fit there. This goes like that. Like this turn it upside down turn it upside down.

Maybe that helps hey. That fits oh [, Music. ]! Oh, wait! Let’S go 25 25 minutes, not bad.

Honestly uh. I knew okay, i knew it was gon na, be something weird and obviously it was oh, that’s my dog barking ob. I knew it was going to be something weird i didn’t expect. I expected i didn’t, expect a square hole. I expected this to just be in a corner, was my guess, but this also makes sense, and that’s you know, that’s the fun with these puzzles is that they give you this this idea of where the solution is going to go, and then you end up fooling Yourself and it’s kind of a magic trick in that respect, where i give you enough information for you to come up with your own assumption and then the answer is totally different than from what you were assuming and that’s why it takes you so long and that’s How magic tricks fool people too?

It’S kind of same thing, so really dope, puzzle, um i’ll leave the link below where you can shop, or you can pick this up at art of play – super fun. Uh thanks for watching, leave a like well hot dang there. You have it, ladies and gentlemen: uh the pocket mouse puzzle solved. Uh solution was a little bit outside of the box, as i figured not as much as i thought it would be, but still took me half an hour which is still pretty difficult for a five or six piece jigsaw puzzle. You would think that would take a lot less time, but anyways uh, if you guys enjoyed this video leave a like subscribe check out the link below.

If you want to purchase this for yourself or for someone else, we’ll see on the next video

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