How Many Total Puzzle Pieces Do I Have? (and other nerdy statistics)

How Many *Total* Puzzle Pieces Do I Have? (and other nerdy statistics)

How Many Total Puzzle Pieces Do I Have?

Hi everyone welcome back to Karen puzzles, so, as you saw in my previous video, I just reorganized my entire puzzle studio. So now I can actually see all of the puzzles that I have and since then everyone has been asking how many puzzles do I have how many total pieces are there all kinds of statistics like that that previously, when everything was all messy, I was like. I literally have no idea, but now that everything’s organized I have answers for you, because I really wanted to know too so. Okay, how many puzzles do I have so a few caveats in this number? I am not counting brain teasers only like actual jigsaw puzzles.


I’M also not counting the puzzles that I have at my parents, house, uh just the ones here in lea and for this video i’m going to be talking about my permanent collection. So that means i’m not counting the puzzles that are in the giveaway boxes or the puzzles that I know i’m going to be giving away after I solve them once, but I am counting the puzzles that I haven’t solved yet that I know I will be keeping After I solve them, so I hope all that makes sense. So here it is the number of puzzles in my permanent collection 318. that might not sound like a lot, but the number of puzzles that I excluded for being in the giveaway box or puzzles that I eventually will be giving away that number is 62.


So it’s a very high percentage of puzzles that just kind of rotate in and out of my apartment, and that means that in total there are 380 puzzles currently in the apartment. So, okay, this is the number that everyone on tick-tock really wanted to know how many total pieces are there in this room. So again, this is only going to be the total number of pieces in the permanent collection, and before I tell you, this will be fun. I want you to pause the video right here, go down and leave a comment with your best guess and then after I tell you um, you know you can just say whether you were close or not so the total number of pieces. Three hundred and eight thousand two hundred and seventy-one that is so many puzzle pieces I legitimately have a fear of like not necessarily somebody stealing my puzzles, but someone just getting really mad at me and coming into this room and mixing all the pieces together.


Can you even imagine but back to the number? I also just want to clarify that those last few digits may not be exactly correct because, as we all know from the video from stand-up math’s, the number on the side of the puzzle box isn’t always the exact number of pieces that are actually in that puzzle. But i’m not gonna count every single puzzle that I have so I decided to just go with that round number also for the vintage springbok puzzles. They just say like over 500 pieces on the box, so I just went with 500 pieces, but still over 300 000 puzzle pieces in this room, although to be fair, 64 000 of them are just in that one shelf anyway, breaking it down even further. In my collection, I have 75 different puzzle.


Brands represented the top. Five are cloudberries springbok, are aware, ebu and piecework, and that makes sense, because now that I use all the cloudberries oops, all the cloudberries boxes like in my background, those are all the gray boxes. Um pretty much, none of them ever make it out to the giveaway pile anymore and then springbok. Obviously, I’ve been collecting a lot of the vintage spring box and with piecework um, these colorful boxes are all the piecework puzzles. Their boxes are just so beautiful that again none of those ever make it to the giveaway pile.


So then, if we break it down by the number of pieces in the puzzles, obviously the most popular counts are 500 and a thousand. But as we know, this chart is not totally accurate because a lot of those in those two categories are actually slightly over 500 or slightly over a thousand. But if we look at their ranges like groups together, it’s actually pretty evenly distributed. Okay, so I was recently asked by someone um what percentage of my puzzles I bought myself versus were gifted to me by the puzzle. Companies, and I really didn’t – have an answer.


I estimated I think, maybe half or so well, when I made the spreadsheet, it was actually 60 gifted to me by the puzzle companies. I actually only bought 11 of my puzzles like new from the companies. Another 14. I bought off of eBay so like a good quarter were puzzles that I bought with my own money, and then I decided to group together all of the puzzles that I got from viewers. So some of those I bought off of the viewers and some of them they decided just to give to me so that chart was a little surprising but honestly getting gifted so many puzzles is like the number one perk of this job and then finally, the other Big question is how much money I have spent on all of my vintage puzzles: um.


I’M not gonna give you an exact number on that one I’ll just say it’s in the low to mid four figures. So, okay changing gears a little. I decided to do a spreadsheet of every single puzzle that I put together this year, whether it’s for a video or just for fun. I’M filming this about halfway through April and so far I have done 29 puzzles totaling 30 649 pieces. I’M keeping additional stats like where I got the puzzle from my rating, whether i’m doing it for fun or for a video, so at the end of the year I’ll do a more detailed breakdown of my 2022 year in puzzles, so stay tuned.


For that. I also recently wrote out a list of all of the future videos that I want to make here on this channel, rather than just kind of having them all swimming around. In my head and just off the top of my head, I came up with 42 video ideas, so I could not acquire a single other puzzle and still have almost a full year of content like ready to go so then I also have another spreadsheet, which is My wish list of mostly vintage puzzles i’m not going to share the entire spreadsheet because it was so much research putting together and it’s like a constant work in progress. I also don’t want all of you buying out all of my puzzles from under me, though. I might make a video about all of the rarest most mysterious puzzles that I have on there where, like I know they exist.


I know I’ve seen like one photo of them similar to the little boy blue puzzle, but there just isn’t a lot of other information out there. So let me know if that’s a video you might want to see, but anyway, there are 386 puzzles on that list. Again, I could buy a new vintage puzzle every day for a year and still have more puzzles that I want to get, although i’m not gonna do that, because that would be a very expensive year. So anyway, I was also asked over on patreon from a patron named Carolyn. If I could break down all of the like viewership demographics here on my channel, and I was like sure, more statistics you guys might like that.


So all of this data is from the past year, meaning the previous 365 days from like right now. So we have about 67 women and 33 men with only 0.1 user specified, that’s probably not totally accurate, because I don’t know how difficult YouTube makes it to mark your gender as neither male nor female, so i’m sure, there’s probably more than 0 1 percent of non-binary or people of other genders mixed in there, so about 35 of you are aged 25 to 34, which makes sense, because I am solidly in that age range too, and then the percentages just get smaller going in each direction, which again is what I would have expected about 35 of you are from the us and then the next most represented countries are the uk, Germany and Canada, and I actually would have thought it would have been more from the us, but I guess we’re a very international group. So about 59 of the people who watched my videos in the past year were not subscribed to my channel and of my subscribers about 12 of you have clicked that bell button, which means you get notifications every time. I upload that’s what it means.


Whenever you see another your tuber saying to like ring that bell, it just means to hit that button so that you don’t miss an upload and then finally, YouTube also tells you what other videos and what other channels your audience, also watches. So here are mine. Let me know if you also watched any of these and that’s it. So let me know if you find this kind of data interesting and if there’s anything else, you think I should be keeping track of big shout out to my sister for making all of those charts for me and for teaching me how to use spreadsheets. You know the drill now make sure to head over to patreon for all kinds of bonus puzzle.


Videos hit that subscribe button ring that bell hit the like button. You know all the things your code word for the comments will be a spreadsheet, so congratulations. You made it through probably my nerdiest video yet, which is saying a lot all right. Happy puzzling, I’ll, see you all next time.

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