I FINALLY Figured Out How To Do This Trick!

I FINALLY Figured Out How To Do This Trick!

What’s up guys, welcome back uh before we get into anything today, this video is brought to you by nebula. Now you might be wondering why I’m sitting in my backyard – you might be wondering – is this even his backyard uh and the answer to that is yes, we’re sitting in front of a projector here, nebula sent me this amazing 4k projector there’s a whole list of specs, Which I don’t really understand i’ll, let you know what I do understand, but for now we gotta set up. I gotta, get a sweater, got some snacks and watched this. While I get changed, be right back all right, I’m all snug! I brought snacks not for me, but for my dog this is obi.


Oh you’re gonna watch some you’re gonna watch some uh some tv with me outside. What do you think of this projector? Yeah, you like the specs, so this thing’s like a laser projector, which is apparently really crazy. Normally laser tvs go for up to like five grand, and I think you get the 1080 projector the smaller one they have for. Like 1500 or 1600, and because it’s a laser, it’s actually more energy efficient, so better for the environment, which is nice, it’s portable. This thing looks amazing.


You can basically carry it around anywhere. You can plug it into it. You’Ve got like 7 000 apps. On this thing, including netflix and all that stuff, so you can browse your favorite. You know streaming platforms, but we’re going to use it to check out some cool stuff on reddit or i’ll.



Read you some of the specs here that uh that I have to read. This is a sponsored video also. You know gridless, auto keystone correction, that’s actually dope. So when we set it up, as you notice, the projector – you probably can’t see it here, but the projector is actually lower than the screen is over there because it’s lower it has to like adjust the axis, and it does that automatically and auto focuses automatically, which Is pretty wild? It also has, as you’re gonna hear two speakers here.


So it’s got dolby audio with two speakers in this thing, so you don’t need to bring extra speakers and the speakers in here are really good. It’S literally like a home theater that you can bring anywhere so super dope, they’re, even saying here that the 1080p projector could perform better than a 4k non-laser projector due to its high brightness and contrast technology, that’s kind of what we’re seeing right now. This looks great by the way, all right enough of this. Let’S test this baby out, see some magic, see some dope things online. I got a job right here chilling.


Oh you want to kick your kiki alright to enjoy the show. Okay, all right, all right! My guess is: he’s gonna drop the magnet through, and it’s gonna go down slowly not seen these videos before so I don’t know. Ah it’s so satisfying wait. What well that’s kind of cool huh it’s like x-ray, but for metal or magnets there’s a magic trick that has that actually, with a reveal, you need like this green card, exactly the cover that green paper and you lay it over the card and that’s you know You see a different card: oh it’s a glow-in-the-dark fish, oh my god, there’s the most magical fish i’ve ever seen.


If we could only harness that power for magic somehow without harming the fish, there’s like a pink thing at the bottom of that bowl. You think! That’s fish poop. You see the pink thing gotta say this thing’s really bright love. This love is just the crickets chirping.


In the background we’re just chilling. I got my dog here. This is a kind of cool lee getting eaten by flies. He says yep! Okay, oh that’s gonna be a little egg.


Volcano! Oh he’s doing some naruto moves, whoa, naruto naruto! I don’t know, I haven’t watched it. We got a magic trick here, torn a restoring card by. Are you that magic guy?


Why do you think he has that name? Probably because, like he had a couple viral videos, people are like you with that magic, it’s educated, guess it’s a good guess, decent guess all right. Let’S have a look. Okay, one, two , three and four pieces. One of them goes in his mouth.


No two of them go in his mouth. Okay, bam! Just like that! That’S pretty good! Aobi!


Oh he’s watching whoa! I don’t see that again. This part here, it’s pretty dope, don’t know how practical that is. But regardless, I don’t even care that it looks really awesome, good job. This one says how, in the hole, how in the hole all right, one two three four cards are then albums lee: let’s go one two, oh and one of them’s got a hole all right.


Four clubs, three cards – okay and one of them – has a hole. It’S actually pretty dope, two cards, not sure if he paused there. If that was my internet connection, the two okay how’s he gonna handle this one, though a little too close to the screen. For my liking, but I like it. Good job, nice trick, very cool. I like that he added a little hand there to hold it.


He’S just got a beardy, magic guy. So it’s hey! It’S that magic guy and then it’s the beardy magic guy they’re, all just like trying to describe what they’re looking like. What does that make me a beard magic guy with a hat? I think I’ll change. My youtube channel name is a beard magic guy with a hat who does puzzles.


Oh you’re, the puzzle, guy. It does magic tricks, that’s what it is. Eight changes in 50 seconds here we go with four playing cards, but they don’t stay blink for long all. I have to turn them over and give it a shake, and you can actually see that the playing cards are now showing their backs, but not just that, but that shake actually made each of those playing cards turn into queens and with just a snap. I can make each queen flip over, so you can see its face as well.


Oh, but not only can I make them flip over, but with another shake I can turn that blue back and they all have holes in them and another snap I can make each queen flip over. So you can see that red back and the only way that this is possible is because everyone knows that jokers are wild. So another shake. You can see all four sleep as much as possible, but it’s not only their faces that are wild. Oh, no, that’s so good!


I didn’t expect the ending, I should have expected it to be a magician. I should have expected these things, but I didn’t see what the coming part of me was like. Did you? Have 28 cards in his hand, is 28 a multiple of eight? Was that really 50 seconds all right here?


We go looking like a coin matrix. Oh what huh, shame that the other hand went out of frame, but that was really good. All right, hey this projector, I’m okay, a little little projector break. While we talk about the sponsor of this video because they’re paying me to watch cool magic clips outside of my house, which is kind of dope, so we do have to talk about them right, bear with me it’s it is, I don’t know, I’m not a tech. Guy man, I love technology, I just don’t know how to describe it.




So when they’re talking about the lumens, it’s got 2400 lumens. So I’m like that sounds like a recipe for a potion in Harry Potter and to make light. So if they put that technology from harry potter into that, I’m impressed all right next. Two three wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!


Wait! What the hell did I do? I just see one two three. What if I get fooled by these three? No one!


Two! Three cut that out in post: that’s probably not how he did it and it’s probably what all of you are thinking is that’s how he did it and although it’s the only explanation, I have to do this trick. That doesn’t mean that I’m correct. There could be a really genius method behind this and for someone who likes to believe in magic, I like to believe there is such a good job. You fooled me this one fools me every time by the way, I think i’ve filmed this trick or i’ve. I’Ve reacted to this trick.




I think, probably, like eight individual times of people doing it I still get it two three. Oh it’s already gone editing this trick. This video – and I was – I literally – just – dropped the card off camera uh. That’S all, there’s no editing there. I promise you.


We were all flabbergasted at the footage when we looked back at it and I had no idea that you could do that. So just dropping it. Like I did the first time, but like perfectly so, we out here we out here, we all in no doubt here, chase money bags, no clout here go dead in, though okay they’re all different and we’re just going to get a random car selected. In this case the jack of hearts – oh, it seems right. I don’t have to remember the card, but if you forget it, then the ending of this trick will be really stupid, but for now I’m simply going to shuffle the cards in a rather peculiar way.


I’Ll take half the cards face up and I’ll leave the other half face down and I’ll mix the cards together like so all right. That wasn’t bad, that the deck is in a pretty random order. Honestly, I’m not even quite sure if this is going to work, but if I can simply believe in magic for a minute and I should be able to fix every card in the deck except for your card, all right, pretty cool! If he’s practicing, I like it. The one thing I don’t like about that triumph is the splitting of the packs everywhere. It makes it a little bit too much like a weird little tabletop packet trick when that could be done all in the hands.


Obviously, if you’re at a table, it’s different, but I mean even that moves a little weird. There are better moves and the shuffle wasn’t bad, oh slip shift by chris ryan. This is my own trick. Okay, here we go see if you can do better than me. Okay, that’s pretty darn good!


Oh man, that’s pretty good dude, pretty good, very impressed. Not a lot of people can do that move, including myself, even though I came up with it. You put this in here. Oh, this is an actual magic trick. I thought I was gonna get rick rolled for a second you’ll know, folks, that if you own my books and have read the introductions in every book, I say if you don’t try every trick at least once you will never know whether it suits you or Not or whether it’s your cup of tea, because you cannot tell by skipping through, you, may see a slight in there or a setup or something that you don’t like you just negate it um.


The trouble with that is it’s like buying a novel. You just wouldn’t skip through chapters. Would you um so as an example of that, I’m going to show you a trick here that will have you scurrying back to those books to try and find it. So, as a tease, I’m not going to tell you what book and I’m not going to tell you the title of the trick. So, let’s get straight down to it.


Um I have got four playing cards. I can tell you that these are aces and I’m going to ask you to think of any ace. You want to. You’Ve got an ace of clubs, hearts, spades or diamonds and whatever ace you name is going to turn face up in the packet, so cubs hearts, basically diamonds, which ace would you like, and it’s a free choice? Clubs.


I said clubs of clubs, ace of clubs there. We are, and there is the ace of clubs now that’s pretty magical, but I knew that you would choose the ace of clubs, because before I came here, I took out another ace from a different deck. This is green and these are blue. Now I know what you’re wondering you’re probably wondering what these cards are. Well, these cards here happen to be all blank and for the magicians, only not the layman of the magicians.


Only this is gonna fool. You badly pretty good. I, like the part where you guessed my card. The one thing is, though, like I don’t do any of I don’t do any elmsley counting um for card tricks. I just find it just a little bit weird.


I guess people can get away with it if they’re very natural at it. I just mind, it doesn’t come off as naturally there’s just something about this whole thing, and just here we have this many cards, but in real life. You just be like this right. You just like being here. I have four cards right if you want to show them one at a time you’d be like here. I have you, know four cards or just doing this and putting them behind, and then it just feels a little icky to me feels like hey check this out.


You know – and I don’t know, there’s something about that – that feels a little icky, obviously it’ll fool people. Obviously uh. There are tons and tons of tricks that require that move and those tricks are decent tricks. It’S just that it doesn’t suit me. I just always found something.


Weird with it those stamps okay yo – that was really good. Can an octopus do magic? The burning question: no way? How did it know? Look at that all right.


Here’S a full hand. There you go mate, you want those I feel like this. Is both endearing and mean at the same time octopodes are okay in my book. How does the shadow only appear when I go past the tree? Oh, I see that’s kind of weird, isn’t it so no shadow on the other side, huh lee’s, just shrugging back there.


Do you have any idea? I’m sure someone in the comments, who’s smarter than all of us combined, will be able to answer that question. Let me know how that is, I’m trying to think back of like a memory of myself going to see that, but I’ve. Never that’s kind of wild, got a while ace of ace of hearts, ten clubs, and being a good boy. I looked away for a second. That’S what happened?


Try again. Oh, I think I know how that works. Some slight hand involved. It’S kind of like one of those things, so if this would be the table, it’s kind of here does that make sense. Yeah, okay, the untouchable spring explanations in the comments.


Ah, we don’t need those, we’ll just grab it, not even trying to grab it. It’S got a shadow to wait. It has a shadow. How does it have a shadow that is kind of weird? What’s going on here? That is the most magical creature I’ve ever seen in my life. My god, I’ve seen insects that have the uh that look like sticks and twigs and leaves and stuff, but I’ve never seen a butterfly.


That is some crazy evolution. Dude watch it instantly change. It’S like a flap card. It’S like seeing the inside of a flap card, you’re like what the hell’s that pashmina fiber from Kashmir, India, all right, okay, this doesn’t feel like a magic trick. Wait, what a real thing!


What ‘s the most organic thing is like everything in that video had elements for a magic trick. It had a pen going through a cloth. It had just the hands at a weird angle: it had all the ingredients for a magic trick, and if this person is a magician I’d, be like you fooled me, but if he isn’t I’m interested, how do we get this technology all right? This pashmina? Is it very expensive?


Is that what it is? It’s cashmere pacific sounds expensive? That’S probably why, if you had self-regenerating clothes, I mean the dwarves. Do some pretty high-tech stuff. I’d come up with a few ideas that I’m gonna look into. Pashmina Hungary’s musical road will sing to drivers going at the right speed. What’S that? Okay, that’s pretty cool!


The first thought that goes into my head. Do we have those as well on the sides of our road here in Canada before when you like, fall asleep, and it’s meant to wake you up? I feel like putting a lullaby at the side of the road for people who are trying to wake up while they’re sleeping. We got like two more oh yeah, this one I’ve seen before and it’s so mesmerizing it feels like – and those are all just hinges that would make for a cool puzzle. It’S very magical, not magic, but magical, all right.


Last one waterbender. That is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I bet he was doing that for a girl she’s sitting on the rocks. He’s like watching this. It’S pretty darn amazing! Well, we’ve come to the end of our clips.


Obie we’re all done. You wanted a cookie. I think I got one more: what’s a big one, come get it, come get it. I can get it how’d. You like uh chillin, watching the um, watching the projector with me, you’re getting obi’s hot.


Take a real kiss. No, of course not um. Well, there you have it. I’d like to thank nebula again for sponsoring this video. It’S super dope to have a projector like this, that you can. You know sort of hit the road uh and just set up a tv wherever you want and kind of camp out and watch 4k videos or streaming or whatever it is.


I highly suggest checking them out from the link below. Thanks guys for watching this video. Let me know if you liked it and leave a comment. Leave a like and we’ll see you on the next one.


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