I got POSSESSED by a Jigsaw Puzzle

I got POSSESSED by a Jigsaw Puzzle

I got POSSESSED by a Jigsaw Puzzle

Hi everybody welcome back to karen puzzles, so today we are doing another vintage puzzle. This is a springbok puzzle from the 80s called. Oh, you beautiful doll, it’s just a little creepy, but you know i’m sure it’s fine, all right! Let’S go ahead and open it up. It’S weird: the lights have never gone out before.

Wait hang on all right. Well, just need to be back um. What’S that is that thunder it’s supposed to be sunny today, anyway, um, let’s look at the pieces, i actually love this box. I think it looks so vintage and so cool the pieces are super high quality, uh springbok puzzles from the 80s. Have the thickest puzzle pieces i’ve ever seen like just look at that.

These are indestructible. The puzzle has a random cut, which definitely makes it trickier, even though it’s only a 500 piece puzzle. The finish is a little shiny, but not too glossy and there aren’t any false edges, which means that i’ll be able to start by separating out the edge pieces. [, Music ] all right. Well, i finished the edge almost i’m like 80 of the way there.

That was a little trickier than i thought because i entirely lied. There are false edges and there are these teeny tiny little edge pieces that are very tricky to spot. So that was harder than i thought, but i’m gon na start working on the middle now. So my strategy for the middle was pretty simple. I just started with all of the distinct patterns which were mostly their clothing.

This puzzle is tricky because it has a lot of faces and a lot of skin, that’s all the same color, but by starting with the clothing, i was able to get a good framework to fill in the rest, [ Music ]. So i skipped over this earlier, but there’s actually a poem on the back of the box. Why did we stop putting poems on puzzle boxes and it’s written by karen? How crazy is that, so i’m just gon na read it to you. While i continue to work on the puzzle, i know my dolly anyplace.

She has the cutest little face such rosy cheeks a turned up, nose and bright brown eyes that never close. I know my dolly anywhere. She has a top knot in her hair, a soft brown tummy. I can squeeze and dimples in her chubby knees and even if she had a dozen look, a likey dolly cousin, i still know her from all the others, because that’s just how it is with mothers. [, Music, ] um guys uh was there an earthquake?

Did i didn’t feel anything? Do you think there’s something funny going on? I i don’t i’m just i’m just gon na work on my puzzle, i’m just here to do my puzzle. So that’s i guess i’ll clean that up later [ Music ] wait. Did anyone hear that you know your dolly anyplace?

Okay, i’m like actually getting freaked out? I i think i’m ready to be done with this puzzle. Um here we go. Let’S just put in the last piece: [ Music ], i know my dolly anyplace. She has the cutest little face.

This is our channel. Now, karen had to say ciao in the comments leave. The word dolly haven’t you heard all we want to do is play in your souls forever. We’Ll stay

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