I Held The VERY FIRST Deck of Cards! – Cardcon 2022

I Held The VERY FIRST Deck of Cards! - Cardcon 2022

I Held The VERY FIRST Deck of Cards! – Cardcon 2022

So I was hired as an emcee to basically emcee the very first Cardcon convention ever this is put on by bicycle playing cards in the United States playing card company, so I feel very honored that they would choose me. However, I have never emceed anything in my entire life. I can’t say that I’m terrified, because I know everything will be fine. It should be a really good time and I can’t wait to capture it on video. I honestly shouldn’t be vlogging, because I have so much work ahead of me.

Look at this schedule dude. This is two days of just like you got ta talk. You got ta. Do this that there’s a lot going on so hopefully I think I’ll be fine. Yeah it’ll be fine, I don’t care dude, I’m making a sick video regardless.

So let’s go. How are we doing guys? We got a van full of performers here for uh for Cardcon. Let’s hope we get there. Safe yeah be a tragic day good morning.

Good morning nice to meet you too, what’s up India for this, I’m excited. Are you excited super excited? I’ve been practicing my car throwing skills before coming here. So, let’s see, uh he’s Richard Turner right here. One of the legendary performers yeah the gold standard, the living legend, absolutely I’m still alive.

That’s right! Thank you there. She is look at this pretty insane setup. They got here. Look at these good-looking fellas over here.

You guys yo, it’s so long. How you doing Chris good to see you too yeah dude? I haven’t seen this guy in years. I know I’m excited too all right. This is uh.

My buddy Omar Renfro, Vermont, blue luxury is this company. He creates, you know beautiful art in the form of rings. Necklaces chains grills, I mean we’re at the the first ever card, cause yeah and you’re. Mr. first, Mr. first, so why not uh give you some gold medals beautiful? Are you ready?

I am oh, my God. It’s gonna feel really nice on your chest. Look at that, then this is a big boy. It’S a little bit heavier Omar yeah. What a G man dude of course right now, I’m gonna go set up I’ll, see you I’ll see you after once again it looks good walking around.

Thank you! So much again dude a little chill area for the performers, which is really nice. We can get our stuff ready here with a giant mirror in case. You want to practice any sleight of hand. Oliver soguard.

That’s me you’re trapped. Your family is in trouble. They’ve taken your wife and children, they’ve taken everything from you. You have to do cardistry to get out of this situation. You have to do cardistry to get in foreign.

Give us something you’re working on right now. What’s what’s going on in Oliver’s mind as a small idea, I really wanted to because I have re-trigger and I have it with the single card so I’ve recently, I thought about maybe somehow getting a an angel from there whoa. I thought my finger with the thumb with the thumb yeah. So when you do the move, you pull out that single and then you’re pressing it on the side of the deck, exactly exactly and then drop that packet. And then you would have a an Angel Card.

Like whoa on the side, and then you could maybe let it fall or something like that, either spin it or whatever yeah exactly in New York. I was talking to Frank about like how you introduce card history, to people and like lay people, and we were talking about it’s a good way to maybe start with one hand and then just in the beginning, to just the Charlie, a then move to Revolution. And then I thought I would go with retrigger, so I went with first trigger and then you could extend it to re-trigger and you can show that you could do it like continuously and then, of course, the the single card and, if you’re, getting very crazy. The five packet or like the five card version where you get one down there and stand it like that, you know what’s crazy about that, is like every time that that happens. I feel like you, have no idea what’s happening in your hands yeah.

It looks like that and then everything comes together like oh wait, he knew all along. Are you as motivated now, as you were before? No, no, not at all yeah. I think same. I think um, when you’re young and, like you know, everything’s an idea yeah and now it’s all about, like refining and interesting ideas and little add-ons, and also revisiting the old moves and like um and really perfecting those also in in presenting them like.

How should you uh both both in videos like watch the best angles yeah? Also, if you’re, if you’re presenting it to lay people? How do you actually do it? It’S not quite a performance, art, no yeah, right, yeah yeah, where it’s, because people still you know it’s. It’S even more Niche than magic, so people are still like that must be magic.

What he’s doing right yeah a lot of times, I guess, and it’s difficult like because with art forms, usually you can like have some kind of meaning or like express some kind of meaning or idea with cards. It is a little difficult with videos. Exactly I’m a big fan of Danish, or actually I saw a licorice pizza or by Paul Thomas yeah Anderson, yeah yeah. It was it was such a strange movie yeah, you didn’t know where it was going. It’S all over the place like there’s nowhere yeah, but I’m a big fan of a Danish, really weird director called Larsson Trier, wow yeah yeah, but that’s a little controversial as well.

Yeah art should be controversial, yeah exactly there’s uh. I I often, I often think of a world of art that is approved by everyone and it’s not a world. I want to live in. No, that sounds horrible. Thanks to Oliver you’re welcome all right.

Just uh did my first bit of emceeing, which was a lot of fun and got to present Richard Turner who’s, an absolute Legend dude, I feel really lucky to be here after this we’ll be headed out into the lobby and Rick Smith. Jr is going to attempt a Guinness record for card throwing accuracy and we’re gon na hang out with some people get to meet and greet and I’ll film some stuff, and hopefully at least show you guys something you haven’t seen before. What’S up Chris wait what’s this, so how do you? How do you beat this record? I have to throw 117 Cards into the circle from The Mark without missing in a row without missing.

Yes, what was the previous record 52 and he went 117 He just dummies your record right. Well, I I always you made a fool out of you dude. What are you doing? Listen, listen. The record was six I could have done could have done that.

Well, I’d like to see you try, I could do six right now. Six I’ll do six right now hold this. You cannot miss one who do you think you’re filming right now, dude, okay, that was a warm up, we’ll cut! This is great yeah, that’s good! That’S good!

Just got ta get at least, let’s just get one Jesus. It’S a little bit. Okay, do you have to do how many 117 in a row without missing one without missing one? What happens if you miss one yeah start over? That’S why we have three hours.

Okay, I got it. We got one. You got one oh Jesus, so I messed up. So two is my record: that’s pretty good this guy here, all right, so this guy actually uh won the sponsorship at first stop shop, yeah and traveled all the way from Israel to come here and hang out uh. So Props to you dude, thank you for coming out and what are you doing with these decks um?

I I just wanted to sign them. I’M going to auction them and and all the funds are going to a person that needs them. Yeah um yep love to see you, man, they’re Rick Smith, Jr, is going to absolutely shatter Ed, this record, okay. So for everyone that doesn’t know, I am a five-time record holder for throwing cards the farthest hardest, most accurate highest and the most cards thrown a body in a minute and best looking yeah, unofficially, unofficially. So the deal is the record, for this originally sounds crazy was originally six and Chris is going to show everybody how easy it is to break six cards.

Yeah yeah, you got it. Oh my God, you know what just start to start the clock go ahead. I don’t know how I’m doing this all right. Okay, so I mean all right. You handle cars and we’ve been friends for like 10 years.

So let’s let somebody else try it imagine. She smashes the record right now how Wild that would be. What a turn of events? Okay! Here we go all right.

Let’S try one more one, more one! More get it past that one all right, whoa! Okay, all right! Let’S Go, sir! That’S an interesting technique, yeah, ah, all right so harder than Alexa yeah.

It is okay! So the original record was six. I threw 48 or yeah 48 in one minute and oh so no it wasn’t timed. I just wanted to make it more difficult. So then there was a poker dealer out of Minna Minneapolis and he threw 52 cards.

Then I threw 53 cards. Did he just did he just do this? That’S you, then we got to 54 And then there was this kid out of India that you know he uh he’s like wanted me to teach him how to throw cards, so I did and he threw 117. dude what an arc but I’ll. Do it all right?

Let’S go hey guys. Let’S give it up for Rick Smith: what cars will you be using? Oh bicycle playing cards? Oh, what a surprise! I’M gon na FaceTime that kid as soon as you hit 118.

record is 117. 110. 111. 112. 113.

14. 15. 117. 10 of Hearts. Is this a world record?

Let’S keep going keep going 19 20., the greatest Book World Record 139 playing cards for the most cards thrown into a Target. How many was it 139? 139? That’S that’s!

Yeah! 139 139 is the record Legend dude never doubted your first attack. Buddy good job man can uh. Can he give us a TWA? I don’t know hell.

No. That means from South Park. Okay Lisa. Can you give us? I was speaking of which we, which is pretty unusual.

We just got the rights from South Park to create that character. Yeah amazing where’s Magic gone. What did it run to never thought it’d be, but I’m left with won’t. You tell me where the magic’s gone back when I was young, it was all around everywhere. I looked it was there now blankly stand, and I wonder where the magic’s gone.

What is this very, very responsible, the very first yeah so before it was called bicycle? It was called Russell and Morgan company, so this is the first first deck wow. So that’s what the first Ace of Spades used to look like wow and obviously wow they’re, so beautiful. It’S also the cards used to look very urbanized, so that was the very first wow just place them in my palm. Those that is dope is that joker.

That is the first deck of bicycle cards Dude. That is so insane hold this, and this is the first bicycle branded deck right. This one right, this one yep extra bicycle playing cards, first bike, because that was the first time the word bicycle was ever written on paper wow and there’s the first Joker wow. Look at that bicycle! Look at that!

Silly! Looking bicycle wow, the first Joker that bicycle under the bicycle brand ever released and there’s the first one um they’re gilded as well. Oh my can you hold this for a second, the camera. Do a Carter Street check here go ahead? Can I cut them sure?

It’S! The first bicycle: that’s the first bicycle. Anyone ever done, cardistry with these uh, no you’d be the first I’d, be the first person to ever do car. I’M very I’m almost like shaking right now, nice wow dude! This is that gilding.

I can’t believe that I can’t believe that gilding held up so well yeah fantastic. Thank you so much for showing me this dear I’ll leave this here. The first deck of playing cards ever made in America, the first deck of cards ever made in America yeah. Yes, please no way with the George Washington seal with the first president. What’S the date of these uh, 1861 1862, it took the stamp, was 1860 Dude and he got some pin up as well, going on showing some skin here I see there so when these cards were made, a lot of things are going on 13 colonies, 13 numbers in a suit, if any, basically didn’t have numbers on things like this was Because people back then didn’t know how to read whoa, they didn’t have numbers like a two or a five or a six.

They would just have shapes because people don’t know how to count. Yeah read numbers wow and they don’t have queen or king or Jack, because people didn’t know what it was. How long did it take you to make this collection that you have 22 years and you actively seek these out now yeah this deck is around. Maybe five thousand dollars Wow first deck of playing cards ever made by this company, and how much is that worth, probably over ten thousand yeah um or a little bit around the same price? It would be this one right here: steamboats, oh dreadnoughts, I’m the only one that has the full collection of Steamboats.

This Dreadnought was released in 1918. Well, world war ended in 1970. Wow, so when these decks were released, so United States playing for a company, AKA bicycle AKA Russell on the mortgage, they made a mistake. Releasing these cards, we already made these cards, but the war ended wow. That’S why they’re rare they got like Invincible series and they all had like these Riverboat gambling ships or whatever they were and dude.

This is so cool. Thank you so much for showing me all this. I really appreciate it. This is means a lot to me wow. So this is all in any deck of playing cards out of all of these sorry, yeah or older than all of these and here’s one of the very you speak French, yes, so this is one of the very first quotation mark tarot Decks that wasn’t Illustrated ever Made whoa here’s how the paper is, so you guys go.

This is how paper was made back then. Do you see the lines that are Horrors? Yeah wow? It was an honor to be a part of playing card. History.

Cardcon was a success in that it brought together people from all walks of life who shared a common interest in playing cards. Learning about the oldest decks of cards and hearing about the latest ones really felt like. We were part of something special, whether into magic or cardistry, or games or collecting all that’s cool, but the one thing I took away from this was the sense of community that these cards provided hope you enjoyed the video to like subscribe, we’ll see on the next One another two, that’s a cross, so it’s a ten technology that is a straight for player, one and a pair of kings, uh, two pairs for a player;


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