I played this TERRIBLE Mobile game so YOU don’t have to

I played this TERRIBLE Mobile game so YOU don't have to

I played this TERRIBLE Mobile game so YOU don’t have to

Look at this, our podcast got new chairs, I’m very happy about it. We’ve all seen the ad for this game. Everyone everyone’s seen it everyone every one of you watching right now, you’ve seen this ad, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Did you download it? Probably not but you’ve seen it well today, I’m gonna play this game, so you don’t have to.


This is not a sponsored ad, because I might end up taking a big steaming on this game, but if I don’t, then I would happily sponsor this video. Remember that I’m very desperate if at work you ever take an extra-long poop. This is the game. You’ll play it’s the type of game, it is but hey if you’re here, for it leave a like subscribe. Let’s go!


Is this an ad for another game? Send me notifications, don’t allow hell no track. My activity. No, please ask do not check, select culture. What is this is this, the right game – samurai armor, I don’t know – I don’t know – what’s happening, select culture confirm.


I have no idea what this game is. The in-city resources are in short supply. Let’s go collect some resources. Now this isn’t what I signed up for. Oh here, we go, I’m built different, I’m meant for this share with your friends.


I really feel like. I should share this right now, with my friends, be one of those people. Okay, mystery puzzle enter, please. I have no idea what’s happening. You must move the objects in the correct order to get through the stage.


Okay, we can definitely do this right and that box lands there. So that’s totally fine is that going to burn him? Okay, all right, try again wait that can crush this dude right. Thank goodness. I hit that at the right time.


Oh, my god, Genius well done my leash. There are more puzzles to enjoy easy, upgrade level to unlock more puzzle stages. Let’s go back to the city. First, my leash more puzzles. This guy’s got more puzzles.


Okay, cool all right puzzle number three: what is that thing? I can block things. Okay, this guy needs to die. First and foremost, share. Pardon me my leash, but your people are in desperate need of food.


We need to build farms to supply your troops with. I don’t want to do any of that. Why do I have to do any of that? That’s weird, very good mileage. Let us change some ground troops.


I don’t want to do any of this. This isn’t the game that they sold me. Let me go back to the puzzles here. We go what is happening, Oh they’re, actually, fighting. Why do I care?


Is that what all games are now it’s just like they advertise. One part of my liege note that there are many well done, I’m fine! I don’t care about any of this. What am I doing here upgrade? Why am I doing this?


This is blowing my mind how complex everything is for no reason is there a version of this game? That’s just the puzzles, because I feel like that’s what everyone wants. Am I the only one who thinks this stop calling me my liege, It’s weird you’re being weird select and research Jesus enough already. My liege, I swear. If I hear my liege one more time.


I can kill him with this right boom. Well done! My liege, we can unlock a new building slot. Now I don’t want to have to well done my leash, my leash each level of keep unlocked yeah.


Let’s do the puzzles, that’s a great idea. What does that do up there? Nobody told me there’d be a boulder. So I got ta time that I think this is perfect. I think it’s perfect.


Oh no! Okay, it’s like one! Second off so dumb, oh, come on! Let me see if the pattern repeats or if it starts off different. Maybe I have to do it on the second try.


You know what I mean. Oh that’s. What it is I had to delay it. Oh wait. I could have just done that the entire time I didn’t see that one there stupid game.


Okay, here we go. I mean obviously that goes there right. What’s so hard about this. You can’t give me an easy one right after that. Oh I didn’t do these either kill this guy.


Oh, it’s got ta, be oh okay, that one’s actually fun You can hit him. At the same time, all right all right, Let’s get this one out of the way. Oh, I see wait for that to go now, go no! I had to it. Wouldn’t let me press the two?


Okay, that’s! Actually, it’s actually kind of cool Wait for the snake. Dude yeah all right, let’s go all right uh-huh. I think this has to be pulled this we can put down now we do this right. I think we win that one heck yeah. What the craftsman found a secret treasure, a secret treasure.


This is easy enough boom. Look at all these things. I have no idea what’s happening. There are new puzzle stages with new rewards in the mysterio. All right, let’s go, let’s use it.


At least you can resolve a certain all right wait. Why does he run there? I have to wait for him to run back because he’s going to run that direction until I move it, and then he runs this direction. Okay, clever, not gonna lie pretty clever This game’s winning me over on the puzzle parts, not the other, not the other stuff. What are we doing here is the timing.


Perfect. Let’s go Let’s go okay, okay, What um? There are many resources in the above. Okay, there was all I want to see all the puzzles that I was shown in this ad. These ones are pretty simple.


I, like the other ones with the lava pouring down. It is cool, though, like if you look at this right now, like what would you do? I mean it’s interesting to take a second pause, the video thinks about what you would do and then resume see if you got it right. I think this is how it has to work that goes there. This can kill him that goes there.


If I just did this, would it roll down and kill that guy? Oh then, I could just jump through That’s the big brain strat right there, because I just go under him. Then they tried to trick me my liege, my liege what’s happening. I have no idea What’s happening in the story. We’re gonna finish this whole sort of like mini level here.


That goes. That way. That goes. That way, that’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna wait, because it gives us a bit of a grace period here we are good. Well, obviously, that’s no good starting to like this game.


I’M coming around. I hate the story, I’ll be honest, the story’s stupid! Maybe a lot of you like that. Just give me the puzzles. You can play the story mode and then, when you’re done with it pass me the puzzles.


Wait. This guy just burns him right, got ta wait! Wait for the fire! Oh I’m gonna burn alive. Here I burned and died.


Oh now I can make them. I can make them sort of not light up at the same time, if I do that, if I delay it and then I’m good no come on what okay, so I have to delay it. Let’s go that was close. I almost lost my footing there. Oh it unlocks at level five.


Oh so they’re saying I. Unless I care about the other game; they want me to care about. I can’t advance these famous generals. They’re gonna start making me buy these diamonds in a second. That’s what I hate they know.


I want to play the puzzle games, they know very well which games I want to play really bruh. That’s all you got okay, I got a key general. Can enhance you, okay, I don’t care stop. What is where is? What are all these things leave me alone?


No, I’m not inviting any friends I’d like to keep my friends. Thank you very much here we go. This is what I was talking about. Electrocuted, okay, this is cool. This obviously has to go down.


First, oh, wait! Ah, no! Okay! I like that. Actually that’s fun!


Then this one and that one and that one then that one, let’s go we got this share with friends for sure I’m gonna share. Imagine the person who shared, who shared every one of these things with their friends, I’m friends with those people on Facebook. It’s usually just my mom, though it’s usually just jewel, quest achievements that I have to partake in okay last one. This is the big one that blocks off something there right. I want to stay there to be sick.


No, no! No! I gotta wait for it to be lower, but not too low. Where I die like now, and then I want to lock myself in here and then and then we should do the same thing. Oh I’m gonna die there.


Okay, it’s crazy! How long I’m staying live, so I don’t want to go there. Oh, I can go all the way down. What am I doing, nothing’s possible? Let’s go okay!


Stop now we tried it when it was there. It has to be a little higher then so maybe like here. Yes, oh my god, so clutch all right. Ladies and gentlemen, I think that’s about enough of that game. To be honest, it’s all my brain cells can handle today.


I think, okay, the puzzles the puzzles are pretty cool. I enjoyed the heck out of those puzzles. I absolutely think the rest of it’s just a massive distraction and think they should get rid of it, but I think they know that I think they know we’re here for the puzzles and that’s how they insert their little jewel, collecting diamond winning sort of 24.99. Bundled for 600 colored gems that you need for your upgrades and level ups and xp, and all that bs that comes along with buying these with getting these free games that have in-app purchases.


That’s how they get you, but whoever’s listening make a game with those puzzles. Only I will pay 5.99 to play your game that makes sense like if you agree, don’t forget merch on sale. We got the whole card porn series, we’re also going on a Canadian tour. You can check that out on my Instagram uh.


Those are the locations and the dates for our comedy and magic. Podcast uh it’s gonna be a great time, but uh yeah see ya.

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