I raced The Try Guys at jigsaw puzzles

I raced The Try Guys at jigsaw puzzles

I raced The Try Guys at jigsaw puzzles

Hi everybody welcome back to karen puzzles so today i can finally tell you something very exciting that i did the other week. I was in a video with the try guys they asked me if i wanted to be in a video with them to race, jigsaw puzzles and of course i was like yes, obviously – and i haven’t seen the video yet today, i’m going to watch it for the First time and share all my reactions with you and any behind the scenes, facts all right, i’m so excited to see this. Let’S get into it: [ Music, ], [, Applause, ], oh man, i’m nervous. I always get a little nervous when i watch videos of myself that other people have shot and edited. I much prefer to do it myself and be in control the whole time so this first shot before i even start the video they actually taped a gopro to the ceiling, which is actually a really good idea.

I might have to steal that instead of my contraption of like tripods and arms and all of that, okay, let’s start the video we’re back baby, four versus one – oh yeah, there’s me, did he see me? Oh that’s me. That’S me again. Is that really what i look like when i’m puzzling like all hunched over um? Maybe i need to work on my posture.

I didn’t know that they were puzzle experts. Now i do yes, there are puzzle experts, hello, it is i a puzzle expert. We are here at game house. We are going against karen from oh there’s me. Oh, they used a clip from my video also going to be interviewing tammy.

Who is a puzzle? Oh okay, so tammy, i actually know tammy. I had no idea that they um asked her to be in the video and then like the day before the shoot when they sent out the call times and everything uh. Her name was on there and i was like oh my god. I know her.

We did this like escape room event together a while back and yeah. It’S just like a really small puzzling community. Oh oh, here’s me this is me karen puzzles, i’m a little nervous. I’M not gon na lie usually um, so i actually wore my puzzle shirt that i made in my cricut video a while back i’m gon na guess that today’s puzzle is gon na. Take me 90 minutes, so the only oh, my god that ding that zoom in that ding the shade every time that i’ve actually raced someone doing the same puzzle was against an 11 year old and i beat her very easily.

So maybe i shouldn’t be too worried. Yeah, so if you haven’t seen that video, i raced jigsaw puzzles against bailey ballinger, who is uh colleen ballinger miranda sings his niece and i won very easily, but it was super fun she’s, so nice and i love their whole family. I have never once in my life been like, you know what i want to do. I want to put little cardboard pieces and try and stick them together when quarantined began, maggie bought a puzzle, and i said why that is like the most bizarre concept to me. My obviously so much of my life is just doing puzzles and even before i started this channel, i’ve just done puzzles as a hobby.

My whole life. So the idea of not having puzzles around how weird do people live like that? What are you guys ready to reveal these puzzles and start the competition okay, so the puzzle reveal. I will give you a little bit of a behind-the-scenes fact here. They did tell me what the picture was going to be ahead of time.

Well, they told me that so here’s the picture spoiler for the video um – they told me it was gon na be from this photo shoot from the tour that they did, and so i googled it and i was like they’re, probably gon na pick. This photo from all the photos that were available so um. I did have a little bit of an advantage and that i could study the picture beforehand, but both of us had you know the box available as we were working so not too much of an advantage. Three two one [ Music ]. Yes, you can see they’re very surprised and they don’t show my reaction, but i’m not quite as surprised.

Oh open, the box, i’m trying to it’s stuck what’s wrong with you. This is precious. Is this time she’s already opened the plastic? Oh yeah, so before we started originally, they wanted to do the reveal and then like reset some things and then get started, but the guys were like no, no once we reveal we’re just going we’re just getting into it. So that’s why i was already like opening it all up.

Also i could, like i mean i was kind of far away. I was probably good like eight feet away, obviously, for wait, hang on not listening, obviously for like safety reasons and also just the way they had the place set up. So i could kind of hear what they were saying, but i couldn’t see what their actual progress was, so i’m very excited to finally be able to see what they were actually doing over there. I’Ve already started some edges over here. The edges are over here.

Well, i’m gon na start edges over here. Well, just in case the manager. Oh, i guess they cut this part at the beginning. In that interview they asked me what do you think or like? Why do you think you have an advantage or like do you think you’ll be better off doing it on your own, and i was just like yes, absolutely.

The problem when you have four people is that you have to spend time coordinating the plan, whereas when it’s just me i can just get going with my own plan. That’S in my own head. I can just work so much faster keith. I’D like to speak to your manager, yeah my hands are shaking i’ve, never been this nervous, oh yeah, so also at the beginning. I was actually really nervous because, like what, if i lost, i would never live that down.

I’D have to shut down this channel, but as we got going and as i finished the edge and i looked over and they were nowhere close to finishing the edge i was like. Okay, i think i’m good try guys have four people. They can work on a larger area at once, if they’ve all stolen each other’s pieces, i’m gon na pull ahead dude. I thought i guess that was. That was the interview that i was just saying you just put it on it: yeah keith’s mouth, oh, i found morphe’s mouth guys, i’m killing it, oh also at the beginning, um or not this beginning in, like our phone call before this, their producer was like.

I think they might have an advantage because they know their faces very well, and i was just like no, no, no, that’s not how that works. When it’s a puzzle, it doesn’t really matter how. Well, you know the per like it’s still a face that you have to put together and faces are pretty difficult in jigsaw puzzles, so it doesn’t really matter that it’s your face versus anyone else’s face. What are you doing over there? Karen, oh here it comes listening to your discussion about mouths.

Okay, so here’s my approach, number one is to simultaneously know what’s happening to that sort of edges and turn all of the pieces face up and depending on what the color separation looks like navy also start separating into colors man. You can see there in that interview. I’M saying, depending on what the color separation was like, when i actually already knew what the color separation would be like, and i have a superstition that if the first piece you put in is right, that’s good luck and my first piece was right. So it’s so weird seeing my face from different angles. Normally i like only ever shoot with this straight on angle, so i’m like.

Is that really what i look like is that how other people see me in the world, then you do the edge. Then you do the major big colors and then you just work your way in yeah. So another thing uh with doing the puzzle here, is that i actually think i went quicker than i otherwise would have, because the only thing that i had to focus on was the puzzle. Normally, i’m like watching the cameras, i’m making sure everything’s, recording i’m setting up the cameras to get different angles and like thinking about how to edit the video and in the shoot, who knew you can hire people to do those things. So i only had to focus on the puzzle, so i just went for it.

I went really fast. We all do a search for edges edge edge. You guys not even have all your edges yet. Oh this is a running theme. It it took them quite a while to do the edges, how many mouths do you have done?

What are you doing over there? What have you been spending your time on? What are you doing? Eugene, i’m organizing the edges by the innies and audi’s? Okay, that’s actually a really good strategy, good one eugene.

I think i’m gon na support it, i’m trying to be supportive, but i really hate everything that’s happening. Also. One thing that i kept thinking about as i was working was it’s so normally when i puzzle, i listen to a podcast. Obviously, for this i couldn’t have headphones in or anything playing. You know i was just doing the puzzle, but i basically had the try guys doing like a live podcast right next to me.

Is it bad that now that i live alone and also work alone, i consider any conversation, a podcast. I feel like we’re really in a pickle uh. Oh those pieces, don’t work together, that’s a real red flag, i would say nick we’re just trying to survive over. Here i would say there are some roles here with one being a little less productive. The try guys.

Definitely win the award for uh being much funnier than i am, i’m usually alone, not competing against anyone just alone in my apartment and that’s my edge. What happened to my gopro? Why is that? Oh, my god! Why is that?

So? Like blurry? Oh, look at that percentage. Look at those graphics! Look at you, guys, also fun fact about my hair.

You might notice it’s a little like wavier and curlier than normal uh. I straighten it because it gets like that and i prefer how it looks straight, but i had to you know, get to this place across town and as soon as i step outside it just like poofs back up, so it it. That’S that’s just what my hair is now you know. Oh, i mean i’ve already finished the red too. I mean you finish, the red, no, all right, guys.

Okay, this is the point where i stopped being nervous to beat me. I think that the try guys will have to be very targeted in their approach and not step on each other’s toes when it comes to what section they’re working on. Oh, i feel like we have too many hands yeah. So that’s another issue with the try. Guys is that since they’re, all full-grown men um around this, like little table, probably smaller than this table that i’m sitting at right now they just kept getting in each other’s way a lot of elbows um, whereas i just had the whole place to myself.

Thinking about a puzzle team, are there different roles, or is it just everyone trying to get pieces in one of the things? Oh so, with that, like super close-up shot, i saw the camera guy who would come in and i could see that he was like filming the table and filming my hands, but i feel like every time he came over. I just like couldn’t find a piece to put in and then as soon as he left i’d put in like five pieces in a row like they fit together, they actually don’t, but a little trick is. You can just hold it up to the light and then, if you see big gaps, then you know that it’s wrong there’s a little fun fact for me, so um they they have told me. I think this is true that they are selling this puzzle as merch um.

However, i assume that they are not using this same company um, because this was just like a custom puzzle that when we did the shoot, they got two of these made one of those sites where you can just upload any photo and they’ll make it into a Puzzle for you and it’s, it was kind of like a cheaply made puzzle like when you picked up sections. The pieces would just crumble apart, so you could only move like one, maybe two pieces at a time. You couldn’t move big sections and they had a tablecloth down, so you can even like push sections around, so that was definitely a handicap for both of us and also since it was a little cheap. There were. There was definitely the issue where pieces would seem to fit where they didn’t go.

I even had to like rearrange part of the edge at one point, some of this at the top, where it’s all the same color. So i feel like this might have been easier for them if it had been like a high quality puzzle where you knew for sure if it was right or wrong, but that’s what we were working with. So that’s what we got. Why does this remind me of math class when i’d like finish a test really early and everyone would just like stare at me? That was just a little humble brag there.

I was really good at math side, darren, guess what we almost got the border good job. I’M so proud of you guys, you can see. My puzzle is like half done at that point. [ Applause ], oh well! They cut all of this so when they were still working on the border, they kept trying to count the number of pieces and then at one point one of them came over to me and was like trying to count how many pieces i had in my border And i was just like this – is too much math, you don’t need this much math in puzzles, [ Applause ]!

Yes, how far she has, dear god, oh my god, she’s almost done yeah. This is where, once i finish the bottom part with all the colors. I can show you once i finished this part, which was closest to me to see this part without any reflection. I had to stand up and like lean over it, so i guess that’s where we’re at in the puzzling now, oh wow 75. They really cut ahead before we started filming this.

We were like there’s no way she’s going to beat us, so we better make it look like it’s really close and we are getting smoked so before we started filming this. I also said to their producers, i’m like pretty sure i’m going to win. Do you want to give me any handicaps? I gave them some suggestions. I was like you could take five pieces from my puzzle and then i have to finish the whole thing and then i get those pieces back or you could put me at a smaller table.

So i can’t spread out as much and they were just like. No, no, it’s fine! You know we think it’ll be fine and then obviously i’m easily winning okay. Well, maybe you can inspire us. Yeah inspire us with song yep [, Music ].

I must have been so focused. I don’t remember any of this happening karen karen! Oh here we go, i’m about, i’m almost done come over there and i will drop take that table. No, no, no! No!

No! No! No! It’S so close! Okay did you ever see mary kate nationally?

Oh my god. Okay, this whole thing hang on. Let’S watch it and then and then i want – and i want to say something: okay, do you agree that it is by far the superior twin swap movie to the lindsay lohan parent trap? I disagree because, and it takes two, they are not actually twins. They’Re not twitch does not make any sense.

It’S crazy. What do you think of the original parent trap? I think it’s great. The song is uh. It’S a real banger.

Let’S get together, yeah yeah yeah, we can have it. I don’t think i’ve ever said a real banger before that’s when you’re on camera things just come out of your mouth. That’S why i try not to judge um. Anyone on like reality shows too hard because, when you’re in a high pressure situation, sometimes you just say things that you never have said ever before in your life, so anyway, here’s what i want to say, dear zack, i would love to have a full-on discussion about The pros and cons of every single mary, kate and ashley, and lindsay lohan movie with you anytime, call me up. I still hold that the parent trap is the superior twin swap movie too.

It takes two just by a little bit. However, i think the top mary, kate and ashley movie is our lips are sealed because you have australia, which means you have australian accents. You have the witness protection program, you have a jewel heist, you have great clothes, great hair. You have a kangaroo, you have not megan fox she’s in the one from the bahamas, but you have literally everything else that you need to make a great movie and i will hold that. That is the best one anyway back to the try guys, video.

I think i’m just going to go ahead and do it well. What about here we go here. We go that was so fun, oh, my god! [ Music ] yeah an hour 21 minutes. So my guess had been 90 minutes and i beat my own guest.

I think i did really well with that. You know i’m actually pretty impressed with how they did oh yeah, and then i came over to like peer over at how far they had gotten, because i had no idea. I couldn’t see so we’ll see how they do with it now, but i’m impressed that they got three quarters of it finished. I feel so alive. Right now i feel electric that was that’s so shady, like i’m impressed that they got three quarters of it finished in the time that it took me to do the whole thing.

Oh also, this part. So after i did that little exit interview just like talking about the final thing uh i left because they didn’t need me for anything else, so i never actually saw them finish it. So this part is all new to me. I really like seeing things completed, especially images, i’m so distracted. Oh, how long did it take them?

I just want to be part of it. There we go. Yes, oh, are they finishing it? They’Re finishing it out. They did that a miracle happened today.

For the first time in my life i was wrong. Puzzles are fun boom, okay, [ Applause ]. They did it okay, two hours and six minutes. That’S not bad, that’s solid! That is perfectly respectable!

Oh and that’s it they filmed so much more stuff of me after i finished the puzzle and they used literally none of it, but that’s fine, so that was so fun. Thank you to the try guys for having me on their channel um. I have actually met the try guys before we’re not like bffs, but i met keith at vidcon, probably like two years ago. I doubt he remembers it’s totally fine and then i ended up at the streamys last year, which is like a youtube awards show and for part of it. I was sitting with my friend, sierra and at her table were uh ned and zach.

So i said hi to them there. However, i also don’t think they remember that, and they just wanted to do this video and i guess they searched youtube for jigsaw puzzles and they found me they emailed me and that’s how this video came about. I’Ll be honest at the time of filming, which was uh, probably a good like month or two from when you were seeing it. I was going through kind of like a medical issue, nothing contagious and something very common. It was fine.

However, it made me pretty fatigued for a couple weeks and i was still kind of coming out of it on the day of the shoot. So i was at like a seven when i wish i could have been at a ten, but it is what it is. I think the video still came out really well when i actually sat down to do the puzzle. I just went into autopilot and i just did the puzzle because that’s what i do. It was just all the stuff around it or i was like i maybe could have amped it up like a little bit.

I remember on the way home i just thought of so many more things that i could have said in the interview segments, but you know it’s fine. They, let me keep the puzzle, which is nice, so i think i have heard that they are going to be selling this puzzle as merch again. Everything that i’ve said about the quality of the puzzle is just this one from this company. I have no idea what company they’re using to make the one that they’re gon na sell as merch, so yours, the pieces, might be totally different from what you saw here. I have no idea.

I cannot answer that, but they let me keep my puzzle, the one that i did, which is super fun it’ll, definitely fit right in on my puzzle, collection. So thank you for watching, if you’re new here from the try, guys video, i hope, you’ll subscribe, because i try to post a video every week of doing the craziest puzzles i can find so i’d love to know in a comment. Have you ever raced a puzzle against someone else and did you win? Did you lose? How did it go so i do the thing where, at the end of my videos, i give you a code word so that you can leave that in your comment and then i’ll know that you watched all the way to the end.

So your code word will be uh. You know what eugene, because he’s the one who had some solid strategy at the beginning. All right, i think that’s it for me. Happy puzzling, i’ll, see you all next time you

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