I Solved The Mysterious SCRIPTUM CUBE Deluxe – Puzzle Box

I Solved The Mysterious SCRIPTUM CUBE Deluxe - Puzzle Box

I Solved The Mysterious SCRIPTUM CUBE

Deluxe Puzzle Box

This Friday, we are releasing the most exclusive deck we’ve ever put out. There’s only 5 000 of these out on the market. Gilded edition, holographic first playing cards check out the size of these. Actually, you know what paper. Those will be available Friday at first.


hop. Along with these t-shirts, which you just launched and really quick, we are going on tour Wes and I are doing a comedy magic podcast in Calgary Victoria, Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto tickets are on sale. I left the link below you want to cop those. If you want to come see us live it’ll, be a great time. Okay, today we are looking at the advanced super deluxe scriptum cube.


This is from nkd puzzles. Now, if you’ve followed me for a few years, I think two or three or four years back we’ve solved an addition of this scriptum cube. However, this one is a little bit different. Apparently, the solution isn’t the same and it is made with all sorts of really cool woods. As you can see, it looks absolutely beautiful.


It was one of my favorite puzzles, so it’ll be a nice little test to see how long it takes me to solve it. A second time, around years later, all right guys leave a like subscribe and, let’s get into it, the scriptum cube we meet again. This is a cube that I’ve done in the past. However, there have been some changes to it. I believe – and this is like an anniversary edition – it’s all glazed and nice and made with nice wood and the sound of it may be a surprise on the inside.


So before we get into this video go ahead and leave a like subscribe. If you’re not already – and here we go – oh yeah – I don’t know ooh, I don’t know what to do here, so we’re just gonna pop all the sides up and down what to do here. I completely forget what was this again did I have? Is there some type of cipher that needs to be done here? The craftsmanship on this is really cool, really satisfying.


Okay, I don’t remember what to do here. I do not recall at all what must be done. No clues really on that yeah. These whole walls shift. I don’t know where, but they do isn’t there some type of like clue somewhere underneath.


No, you see how this whole thing shifts here all right now I remember there was letters on the inside of these pegs see right, get all of these up, see what we’re doing here. That’s right! So there’s an n here and the n is here right and there’s like an l there and the l is here so the n. Maybe that goes down and then the l goes down. But then there’s like an s a is there and that’s the other end.


Not sure what this information gives us here, but I think we got to start with all of these up now we have all the information, I’m trying to remember what to do with this. You know they’re all right side up all of them. Oh, I think it has something to do with the color. So look if the b here this is, let’s say, that’s a b right and then b here, but look at that color. It’s like a light brown, so I gotta line that up with the light brown, which is perfectly lined up there.


Okay, I think that’s where we’re at here um and then, if I jump over to this one, which is an o, you see, the o needs to be lined up down here, but then this b needs to be lined up there. The o needs to be lined up there. So that’s good! I can put this one down to here because that color of wood lines up to that color of wood – that’s really clever. Okay, great um!


Let’s do let’s do the U? Here the U, which is here, has to be lined up to this, which it is, which is perfect. That’s good you’re in position and on this side we have a k and that k is here and the k needs to be on the on the white sort of lighter wood and, what’s behind here is the a on lighter wood.


So we’ll go k lighter wood. Now we go a has to be on the lighter wood as well, which a was it. Was it this one? It was that one. So that goes there.


If a goes on the lighter wood. The g here goes on the darker wood, so the a goes on the lighter wood, but the g goes under, so a will put to lighter wood and then that g, which is here, goes on the darker one on the black here. But then on this side is a: u which goes on the brown wood, so this one goes to dark and then the? U goes on like that brown wood. Here?


U goes on this brown wood here. I think like that. But this k is that right or is that u g was on the darker wood and the? U so the g’s on the on the black wood there and that? U is on that wood there.


So that? U, which is here and the k, is on the lighter wood you go on that one. The k is on the lighter wood, okay, okay, that’s already done great. The y is on the black wood y is here. Y goes on the black wood and the three symbol goes on the lighter wood, so we’ll put the y down on the black and then three goes on the lightest or the second lightest wood.


Three being here goes on here right, just to make sure three goes down here and on the back of the three is the y which goes in the darker wood. So here it’s on the darker wood, so we’re good we’re good this n! I’M sorry! If I don’t know the Greek uh alphabet, this one here goes on that one that we’re good this little l or whatever that symbol is here, goes on that second lightest wood, which is here, and this one, has that s which goes on this type of Wood, so the s build on that type of wood. That’s already done.


I think we’re all done. Is that a oh, that a needs to go on the light, light wood and the end goes on the medium brown wood end’s already there. So the a goes on the light wood. Oh, I thought we were good. I thought we were good.


I must have messed one of them up uh, unfortunately, there’s only one thing to do start over, but I think that I think we’re on the good path here we’re on the right path. I think we’re I think, we’re good to go this a needs to be on the lighter wood and that a is found here. It needs to be on the lighter wood, which means the n needs to be on this wood and with a little line, needs to be on that one, and with a little line used to be on that wood right there, which means the little l needs to be on the second lightest wood, a little l here needs to be on this wood here, which means the s needs to be on this wood here. This needs to be on this wood here. The s is here, needs to be on the wood right under it and then we’re back to a which is great okay.


We can jump on to another. Another letter y has to go in the darkest wood, which means the three has to go on. The second lightest wood, three again, I’m just saying whatever I see. Oh, my gosh, it’s a three and a second. So three: is there that’s good so far, so good?


The? U needs to be on that chocolate! Brown! The? U being right here needs to be on this yeah, this foot here which it is great the k, needs to be on the second lightest wood, which is here and that’s an a needs to be on the second lightest wood.


So let’s bring the k down and now the a small a which is this one here it needs to be on the second lightest wood and what was on here. There was a g being on the dark on the black wood, the g being on the black wood, ggg g being on the blackwood, which means the? U is on this color wood to use on that color wood. That is good all right. The b needs to be exactly where it is, which is fantastic, and the o needs to be on the second lightest wood and the o has the b, which needs to be there.


That’s perfect, I think we’re good now, oh man, I think we’re good come on. I would really hate it if just one of them wasn’t locked in properly and that’s the only reason this isn’t opening, so I’m just gonna double check make sure they’re all locked in properly here. Maybe the sides have to shift before that. Top part opens yes ooh. That is very satisfying.


Yes, wait! No come on! Oh see these things popped up. That’s so cool all right! Well, these need to shift now boom.


That’s what I messed that one up: okay, perfect and this one’s also stuck so there we go. I miss I messed up the lighter wood and the darker wood here, so that is done. Ah wow, look at that. I love surprises. What is this?


First of all, Congratulations, the minotaur is defeated. It seems, like all the secrets of the labyrinth are revealed. Now. How will you get out of here?


Scriptum cube there you go that is so dope there’s. I remember, there’s something else being here: isn’t there yeah there’s something else in here? There’s a secret compartment: you gotta love secret compartments, who doesn’t love a good secret compartment that doesn’t come out. Oh, oh yeah, the string to beat the minotaur which is attached there, that’s so cool. How cool is that all right?


Now, let’s see what’s in? What’s in this wow whoa, how cool is this look at that the minotaur? That’s like a little bronze brass statue that is so cool and it looks like super ancient. What a cool trophy! Oh, my god!


Why am I so happy with this? It’s so heavy! That’s a cool trophy I mean come on. That is pretty nifty good job nkd team. That is absolutely great.


If you want to check this puzzle out um, I left the link to it super dope. Let’s try to put everything back here. I think I’ll keep the minotaur actually I’ll. Put him I’ll. Leave him back inside we’ll put that in here this then I don’t know how this goes that now locks you go back in there.


You go back in there. This locks there. I guess I have to press this down to push that in the mechanics of this puzzle are really cool, the way everything just kind of pops into place, and there you go you’re a reset, and that is a really cool puzzle. This is probably one of the funnest little sequential discovery puzzle boxes if ever you’re. Looking for a sequential discovery, puzzle box – that is, you know, intermediate to difficult plus looks great on the shelf.


With comes the little display as well, and it’s uh something you can store something inside of which is always a bonus, I think particularly, should be the goal with having a puzzle box. Something should be on the inside, whether you put it there, whether it’s already there. I think that’s because otherwise you’re just opening a box you’re like okay, what’s inside nothing cool, so anyways leave a like well hot dang. There you go, that is the scriptum deluxe puzzle solved. What a fun puzzle super satisfying super satisfying those moves, those clicks and the solution is actually very smart.


So I highly recommend picking this up. I left the link below, if you want to don’t forget, check out first dot shop on Friday for these cards, or you can check out first dot shop right now for these t-shirts and catch us on tour, we’ll see on the next video

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