I Stopped My Pulse For This Magic Trick!!

I Stopped My Pulse For This Magic Trick!!


I Stopped My Pulse For This Magic Trick!!
You cannot teach women this trick! I miss magic, so much. So I decided to plan a trip to Austin Texas to catch. Some comedy shows and do some magic, but first back at the night vibe. It’s been, it’s been a few years.

I haven’t done a magic trick here. The night vibe this place has changed quite a bit too huh. I’m with campos here, look at him he’s standing here like a like a victim can’t post, I’m gonna show you something. Can I see this glass here? Is this okay yeah sure all right?

Actually, I need you to hold it. You want me to hold it like this on the top here, yeah like that yeah straight. I want you to focus on the glass here. Compost. Okay, look at me: bro, sat out there watch.

Where he’s stepping. I got your jump scare yeah, real glass, that’s real glass. What the hell, jump, scare us boop, get it bro yo, that’s crazy! Oh, how did you do that bro for real you held me back. Watch those glasses, no didn’t see it coming!

Bro didn’t see it coming all right. Let’s kind of get this cute so you hold your coffee cup. Look at that eh! All right! You rolling!

I’M gonna! Do the uh one-handed card trick for the one-legged man he’s got one leg, I’m gonna use one hand we’ll it’ll, be even that’s It see, show them the steel. Oh wait is that new? No, it’s just a little cover.

Since I have pants. We got a deck of cards here, they’re all different. I want you to see that they’re all different yeah, okay uh in a second I’m going to ask you basically to just look through the cards like this. So like this, you take your finger and you go like this and you look at any one of the cards and you just keep that card in your mind. Okay, so I just flick it and think of a card.

So you peel down you look at one card and that’s it to do this trick. I’M going to put my hand nothing in my hand. It’s going to go in my pocket. Okay, so look down anywhere just kind of like peel it down forward this one. Yeah that way: yeah, okay, okay anywhere, you want stop whatever you want right there, yeah, okay, take this think of your card.

You got it yeah! I want you to look through the deck. Look through the deck. Look for your card. You sure you have it right.

You remember the card yeah, oh man, this guy man, this no, this is not possible. Bro! You can’t! No, it’s not there! Hey!

Look! My hands are in my pocket, the whole time, dude man. I know what was your card: seven of spades, this guy man, this guy man, my bro yo. I saw the card that was there man. This is not pogba there you go.

I love this [ __ ] bro starts a day. Good man damn chill man right um. That barbershop happened yesterday, uh right now, I’m getting I’m getting things ready, I’m on my way to Texas with Wes uh, so we’ll see Texas all right. Next, stop Austin, Texas. As some of you may know, I’m a huge fan of comedy and Austin has become the mecca of all things stand up in the last few years.

So I thought, it’d be a great opportunity for Wes and I to sort of hang around the comedy scene meet some funny people and maybe shoot a podcast or two but first it’s time to brush off that magic, rust and possibly hopefully blow some Mines, hey, I know you hey in Texas, baby in Austin, I’m gonna show ben something he’s never seen like close-up magic before take the deck and find a card that you want. Yeah, you can take it out I’ll. Take the other cards back all right, then. I want you to sign the card I’ll turn around, so I don’t see it, you can sign it. You can show to the camera.

Okay, okay, all right, good, good! All right hit the card. Yep sit on here and we’ll put it in the middle of the deck. Okay, hold your hand up for me like this and put your other hand on top and cover it up cover it up, so I can’t get to it all right all right at this point, I’m gonna try to reach in there and find your card that’d. Be kind of cool yeah all right, I think uh.

I don’t think that’s not your card right. It’s not! That’s. Definitely not your card, not a card! All right hold on all right!

Oh I’ll! Do it! I did get it surprised all right, don’t move, don’t move! I did mess up a little bit, so what if I made this car disappear right now, that’d be dope all right, so one two three gone and we’ll never see it again. It’s gone forever.

Obviously not. Let’s take a step further. What if I made the entire deck you’re holding on to right now, just completely vanish? Okay, all right, yeah, okay! So I’m about to do the same trick that I did earlier in the barber shop.

But this time I decided to stop my pulse for dramatic effect. So if you stick around I’ll, actually show you how I did that a little bit later in this vlog hold on to this mug. With this hand, all right – and I want you to put your hand on my pulse here and feel my pulse. Do you feel it? Yes, okay, every time it beats, I want you to go boom.

Okay, all right is it gone. It’s gone, the rest of the night was kind of a blur. We got to see our favorite comedy show perform for a ton of really cool people and play katan with one of our favorite comedians haunts Kim at four in the morning. After being slightly hungover, we ended up shooting a podcast with Hans and the great David Lucas one card, okay, peel down anywhere and just look at one card. Okay, you got it yeah take this deck and I want you to look for your card, which I’m very surprised about what was the card set of clubs?

There’s one card: it’s like: how could you actually there’s no way that there’s no way yeah and it has to be magic? It has to be that’s the only explanation. It’s definitely not a 70 trick. You can buy at any magic shop name a card right, yeah, it’s already. He loved our magic so much that he invited us to perform for his chiropractor uh.

That was a first bro. You cannot teach women this trigger j-a-n-r-a-I, yes, reflecting on this amazing trip. I realized how rare magic is and how comedians and magicians actually shared the same passion hold on. But even here I got a handkerchief. What color is it quickly in this handkerchief, making people happy thanks for watching guys leave a like and subscribe?

I almost forgot. I promised you guys. I teach you something and uh lee doesn’t actually know what I’m about to teach he’s holding camera right now, um, I’m back at home, uh lee. Can you take my pulse with your hand, and let me know when you, when you feel my pulse, do you feel it you’re alive Chris you’re alive, okay, good, all right, so you feel the pulse yeah all right! I need you every time you feel it.

I need you to go. Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom. Did you just die on me? I can’t do it I don’t feel it anymore. That’s freaking me put it back through it.

You don’t feel it hold on how about now. Oh [, __, ], okay, wait, wait. Wait! It’s gonna go away again, pretty cool right! That’s insane I’ll!

Show you I’ll show you guys how that works literally. Just a bunch of scot towel under your armpit, you take a bunch of paper like this. You form it into a ball and you shove it under your armpit. All right now, you’ll feel a bit of a pressure when you squeeze your arm towards your chest. You’ll feel like a pressure in your arm and that pressure will tell you that the pulse here will actually get like your blood will stop circulating to your arm and you can control your pulse, pretty cool right.

That’s insane! All right guys like subscribe, we’ll see on the next one: peace

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