I Went to The World Championship of MAGIC!! (FISM 2022)

I Went to The World Championship of MAGIC!!

(FISM 2022)

Thank you come on, there’s no way always oh take three good mornings. I haven’t done one of these in a very long time. Welcome back, I am currently in Quebec City for the Olympics of magic. Essentially, fism stands for festival. Literally, the Olympics of magic.

It happens every three years. This year it happens to be happening three hours from my place, so I thought I’d check it out. Uh, there’s over 2500 magicians in attendance plus 150 competitors. There Are people competing like stage close-ups all this, so hopefully I get to show you what some of that looks like. They also have a dealer’s room, which is kind of fun. What that is, is a place where uh magicians sell magic tricks to basically anyone who has a badge.

So that’s pretty cool. I’ll show you what that looks like as well. Let me show you this airbnb, it’s pretty dope i’ll. Take you on a quick tour and then we’re headed to physics. This is my room, pretty nice kind of already a mess. There’s a dog’s boy, roxy!

Oh look at this sexy beast in Alex’s room! There’S another bedroom there, but let me show you the best part. You got it! The living room and then outside check this out bruh we got a little balcony there. That view comes on.

These things are cannons to defend and protect the city: hey doug, what’s up just telling them about the uh, the cannons that are here to protect the city. You mean these guys by the way this is the official deck of fism the fism playing card deck uh. Somebody on instagram asked me if i could review this, not sure about the quality of these. I can open them up real, quick. We shall see about the quality okay straight out of the box, uh they smell weird, but they feel okay, for now they do smell weird.

You smell like these dudes are a little disappointed with the back design. I thought the back design was going to be more like something like that and they have like the words on it. Those are the jokers they’re, actually great, not bad, but probably nicer in the box. I don’t know, let’s give you some coffee um all right. Let me be honest here for a second: I haven’t given up on magic, um, you’ve probably noticed in the last couple years.

The direction of my channel has been shifting a little bit to more. It’S puzzles more than magic and that isn’t because I’m not interested in magic anymore, but I have been able to hang out with magicians, go to conventions or really be inspired by magic. Much until this week I met some of the most amazing people. I’Ve ever met. My life and they’re also some of the most amazing magicians.

These people have single-handedly reignited that magic flame. I needed this more than you know these streets really make it feel like we’re in paris or something like diagon alley. Well, diagon alley would make sense because we’re headed to the triwizard tournament, so i’m not actually playing that music in post. This gentleman here is playing it. Imagine he pulls one of those keys off.

It becomes a deck of playing cards. Why would you imagine that you saw the show last night? No, that was one of the things that made no sense to me. What you were saying all right, that’s it right there there you go. Is this a little dog?

Is this you yeah? We designed this just for fizzing amazing here it is world championship of magic registration. Here, all the past champions of magic, i’ll show you my favorite one like a lamar, that’s got to be the best. The best headshot I’ve ever seen is alright with this. By the way.

This is where people will be performing as the mainstay. It’s pretty massive. This is the big stage right. It’S pretty big. There is another one right. They project all the magic onto these screens.

So if you can’t see you’re sitting back there, it’s pretty good. It’S a nice setup, beautiful stage and back there you got a bunch of axes getting ready, not supposed to be filming in there. These are the judges, the judges, room, judges, say hi to the camera, say: hi, judges, okay, what’s your name uh, i’m david david yep nice to meet you david. Let’S see who you got who is amazing. This is the part they don’t show you.


This is the part they don’t show you in the magic videos all right we’re about to enter what is known as the dealer’s room. Exactly this is a place where magicians sell their magic tricks to other magicians. How wild is that? How sad is that alright here we go? Is it me?


So this is the dealer’s hall. This is where all the magic happens. Hey, there’s Morris all right. Ladies and gentlemen, this uh good-looking lad here is named morris. Mueller he’s out of germany and he’s really uh he’ll.


Show you something interesting yeah. Can you zoom out of it? I zoomed out, wow, amazing. Bravo, thank you Morris all right, buddy! Let’S see what’s up here, here’s a queen!


You see that there’s my right hand, i’m taking my right hand like this one, two three one more time, one time, one time this side put on the back of my hand like this one, two, three, what that’s crazy under my hand, one two three: okay: what About this help me say: stop okay! Okay! Second, okay, start to stop here! Yes, okay! Right here I put the coin into the air right here.


You see that no like this okay, so it’s off so uh here yeah. I put the coin right here and here’s the coin. I take it: okay, i’m gon na use a sharpie, but still i’m a coin magician, so i’ll use whoa. What? Where is it at this point right here?


No! No! But it’s sharpie right here! You can see the marker okay, but I’m still a coin magician. So I would still use it if it makes no sense.


That makes no sense. Dude. Okay, I use it to vanish like this. Okay, one two three another’s gone right here: point’s gone where’s coin right there right there. I don’t know for sure.


If it’s gone, let’s go back to my pocket right here. Okay, so here is the sharpie. Here is the coin, but last time i lied, i said i will vanish the coin, but i mean it’s a sharpie this time, one two, three totally advantage. So, where is that? Where is it in my pocket?


I used my pocket. It’S a sharpie right here. That’S the corner. I’M gon na use a little bit bigger one like this. Okay, so one two three come back whoa i don’t even have a sharpie.


Bravo! Hey, let’s go come on boys. Come on boys. Yeah! Listen up license boys, you do, as i say, just like we trained here.


We go release the hounds all right. We got some action going on over here. Hi there, hi. Apparently I have to see the Lego frame. I’ll show you, what’s your name, you show some characters.


Different cards like ducks spongebob super mario related to children. Right. Can you please take one? Yes and then this works like a revelation because you remove the cloth and you will reveal the mickey mouse one that you picked right. No, so you picked the wrong card.


Yeah keep my name out yo or i missed the force uh, but this is lego. So I can do the will smith’s face. You can buy tomorrow, password, okay, no, that’s so cool! That’S lego! Lego!


Keep my wife’s name, that’s amazing! Thank you! Beautiful. There is also another picture that you can do. You can do all these.


Yes, amazing, that’s great, fantastic! Wow in the beginning, you show this pad behind the curtain. There is a magician holding a playing card. Okay, you place it there. Then you ask someone to pick a card and sign the card.


You perform the missions card where you want to perform, and you pick the path – and you remembered a few more months ago, of this magician that is holding a playing dude. That’S so cool! Oh that’s beautiful! Yeah! Obrigado!


Thank you for showing me that g-magic check them out and pick a card. Don’T show anybody else, just you get to see it and remember the card. Don’T let anybody else see it, put it back anywhere. You want to remember it. Yes look.


This is where it’s gon na weird in my back pocket. My wallet: do you see? Oh you don’t get the look yet. Do you see here yeah? What do you see?


Uh and uh three of spades was your car, the three of spades? Do you see three of spades? No, but you guys see three spades. Yeah! You can see it in three spades.


Do you see three of spades? No, can you see three of spades? That’S great! It’S a three of spades! Look!


Everybody sees the three you see, obviously, but you don’t see a three of spades. Isn’T that weird this guy thinks we’re all in on it right now. You all think, but we’re not right cause that’d be cool. If you could see it, but look, I’ll make it so you can see it. Do you see it now?


Yes, oh there, it is what we all saw right. We all saw that yeah john, always a pleasure good luck today, kill it have fun. I will see you later love that guy such a great ball of energy and positivity. He’s amazing. Oh you got it. We got a film, some stuff here, I’m gon na tell him hey man, I’m coming up with this thing.


It’S called uh hoops, it’s cold chris! You got it nice to meet you guys. How are you good to see you? What is this? What do you hand you the lifesaver? I would go outside.


Let me show you something: cool. Is this drug what’s going on ? It is a mint candy. Let’S do it over here. Pretty much watch see that whoa and then you can see there are no magnets coming on. That is great.


Thank you. Thank you! Yeah. It doesn’t get better than that real vlog. Yes, what’s up, what’s your name ben ben?


What’S up ben? Where are you from? I’m from Toronto, nice, torona boy? Let’S go, I’m gon na shuffle! I have a joker here. Can you hold the joker yep all right?


Here’S what I want you to do! I want you to think of any card. You want in a deck, okay, think jokers or wild cards yeah. Okay, here’s what we’re gon na do we’re gon na use this as a real wild card. Okay, what card are you thinking of three diamonds?


Three diamonds? Imagine this joker with the three diamonds: okay, try to see a three here, a three here and then three diamonds across the face: okay watch: whoa buddy! No, that’s amazing! How are you thank you for showing me that, thank you. How are you really?


This is for me yeah it’s for you check that out. Awesome. Thank you so much for this. I really appreciate that we had a great time. We have the best trick of the conventional convention uh. You should rehearse that a little more, I feel like oh yeah.


Where is it, you need to come, yeah, okay, all right, just i’m already impressed you’re looking for the best yeah perfect. We will show you a trick. Okay, it’s a big illusion! Okay, now we are here yep, but where did they go, we’ll never see them again. I really hope they never come back.


It’S such a better, ending all right yeah. I don’t think they will be awesome , thanks for showing me that gungahlin is very cool and actually moving. It’S all the way down, moving all the way down. I don’t know how it works. An absolute miracle show me some more stuff, i’m in dude, i’m in like flynn.


Let’S go before we start off the night, I’d like to propose a toast, a toast. My name is chris hannahwell uh, i’m the atl magician on instagram atl magician on instagram check them out. Okay, all right! Nothing in my hand, right, nope, nothing! All right!


Watch! Look here: what are the Koreans up to huh? Can you show me something, sir? Can I see a demo of something? Okay, I’ll show you this one: okay, okay, oh the avengers yeah, yes, okay, tell me to six four four: yes, okay, one and two and three and four you choose the iron man right, really, right!


Okay, i know you choose, i don’t mean, actually i don’t mean some avengers team. Oh wow, are you gon na show me a video? Can’T you just do it? Oh! Thank you.


Thank you very much. You showed me something very nice. He sees the flight and wow looks at that. What now one by one wow wow? Bravo, you have to feel which one you choose.


Okay, i will put the 5 under the 10 


Can you give me your hand, I make some magic in your hand. I just put the two beads in your hand. I said: come here, five come here, hello! Thank you. This is for you, it’s for me.


Thank you! So much of anything! You have my email and here all these destruction, phantom hand magic.com check it out. Thank you for coming here.


Thank you guys. Thank you, have a great time, uh, the king right, I do yeah. If you uh watch you can see, he moves a little bit. Wait what uh that’s pretty cool? Did you make that dude yeah you made gimmicks yeah.


How old are you dude props to you dude, that’s amazing! Thank you, of course. Ah he looks good for his age. All right we’re seeing some good stuff here. Honestly, uh the dealer’s room isn’t as big as it once was Jeff Price doing some cool stuff here.


Can you show us something for the camera, sir? Yes, you can set this up real quick. So guys. Look, I put my keyring on this key, but I didn’t put it through the middle. I put it through the side because I’m going to show you metal through metal like a real magician, it’s on the right side, I’m going to make it jump to the left empty hand, metal through metal.


I just rub it like this metal through metal. Okay, fine! Maybe an audience will know that I was just flipping it over so I’ll make it a little bit better. My friend Julian will pinch his fingers. Thank you, my friend.


It’S definitely there on the side, it’d be most impressive. If i could make it go to the middle metal through metal, one two three just like that, and it’s fully examinable once it goes to the middle, the audience can check it out and do whatever it is. What do you mean thanks? Jeff yeah, thanks guys. Thank you.


Take it easy, I never hand me the gimmick. Okay, thanks Jeff all right, so we’re gon na see how many things we can steal without this guy really noticing anything so he’s in a conversation right now, so I feel like we could just like start pocketing things he’s not really going to care about. Oh no! Oh, hey, hey, hey, yes, can you show us something amazing? Do you have anything amazing to show us this year?


Everything you know what it is. It’S even my slogan here. Look at this slogan here. It is simply amazing, amazingly yeah. I missed that because it was underneath, isn’t every good?


Isn’T that good? It’S exactly what we are doing, this one will be without any words, let me show you wow, yes, all normal. I want to show you a very, very cool trick right now, and this is one of the effects that you get with the destiny deck. Actually, that’s the fairest card across effect they will ever see because we do everything face up as long as we can until the very end, you will see. Okay, first of all dealing with the cards.


It’S one, two, three, four: five: six, seven, eight, nine , ten cards over here, one, two, three, four: five: six, seven, eight! Oh wait, the card case is nine and ten. Here’S the card case here is the uh, the rest of the deck. We count one more time: that’s one, two, three, four: five: six: seven, eight, nine and ten correct and here as well, two three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten cards here: let’s do it uh. Could you please uh select one of the cards just point anywhere on the screen, which one should it be this one over here?


Okay, he selected this card. He selected this guy chris. Do me a favor? Think of a number, don’t tell me. The number right now think of another between one and ten, do you have a card, a number in your mind, yep and you have a card in your mind, okay, what i will now try is, i will remove this car from this pack and bring it over Into this pack, but not only over there, i will bring it exactly at the position you’re thinking of, and here we go it’s over there.


That means nine cards here. 11 cards there, your selected card, gone over here at the position you’re thinking of, is that cool that would be cool. Yes, absolutely uh, which card was it six of spades exactly? I have to know because I moved it over right. Let’S have a look.


That’S one! Two three: four: five: six: seven, eight and nine cards, no more six of spades chris. The number you had in your mind, five five. Exactly let me show you this! That’S one, two, three, four!


This is the suspense. That’S five! Here’S six, seven, eight! Nine! Ten and eleven so far, no six of spades right, because there’s still one car to be revealed and that’s the six of spades, the destiny deck yes get it now same deck as eight of diamonds.


You remember the trick back then magi fast back trick best trick of the convention. That was the deck I got now. Thank you, christian yeah you’re, welcome it’s real magic, okay. What is a little hat? Nice yeah then finger one.


Two, three shakes yeah change. The big one, that’s pretty cool, wait what also real magic. Okay put here: one spoon yeah like a fish and uh. It’S like a spoon dough, it’s our printing deck yeah. Are you interested? Yeah, the edge is black yeah and just a little little wiggle.


He knows everything, it’s all it’s all I need. I don’t need more yeah you see. I’D like to buy it. The dice please lighter is a real, lighter. Okay, like this, it’s a big thumb tip.


Oh look at this guy 100 bills, yeah yeah yeah! Thank you! Wow! That’S so good, it’s cool, yeah! What’S that called click wallet there’s the info.


If you want to check it out, here we are now. Can you please say hi to the magic circle of chile, hola circulo. Can you demo something, yeah? I can demo something new. I got something for you.


Let’S see, I’m going to ask you. You know, like a classic thing, tell me when to stop, stop right here right there. Oh, remember that yep, okay, let’s see what i can do with that. So your card was the red card right. Incorrect incorrect geez and i’m the tv, oh man, now give me a sec i’ll manage i’ll manage.


Okay, I got a feeling with this one. Yes, so was that really a car that is correct? Okay, so when I talked about a red card, I meant a red card. Do you want me to do you want me to go one step further? Yes, okay, let’s do this!


Let’S go one step further, you son of a [ __ ]. So basically, this is just a simple stripper deck, but um the cool thing about it. It’s a stripper deck on steroids, so you saw me shuffle it. If i do one cut they’re all near that garden, wow and the cool thing about it is you can even go slowly. You can even show that everything is in there and since it’s double wedged, you can even do it sideways and you’re never going to miss a card there you go.


You want to check out some gambling decks decks that are made for like gambling demonstrations and all that stuff. You got it. The expert right here, go check them out. Good luck! This week, man keep up the good work, love it.


What do we get here? What are these? Are they actual magic wands? Are they actually used all in your all, your home? You got a woodshop and you work on this behind us.


That’S amazing, and what’s the name of the store there? It’s Hogwarts, we have our cars. Hog works. Very clever hog works. You can check them out. You guys want to get a cool wand logo, love it, keep it up.


Dude. Thank you for holding on a second. This is my jam. What’S going on, you got some puzzles. Oh that’s!


So cool! It’s impossible! Little puzzle, you can open it yeah right, one, two three, this is great. Can i see one one one this way give me a second give me one. Second, how did I do it doug?


This is wild. Take the other. One close your hand do as i do just switch hands turn your hand over put it, but that’s not it. What I wanted to show you is this. I only need one; it’s not in my mouth anymore.


That’S highly disturbing. How can I learn that one? Please? Yes, he’s like that’ll be thirty dollars. I’ve got some uh billiard balls here.


I simply want to put your finger like that. Just touch one, take it, and show it to the camera. Got it here, hey! Oh, it’s squishy you’re squishy thanks michelle first, i will take the seven of the clubs. I will leave it on the table like this and I will take the ten clubs.


Also we’ll put it there. Could you place your hand over the camera? Okay, what i will do is very simple: we just rub the back of my card and i would change it for 10. So now you should have the seven okay, which one is your favorite between the two okay watch, close it because I’m gon na do it with your card if you can, I will just get rid of the seven of clubs. First, we’ll ask you to hold them.


Like this make sure you have the tent, no cheating on my part, okay, because I will do it slowly. What i’ll do is this will take the seven o’clock and i would just exchange it like this for the tenant of the clubs. What I will do is this: we just tap it and we try to exchange it with yours. Okay, you ready. Okay, here we go, I just stopped.


Did you feel something? Because mine is blank now to check yours? You have to say it’s fun, routine cool, very easy, only five dollars. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you. So much.


Stefan, no problem! Thank you! Oh hey, Chris Mark Trudeau, how’s it going? This is my very good friend mark. My very good friend bought a brand new magic magazine.


Um exclusive uh right now to uh like just came out right, it’s gon na be able to remember so it’s exclusive right now to fism yeah. You can get your copy at fism and normally magic magazines are pretty flimsy. The one thing I got to say about this is yeah, so this is what they do. They print books, these people, they’re they’re, good, she’s, an illustrator as well, and this guy fantastic magician yeah. Everything did all the illustrations, so we each got a trick in there yeah what a rush parker yeah.


Well, these are awesome. Yeah, there’s even a trick from you in there yeah yep articles no ads, no ads yeah. We’re tired. Look at the back of the book. Can you turn the book around and read that magic is dead?


Apprentice too, so we made a magic magazine. Congratulations on the launch! That’S great instagram! For now conundrum magazine under a magazine at conundrum magazine on instagram. You guys can uh get your own copy and uh me and me, and the guys each teach a trick in here.


So i’m somewhere it’s right here and the trick is amazing by the way super smart. Thank you, it’s right here. Just the name is the name. I know this is this: is the name of it just the name alone, it’s a good, it’s a good name. Well, thanks guys, thanks for all the support, I hope this keeps going.


I wish you guys lots of luck and lots of success. Thank you guys. This is neda he’s going to show us what he claims to be the best trick at the convention. So you guys be. The judge.


Give me your uh. Let’S do your uh yeah left hand better. I hate these things. So much dude, you see a trick. You do at bars, you know, be good.


You could probably do this trick in hospitals and your hand as well. So the interesting thing is, you speak louder for the camera. Whenever you fold your hands, yeah, you will see a small spike in the scanner. So try and flick your hand. You don’t feel anything yet so try to make it more of a flip ready.


Okay, see that this is your motor cortex. So it’s not about relaxing. If you move your hand, nothing happens. That’S only when you decide. So if you connect craze to the system, what will happen is whenever you hold your hand, Chris will feel that you’re going to abduct the trace’s free.


Will chris ready, yep know you’re, not you have no idea, you have an angle, relax your hand, yeah, it’s hurting. We don’t resist and flick. Okay yeah, that’s cute, but maybe if i turn up the volume, no, maybe not close your hand, try and flick it now. Ah, I don’t like that. Don’T, ah, okay touch it flick, yeah!


Okay, stop this sound of some sacrifice. There Doug has sacrificed something it hurt for you and it hurt. For me, too, are you competing with this? Are you yeah yeah I’ve competed on tuesday generally. What goes into preparation for competing?


Is this the routine I’m working on for 2017 um and it has had a lot of versions during the years, yeah and uh? Why is it interesting , yeah, because I feel this is a bit different from normal mentalism? It’S not about looking at me! What I can be sure it’s to look at this amazing thing, that’s happening between them right, I’m a facilitator, I’m not a superhero. Do you often have people when they perform?


This is like Doug did and just started going like this during the time I lived in israel. Could you give me one one red car, high red car, high yeah, this one and so another queen another queen? Yes, here we go okay, two queens! Yes, look! Two queens: you know that uh here outside there are some ghosts.


I will try to catch one, let’s see here. Oh my god yeah. But you know my favorite thing that girls do is go through. The walls look very slow, yeah, but only halfway. Okay, look through the walls, but you know you know something: always you have to put the ghost back, because it’s a banquet dinner where uh, i guess, everybody’s dressed up in suits except us and uh we’re gon na be eating some food.


I don’t know what to expect. I feel kind of uh out of place. Let’S go hook it up, we got ta, find a table. We don’t know who we’re sitting with. We just have to pick a table, so we’re gon na go find some random magicians to chill with hey Adam how’s it going there we go.


We found our squad. Spanish guys. Can we come sit with you all right at this exact moment is where everything changed for me. We got to sit down with some Spanish magicians as well. I was fortunate enough to hang out with these guys until like four or five in the morning for a few nights, and they showed me some of the most incredible magic I’ve ever seen in my life.


So just a quick shout out to giancarlo scalia, mario lopez, juan colas and ruby ferrez, for the amazing gift that they gave me and my friends enjoy the rest of the video folks and give these guys a follow. All right, I don’t understand what’s happening, there’s no way! You should be able to do that in this house. Ah, that’s amazing! Okay, what the hell!


I told you about this yesterday, I’m just gon na turn the camera on Chris to get his full reaction to this. What okay, what? Oh, my god, what is happening right now? What do you mean? I can take this no freaking way.


Yo there had, i thought there had to be like magnets. Is it made? That’S amazing. These are not safety pins. There are unsafety pins, unsafe and safety pins.


Okay, how many, how many three three three three one? This is the two and this is that three three and the third one is like chinese rings. Do you know the chinese rings? yeah very slowly, no way dude. The three chinese coin trick is done with these three with these three coins, because the chinese coin has a hole in the center, so you can sit. Okay, okay, it doesn’t matter.


I can. I can take out this one. Okay, it doesn’t matter. I can take out this one. Maybe okay is there one silver coin trick: okay, the ones what okay?


This is a trick. Only you, the other one, can enjoy your face. Okay, okay, left hand right like hand in this moment right here. You can’t see it on camera, but this pencil, it’s not an electronic pencil. The second one colas touches his chest.


I felt his heart beat through the pencil. I mean you could see the expression on her face. How magical the moment was, I don’t. I can’t even tell you what happened. Yeah messed me up, getting to go to the biggest magic tournament in the world and hanging out with world-class magicians who happen to be world class. People were such an honor and a gift, and I cherish them and I’m so fortunate to be able to do that.


I really think that this changes things for me and also for this channel, so wait what, if you guys leave a like, subscribe and we’ll see what okay wow? I did not expect this. Did you not get it? Your lecture was beautiful, yeah. I love that my favorite part of your whole lecture is when you said you must catch the magic, so many times musicians show just a bit.


That was my favorite, that was mine. It was like you’re always in control, and you said no, you must be separate. You must try to catch the magic and show that human element – it was just so many I think, needed to hear that it was beautiful and wonderful. So thanks for sharing, I appreciate it, yeah. I love this theory about perversion.


We stayed up until like five in the morning, every day got up at like nine or ten just so that we could see more magic, hang out with magicians, it was so much fun. I was talking to some magicians about this because I got approached like hey chris. What’s up with the channel, it’s more puzzles now, it’s more you know and one of the things i realized that last two years i didn’t get out much. I wasn’t able to perform magic, i wasn’t able to see magicians, and so it wasn’t i was, i didn’t, feel inspired by magic at all. I couldn’t, but after this week i’m confident to say that i’ve never felt more inspired my magic and i’m very grateful and very thankful that i had this trip this journey so that i could realize how much i missed it and realize how amazing some of these Magicians who i’m so lucky to call my friends are not a word of lie.


I uh, i almost cried the other night when i was thinking about how beautiful some of these people are that are here, how amazing they are at what they do, and i just feel so i feel so fortunate and so lucky, like you, have to ugh magic Conventions are cool, shows, are cool, magic shows, are cool everything else, but what really makes these trips or these conventions amazing, is the after hour jam sessions, we’re sitting at a bar and sharing ideas, discussing methods showing each other things that we’re working on how to improve Certain things watching the strangest performances to things that need work, i’m so grateful. I get to be able to hang out with such talented individuals and see some of the creations that they haven’t shown anyone else. Yet it’s the deepest inner circle of magic. It’S the most talented people in magic and you’re just sitting around a bar at three or four in the morning, sharing ideas with these people. I feel so honored and privileged, and it really changes my outlook on magic, moving forward um.


I needed this trip to be inspired. I didn’t know how much I needed this trip um, I just can’t wait. I just can’t wait to have more magic in my life. What an amazing journey these last few days have been. If I met you at fism, I want to say a personal thank you and if I didn’t get to say goodbye, uh sorry about that there were a lot of people to say goodbye to.


But I definitely would if you’ve come to me and you’ve said hey um. I just want to thank you for stopping and saying hi to me. I want to thank you for the support that you’ve given me over the years. I want to thank all the people who I’ve met for the first time who have become friends with me. You guys are awesome.


Thank you so much for allowing me to do what I do and hopefully I can repay. Hopefully I can repay that favor by shining a light on this beautiful community filled with magic all right guys. I’ve got a three-hour road trip ahead of me. My car is charging and i need to get home and i need to edit this so leave a like subscribe and uh. I look forward to what’s to come.


We’ll see you then.



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