Is This Spherical Board The Future of Chess?!

Is This Spherical Board The Future of Chess?!

Is This Spherical Board The Future of Chess?!

Is this spherical chessboard, the future of chess? I don’t know, but this is unusual. I started playing chess in grade four when, for Christmas my parents got me my very first electronic chessboard. I won a few tournaments over the next few years and even placed second in the provincials in grade six. But my love for chess died down as I went to high school, and I didn’t really pick it up until about a year ago and more steadily in the last month, or so, where I climbed from a 900 rating to just over 1200, not insanely high.

But improving my game pretty rapidly, maybe just enough to win a few games in Union Square nope and also using some magic techniques to hustle a few Hustlers. But what if I told you that, no matter what I could always know which hand the white Palm was in mix them up behind your back? Put everything else down. I’M I’m saying white ones here all right put your hands out here. All right, I’m gon na, say, look at me white ones.

Here, yeah uh white, one still yeah. Let me say: do it again, do it again white one’s over here white, one, all right now? What are you saying here? What’S going on, my love and respect for the game has never been at a higher Point than it is now and in light of the recent cheating allegations and chess drama, I decided to look deeper into the direction that chess was heading. I still remember watching Gary kasprov play deep blue, the world’s most advanced chess engine at the time created by IBM, where Kasparov was eventually defeated, marking it as the first time in history, a chess engine outplayed humans.

I mean not counting, of course, the fraudulent automaton named The Turk, created in the late 1700s, which pretended to be an all-knowing chess robot, but in actuality, was being controlled by a series of Chess Masters hidden within its table, but now with the most powerful chess engines, Such as stockfish capable of beating the best players in the world 10 times out of 10 Characteristic response to the chriskov Gambit is counter with the L metrics change, particularly since I’ve already taken both of your Rooks by missing that opportunity. You have left your king vulnerable. It begs the question: what’s next for the game of chess, you see you can’t play Tic-Tac-Toe or Checkers professionally, because those games have been solved, meaning there is a certain strategy that can be applied to these games, which would ensure either a draw or a victory. Every time some are even worried that chess will eventually be solved, and if so, what happens to the game now modifying the way chess Works, wouldn’t be anything new. In fact, it wasn’t until the late 1400s pawns were allowed to jump over two squares queens were introduced as the most powerful piece on the board and castling was now a thing.

All of these adaptations made the game faster, but also added an uncountable number of variations, where some experts believe we might add rows or pieces to the board to prevent us from solving the game. Other more Creative Solutions to chess have also been presented. Here’S an example of 3D chess which gain popularity when played on screen during episodes of Star Trek. Your illogical approach to chess does have its advantages on occasion. Captain, I prefer to call it Inspire, or even more recently, a game by Spin Master titled, less chess, where pieces are laid on a 3×6 board and the goal is to put the king in check three times simultaneously, while drawing cards from a pile, a simplified.

Yet random version of Chess fun game by the way, but nothing seemed to incorporate the complexity of chests while maintaining its core values. Until I saw this is orb chess 64 squares 32 pieces, but played on a sphere. This insanely beautiful work of art is the brainchild of a puzzle company in France called nkd, which is currently by the way available on Kickstarter nkd specializes in creating some of the most beautiful puzzle boxes I’ve ever solved on my channel, so I was very delighted when They sent me this contraption, but I wanted to know: is this actually playable? Now everything on this spherical board works the same as it would on a standard board except well. You can now attack from a 360 degree radius.

Initially, when I set up the board, which, by the way, is beautifully presented with the 3D printed pieces stored in this Majestic looking lacquered base, I realized that it opened up the game to some very interesting ideas, but instead of telling you about it, here’s a game. I played with Lee my cameraman alright, so we’ve set up a game of orb chess here and beside us. We have your conventional 2 dimensional chess board, which we got ta top down because it’s going to be hard for you guys to really keep track of. What’S going on and so to properly show you uh we’ve got this, but you’ll see it will get a little bit confusing now one thing that I’ve noticed before we start the game, I’m here with Lee by the way Lisa hi there is no Center game. There’S no center of the board.

There is here, but not here, so normally you would try and place the king away from the center of the board, which is impossible. I know that sounds confusing, but it also eliminates a lot of uh a lot of different openings. So I’m going to start by. Let’S start with this: not you got ta match right, learned that from the grand Masters – okay, because the more you try and look to this, the more confusing it gets, because you have to mentally calculate that these pieces can move off. The board – oh this guy’s supposed to be here: oh yeah, you’re, moving that one yep yeah.

That’S it right, yeah exactly! I think for demonstration purposes, we’ll go ahead and do that. Oh sorry, this one yeah, oh yeah, so I could easily just retail yeah. You could retake yeah by doing that. You actually leave your Tower undefended, so it would seem because now I’m going to go ahead and grab your Rook, which here would look like this now, normally in a game of chess you’d, be like oh, my God, he lost his Rook.

He gave up his Rook, but in a game of orb chess we can trade, you can go ahead and take that towel right back I’ll grab them for you. Thank you. Here’S where it gets interesting as soon as you play it, you’re, like oh yeah. That makes sense yeah yeah. Let me get see when I’ve seen that if I wasn’t yeah so you’re gon na look at this for sure yeah playing playing the moves on this board is doable like you.

Could 100 set up a game of orb chess on a two-dimensional board, but it does make it a little bit more difficult using this, as a visual guideline really helps, I suppose there’s uh, you can get used to anything. Okay, open this up. What this takes takes. You can just take back yes, your Bishop yeah to this. Here we go here, we go and then I’m going right here, nice in the enemy territory, yeah yeah, all right, it’s so wild cool, oh yeah yeah and I totally forgot yeah about that I’ll.

Go ahead and take that I was like I’m safe here. Well, not if you look at this orb, the diagonals are a little hard to see yeah because of some of the squares start off as triangles, and they go into these uh sort of rhombus shapes. It’S a little bit confusing to see the diagonals, but it’s not too bad yeah. That’S what I did I saw it after, but I made the move going in blunder after blunder. I mean both of us at this point.

Are blundering check, feel like he’s smiling by the way. Take this bad boy. I don’t like when he laughs like that, it’s just so interesting. I think this works yeah, pretty sure this works checked. Oh, you got that’s why you did that move to get him out check check: okay, yeah, I’m playing orb chest, dude you’re, playing two-dimensional chess here, yeah yeah for sure just just beginner chest anyways either or see I’m an orb Grand Master.

I think we’re. I think we both qualify as orb Grand Masters at this point since it’s on Kickstarter, okay, this is very interesting. I got an interesting move here, we’ll see if it works check there. No there you can’t take him he’s protected by the queen yeah. No, I get that my queen is here yeah and then oh, I see so yeah so moving here.

I think I think almost mate check isn’t that uh not quite actually. Actually, this is really interesting. This is definitely mate because you can’t block that check. Why well can I use this because I’m hitting you from the other side at the same time, with the same piece you’re hitting me that way: oh yeah, I am double checking you with the same piece, wow yeah, I’m pretty sure, that’s it. That was a crazy ending that was a crazy ending.

How beautiful was that ending being able to double check the king with a single piece was a thing of beauty and something I did not expect. I’M not sure if this is the future of Chess, but it is an interesting adaptation. That’S for sure, maybe we’ll add a piece or a movement to a piece to make the game more complex and prevent us from cheating or maybe one day, we’ll all become Grand Masters once those beads become commercially available either way, I’m glad that chess is getting a Resurgence online look forward to what tomorrow brings thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe. If you want to see more unusual content, we’ll see you next time.


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