Is THIS The Greatest Trick Ever Filmed?!

Is THIS The Greatest Trick Ever Filmed?!

Is THIS The Greatest Trick Ever Filmed?

Right now, let’s see if we can do it this way, one two you can go back and forth. Oh, that does look pretty good and rips it off like this. That’S not bad! Is this the best magic trick in the world yo? What’S up and welcome back guys, uh, hey you made it hey!


You found the end of YouTube here, you are, you beat the game, we’re looking at Tick, Tock magic! That’S what this Channel’s come to all right, we’re looking at Tick, Tock magic, it’s gonna be so sick! Honestly, though there are a lot of uh people revealing Magic on Tick Tock. Oddly enough, we all knew this day would come so we’re gonna. Have a look at some of these tricks to see if we can learn anything while we’re at it.


Instead of shaming these people, these poor people getting billions of views, strap yourselves in. It’s gonna be a crazy video. It’S gonna be so crazy, um, but just in case leave a like. So that way, if you leave you’ve, left your like ready, let’s get into it, oh by the way new collection uh at just dropped it’s today Friday. If you want to check it out first dot shop, I paid a lot of money for that URL.


So I really need you guys to support me. Okay, so I typed in a magic trick to tick tock and by the way I use tick tock. To look for everything now, it used to be Google and it used to be Scrolls really and then it was, Google and. Then and now it’s I scroll on Tick Tock for. My news whoa three, easy.


Magic tricks that you can do right now number. One. I like how he goes right now and then he shows me a box of Crayola crayons. I don’t know what your demographic has in their pockets. One I’m gonna teach you how you can magically vanish crayons to do this.


You want to buy a bunch of crayons, cut them in half and tape them together. Every magic Shop’s got these in, like their kids, magic kits, and it’s a good little method for kids. People usually use it with the coloring book, The Magic coloring book. So there is no color in the book. You take the Crayons, you vanish, the crayons, and now the book has color in it, place it back in the box and as soon as you let go of the pressure you can make it then, for the second trick.

I’M going to teach you how to puke out cards to do this. You’re gonna teach you how to puke out cards, have about 10 cards Palm it in your hands, pretend to cough and then let the cards go. It’S a bad Palm! Look at that Palm, we see it for the last trick. I’M gonna show you you can take any empty cup and magically make a ball appear.


Just like that. To do this, all you need is a cup and a ball cut. A little square out of the cup and all you’re gonna do is hold the ball in place when showing it and then at any point it’s a bad trick. I like what this guy’s doing, Shawnee, I think his name is Orsini. I like what he’s doing, because these tricks are all pretty beginner intro level tricks and as a magician who really loves magic uh – and I bet this guy does too he’s out there, not necessarily showing the real work on powerful magic tricks, he’s sort of giving you An intro into deception, in an easy way that even kids can follow along, and I think it’s fine all right what oh this guy’s gonna show it oh Cube, so he’s just showing you basically that if you keep it there, ah there you go.


That’S a fun one. There are a few tricks that use that same principle that he was doing uh. So this is a trick that he was doing. It creates a cool uh sort of window. Um, it looks like you’re changing the card. You can actually go pretty far out and from the side yeah, but there is a better version of that trick.


If you stick this card here so right there and you’re pushing it to your index here and was it this way? Oh sorry, it has to be, and then you take this card so from this angle you don’t see this and you got the four of Spades and all you’re doing is uh lining it up with this other one, and as you come down, I’m Lighting on that You can go back and forth until you’re all the way done now. That’S pretty cool and all you have to do is clean up that second card. In any way you want to or change it back again. This is a problem with magicians.


Really they want to. You just ask for one thing and they’re: like here’s, four more tricks. I am what’s wrong with magic. What about this one here yeah! I know that one he’s gonna show this if um yeah.


I know that one uh, but it’s wild to me. This video starts with this guy trying to impress the other guy and the other guy his attitude is like give me that I can do that, and just does this crazy handling like look at this watch series like boom boom boom and from the back that looks fine Too, and he’s like surprised he’s like give me that I know how this works and it does this insane handling here, I guess it’s a pretty good premise: it shows you how easy it can be to learn, but it’s definitely not that easy. This is known as the best magic trick in the world. You can learn this trick in less than 30 seconds. So let’s do it now. How is this the best magic trick in the world? I’ll tell you what it is.


It is the best click bait thumbnail that I’ve ever used, because now I can legit say: is this the best magic trick in the world and you guys are gonna be like, of course not, and I’m like, of course not, but this guy definitely thinks so. His click bait served for my click bait and that’s how this uh, beautiful, symbiotic relationship of online content works. We feed off each other like leeches and stuffer Pockets full of money. That’s what this has come to, but that is cool. I do like this um uh, you can I’ve seen people do it like, like both ways, because it is kind of cool.


It does look cool. I don’t know uh Rich the magic trick this guy. By the way, I love Joel. I think about what he’s doing on Tick, Tock and YouTube and Instagram, and all that with these videos. I think he’s really done it right and you know he gets somebody always reacting and you know obviously they’re probably in on it, for people just scrolling through it’s still fun to watch for some reason, I’m so sick of hearing the magic trick. It’S all I’ve.


I’Ve heard it a hundred times. I love you Joel, but switch it up just right here. Rich the magic trick reacts to the magic trick for the rest of us who aren’t Irish. I don’t know just me. I guess all right boom read the magic 10 out of 10 


Surprise, surprise: a nine on his hand.


Yes, wait. That was like one of the first nines I’ve ever had. I’Ve ever heard someone give him uh. That trick is actually cool. I think it’s called the AirHeads magic trick.


If I can get one of these coins to melt through this bag, without this ever follow well yeah, but you’re not going to do that watch, I actually don’t think she was in on those on maybe the second one, but the last one, because that that is A legitimate trick, nope, thank you yeah! I gotta try this dude. Are you kidding me that is kind of sick? The video is backwards, so he’s doing it with the. With his other hand, he’s here: bends the corner, rips it off like this.


That’S not bad. Ah, that’s actually pretty cool, super simple, dude, very devious. I actually like that. One, a lot who’s, this guy Kim sees Chang 991 classic Kim C. Oh my God guys.


It’S saksham! That’S a fake golf ball, fake Bulls! The made out of chocolate just like so I’m actually got this fake recoil. I’M gonna put this in my mouth. How do you say fake coil?


It’S a real coil as well. Here we go, foreign foreign effects are just completely out of sync like I. I could picture the editor editing this video and just being like syncing, the first two or three, and I mean like this – is taking forever and you just dropped a bunch of sounds and it turns into this. I did not expect that to take that turn. Oh, my God, who’s this video for who’s, that video for crayons there’s no way they can pass through each other, but watch if I use a little magic one.


Two three they magically pass through. This is just magic. Is that what he used? Oh, that, second, one that second one was really good, that one’s whatever we’ve seen that one, the first one is whatever, but this one. I really love that one that got me good. I tried to ask if we have apples or oranges here. I don’t think so.


Do we have anything like that, any citrus fruit or round vegetable you got? Do you have two pencils uh? Is that yours from your purse, from your lunch? What is grapefruit ? Yeah, I hate grapefruit. This will be perfect, it might be contaminated.


You don’t mind alright cool. Let me do the secret magic stuff guys see if we can do, let’s see if we can do it differently. This is where I like getting creative like what, if you want like right, if you were here and you go uh one, two, three all right, so maybe in the action of throwing it here. So I like this a lot. This is fun to play with all right, so you can go boom.


I can pull it out all right, so we have a pen here, I’ll put it into the uh, the orange and one two three. Oh, we’ve got a pen and a pineapple pen, pineapple Apple pen and we’re gonna, take this pen and stick it into oh God, and we’re gonna take this pen and we’re gonna plunge it into the uh the grapefruit. Now you can see that this is a real pen and it really is plunged into the grapefruit like this right all right now, let’s see if we can do it this way, one two: three we can edit the sound out and post okay, just an idea fun. Nonetheless, Antoine here’s, your grapefruit back dude, this smells like bile who likes grapefruit a surprising amount of people like grapefruit who’s, the anti-grapefruit gang here all right. I want to hear your hate for grapefruit we’re starting a hate group for grapefruit on Facebook.


If you guys want to join it next foreign – oh, that does look pretty good. Maybe we shouldn’t do that anymore. He’S looking at me, he’s like you’re, really gonna stop doing that cigarette magic yeah. This is a classic with cigarette magic. This is a good one, foreign for all.


You kids out there who want to start learning cigarette magic. This is a great way to get into it, whether or not you’re into smoking, I feel like, I feel, like you still do, cigarette magic. Kids. If you hey, I’m just editing the video and my sarcasm was top tier in fact, so good that it sounded like. I was endorsing children, smoking cigarettes, which I don’t. It’s a terrible idea.


Don’T do that uh you can Vape. I guess: hey, hey! Sorry uh editing that clip that you just saw don’t do that either don’t do The Vaping thing or the smoking thing. Kids. These are all jokes and they’re made to make you laugh, you know or if you’re a smoker wheeze.


I don’t know I’d really have to stop doing these hold on. Did he just eat a tennis ball? Let me keep watching. This is Kyle Marlette, uh actually great Creator. I believe this is one of those things because you hear like you guys watch Magic Tick.


Tock as much as I do, you’ll hear like The Tick, Tock sort of thing. That’S about to film. You know that when they’re doing that they’re gonna do it for another camera and you’re getting the exposed angle of the trick. So, just what you’ll understand like he’s, getting ready, showing you how everything gets ready, two things, uh one thing that’s super funny – is that there is no other camera. So I’d love to see the exposed angle of these, because when people do this, there is no other camera they’re like they’re doing magic.


They’Re like getting ready, they’re like okay, do and they hear the film and they’re like boom boom boom, and they do all these things to nothing. There’S nothing here. There’S nothing! There’s an extension cord. You know, I think that’s pretty funny and then he starts off by eating a tennis ball.


So that always, you know, drives up viewer retention. It is smart as a format. So if you’re out there doing tricks, it is a smart format because you’re showing them the setup, then they watch the trick, but some of the setup doesn’t always make sense to how the trick works like this one, for instance, I’ll be like wait. Did I miss something and you want to go back and watch it again right? So that’s their goal here, foreign, I like it.


Have you ever wondered how great the magic trick is? It raids the magic trick again. I’ll teach you hey, Siri, expose the magic trick. Wait, that was the trick, yeah it was cool right. There is nothing to expose. You just have no life to learn how to do that. That is an interesting thing.


Like obviously I mean I’ve used Siri before in performances, where I’ve even taught how to sort of make her say. Whatever you want her to say uh, he took that idea and uh asked her to react to the tricks and I think it’s really smart, so good on you and uh. This video doesn’t look like it’s blown up yet so I’ll give it a like, and hopefully it’ll uh it’ll end up doing well, jar magic or you could just it’s a good point. Magicians often do this to create solutions for things that aren’t a problem. A solution is something that isn’t a problem like if, if I have a you know, if I have a pen cap here and I’ll like to make it float, it’s like hey man.


This is so much easier and less painful uh because when you’re here like this trying to get it to like just just put the cap on, you know what I mean. So it’s a good point he’s making and I do think about that. Okay, what’s this whoa I’ve never actually learned this whoa, that’s crazy! It’S actually pretty cool. Do you have a rubber band in my bag right there in the in the main pocket, where the cameras are in a tightly sealed puzzle box?


There should be four rubber bands. Oh you’ve already unlocked the puzzle box huh. Well, that was quick. Thank you. Not the thumb magic tricks are confusing to follow along with okay boom.


I’M doing this right now and he goes over the thumb. Oh, he pulls down and then, as you go here, I’ve always learned this one where you have it here and you can put it here and then it jumps to thereby like doing this, weird motion and you’re just kind of grabbing it behind your hand and Placing it over, but this one looks way cooler, it’s a little more angle, sensitive, but uh cool cool. Nonetheless, we learned something new today which is sick. What a magic trick to create the magic trick watch. I like how he keeps acting in the back. These guys are great.


They really make a good Duo man. I have nothing against this. I think this is hilarious and fun, and and they’re like skits right so for all of you out there thinking he’s in on it, or this is fake, like uh we’re past that dude like we’re so far past that on Tick, Tock and social media, like everybody Knows it’s like you’re, still, the guy being like wrestling. Is it real like yeah, we get it. We still like it.


You know a lot. We like it a little too much. We like it, maybe too much. Even yes, unbelievable! I do it every time.


Get a cold drink, don’t pick up a straw, hold on to that for me just as well, I always carry one with me. I know I’ve got a big one. [ __ ] joke about his junk at the end, some ASMR I’m down for this foreign. Those are cool cards, pretty cool dude, pretty cool. Indeed, I like that, a lot all right, we’re gonna we’re gonna stop there before I uh we’re just gonna stop um it’s enough.


Thanks for watching uh check out By the way we launched some new clothes all right, let’s be pretty cool, so you’ll, like 10 years, have been doing this and still don’t know how to stop. I still don’t know how to end the video. All right, guys . Thanks for watching leave a like. Don’T forget to subscribe.


Uh, you probably haven’t forgotten. You probably thought about it. Even and haven’t subscribed yet um, so maybe come back and think about it. Some more and then hit the button and we’ll see on the next one. Peace.



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