Learn The ULTIMATE Halloween Card Trick!

Learn The ULTIMATE Halloween Card Trick!

Learn The ULTIMATE Halloween Card Trick!

Look, i don’t want to cause no problems. I just want to live my life, but i keep on hearing about nonsense me and my dogs, ain’t mobsters, but you know when you see imposters, we know how to read them face the scene where you know how to read them comments. If you want to talk, let’s talk about round here, make sure you’re walking your talk is constant. Hey i’ve seen it all before i heard chat that, are you all the door one week looking like they’re all aboard next day, i never walked the walk. I’Ve been here cause i bust out: [ Music ] all right.

This is my brother manuel hello, hello! Don’T talk to the camera. Don’T do that uh. Have you ever heard of a first degree burn? I have how about a second degree.

Half third degree. Fourth degree. Never that’s where we’ll start. Okay. Fourth degree burns.

I got a deck of cards here now. All the cards are different. They are all different they’re a little bit, halloween themed uh. So i want you to go ahead and say: stop whatever you like, stop right. There perfect hold your hand out and uh we’re gon na show the camera his card, the four diamonds just right about there right here, perfect leave that there and i’m gon na take a card as well.

Let’S take the uh, the joker, here’s. What we’re gon na do with the joker, don’t try this at home. [ Music ], see that that’s a fourth degree burn right there. If you take that burn, you can see that right see if you can take that burn and you can actually wipe it off and it should have transferred onto that card. Have a look, and that is a fourth degree burn.

Let’S go: look he’s happy like a child on on halloween and that’s that’s what you guys are gon na be able to do so. Let’S get into learning it thanks bud, you can keep it it’s yours, yo! What’S up and welcome back okay, today, we’re gon na learn that trick that you just saw in the intro, which is a really cool card trick. You can do around the halloween time of year. I thought it’d be dope for you guys to learn this a couple weeks before halloween happens and also on my subreddit, where i left the link below i’m challenging you guys, basically, to come up with a magic trick that has something to do with halloween or spooky Season upload it there and i’ll react to it on the 29th of october extra points.

If there’s no cards involved be original have fun with it and i might even send out some prizes to some of you guys go check that out all right. So now i’m going to teach this trick. You don’t need much for this trick. You need a deck of cards, a lighter some goat’s blood, a small child, uh um yeah. You don’t need much a deck of cards, some duplicates and a lighter is all you really need now for the deck of cards.

I thought i’d use these, which are the carvers. This is by organic playing cards. They produce probably the coolest packaging. Out of all the playing cards out there and uh – and these are basically halloween themes, so we’re gon na pop these bad boys open. Oh, it comes with a little sticker inside too look at that little sticker, which is exactly like the joker.

This actually looks like candy when this is sitting on the desk. My brother is like: is this candy? Is this candy he’s poking around at it? So the cards look like this super dope, very simple black. With, like an orange outline, you got like two pumpkins right.

There you got identical jokers which we’ll need for this trick. The ace is there and then you got a duplicate, uh, four of diamonds, so this trick does require one duplicate. You can do the same trick, um with just one duplicate and i’ll, explain that in a second, let’s get down to business, this card comes unburnt, you’re going to want to burn it. This is your. This is basically your duplicate card.

What you want to do with this is just take your lighter for a few seconds and just kind of burn the card. Now, when you do that the card is going to warp, it will be all mangled. So what i’ve done last night is, i put it under a pile of books all right. So if you want to get a few of these done, it’s up to you. You’Ll only really need one for performing this trick bunch of books on it overnight and it’ll.

Come out straight and flat and it’ll, look great you’ll want to get your other four of diamonds, as we have here, and this is the setup really really simple. Okay, on top of the deck you want to put the other duplicate you have now. This could be another duplicate or it could just be nothing. You could use the back of a card if you’d like to as well, and i actually recommend using the back of the card. In this case, you wouldn’t really see the burn marks, because the deck is black, so i had to use another duplicate, which also makes for a cool trick, makes it a little bit more impossible.

But if you want to use the back of a card on a different deck like a lighter deck, i highly advise you do that that way, you’re not uh you’re, not looking for duplicates, and you know, but in this case we do have uh two duplicates. We have jokers, and we have this so here’s the setup you want to place them on top. On top of that, you want to take your four of diamonds and then the four diamonds of the burn goes on the very top. Now you’re set up you’re ready to perform this trick, so i use the patter uh talking about a fourth degree burn, because it’s just nonsensical and it’s kind of funny feel free to use. It feel free to use any other pattern.

You’D, like first things. First, you’ll want to cut half the deck and lay the other half on top, but keep a pinky break. All right, it could be. A big break, could be a small break as long as it doesn’t show from the front that you’re holding a big fat break. What you’re going to do is ask them to say, stop wherever they say: stop uh you’re gon na pretend to lift here, you’re, actually gon na lift from the back you’re gon na lift from the break where your pinky was right and that’s basically, one of the Easiest ways to force a card say they just say: stop uh some people just go like this, and they straight up.

You can do that. I like to run my finger as a little subtlety run it in between there before i pick it up, because it really sells it like look i’ll do like 10 cards 10 cards, and it still sells it even though i’ve got like 20 now so once they Say stop wherever they like right here, cut that to the top now we’re in the starting position where we started, they feel like they’ve chosen a freely selected uh spot in the deck first things first, you’re going to want to do a double lift. Now, whatever double lift you want to do is totally fine. You want to just make sure that you do a proper double lift. You want to flash that top card, and if this card is mangled, it will be really hard to do.

A double lift you’ll have to like really set it down kind of like this you’re going to ask them to hold their hand out like they did in their performance, now a nice little subtlety when they do that. Is you take these two cards and you mime placing it in their hand, so lee you want to hold your hand out here for a sec, so i’d say, hold your hand here and i’d go like this, and i’d go no, no right about here. Now all i’m doing is just a quick subtlety of misdirections cool thanks. So basically, what you’re doing here is very, very simple uh, and so it feels like you’re giving them the four diamonds here, because they’re holding their hand out and all you’re doing is adjusting their hand. Obviously it doesn’t matter where their hand is, but it’s a good reason to turn the card over and then put it back nice little subtlety once this is in their hand, i’ll leave that here for now here’s the point where, if you had just a lighter deck, You could straight up just burn whatever card.

This is the back of it and then perform. You know a color change here, um and a trick would be done, but seeing as how i’ve got another duplicate i’ll have to perform a different move. At this point, i’m left dirty. I have the four diamonds here and i don’t want to do a double lift because then i’ll change, the uh i’ll end up changing the joker into a four diamonds. So we actually have to do is one of two things: you’re.

Either going to somehow get this one out of the way and do double lift or, as i did in the video, a triple lift same principle, pretty easy. If you like, you can do a pinky count, count three cards and then once you’re there you can lift those off or you can just do a strike, triple lift which is just feeling and you can feel it’s a little heavier and thicker than two cards. So you know that it’s three so now i’m left in this position – nice, clean, triple, lift you’re gon na do here is you’re gon na take your lighter talk about the uh. Fourth degree burn. Please be careful when playing with fire parental supervision boom.

Now, that’s i see i burnt that one a little too much see how it’s like look at look at how mangled this one is totally melted it, but it’ll still work. You want to make sure they’re facing the same way as well uh. So now that that’s burnt, let it dry a bit because that stuff will come off. If not all you want to do here is an urdanese color change. I don’t think i’ve ever taught this on my channel very, very simple um.

Basically, this part of your pinky is going to contact the card. Move it upwards a little bit and all it’s going to do is reveal the second card here. So, as you come in here, that’s moving in right, see that so, as i come in here boom and now this part of my palm, the base of my palm after this is up is going to slide this card down. Once that’s slid down you’re going to come up over it and pretend to take the burn away, so even with a mangled card like that, it still works really. Well again, i’m gon na come here.

Take this card – and it just looks like i’m grabbing – that soot off the uh off the card. There are different ways to perform this: you can. You can do all sorts of ways where it’s kind of like this, and you know, there’s there’s all sorts of ways, but you want to cover that for diamonds. So the best way here is just to simply cover it up. Take it, you see the burn, pull it off and now you are left in this position.

The burn. The fourth degree burn has then transferred actually pretty funny that i didn’t notice. I did with a four of diamonds. I could have called back to the fourth degree using the four it’s actually a good trick. That is a little halloween trick for you guys, quick little video today hope you guys enjoyed it.

Hope you make use of it or change it up. Do whatever you like and uh, don’t forget to check out organic playing cards. The carvers i’ll leave i’ll leave the link in the description where you can check those out. If you have any questions drop it in the comments or hit us up on the subreddit, looking forward to seeing your submissions um that i’ll react to on the 29th of october, so make sure you got like two weeks so come up with something take a week To come up with something post, something you got two weeks thanks for watching and we’ll see you on the next video also 25 off merch right now on my shop first out shop,

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