Mice & Mystics Pt. 1: Anne Wheaton joins Wil Wheaton on TableTop!

Mice & Mystics Pt. 1: Anne Wheaton joins Wil Wheaton on TableTop!

Mice & Mystics Pt. 1

In Mice and Mystics, players take on the roles of those still loyal to the king – but to escape the clutches of Vanestra, they have been turned into mice! Play as cunning field mice who must race through a castle now twenty times larger than before. The castle would be a dangerous place with Vanestra’s minions in control, but now countless other terrors also await heroes who are but the size of figs. Play as nimble Prince Collin and fence your way past your foes, or try Nez Bellows, the burly smith. Confound your foes as the wizened old mouse Maginos, or protect your companions as Tilda, the castle’s former healer. Every player will have a vital role in the quest to warn the king, and it will take careful planning to find Vanestra’s weakness and defeat her.

Mice and Mystics is a cooperative adventure game in which the players work together to save an imperiled kingdom. They will face countless adversaries such as rats, cockroaches, and spiders, and of course the greatest of all horrors: the castle’s housecat, Brodie. Mice and Mystics is a boldly innovative game that thrusts players into an ever-changing, interactive environment, and features a rich storyline that the players help create as they play the game. The Cheese System allows players to hoard the crumbs of precious cheese they find on their journey, and use it to bolster their mice with grandiose new abilities and overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.

Mice and Mystics will provide any group of friends with an unforgettable adventure they will be talking about for years to come – assuming they can all squeak by…


For some people, role-playing games can be incredibly intimidating. Maybe they look at 10 pounds of books and they just can’t see that there’s a game inside of them or maybe they were introduced to the Hobby in the 80s one most systems were not exactly user-friendly. Well, the last few years we have started to see a little bit of a revolution in the gaming industry, this melding of role-playing and tabletop games that has created what we like to call the RPG in a box. These games put everything: players need from player characters to encounters to the entire campaign itself inside a single box. These games don’t need a dedicated game master because all the players get to be both the heroes and the bad guys.

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These games are far less intimidating to new players because they actually look and feel like board games. Best of all these RPGs in a box are accessible to new players very accessible. They are a fantastic infection vector to our hobby today, on tabletop, my wife and and our sons, Ryan and Nolan are here to play the first chapter of an absolutely fantastic RPG in a box that satisfies both seasoned gamers. Like me and relative newcomers like an it’s perfect for kids and families and a whole lot of fun for everyone, we will assume the roles of good and honest heroes who have been turned into mice and must now fight their way through their giant castle. To save their king, it is an epic story that we, the players, will help tell as we become mice and mystics mice and mystics is a super thematic cooperative play dungeon crawling game designed by Jerry Hawthorne and illustrated by Johnny Rios ax in mice and mystics.

Mice & Mystics

We play wait for it, mice and mystics. We are a band of totally adorable heroic mice who must save the kingdom from the evil machinations of a powerful sorceress trying to kill our King, like other role-playing games in a box. Mice and mystics has multiple character. Archetypes that we play as a team going on a daring adventure in the most adorable setting ever I mean seriously mega knows the wizard has a little ladybug on his shoulder as a dragon. Familiar it’s so cute all right, so we have Colin the heroic Prince Nez.

The badass tinkerer Lily the deadly Archer er Tilda, the devoted healer and several other wonderful iconic fantasy characters you’ll get to meet some of them as we play the game today. What makes mice and mystics truly awesome is playing this full storybook in campaign mode. We will work together to move through a shared storytelling experience that is broken into story. Arcs called chapters and those chapters are broken into individual scenes with specific objectives, so each scene is played on one of these beautifully illustrated tiles, we’ll begin by placing our super cute little figures in position as well as those as the enemy which are also cute, even Though they’re the bad guys, the characters will move according to their position on this iniciative tracker up here. Like other role-playing games in a box, each character has a sheet with stats like melee, defense, lore and movement.

For example, Prince Colin has a melee and lore of two while mega knows the mystic has a melee of one and a lore of three generally players will move their characters around the board, using their movement, stat search for clues and accomplish tasks using their lower stat And then just wail on the bad guys with their combat stats, we have hearts to represent our health and cheese which basically represents our mana cuz, we’re mice we’re going to roll some of these special games specific dice to move and resolve our challenges so and bows Are going to work for offense and shields will work for anyone, and one defense will show how all this stuff works in the game. But the math is super simple and it is ideal for playing with kids or new gamers. Each chapter has different victory and defeat conditions and will reveal what those are once we get started. There are also some special conditions and certain tiles that will address as they come up. It’S really wonderful having my family here to play with me today, but you know it’s really awesome.

There is no losers, couch in an RPG, so chalk this up as a win for mice and mystics hi, I’m Anne Wheaton – and this is my third season on tabletop. I am Nolan cup and I’m so glad that tabletop had me back because the first time I had a wonderful time, hi, I’m Ryan Whedon – and this is my fifth time on tabletop, but only second time, they’ve caught me on camera. Alright, it’s chapter one of mice and mystics, hello, family. Thank you for being here to play with me. I’M a TV show today, hello, I’m delighted that my family is here, because the world gets a chance to see what it’s like when we sit in the game room at home and play a game together.

The only real key difference is that I roll even worse here than I do when we play at home, so our first encounter happens here in the guard room. We’Re gon na have to get rid of these three rat warriors. Hopefully, we won’t see anyone else and then we’ll get to this tile here and that’ll. Let us explore and get down, I’m all down, yeah cannonball down right into the sewer, so I’m going to go ahead and figure out what our initiative order is and then I’ll draw the encounter card and see exactly what that means for us. Also, we built our characters ahead of time.

I chose the mystic blast spell form a Geno’s. Mystic blast actually sounds like something you get on a cruise ship, but did you go to your cabin? I’Ve got a guy in mystic, blast Ryan, who what did you take for gone, give order? Okay and no one would get for Filch dodge okay and Anne. What do you have for Nez?

I have the Thunder squeak. Of course you do. What does that sound way? Again, it sounds like okay um. We have a tilde figure, look at how cute she is right: okay and we’re just going to use her to mark who’s happening in initiative order, so our director and everybody in the booth can see what’s going on.

So if you’re like wait a minute, what’s that about well now, you know all right, so we have escaped from the dungeon we’re in the guard room, there’s a key rats everywhere and Filch I’m playing Filch. He is a scamp. Is a movement based character getting around the battlefield, pokken go ahead and take your actions. You got a you, get a I’m gon na move, all right go for it. How far are you moving and I rolled it too, and I add it to my little three feets all right: she gets mine up to five.

Where are you where you’re headed and I’m just gon na stay kind of far backs over here over there yeah a so one rat whine, and you want to share his space or leave his space mmm I’ll leave his face? Well, okay, terrific and then, when you attack him, I think you get a special like ambushing thing right, yes, um only because I will the dagger so uh. If I hit generals, one less defense die nice and I roll two, because I’ve got to sortie things and looks like you stabbed him and his defense is too so he’s only gon na roll one defense die and why don’t you go ahead and roll defense for The rat roll one die and try not to roll a shield or a cheese. Here goes I’m sorry, no, I’m related to. Ah, the Wheaton dice curse originates with me and it states very clearly that if you attempt to roll dice you’re going to roll poorly all right Nez, that’s you go for a the character.

I’M playing today is Nez and he has a big hammer and he’s going through and killing all the bad guys so rhyme you’re moving I’m rowing. Three, no you’re only one dice for me watch yep nice. You can move. Your move is gon na be too so. You can head off there to try to go to those guys.

You can come over here and try to whack this guy before he gets on the move. Okay, so we’re gon na what you can you can whale on him from there? Doesn’T your hammer do a special thing where it’s like you roll three or you roll for something like that yeah. So if you’re next to the enemy you roll, because, instead of me a new space? Oh that’s nice!

So I’m gon na so you’re gon na roll whoo, plus to see you drawing or dice. I was the rainbow okay, all four yeah dude Richie you’re a boss. Okay, so you get a cheese there you go wash. You hit him twice with these guys with those guys so hopefully, because I’m rolling now, oh you rolled super, I rolled well, that’s great possum! I rolled on really really well.

Wheaton’S law of rolling dice is affected by Whedon’s curse of rolling dice, and it states that over time, the more important a dice roll result is the more likely the result will be awful boy that rat all in stabs himself together that radish. Okay, now the rat Warriors are going to take their action, so the first thing that they will do is move this guy. I guess I’ll go I’ll, go ahead and roll I’ll go ahead and roll I’ll go ahead and roll his movement, so I’m rolling really well. The rats are going to move three, so this rat. The first thing this rat is going to do, is move into this space right and now.

The rules of mood for this is that the bad guys move to the closest people that they can in the most direct way possible. So he can move. Actually, you know he can cover all of that, so he can move diagonally one and then you can move there diagonally too, and then he’d move up this way. Three, because he can cover that. That’S how a minion movement works, and now this rat, these rats can’t do anything, but this rat has to choose between nez and Filch in the way that they make a decision.

When there are two characters to act, is they attack? They do not Rochambeau, they attack the character, who is highest in initiative, order, which means that this rat is going to attack Filch so and why don’t you go ahead and roll the rats attack? He rolls to melee dice yeah, don’t roll a cheese or a sword. Okay, got it perfect perfect that is executive very well. The southern rat completely misses Filch.

So I believe that is the end of the rats initiative order. So now Collin will go ahead and go so Colin. It is up to you uh it bigan. Did you get a cheese right now? Oh yeah, that’s right!

As my at my pass ability States. This is immediately add one cheese to a stash, if he’s not in the first initiative spot, but it’s when placing cards so okay, so placing cards means putting these cards out so great. So you just get it once otherwise that Bo P yeah seriously. Oh Chi opiates, of course overpowered all right so go ahead and roll four columns movement. Where is he going to go?

I got a to Holland. Can move to plus two Colin can move 4 spaces where’s. He heading I’m gon na. Go to that. That’S that guy, over there, woman, okay and on him no another other one, oh, that one yeah yeah!

Okay, are you moving into the same space system that might as well? I guess alright. So now Colin is gon na wail on that rat is solid. Sword, 4 plus 1, and then here so I would roll three or three dice and you’ll be defending. Well, so go ahead and roll stab that guy stabbed him right in the rat.

Face nice, you know, got a cheese, just have a chance. I just reach into his pocket him what I think I was taking cheese as the leader. I got it make sure that I’m strong. So I was a single blow snack ish. I got a got to keep up the strength.

Alright, so that’s a bummer! So you don’t need you don’t need to roll defense, and now it is Majan OSes turn. So I’m going to attack this guy and I believe the rules for Lee is that you just have to draw a straight line unless look you’re, my prince, would you like me to attack this guy? That’S trying to whale on you? No that’s cool.

I got it. I Argus J Z’s doesn’t have much all right, so I’m going to make a melee, I mean a ranged attack on this guy, I’m hoping to roll two bows. Well, that’s what I just rolled it to foes. I am so good at this. You guys I’m so good at this.

Don’T do anything I think so, yes, yeah imagine this is making ranged attacks. I want to see the green bow and arrow symbol, for you successfully made a ranged attack. So, of course, what I’m seeing is a lot of red sword, meaning you made a successful melee attack symbols, which is a polite way of saying you failed Wil, Wheaton. Again, let’s go back to the top of the initiative order. I think I’m just gon na stab this guy.

Do we know how many health points the rats have they have one hit like if you they don’t have any hit points. Basically, every time you hit me straight or if you score a hit, it dies yeah. Alright, so I’m just gon na attack, then mm-hmm one and then hit in a cheese so and go ahead and roll for the rats and no one yeah dead dead, but just rat has died, which is fantastic. Unfortunately, so I’m gon na go one two three and four on that: guy nice Nez you and your giant hammer are up. Oh great here we go.

Oh, I came back over here. That’S okay, but you rolled the tubes, so you add two to your movement at once. You can move three. Okay! Definitely, oh!

I want to get towards rat-faced right. You sure do okay, so I don’t want to be on his same space. So do I know cuz, then you get to roll too, if you’re, not on the same space, I’m gon na be next to us already go one two sure yeah great good right. There crush his head with four dice. Okay.

Here we go, I’m ready! Fifteen! Oh nice yeah, you did a lot of ranged. Nothing. You did a lot of range.

Nice throws the hammer away. I think rolling dice is completely random, but somehow will manages to get his curse all over it. Okay, so now the rats moves he is adjacent to Filch, so he’s going to attack Phil, okay, so uh man go ahead and roll attack dice huh well done fantastic, trying to kill the off folks defend my baby. Oh oh! He hit you twice.

I only have three life and you just took two away in one swing. I I don’t appreciate it mom. I feel like the worst mother ever wow, that was that sucks leaving was never theirs and and now because this doesn’t suck bad enough. The rat on this tile is going to attack whose highest and initiative or Toby she’s going to attack Filch again role, no just just jeez for the love of God. Just will do okay, nice, okay, so you hit it once.

I know just roll one shield, all right, all right, you defended huh, I feel like I just threw my my mouse kid under the bus. That was horrible, Collin go ahead and do your thing all right. I got ta stab great this board, so you hit him once no one go ahead and roll defense for that rat. None outstanding. This rat has gone off to the land of wind and ghosts we’re gon na go.

What does that thing? Call great great great yeah. She’S great, but I don’t want cheese, that’s been graded through a sewer, grate. Well, fine, that’s true! Madame s, whoo-hoo!

Yes, Adam roll for movement! You can remove three, so I’m calling and now I might agree all right and now it’s imagine OSes move here. So I’m going to fire my weapon at this guy vegeto’s rolls ranged dice. Well, that’s one hit that’s better than no hits at all, so Ryan go ahead and roll defense for the for the rat yeah, I’m helping, I kill the rat. The rat dies yay.

All right, so we’ve managed to clear this, this room of minions, which is great in your face, but you know now here’s the thing, unfortunately you’re the last in line sign. We are going to add a piece of cheese, the wheel, because we’re gon na get to the bottom of initiative, order with with no bad guys on the board, I’m just gon na roll, and it doesn’t matter what I get cuz. I’M gon na get to the great okay and then I’m gon na search, and I didn’t bogus all right, yep, okay, you get to move three. So then one what she will. She was gon na get that and now, as your standard action, you would do the explore action.

Your suggestion and I and you’d be like yeah good idea, a good idea, you’re better at this than me yeah, all right, cool. All right, then yeah all right. Yes, I’m so, yes, a search, so just one just one: oh my god. Okay two is four you’re, just letting you successfully found by treachery card play immediately. This mouse becomes captured and can only be rescued when a fellow mouse makes a successful search action.

I had nothing to do with the searching role or the way that deck ended up landing, but I cannot help but feel that it is my fault that Nez was captured on account of I’m sitting at this table playing a game on tabletop. Okay Khalid see, if you can search I’m just gon na search for something else, utterly hey huh nope. Yet you know – and you don’t know you later – you bet forget about so as it turns out everything gon na – be adding it’s treatable, adding a cheese anyway. Oh, my nope, oh my god, you guys are late all right hand. Would you have to stay here, you’re killing mice, because we can’t leave you by until maybe you can find?

Yes, I’m still bleeding. No man knows you can’t do anything. Cuz you’re captured Colin. Maybe you can find nez yeah yeah. I guess we are just foot out of the gray.

No, let’s go all right. Let’S get the hell out of this awful room. I explore the great I find a passage into the sewers below and we move on and we come in right down here we’re moving toward this exit. Oh my god! How much can you suck?

We were sucking so bad. I asked to restart, but we’ll said he couldn’t work with us and he stormed off to his trailer, so we didn’t have any time to kind of work back. I guess we have escaped out of the guard room, which is terrific. Unfortunately, we’ve fallen into an ambush. There are four greedy cockroaches down here in the sewer.

What really sucks about it is there’s clearly very strong, current running down this way, and that means that every time a mouse ends here or any character, it’s going to get pushed down if it gets pushed down here, it’s captured and is knocked off the board, and That’S a drag for us. We’Re also trying to pick up this fish hook and line because we can use it as a grappling hook, which is really useful for the rest of the adventure we already shuffled up and grabbed the adventure of cards and set up our initiative. Order and nez will act first down here in initiative order, so go ahead. Nez and one one die for movement. See you got it.

I told you you’re gon na join, took half the gameplay, but still all right. So you get to an f3 plus your movement. I give you 4/4 so go ahead and do and I try to write yours. No, okay, okay, one, two yep 3:04. You don’t want to go in the water, that’s what you can do, okay!

So now what happens is so nez jumps into the water? Okay and your movement immediately remove it immediately ends when you get into the water and then the current pushes you one space in the direction of the arrows. So that is everything des can do this turn now Colin you’re up and because you work first, an initiative order. You get another meeseeks which is terrific, and what are you gon na do you’ve got your give order, I’m gon na give order. Okay, I may use this ability instead of moving I’m going to choose a mouse in the same tile and then that chose a mouse may immediately perform one action.

Okay, so I’m going to uh, I guess, eat some cheese or we’re good some cheese. Ah, okay, I’m gon na move, Nolan or Phil Phil ch. Do I roll the die phone? That’S kind of cute in character terms, because Colin and Filch are sort of like Filch’s like the thief. That’S been in the jail right and Colin’s like the good prints.

So it’s a great that’s a little moment of trust between your characters as you grow and just let me have my role-playing moment key I’m giving an order, I’m not like asking a favor okay! Well, I mean I’m a prince. I could do what I want so then, there’s no politeness involved with me giving orders here all right, I’m gon na sit there not do anything. I’M just kidding hello. There’S that trust moment, yeah uh one to move and three uh-huh.

Oh yeah yep! You don’t get cheese, huh, no, no, okay, pretty much good do exact same thing and then you get pushed down one. I use my command thing to give him one more. So he get here in search and then move after now. You don’t have any ranged weapons right, so probably your best action choice then would be to cert I’m gon na search.

All right! Good luck! Do I just roll this, just roll a die all right. Do you wan na you want blow on it? For good luck?

Don’T you know, oh, go ahead, I’m not touching those! The last time I touched that deck. A bad thing happened, which is it accurate, whoa? Oh nice. I can’t use it.

I’M it’s a two-handed then whose card it for cheese when he drew the bow. I was super excited because that’s exactly what I needed, but when he said he was gon na discard it. I didn’t know what to do about that. Of course, I wanted to keep it for myself, but as the more tanky character out there right now, I think it would be responsible as the leader as well to pass it on to somebody that could actually use it effectively. No need to give it to know what are you?

Okay, oh that’s great cuz, then Filch can put the dagger in his own jokin. That’S awesome! Well, I have no idea. I’M gon na spend the next three turns attempting to eat the bow. I really need some cheese, so I’m not even gon na try to move right now.

I am just going shoot um, but we kiss I already passed huh uh. Well I mean I you could do that it doesn’t matter um. You want to give me cheese. You go okay, cool! Thank you, so cheese next time.

Alright, so I guess I’m gon na tack this guy because he’s there sort of equi distant from us, but we had an attack. Yes, Hey! Look at you! I hit him. You won.

I hit I hit for one so uh, why don’t you roll and who will roll for that? Roaches defense for a one died. Just don’t run off nice. Well done they just don’t roll a shield. Oh I shouldn’t blow no thanks, I’m so cool!

Well, so the roaches, the roach, is able to sort of like meh Janice, just aimed a little high. I guess God roaches pay me to do this. That’S I’m gon na go ahead and move just for the sake of making it easier on me. I can go to so: I’m gon na go um. I can move up to two, so I’m just gon na move straight there.

Okay, there one want any role for the roach movement. Well, we start with the farthest ones away. So this guy goes one two and comes in straight into the water and he stops and then the water pushes in there awesome this guy goes one two: it comes that way. This guy was going to go toward whoever is higher an initiative order, who’s callin. So he goes one he’s calling me out har-har-har and then this guy goes knowing one two toward Collin adelardo.

Now they attack adjacent. This cockroach will attack you Collin, so roll from the attacking cockroach roll one, no roll. Sorry, those yep wait. I have this armor. What does that mean, but let me merge extra one.

I did you get extra defensive end, so go ahead and roll for that. Oh, the roach hits him. This makes nezam magic. Like 1001 names gets the interval to to try to defend that so see. If you can three, she get your shield down there or your sword or whatever, and and knock away its little feelers excellent.

Well I’ll, defend it. Terrific good work. Now this roach will also attack you so go ahead and roll to see. If that happens, okay, they get a cheese. No, no, it takes six cheese to trigger a surge we’re at four right now, alright, so we’re back to the top of initiative, order and nez.

It is all about you, so you can move one in the water. You can move start no playing around if you moved diagonally, then you get pushed down on that roach and you’d be able to fight that road at the shay right yeah, which you would move up, attack somebody’s attack and then, if you have a wish down, yeah Cuz then you get four dice: oh you’re, nice for cuz. You are that protector that falls way over there, yeah yep you hit one and you get a cheese, great okay and then the roaches 2-foot defend one time. Of course they do. Are you even because it’s just the roll on the left, so, unfortunately the roach just successfully defends and you come down here?

Okay, so I pick your hand about in in a way you actually do end up defending Filch, because the roach is going to go after you, instead of him all right, Colin you’re, up you’re welcome so Colin what dude, so you get to move. In addition to you get to move a total of four, where are you headed, um right, yeah, all right, great, all right, so I have three died: yeah statically, so you haven’t once all right dead. He does not defend. He is crush emic crusher crushed. It’S clean, Wow dead, all right Maginot, that’s me, isn’t it um?

I think that it’s probably best for me to attack this roach, not that one because well, no! Actually, I think I should attack that well nope, but then he Nez could search on the next turn. While he’s right there that’s a good point instead of fighting right and that one’s gon na move toward you anyway yeah it’s kind of cute that we’re presuming that I’m going to actually hit it. We can attack this roach right here right, no way: okay, fantastic, oh uh! No!

I don’t do anything. I know so so Street right yeah! Well, it not easy. In my stream uh may zing. It’S like his ability to roll terrible dice.

Um seems to really come out when playing on tabletop, it’s a well-documented fact amongst mic producers, playtesters game group, family and friends that when a camera is rolling, the wheaton dice curse comes alive. I am going to go ahead and roll for my movement, though, and because I can move I’m going to go one two three up here like that. I go hide in a corner. Again: okay he’s having an off-day maginot s. — was at work very late playing a game last night, so he’s just feeling a little bit out of it.

It’S very important to fully inhabit the role of the character, you’re playing and as an actor and is a role player when I can bring a real-life experience to the character I’m portraying. I try to do that, so it’s entirely appropriate that, as we are deep into production on tabletop imagine us was up very late last night playing a stone-age, so the first thing the roaches will do is move, so this guy is going to come straight to you. This guy’s going to come straight here to nez, so I’ll go ahead and roll for that roach, I believe they attack yeah, is that roach stabs are calling it’s calling twice. That’S it all right! Collin you get your roll to defense.

So go ahead and defend you. Don’T you hits, but you get a cheese, but here’s the thing these are greedy, roaches, damn so, instead of hurting you, they take your cheese away that just aa they take away as many cheese as they hit, but so they they’re just greedy they’re, not smart right Because I only have one it takes you, I guess you could have something they take two cheese away from you, so that sucks, okay and now this roach will attack nez so well. I want a hit and one cheese, so nez roll. Your defense really doesn’t go your defense. Does it’s just appropriately place, you don’t defend you get a sheet, but then you lose a cheese.

Does that make a cheese on the real yeah and that’s actually on the wheel? No, no Dutch cheese, as we already put the cheese like. Oh you did yeah yeah. The next cheese that goes onto the wheel is gon na get a surge is never good, but a surge here is way better than a surge in the next room. First of all, we don’t know what the surge conditions going to be in the next room and in this room it’s just rats.

I know that sounds like maybe I’m under estimating the severity of the rats, but it could be a lot worse if we Serge here we’re gon na reset the cheese clock and that’s actually a really good thing for us now. This roach is going to attack nez. All right I’ll go ahead and roll couldn’t roll for that. I’M just not I’m just not touching the dice. Okay, nice, okay.

So a couple of bad things happen. First of all, oh no cheese wheels filled up so we’re going to resolve that in a moment that roach does hit nez so noun as roll to defend and see. If you can stop that roach and yourself, one run. Look at your blue one yeah, your one! That says one so there them right there, I’m sorry cuz!

You know good, yes, no successfully defends that roach. So that’s good, so now kind of a bad thing has happened. You guys guys this cheese gets cleared off. We move our marker I’ll move these out of the way to the camera, so we move our marker from page one to page two. This means that the difficulties just gotten worse for all of us – I don’t know subsequently hunters – will be drawing on page two and now we’re going to do whatever the surge condition is.

Some adventures have special surge conditions. This ones doesn’t so we do whatever is on the thing, so the surge condition is two rats and when you place rats on the, when you place minions on the board in a surge like this, you place them as far away as possible, starting as the farthest Away and then the next one, so this appears to be farthest away and then that’s one two three one, two three and then this will come in here. So while we’re down here fighting the cockroaches, some of these rat guards have just shown up. Then they’ve come down into the sewers to mess with us because they’re jerks, so that could have gone better for us, but it really is better that it happens in here. Instead of that, we can hopefully get out of here before that rat does anything so enjoy.

Moving in your leg, look at all those wait and mice yeah no bug all right, so Filch you’re up. What would you like to do? Well? Move one on the water yeah, that’s correct! All right!

I’M gon na move over to nez cuz. I can’t die they’re. Just gon na steal my cheese uh-huh. I only have one cheese anyway, yeah search underneath energy fight, I’m gon na search yeah go go search, know what is there not a thing going? Oh wait.

Is it nope? Also, we forgot to move these roaches down at the end of there. That’S good! Oh! We did yes, my mistake.

Okay, no ties to drug. That’S a drag, no, okay guys! So you get pushed down here which really super sucks, and that will be the end of your action. Ok, so now we go on to do the rats, so the rats will move, I’m not rolling dice because that’s bad so uh honey. What is your all?

Just one all right: well, one died for the rat move, oh sorry, three! So that could have gone better. That’S the most powerful side of each time, yeah they so this rat is. This is way day, okay, so no decision that I think we have to make together as a group this rat is this rat is two away right. So if the rats not particularly bright, it jumps into the water right here and it has to stop, it can’t go up and go after filter fixing because it moves the shortest distance and most efficient route, so the shortest here’s.

The thing that I think is I mean it might be: we have to decided the intelligence of these things all right. It might be a little cheesy that he would jump in like that, because he get swept away he’s gone before yeah. He would come in and then, if he gets here he actually goes there yeah. I feel gon na make straight-up to Colin. I I think I’m going to make a decision because we’re getting our asses kicked and I don’t think that this needs to be harder than it already is, and I would very much like to not lose this game on the second tile.

So I’ve decided that this rat is stupid really and at the end of that Ernie’s going to go, but unfortunately this one is going to attack so so that rats gon na roll two dice against Filch new, I’m not a troll for know. I guess okay, here we go. Thank you. You don’t want to kill him. Okay, he hits you once so go ahead and roll your defense, i Don offended and you get a gene defendant rate of change that went really well and, what’s even better.

Is that his though, at the end it takes him down one and it takes him off and out he’s like I’m dad, I’m out of here, okay, so Nez, it’s your turn! What are you going to do? You should search because there’s official in there you should find it. Can I Thunder squeak. This is over squeeze this mother out yeah for sure.

Yes, we can. She loves to cheese because there are two minions on lay space, so you’re gon na move, look right, hammer you! You can only use thunder squeak if you move here right. So how many do I want? Yes, three.

You still have a chance day. It out sailing get 1 yeah yeah, so you want to yes wait, but first we must first we must suspend your lazy and spend the cheese. Okay, jumpluff fromage chop chop chop, alright, Thunder squeak! Oh man, you murder eyes those guys dude, that’s great! Alright!

So you hatin crease, officially go hit each of those roaches four four three, their maximum defense is two. We still have to roll four cheese rolls. Would you hit this one? So roll just roll two dice, no he’s gon na roll? Okay, I definitely roll one.

Each huh so down right, no cheese, no cheese, they each block them, but it doesn’t matter you buddy. I get murder ated, that’s right! Baby nice work, I’m bringing the hammer, do it felt pretty good. It felt like I was protecting everybody and um, and then we could move on from there because it was one squeak out and everybody was gone. So this is the thing that’s kind of a bummer.

Is that it’s the end of your turn, so the water pushes? You down here party, but it’s not the worst thing ever, because maybe you’ll be able to kill that rat cuz. It’S definitely going to attack you on your initiative. What you say, maybe so, then what if I do actually doesn’t even matter you’re gon na get captured, because once the rat goes, his turn is over and then he gets swept away so yeah. She won’t even have to try and attack.

It is alright, Colin, I’m gon na. Do I’m gon na roll for movement uh-huh, try and get there. What’S it, your movement ends as soon as you hit water anyway. So you don’t! Oh yes, I get old.

I would hit the rock cockroach and then jump over the water route yeah. I hit the Recaro jiggy that a cockroach all right, okay, I might have to cockroach you guys that give me three and oh man killed that guy. All right, you get some cheese roll to defend, fan, but enzymatic see them twice. The cockroach is dead, see ya. The roaches are gone callin.

Now you may move yeah roll for movement, bro yeah, so you get to move max. Movement is basically to take me. 1. 2. 3.

4. Well, now, look what you’ve done me. Don’T take your hand off it. Don’T take your hand on one. Do: uh, uh, yeah, ok, Jerry, I’m just kidding!

Ok, your movement ends magnetic pushes you down that way. Here’S megadose, alright, so chef. Maggie knows um hop in the water. I should probably I mean I really really really need cheese. What’S your rap, hey, I successfully searched.

Oh, oh, that’s a weird OJ’s treachery. I found a dinner Fork. Oh dinner Fork is one of the most useful items in the item deck. It is a necessary item for chapter 2 when we want to go free, Lilly, that’s great we’re ahead of the game already and Anne likes the fork, because she wants to sing a little mermaid song because look at this stuff, isn’t it neat? Wouldn’T you think my collections complete upon drawing this card?

Add the dinner fork. Token of the parkings look see page 18 of the rule book for details on how to use the dinner fork. This is uh. The dinner Fork has a variety of uses. It can help access areas of the board that are hard or impossible.

It can pry open traps whenever wheel starts to kind of ramble, no land, I usually just try and attempt some kind of minigame of something, and usually it’s rock-paper-scissors. We play like a game called chopsticks or we just make faces at each other, and I guess this time was rock-paper-scissors this listener. This is adorable on its turn. A mouse that is sharing a space with the dinner Fork can use an action to catapult any other Mouse on that space to any target space on the same tile. So basically, like whatever stands on the back of the fork on the other one jumps up on the fork and launches the mouse around so where’s, the difficult or even without the grape.

Even not the grape. You can use the grape as a catapult weapon which is so cute and funny. So at the moment it’s just sort of like hanging out and for my movement. I don’t need to roll, I’m just going to jump in right here and then I’m going to get swept away, swept down probe Israelis, I’m like! Oh, you guys come on my robes, I’m not supposed to get sewage on them, so they put them and then Filch up all right.

That’S what I figured up one and search see if you can find the grappling hook. Bro! Oh my gosh, okay, you come okay. I feel like Phil should be a pretty good swimmer. He seems to travel light.

Unfortunately, since I am bleeding out, he seems Li he’s on the verge of drowning. The rat is going to attack Nez, so watch to roll. For that I got it alright go. Why did your mother do nice huh good hit all right to his head stays? Alright, I want a shield shield shield.

Ah, that’s not what you wanted. He hits you for two hearts: baby. Oh No yeah hit you real hard. I don’t think will is bringing down the team at all. I think we are all having a really hard time rolling, which indirectly is because of the Wheaton curse, but I’m pretty sure that that we will make it through.

But the thing that’s good is that he hits you and then because he’s so lame take these the sweeps him away and he is now off in the land faces like a lame chopping. You like you, lose like face so one of the things we’ve done now. That’S rad is we’ve cleared out this room, though that’s so that’s good. That means waiting things. That’S a bummer is that we’ve reached the end of the initiative, order, which means that a cheese does get added nobody on there.

What does it feel for healing like we should all attempt to heal up here? We can’t hear without items first, so so you want to get. I floated out you want to get out of here, so what I recommend doing is moving up one square. Okay. Why can’t you just get out and climb out because general successful like why not you guys, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, so just roller on one day come on yep you did it yay nez successfully climbs out of the thing great Colin, where you headed I’m gon na.

Go over one and then search all right. Colin comes here for the love again, alright search! Yes, yes, Colin gets the fishing line. The fishing hook is a really important, incredibly useful item in the next encounter. If we choose to go up into the kitchen, it’s going to help us get a lot of cheese and probably level up at least one of our characters.

It’S also very useful for getting out of the water without having to roll and later on in the story, it lets us get up on two things that lets us get out of things. It’S just a really useful tool and a great thing to have early on. So Colin puts that down there, okay and then at the end of your movement, have you moved up one right? I’M going straight across straight across you’ve already done your movement. So then you got to come down like this.

Now it’s maginot cistern. So imagine us will do his little move here. You probably get out and then action out like that. Okay, hooray, good form, as knows filled, you yeah yeah up here and out and then you’ll be on actually be on this tire. Okay, now, unfortunately, we have to cheese, the wheel, mm-hmm, hey baby, you want to go home and cheese, the wheel ah hahahahahaha.

All I know is that whatever is cheese in there will I’m leaving and then we’re back us as a family share. Okay, Dez go ahead. Okay, um you’re moving so one there, so one yeah, eventually eventually Angelina you got it one. Yet you move stuff where you want to come up here. You can get out uh-huh, so yep here, one that I found leadership, but I might need it there.

So just stay right here, so what’s gon na happen is we’re basically gon na. Do thanks Ned, wait. Wait! You just stay inside and search yeah stay inside and search okay, so yeah you can search, go ahead! Oh, why don’t get a thing where you get caught like last time control probability yeah?

Okay, what happened it? Also? It happened: okay, okay College, then what are you doing? I’M gon na go ahead and move up a now move and go and then role for your movement. Why die from what?

I’M sorry sure you’re up and out? Not only one house role for my movie, but please very confused. Oh, like reaction, give this annoying. Okay, yeah, alright uh. You can also pick up the fish hook, which is a thing you want to do.

Oh okay, oh well, I’m gon na pick up pick up the fish alright, so you pick up the fish hook and it goes back into the party stash that afriad. Oh, that’s not probably a baby cuz, I’m gon na frag and then that’s the end of your move and then it’s my turn for this particular tile. We all just have to be on this side of the water, oh yeah, to explore. So I’m gon na go ahead and explore it fighting exit alright and it’s a good thing. I did that because I didn’t find the exit, not some a turn so, okay, so just like, I need to I’m going to equip the bub the bow nice, my two hands and my dagger in my tail, because that’s one of my special super awesome and see Everyone only gets their two hands, which makes sense, but since I’m a scamp and I have such a great tail, I can throw a dagger back there and use the bow in my actual two hands.

So it’s like. I have two weapons. I, like a have a base move of three, so doesn’t really matter what I roll all right negative for you, so six. What okay grew yar goes a little bit. Okay, great!

It’S a explore floor yep! Yes, we have successfully found the exit, we’re all going to be leaving the sewers and heading doors close to some tunnels underneath the castle. That’S exciting! Note that you survived it. Yeah yeah grab the next aisle, mostly the kitchen tunnels, everybody.

So we come out here so funny if it was just like out here we’re out of a movie. So now we get this really cool a story moment that goes like this nez held his chin and observed the gloomy tunnels the mice had entered. I would guess these tunnels are mouse made he mused dug out. Who knows how, many centuries ago, suddenly a familiar cry echoed down the tunnels from far away? That’S MS Maggie’s voice cried Colin.

We must be near the kitchens observed Tilda, who isn’t here right now so check this out. We can do a couple of different things here. If we go here and explore, we will go up into the kitchen where we will do in a sensual II. Give us cheese and also help us help Miss Maggie, which would be super helpful in later chapters, or we cannot do that and just try to get out of here and find our way out into the courtyard you

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