Mice & Mystics Pt. 2: Anne Wheaton Returns To Join Wil Wheaton on TableTop!

Mice & Mystics Pt. 2: Anne Wheaton Returns To Join Wil Wheaton on TableTop!

Mice & Mystics Pt. 2

However, I’m welcome to part two of mice and mystics. Last time we escaped through the sewers and we made our way to the kitchen tunnels, we’re all hurting quite a bit, especially Filch. So that’s going to affect the way that we make some decisions tonight and we are now in an encounter on page two. So we have five greedy roaches here in the first half of the kitchen tunnels you’ll see there’s a mousetrap in here, which is not particularly awesome, and we realized that we made a few mistakes last time around so to correct that he has a couple extra pieces Of cheese because his the one extra piece of cheese, because we didn’t use his cheese power and I did not have to search to find the way out so since I successfully searched I got to draw from this deck and I got a thimble helmet. It’S a helmet made out of a thin bullets so cute and since I can’t wear it on account of me not being a warrior, and since I am first an initiative order, my first action will be as a free action to give this to you.

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This is a symbol of your affection, oh my god. Well I was good nice job. Oh man, Oh rats! Ah, okay, I’m sorry was i. What was i bugging you, okay, so um.

For my first thing, I am going to go ahead and attack this roach right here, so I’m going to attack now I have to decide if I’m attacking ranged or melee. The players are very much at the mercy of the dice and it can be really frustrating and not fun, to never get to assist the group you’re in because the dice hate you. So I have to find a way to have fun and the way I’m going to do that is instead of using my staff to cast a spell which clearly has not been working for me, I’m going to use my staff as a poky stick, and maybe that Will be different because, apparently all I can roll is swords. Oh did I call it. I call them.

Okay, I hit a roach. The roaches have a defense factor of 1. So go ahead and roll the roaches defense, I’m useful, I’m helping. I killed a road. Oh, it didn’t have a seal huh London, just as a roach is dead.

Something actually works to our advantage and we’re also shocked Hritik. So Colin, it is now your action and you get a cheese because you’re not first. Yes, you Asians, I think you may want to move yeah in a certain direction towards bug laughing weird guy just roll three. I roll three sweet. Oh -5, where you gon na go um!

I’M gon na go it’s straight across! I’M gon na go straight across yeah. A little bit on the other side, fine, okay, right! Well, I’m glad that we got that all all set up, so my strategy for coming down the corridors was kind of to wedge myself in there. So when all of the roaches kind of came forward, I had full health, so it was easy to just stop them where they were and keep them focused on me, while Filch picked him off with his bow and Maginot c-can’t in you to step on his robes Kind of fall around from it, I’m gon na search, I search for an action.

Yeah go search, it yeah, just the one. Okay, all right, good, just like your dad! Here we go. You can’t dig in the rocks and now nez you have a an opportunity to do some Nez Ynez, all right. Yes, sir, I’m gon na show my business out there sure it’s just!

This is really unnecessary. Yes, it isn’t necessary nice, let’s just get down to business. Uh yeah, the puns, are thrown around a lot when we play games at home for a lot of people when they sit in on a game with team wheat and they feel like they’re, being punished. All right. Click that enroll you get to move one one.

You get to move, oh alright, where are you going trips and fall away here? Here’S one glass hits and there’s okay, great super. So now the roaches. These are consistent. Uh who wants to roll for the roaches?

I’M not rolling a roach. Okay, go roll for the roaches roaches roaches move, so these roaches go one guys. I am Lord you these roaches go on. Can they set? Can they have, but the trap and set on the roaches are apparently can move through the trap like it isn’t even there.

So these roaches will then make melee attacks against Colin, so Roach number one Nolan how about if you roll that he gets to roll two dice, that’s going to be one hit, so go ahead and roll your defense, which i think is a thousand good and roll And see what happens, you successfully blocked it, and now this roach go ahead and roll, oh god, all right. Ah the roaches get a cheese and a hit. So now you roll to defend. You do not block that hit, so these are greedy roaches. So they take a cheese away from you when a greedy roach takes a cheese, it goes here, but they also roll the cheese.

So we add it to the wheel of cheese, guys we’re choosing the wheel again. Oh yeah, all right, that’s! Luckily, that’s all the roaches can do so. Filch you’re up should use your bone as a good section 28. But do I have line of sight to the?

Thank you all in one? Oh yeah, you super have line of sight to the Colin ones you could hit the other ones. If you got here or here, they’ll never attack you first because you’re beneath them an initiative order. So as long as there’s so many saqqaq. As long as there is any one closer to the cockroaches than just and yeah, alright, six so yeah, I’m looking over by Colin over here.

That’S right! Yeah! Here, okay, dark one torches, all blue okay, great all right! I’M gon na shoot shady cross yeah shoot him, and I want to shy get three because I’m using my accurate low, plus-one nice, both accuracy, son of a hahahaha, oh jeez, honey, why don’t you roll roll a die and try not to roll a cheese? What are we rolling for?

Oh, this is for the defense on the roaches okay good, so they don’t get a cheese alright, so we’re back up to the top of initiative order. Alright, imagine oats is going to attack this Roach um. Some as your nose can draw a line of sight he’s going to attack that Roach. Of course you will miss it because that’s what he does, it’s pretty sure yeah, that’s all I will do and I am the most useless person in this game. Imagine us likes to imagine himself as a combat wizard in the style of Gandalf when in reality he’s more of a useless wizard like presto from the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon.

Can you give me an order to attack again and also attack, because that’s instead of a move, correct, yeah uh? Yes, I mean I would like to level up for cheese but you’re, pretty damn close to that’s a really smart idea, yeah, so Ryan’s character. Colin. Has that cool ability called give order where it lets anyone give an action? I was like: well, I’m gon na sit back and shoot my bow.

So just give me all your actions and we’ll just attack as many times as we can. I would you. Can you attack one of the next to me? Please I think yeah I can yeah yeah. Well, you don’t shoot me in the back of the head.

Okay, I’m gon na pay a cheese. This is your move action. You have good strategy. Knowing Skype come on. Do you go sorry, you got ta cheese that I got a cheese.

You do get a cheese balls there, okay um! So now you can go ahead and maybe your attack gon na find this one huh. Alright two hits on it. So go ahead! Honey rolled!

I didn’t they get two for defense. I know they got one for defense. It’S dead, no matter what he’s dead. This Roach is gone. I am a dead Roach.

Now nice work, you’re dying for good, is your up. What would you like to do? Um? Do? I want to try to kill those.

I think yes yeah. I think you want to move one in then attack. Okay, is your role max a with that? Okay, so alright? So then I will take the one on the left.

Alright, thank you for welcome. So you get to roll four dice. Okay, would you just describe how no swings the hammer before you roll the dice? Well, he does have yeah I’m squishing around. I had a lot of cheese.

Okay, okay um! You know never cheese. No, I don’t you roll for Roach defense, whoa crap, alright, so that our house thrilled about that, but the Roach is unsuccessful in its efforts to defend fantastic. Okay. Now the roaches do the roaches do their thing.

So this Roach attacks, you Colin, and why don’t you roll for the attacking roach? It’S too it’s too right. Just pretend remembers! Oh okay! Here we go what and here yeah uh he doesn’t do anything, but he does get says which is not particularly okay.

So now you can, but you can roll for defense. Maybe you’ll get free sheds. Yes, she women. The only opportunities to get cheese which is manna is to roll dice during attacker defense. So whether your attack hits or not.

You always roll defense dice to see. If that side gets cheese, okay, so now now this Roach is going to attack Nez and since I’ve been rolling so badly, I think I’m just going to go ahead and roll for that roaches attack, because I’m in so bad at this, do it yeah we’re one Away from a surge everybody which is going to be a spider which is really gon na suck, but it misses you so roll and see if you get cheese on your dog’s, the spider. Actually, if you look on the wall is very cute, Oh for the love of God. I really don’t like spiders at all. Let me tell you how afraid of spiders I actually am.

I came home one night and I saw that a spider had made a web over the doorknob of my front door and that’s why I spent the weekend in a hotel if a real spider bat thighs were on ER aboard right now. I probably set this entire studio on fire trying to kill it. Alright, so roll two dice for defense, because you got your helmet and spear and magic helmet nice. Not only do you defend that, you didn’t need to but get a cheese. So that’s great you’re you’re, like charging up your Thunder squeak, hopefully I’ll, be able to save up for a big thunder squeak in our next round.

I will bring that through mm-hmm Phil cheer up. What are you gon na? Do there buddy gon na shoot my bow again Garrett, the one on the mousetrap all right with your awesome, bow of Awesomeness. Finally, oh all right and because I got a little starburst on it, it bounces too, because that’s this little thing special thing. That’S amazing!

The accurate bow which Ryan picked up and gave to me is probably the best weapon that could have been picked up at the time. It gives me basically like a critical strike whenever I roll a little starbursts and a bow, and it strikes for two instead of one, which is just the best go ahead and roll 100 Ryan. So I killed the roach. You killed the roach and I pill for some cheese. The roach dies, oh wait: oh positions, boss, uh-huh and now I have six cheese.

Okay. So when you get six pieces of cheese, you are able to level up your character and you get a new ability and it’s pretty sweet. Oh you’ve, leveled up your character. Congratulations, sir, and you chose first aid as your is available for any class as a little up. Okay super because there is a surge because we teased the wheel.

We move up to page three whoo, that’s ugly, and here comes a horrible, awful spider onto the board. The spider is terrifying in this game, because all of its wounds are poison wounds. You can’t remove them through regular healing. You have to use a special potion or a special scroll, or something like that. Also it has an attack of two but a defense of three.

It’S really hard to hit Ryan. That spider was definitely on you for filling that cheese wheel and look at that. The spider gets to act so um. Somebody who’s, not me, roll to see how far the spider gets to move. Nice spider, girl’s, maximum movement – that’s terrific!

So the spider goes one you can see. The stops here, for some reason doesn’t affect this. Now, here’s a bit of a saving grace the spider has a large base, so it actually cannot come into your space. It can, however, attack you from there and that’s what it’s going to do so I’m gon na go ahead and roll for this, because I remember when I said I certainly can’t make things any worse. Okay, it’s not that bad!

It’S not that bad! I hit you once okay now so now roll your defense. Does your thimble? Oh God? Oh God, so you don’t mess up yo Matty to direct, so the spider is done with its thing and now we’re back up to Captain useful.

So I’m going to I’m gon na move, okay, I can move for. So I’m! Oh, oh! No guys! I got this so I go one two three, I’m gon na stop here fighter and I’m gon na shoot the spider.

So hopefully I changed butter with my ranged weapon. Yes, okay, I land one hit, that’s not the worst. Getting in the world, he’s got to d3 he’s got three defense go ahead and roll defense Ryan nice. Well, that was a great roll there buddy hey roll bro, good roll, I’m not secretly playing the spider, but he is. He has paid me under the table.

Just a few flies here and there I guess so Colin you’re up. What are you gon na? Do I’m gon na give he’ll CH an action to shoot the spider, okay, good idea, so I’ll forgo leveling nice? Oh dude, I got two doubles. That’S Gordon man!

I love it when my kids work as a team, but in our old d me so I’ll roll for the spider and hope that I don’t roll any shields and I’m a lowly individual advice. The three devil individual dice. For that one hit successful one hits blocked. God, son of a breath I mean rats so unfortunately we’ll hit, though unfortunately I blocked too, but to get through and damage the spider. That was amazing.

You guys good microbe almost could have taken the spider out and went that that was great again. Are you gon na melee that that rod for the checkers, maybe he’ll, grow three times the size and then eat my head? Oh, that would be awful what so. I have two three four: I’m gon na slice out this disc echo road, yeah Jay, oh nice, one man, that’s three hits one locked, which is two hits, which is one dead, cockroach all right, cockroaches off we’ve defeated all of the cockroaches. That’S super awesome.

Alright. This indicates where we are. I want to move away from the spider. Oh yeah, you’re, about the day. Okay, so go ahead and roll your boys with noses.

Oh no! I don’t kid three nights ago. Kasich oligo are what you want. One two: three: you could come all the way here. Do you want to?

Is that the way we want to get out yeah, I’m totally running, I’m being like not the noble guy, I’m just like just throw your hands like I’ll save you later. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m gon na be over here Lomas. Very little mouse didn’t Mouse, you just squeaked by Oh, let’s see so I tried using my staff on a Rochat it didn’t work. Then I tried using my magic on my turf. Had you failed more times range, I would try and poke the spider than Rio.

I’M going to try to imagine us all. I seem to recall that spiders, don’t like it when you poke them in one of their many many eyes with the butt of a staff. So that’s what Maginot is going to do gasps, but doing what do you actually did it by stretch? Well, I mean I managed to do them. I did the best that I could do Ryan.

Why don’t you roll nice? Okay? So it wasn’t a block. It hang on so it blocks one, but one gets through and I kill it. Yay dead, jerk, so that’s dead, but unfortunately is there a blue cheeses.

Cheese is happening to cheese, the wheel, but this is this could have been so much worse. You guys, I can’t believe we survived the spider and I still have a movement action left. So I’m going to see if I can get up to the end of the thing here. I roll two plus two is four one: two and I’m up here Colin. Once you come and join us look at escape.

Look are you eating? I know the guys that painted these do it amazing uh who okay yeah we’re all fit on that time? Yeah! Okay! That’S fine, and will you do an explorer action now so that we can leave before more cheese happens on the wheel um?

I suppose I will all right excellent blue tell so we come. We come into here yay and now go ahead and take this off all right, let’s find out. If we’re encountering now auto attacks right, it is dang it a mousetrap encounter. You can clear a mousetrap by successfully rolling a die, which means that imagine oats would be spending the rest of this adventure in a mousetrap or you can find a way to get over it. And because we have the fish hook and line we’re going to be able to make a cute little like swingy grappling hook thing to skip right over it.

It’S not even gon na bother us, hey, guys, guess who we get to fight speed, ray one spider, so yeah, that’s a thing that happens. Another spider came out, I’m feeling pretty good. I crib shot the last one. I think i can take this one down. I’M gon na make it I’m gon na make a ranged attack against the spider.

Alright. Here we go. Oh, what all right! That’S one hit. That’S still an improvement over my usual roles, so Ryan.

Why don’t you roll three two for the spiders defense? I was waiting in ready, okay, even better great. I am as effective as I have been all right, Colin you’re up. He blocked it and laughs, yeah, okay, the cheese for not a cheese, please! Yes, you may turn exceptions.

I’M gon na use your village to shoot the spider. I think that is a good combo that you guys have working. I’M feeling really good about the Wonder, Twins, power of Colin and Filch joining forces to just wipe out this spider. They did it really well on the other half of these tunnels, and I have a lot of faith in their ability to take him out in this tunnel. Nice for nice Oh way to go dude all right, you’re, a boss, all right.

Okay, so you hit him four times mom, I think and and you can go ahead and roll. Oh yeah! Here we go here. We go nice one in 88, it gets a cheese and it takes two hits see. Does that means I killed him in one shot?

Bang, oh, yes, it does so you got ta change to and I get a cheese. You get a cheese and you one shotted. The spider – oh my god, that is awesome. You guys. That was probably the best thing that could have happened.

I just rolled two criticals with my bow and took out the spider and one shot. I feel like a boss right now. That was amazing. Just imagine that arrow going right through its head and with such force, that it actually tears the head from the spiders body and then in the cinematics of it. The head goes flying back towards the camera and the legs go like this and it falls down and then you just see films like this looks like he got the pleat.

What are you gon na? Do I’m gon na give cheesed Filch, so he all right, he’ll. Okay, there you go and then I’m gon na catapult, ready, mom yep all right, you’re ducking me: okay, hop of the fork Nez uh. The dining fork for us was a means to kind of traversal large amount of spaces quickly. It’D be great.

If we could just Mouse catapult straight across to the exit, but that big black area in the center of the tile indicates that there’s just a solid rock wall in there and we have to go around it – ready yeah one two three Wow into the black of It okay all right, awesome and, as it turns out now, it’s your turn. Rush to lay down the hick Ned’s can drop the hook when nez gets here just take hook. Bro. I can’t check out my hook. Yeah!

That’S a lot! That’S all right! I’Ll go faster! If he just brought it – oh yes, like he’s so committed, imagine us is spinning a techno remix of the 80s hair metal band rat, hmm mice and mystics dance party action. It up here tonight, all up in his mother, just the one game anyway.

Yes, here we go nice dude high five max move, that’s like we should throw grill or something okay, there’s no way in the world, so so move want to get your face in the trap here. Take that so you can put it down like that. So you go on, as I said, hook and then you put down those are like five percent of that was up yeah, nice and then you’re all and then you’re. All there we go Nez. Would you like to search yeah?

You got ta show us this Nick Toma, its special look through the search deck. Take any one scroll card from the search deck place, this card back on the search deck then shuffled, the search deck, also searched. I think I think that means I can search the deck hey everybody. We made it out of this room alive, good work. Alright, we have moved on to the final encounter.

The slippery rocks ask a lot of gars Burgas and because we have entered the courtyard, i get to read a story moment out of the book. The mice burst from a miniscule crack in the castle wall and out into the harsh brightness of the courtyard Collin shield. Is his eyes from the glaring Sun and nodded to the old gnarled oak that grew tall and twisting on the opposite side? I climbed that tree many times as a child. He said I doubt I shall be able to climb it again like this you’re not sold.

Now my lad said: Madge knows nothing Connery! Yes, besides, those new nails of ours are probably sharp enough for us to scamper right up its trunk. Perhaps we should take cover at the tree now said Nez, as he pointed at a section of the stone wall that surrounded the courtyard perched atop, the aging mortared stone was an enormous old crow. It cocked its head to look at the mice from one eye and then the other head to the tree cried mega nose and I have that by mega nose. I mean Majah nose.

So a couple of things just off camera to save time and gave me her find a scroll book because I have a higher lore. So I can get a better scroll to help us all out. So I chose the invoke cheddar Gollum card and when I use this scroll, its battle becomes four and its defense becomes three, so that’s pretty great and then also we drew to see what the encounter was. We got a mousetraps encounter, which means that three elite rats come out to be the enemy. The elite rats are exactly like regular rats, except they have three ranged attack, dice, two defense dice and every time they make an attack.

They move up in initiative order until eventually they make it to the top. They are really brew. Dogs are very aggressive and they like coming after people. Also on this tile. There is a creature who lives up in the tree.

The top of the tree above the courtyard – and it is of course, the old crow any creature, a minion or player, who rolls a one when moving will get hit by the old crow for one unblockable damage. I think I could take the crow one on one. I mean it is, is in his name he’s an old crow, so all I have to do is uh is take away his medicine, maybe just step to the side where he can’t see me or talk in a low voice. You may no chance we’re totally totally gon na kick some crow ass, so uh. Here we go call in.

Let me mouse a pole Nez over here then cuz. I’M a Lego. Do that news. I’Ve got a sweet shield, so I should stay there. The and nest would you like to show us how you fly through the air yeah whoa that was kind of great I’m gon na move to the rat over yonder.

You know over there looks like it’s dark like it’s, a rock that yeah you gates that rat from having line-of-sight yeah. Oh I’m gon na go stand in front, then cuz, then he won’t be able to come over they’re gon na go here, yeah all right! So you’re gon na have to roll to do that. Go ahead, nice three! You got it good: okay, uno dos uh-huh, Mustang right here: yep, um, okay, but now you cannot attack him cuz.

Your base cannot cover that. You have to go to that little square right. There alright yeah, it doesn’t say then that then that brat won’t move, because he has line inside of you and he’ll just keep shooting you again. Yeah yeah, but now you can whale on him will do it yeah! Well, we’re all sorted either way so Ryan you’re gon na roll to attack and no one you’re gon na roll as the rats defense hmm.

So that is two hits excellent and they get a cheese and nothing and nothing so they get one cheese on the wheel. But you kill him good work, buddy, ah jeez, my pilfer ability is pretty important because when I kill a rat I can take cheese off the minion wheel and we don’t want to surge because that takes us closer to possibly losing and obviously no one wants to Do that nez you’re up? What are you gon na? Do niz bring the hammer because I’m gon na roll off for right now? Will you say it’s hammer time?

It’S hammer, stop hammer time something! Oh nice! Okay, Ryan! Don’T do it, don’t do it? Oh God!

Oh Ryan, alright Ryan, at least that rats not alive the rats day, but the rat dies. Nice good work. Thank you! Well, we get. We don’t really ruin that rat day now we got a surge happening.

So what do you want to do? Oh, we took care of the spider fighting last night. I mean it should be okay, so you want to just cert. Do a search. I think so.

Okay, is that okay, yeah, yes hey! Personally, I would move to the rat. She’S got one the spider spawn over there, because a spider can only move three we’re still all out of range of the spider for a whole turn, and I get to shoot with my bow possibly twice, but the spider still lasting. The initiative order you’re still gon na, be able to shoot I’m saying if she rolls decent. She moves to here.

Spider spawns farthest away from us over there. It will be my turn. I can shoot the spider spider has a max movement of three which will go straight to you by that time, you’ll be able to swing, kill the rat or the spider and I’ll get a second chance to shoot. With my bow ticular spider, either at the spider who’s, not dead or the rooibos, yes, no one’s tactical mind is absolutely legitimately blowing me away. If no-one wanted to be like a field general, I would not want to be on the other side of the battle line.

So you’re gon na go go fight that rat okay. So just don’t roll one. Yes, that’s what I’m talking about wicked. Just go for gold starving here, yeah spider spawns the spider shows up now. I guess we have cheesed the wheel.

We increase the page count to four. We can only choose the wheel two more times before we get into the Train, Filch hi hahaha, that’s four! That’S four! It’S on the spider and then this is read as Daedalus yeah wow, that’s great! So would you like to roll how about, if you roll for the spider this time, just don’t get five cheese, just yeah, don’t get cheese, no Chuck notes, no cheese with no cheese and shields just roll bunch of bows both.

Oh, I got four okay, totally great. Okay, we know search okay, so Filch’s done maginot s. — is enough! So imagine au s. — is all power up.

You gon na do that right there and he invokes a cheddar golem. I want you to imagine that the Incredible Hulk is made out of cheese and that’s sort of like how maginot morphs into his cheese, Gollum right so now now imagine us is – is like judo watch out so now my bad for some roll in five dice. When I try to do my staff II, things should imagine us try to attack the rat or should imagine Oates attack the spider by a spider. Okay. Okay, here are no more poison counters.

There’S two heads and Nolan go ahead and roll the spiders defense, nice cheese, cheese. What’S the spiders, the spider is all kinds of dead, nice theory of cheese. Oh, you guys damn and then some Angeles like throws out that cheese and like hits the spider right and the imagine oasiz all and that’s the fact jack. It’S a thinker. Now the rats go, the rats, don’t need to move and there’s only one of them and the rats going to attack nez good with three.

That is my wonderful dead. So that’s a thing that I did you get to hurl to defense. If you don’t roll any defense, you’re dead, you are dead, Jeremy! Well, I didn’t kill you. I will find out a second, oh that sucks.

You didn’t, kill her, you let her get captured. This is family-friendly. It was captured. I suck it out every time. Right so remember that time I invited my wife to play on my show, and then I killed her character.

Nega, nice plus do more for all the way there one that’s enough to do three yeah three or four okay, so I’m tagging am I in the tree. Uh, that’s a decision tree space yeah you got to get there. Okay, oh that doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter your Vaman to their church. Yes, they’re gon na find like an arm or leg or something yeah right, owl, pellets, no cousin Eze mean she’s dead. Cuz.

You killed her cat sure captain, Oh pellet right. I found two of her what’s in a pellets pieces of mice that, were you rubbing it in that I’m dead, even though I’m not the G em in this game, I feel 100 % responsible for nez being captured. Uh because I rolled the dice, like this sister, I know you’re talking, would you draw maid yeah nice? You searched you searched successfully. What did you get abduction?

Okay, this mouse becomes captured? Oh, oh yeah! I got cash. I don’t know how that happened. I was like on the routes and something reached up and nez’s ghost, probably very bitter.

Oh wow. I was up in the tree, yeah Filch, okay, sure, let’s shoot the let’s shoot the rat. You should search first, maybe nice. I got three and a cheese and a cheese, alright she’s, so he blocks one and they get a cheese. So I kill him yep and since then, what happens since it’s a rat yeah?

I get cheese from the minion wheel. There you go, hey, that’s the rat. Is dead? Okay, so the rats leave and now is: oh, you get you get to do other stuff. What you gon na do I’m gon na search for Dan gone lost.

Colin. I searched correctly hello and raise pull me out of the bushes whoo dude. I don’t know where I was just now and then this is all. Did I miss anything? Oh guys, I felt betrayed is wrong.

Hey guys, Hey what’d, I miss so Nez was technically not dead, but he was on very long sabbatical and guys. We get into the story moment ready, really wanted to catch a story making out the fork. The story continues, as the party neared the shadowy base of the old tree, they were startled by the shapes of several mice poking their furry heads up from the tall grasses. This way, hissed emmaus and the strangers quickly vanished into a small hole that opened beneath the twisting route they walked through the twisting tunnel carved in the wood of the old tree. The walls of the tunnel gradually fell away and the castle mice gasped in awe at the cavernous chamber that appeared before them.

The cavern ran upward farther than their little mice eyes could see, though a small spot of sunlight seemed to peek down from high above, but the enormity of the cavern was dwarfed by the wonder of the mouse city that filled the tree with little buildings everywhere. They were in a bustling marketplace and everywhere there were wares seemingly pilfered from the castle. The air was rich with the aromas of grain, wood chips, the natural musk of countless rodents and weed everywhere, we’d kind of several guards joined the party and Colin and his friends were led to a mighty staircase that ran up word around the width of the cavern. A menu a go. This way stairway led to a large manse that grew out of the tree wall and waiting for the party on the landing was an elderly.

She Mouse one of the guards whispered in her ear in and approvingly from the castle. They she asked. Yes, mam said callin her, yes, milady, no titles here my castle now Silla man. No many call me mother out of affection, but my name is llanera and I am the mayor of barks burg, an impressive city. Good lady said maginot bowing to her llanera smiled proudly at this, then wasted no time in bustling her visitors indoors and filling their wee hands with cheese, crumbs and acorn cups of tea you’ve been most kind to us llanera, but i see that something vexes.

You said madness: this has never been an enterprise devoid of risk, but lately many of our best Rangers have gone missing. A tear trickled down Linares furry cheek. Please she begged do you know what has happened to my daughter Lily and to find out what happened to Linares daughter Lily and to find out the further adventures of these mice and mystics. You will have to continue on this adventure on your own in Chapter two called Lily’s tale guys we completed the chapter we made it through and now we get to advance to the next story in the book no losers couch for us today. Well, even though I guess we won the chapter, there’s no winners wall, because that’s not really the point of a game like mice and mystics, although I do want to thank my family for coming out and playing with me today.

This really meant a lot to me and I hope that it inspires you to sit down with your children, whether there’s still little or adults, and play some more games together. We wanted to play all the chapters and mice and mystics, and we kind of thought we’d be able to do that this season, but there’s 12 of them in the book and they take a little while to play. So if you’re looking for an amazing campaign, style role-playing experience in a box, my some mystic s’ is going to get the job done for him. I also wanted to thank Kevin at game ology in Montclair California, because he painted these amazing figures for us. I wanted to do it myself, I didn’t have time and as it turns out, I really don’t have the skills.

So thank you very much Kevin. If you paint your own MYSA, mystic Smitty, send us a picture and maybe we’ll put it on our Twitter until next time. May your mice be mystical and play more games. You

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